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    www.jobs.state.nm.us unemployment benefits login page


    Guys, does anyone know the answer?

    get www.jobs.state.nm.us unemployment benefits login page from EN Bilgi.

    New Mexico Unemployment Weekly Claims

    Learn about the New Mexico Unemployment Weekly Claims and what it takes to make an effective claim without it being denied.

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    New Mexico Unemployment Weekly Claims

    Here is how you apply and certify for weekly unemployment benefits in New Mexico:

    Officially register and/or log into your account in this system, the New Mexico Workforce Connection (www.jobs.state.nm.us).

    If you are currently logged in or after you register, log into the system, click on “Unemployment Insurance” under the “Quick Menu” on the left-hand side of the screen.

    Log into the UI Claims and Benefits system.

    If you have questions or need additional information, contact a Customer Service Agent at the NMDWS Unemployment Insurance Operations Center by calling 1-877-664-6984 active through Monday-Friday from 7:00 a.m.- 6:30 p.m.

    New Mexico requires a one-week waiting period after your claim is filed. This means that you will not receive a check for the first week that you are eligible for and certify for benefits. This is called your waiting week. Your payment will start with the second week you are eligible and certify for benefits.

    You are also required to complete a minimum of two work searches every week that you certify for benefits. You are required to maintain records of your searches or you can use the Work Search Verification Log. The New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions can request verification of your work searches at any time during your benefit year.

    You must register for work services within 14 days of filing a claim for UI benefits, unless exempt by law. Registration includes an orientation video which you can watch online or at your local New Mexico Workforce Connection Center. To fulfill this requirement, go to the New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions website, log on to the Workforce Connection online system, complete the “Personal Profile” and click “SAVE.” The orientation video will start immediately. When the video is over, click “SUBMIT” to complete your work registration requirement. This website also provides valuable resources to aid your job search, including job referrals, resume building, and re-employment services.

    cant link acccount to claimant page


    I need help login in my account


    I applied in June and they told me I was eligible for back pay from March to June and that I would receive a check in six to eight weeks. I still have not got it!how do I find out what’s going on how do I get it!

    Reply John,

    I can understand your situation. There will be a delay considering the number of applications that are being processed. Please continue chasing the office/check your status online at regular intervals until payments normalize.


    Why was my weekly certifacation denied from 8/30 to 9/5? I did everything the same as every other week before? Why can i not view the determination?

    Reply Jobie,

    It might be a temp system glitch. Please call the Unemployment Office for assistance.


    Does anybody know what day of the week UI Benefits are Paid?

    Reply Zoey,

    You can visit the web page below to find out more about the timelines.



    I have completed my 1 week waiting period and have filed my certifications. When will I receive my first check and will I receive a check each week or each month or…?


    You should receive anytime now if it has been approved and you’ve made the weekly claim.

    Please chase the Claims Center for an update on payment status.


    If I am searching for work out of state and am logging in outside of New Mexico, is there a problem? Somebody told me I can’t log in to the certification system from out of state.

    Reply Allen,

    I am not sure if that is true. Please call the Claims Center on the phone numbers provided for an update.


    If I revert on Sunday on computer will I get benefits on monday


    Payment will be made as per the procedure.

    Please call the Claims Center and speak to a representative to ascertain the exact payment credit date.


    when I log on I answer all the questions that are asked and when I reach the end I am being thanked for successfully completing form but not once have been asked if I looked for employment and where. I assumed that I was supposed to include that, is this optional? or am I doing something wrong? this is twice already.


    As far as I am aware, it is part of the process. Please call the Claims Center to confirm if the claim was registered.


    Can you give me the number to the claim office please!

    Reply John,

    Please use the link below to access contact details.


    Hello , I am in need of my username and password but the system will not let me in to even try to retrieve them as I did file a claim already just need to certify

    Reply Travis,

    You will have to reset the password online.


    6427 Duero pl nw Albuquerque, new Mexico 87114


    Please specify the exact nature of query/issue.


