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    woman captures pacing figure in woods during daylight


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    The Terrors — Bachelors Grove Forever

    Bachelors Grove Forever

    Paranormal Activity at Bachelors Grove

    A ball of white light photographed in broad daylight at Bachelors Grove.


    The following is a record of all of the paranormal I have experienced, documented or chronicled in my past 32 years of research at Bachelors Grove, including many eyewitness accounts.

    In all my years of paranormal research and investigation there is no single place at which I have documented more ostensibly paranormal activity and collected more reports of such than at Bachelors Grove.  The activity spans literally every type of experience that people have in the realm of the Other Side, from apparitions to physical effects on their bodies to encounters with strange lights and even cryptids.  Those recorded here are literally only a fraction of those which I—just one person--have experienced or been told of.  The true breadth and scope of the Grove’s manifestations must be, I think, unfathomable.  I’m offering to readers here a representation of the most prevalent phenomena only: those manifestations for which the Grove is famous.  I hope readers will consider these as only a stepping off point for discovery and nowhere near a complete collection.

    The Lights of Bachelors Grove

    The ghost lights of Bachelors Grove are some of the most prolific phenomena experienced here or anywhere.  In fact, countless visitors and investigators have photographed or filmed these lights, which are seen often in the daytime as at night, and which include blue, white, red, green and yellow versions. Many of the apparitions and other phenomena at Bachelors Grove have been accompanied at times by the appearance of inexplicable lights as well.

    My own first paranormal experience at Bachelors Grove was of a mysterious, seemingly intelligent white light which many, many visitors have experienced.   It was during one of my first visits there, as a research assistant to my colleague, Jim Houran, in the late 1980s.  During an evening investigation, a white ball of light—no bigger than a tennis ball-- appeared off the path in a clump of trees.  It moved with incredible speed, darting back and forth or winking off and appearing a split second later a hundred feet away.  More than twenty years later I was amazed to see that this exact same phenomenon had been filmed by the crew of the television show, Ghost Adventures, during a visit to Chicago in the summer of 2012.

    A red light has also been seen by visitors to the cemetery, sometimes described as rocket-like or as a shooting or streaking light, suggesting that this light is not circular or spherical but comet-like, with a tail of some sort. This light has been seen both on the old Turnpike path, east and west of the cemetery, as well as in the burying ground itself.  Apparently the appearances of this light were at first mistaken as fireworks being shot off, having the appearance of roman candles or other such amusements.  But a strange behavior ruled out the prospect; several witnesses were startled to see that, after the initial “shooting” or “streaking” or even a “shower of sparks” the light was still there, but floating or bobbing among the tombstones.

    As chronicled in the introduction to this volume, the first tale I heard of the Grove was of the most famous of its lights: a blue flashing light which had “chased” my classmate across the creek and into the woods in the early 1980s.  Such incidents are prolific in local oral accounts dating back into the early 1960s.   Time and again, witnesses describe a “flashing” or “flickering” blue light, ranging in size from a softball to a balloon and larger, which seems intelligent to the point of pursuing them through the cemetery or down the Turnpike path into the woods or towards the Creek.  Some visitors have actually been close enough to “touch” the blue light; most notably a local woman named Denise Travis, who famously told ghost hunter Richard Crowe that she had passed a hand through the light, feeling no difference in temperature or other strange sensations.  One of the first anomalous photographs I took at the cemetery (c.1988) showed an arc of blue light partially eclipsing the frame of the image.

    A smattering of locals remembers a chilling but as yet unsubstantiated incident which reportedly occurred in 1963, the first year I have been able to verify a sighting of the blue light.  According to the tale, three local boys had gone into the woods surrounding the cemetery and went missing for several weeks.  When they finally wandered out of the woods, unharmed, they could not remember anything about the weeks they had vanished except that they had followed a mysterious blue light.

    1963 would bring other brushes with the blue light, including an incident which occurred around Halloween when a group of five young men visiting the cemetery all witnessed the light in unison, in the wee hours of the morning.  They had gathered on the old overlook next to the quarry pond—now gone--when they saw a blue light moving on the water towards them.  In fear, the men retreated to their cars and claimed to have been chased by the light down the new Turnpike road (143rd street) as they fled.

    Source : www.bachelorsgroveforever.com

    Ladyhawke (film)


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    This article is about the 1985 film. For the musician known as Ladyhawke, see Ladyhawke (musician).


    Theatrical release poster

    Directed by Richard Donner

    Screenplay by Edward Khmara Michael Thomas Tom Mankiewicz David Peoples

    Story by Edward Khmara

    Produced by Richard Donner Lauren Shuler Starring Matthew Broderick Rutger Hauer Michelle Pfeiffer Leo McKern John Wood

    Cinematography Vittorio Storaro

    Edited by Stuart Baird

    Music by Andrew Powell

    Production companies Warner Bros. 20th Century Fox

    Lauren Shuler Production

    Distributed by

    Warner Bros. (North America)

    20th Century Fox (International)

    Release date

    April 12, 1985 (United States)

    Running time 121 minutes

    Country United States

    Language English Budget $20 million

    Box office $18.4 million

    is a 1985 American medieval fantasy film directed and produced by Richard Donner and starring Matthew Broderick, Rutger Hauer and Michelle Pfeiffer. The story is about a young thief who becomes unwillingly involved with a warrior and his lady who are hunted by the Bishop of Aquila. As he learns about the couple's past and secret, he chooses to help them overcome the bishop's forces: men-at-arms, a wolf hunter and an infernal curse. The film is noted for having one of the worst sound scores for any film.


    1 Plot 2 Cast 3 Production

    3.1 Filming locations

    3.2 Soundtrack

    4 The "hawk" species

    5 Reception 5.1 Box office

    5.2 Critical response

    5.3 Accolades 6 See also 7 References 8 External links


    In medieval Italy, Phillipe Gaston, a thief known as "The Mouse", escapes from the evil Bishop of Aquila's dungeons right before execution. He is recaptured at an inn by the Bishop's guards, led by Captain Marquet. However, the former captain, Etienne Navarre, shows up and defeats Marquet and the guards. He rides off with Phillipe while his hawk scatters other guards along the way.

    Navarre and Phillipe stay the night at a farmer's barn. Later, the farmer attacks and attempts to kill Phillipe, but an enormous black wolf kills the farmer first. Phillipe looks for Navarre in the barn, but finds only a young woman in Navarre's cloak, who walks away with the wolf.

    In the morning, Navarre returns, reveals his intention to kill the Bishop, and asks