    We have never signed for unemployment – so therefore need to let my employees know what to do 2 of our employees have signed for unemployment benefits and we don’t have an any knowledge of what to do nest Please advice. thanks

    Source : fileunemployment.org


    COVID-19 Info & Resources

    Visit this page frequently for new links to information and resources related to the COVID-19 pandemic in New Mexico.

    Coronavirus Health Hotline  1-855-600-3453

    Please use this number if you have HEALTH related questions about the Coronavirus.

    Coronavirus Information Hotline  1-855-551-0518

    For non-health related COVID-19 questions. Please use this number if you have questions about school closures, job issues etc.

    State of New Mexico

    Read the latest updates from Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham


    New Mexico Department of Health

    See the most current numbers of positive cases in New Mexico and view the Public Health Data Dashboard displaying county-by-county breakdowns.


    New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions YouTube Channel

    Videos including recorded webinars and how-to's are housed on the New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions' YouTube channel. Topics include: How to Create a New Account in www.jobs.state.nm.us & Apply for Unemployment Insurance Benefits; Reopening Safely for Customers and Workers; Housing Assistance and Sheltering Response Services.


    New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions UI Info

    Information for Workers Affected by COVID-19. The Unemployment Insurance Operations Call Center number is 1-877-664-6984. Visit this site for unemployment information including how to create an account, how to file for unemployment, how to file an appeal, and more.


    Back-to-Business Directory

    A directory of vendors and their websites where your business or organization might source necessary supplies (face masks, surgical masks, hand sanitizer, disinfectant, bleach, cleaning supplies, digital thermometers, and hand soap).


    Guidance - Back to work and UI during COVID-19

    From the New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions (NMDWS)


    Together New Mexico

    From the New Mexico Department of Health. Find a COVID-19 testing location near you and get information about Contact Tracing


    NM Safe Promise / NM Safe Certified

    NM Safe Certified trains New Mexico businesses in COVID-Safe Practices to help ensure all of us - customers, employees, and families - remain safe as New Mexico reopens for business and recreation. Learn more: https://nmsafecertified.org/

    For the Las Cruces Safe Promise, click the following link to complete a submission form: https://www.las-cruces.org/FormCenter/Community-Economic-Development-4/Las-Cruces-Safe-Promise-111

    The CARES Act Provides Assistance to Small Businesses

    The Paycheck Protection Program is providing small businesses with the resources they need to maintain their payroll, hire back employees who may have been laid off, and cover applicable overhead. Learn more: https://home.treasury.gov/policy-issues/cares/assistance-for-small-businesses

    The CARES Act Recovery Program

    The CARES Act Recovery Program provides a range of financial assistance to communities and regions as they respond to and recover from the impacts of the pandemic.


    Workplace Toolkit

    This page contains a collection of helpful information for the workplace to include the New Mexico Department of Health Public Health Order, Symptoms of Coronavirus, Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Facility, Next Steps Customer Sheet, and more.

    Affordable Health Care

    Visit this website to learn about your New Mexico health insurance options in detail. There are government-funded health plans for children, direct plans from insurance companies, or you could use the Health Insurance Marketplace for Affordable Care Act options.


    Source : www.employnm.com

    Guide to New Mexico Unemployment Insurance Benefits

    The New Mexico Department of Workforce Services administers the state’s unemployment insurance benefits program to qualified New Mexico workers.

    New Mexico Unemployment

    Updated May 4, 2021 Unemployment

    New Mexico Unemployment Benefits

    The New Mexico Department of Workforce Services administers the state’s unemployment insurance benefits program, which provides temporary financial assistance to qualified New Mexico workers who meet program requirements.

    Funding for UI benefits in New Mexico comes from employer payroll taxes. No money for the program ever is deducted from employee paychecks.

    New Mexico Unemployment Services

    Website https://www.dws.state.nm.us/en-us/Unemployment

    Private Website

    New Mexico Unemployment

    Phone 877-664-6984

    Apply Online https://sam.dws.state.nm.us/Core/Login.ASPX

    Weekly Certification https://www.dws.state.nm.us/MyWorkforceConnection

    Appeal a Denial Request a Hearing

    Find a Local Office https://www.dws.state.nm.us/en-us/Office-Locations

    Report Fraud Report UI Fraud Activity

    Coronavirus Updates https://www.dws.state.nm.us/COVID-19-Info

    How To Qualify for New Mexico Unemployment Benefits

    New Mexico requires the following to be true to be considered eligible for UI benefits:

    A claimant must be unemployed through no fault of his or her own, as outlined by New Mexico state law.

    A claimant must be able to work – physically, emotionally, and mentally capable of working during any week for which unemployment benefits are sought. You cannot collect benefits if you are sick, injured, or disabled.

    A claimant must be available to accept suitable work when it is offered – in other words, ready to start a job immediately, with no obstacles to accepting work such as transportation or childcare issues

    A claimant must actively be seeking work – proactively searching for work and trying to find a job.

    Benefit Payments and Duration

    Base Period First 4 of the last 5 completed quarters

    Alt Base Period Last 4 completed quarters

    Duration of Benefits Weekly Payment Maximum Benefits Amount (1 year)

    Min Max

    14-26 weeks $86 $461 $11,986 - $13,286

    How Do I Apply for New Mexico Unemployment Benefits?

    You can apply for New Mexico UI benefits online or over the phone at 877-664-6984. Agents are available to help you Monday-Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. The first time you use the New Mexico jobs website, you will be asked to create an account. You will need a valid email address that you can check regularly since future communications will come to this address. It also will be used for account management and security purposes.

    Once you’ve created your account, you will be directed to the My Workforce Connection page that will allow you to register as part of the New Mexico Workforce Connection’s online system. Then you can access the Unemployment Insurance Tax & Claims System by selecting Unemployment Insurance under the Quick Menu.

    Managing Your New Mexico Unemployment Benefits

    Each week that you submit a claim for weekly UI benefits, you’ll be asked to answer questions about your job search activities, along with your continued ability to accept suitable work when it is offered. You may submit your weekly claim online or over the phone at 877-664-6984.

    Unless you gain an official exemption, you will need to conduct a minimum of two work searches per week for every week you claim benefits. You will be required to keep a log of all work search activity, and the New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions may request documentation of your work search for audit purposes at any time.

    How Do I Appeal a Decision?

    If the New Mexico Department of Workforce Services denies your claim, you will receive an official Notice of Disqualification in writing. This notice will include a Request for Hearing packet. that will provide all the specific information you need to request an appeal. Your employer also may request an appeal if unsatisfied with the decision regarding your initial claim.

    You may file an appeal online through the same New Mexico Workforce Connections account you used to submit your initial claim and your weekly claims.

    Your request for appeal moves your claim before the Department of Workforce Services Appeals Tribunal. You will then participate in a telephone hearing before an administrative law judge, where you, along with your former employer, will provide sworn testimony about your claim.

    Reporting UI Fraud in New Mexico

    People who commit UI fraud face serious penalties in New Mexico, including any of the following:

    Legal prosecution

    Jail or prison sentences

    Property liens

    Forced repayment of improperly collected UI benefits – plus penalties and fines

    Garnished wages

    Forfeiture of future income tax refunds

    Ineligibility to collect UI benefits in the future

    If you have information about potentially fraudulent UI benefits activity, you are strongly encouraged to report it online or call the New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions UI fraud line at 505-24-FRAUD (505-243-7283).

    New Mexico Unemployment Office Locations

    New Mexico Unemployment Office - Otero County 901 Alaska Ave

    Alamogordo, NM 88310 575-437-9210

    New Mexico Unemployment Office - Albuquerque 501 Mountain Road NE

    Albuquerque, NM 87102 505-843-1900

    Source : www.benefits.com

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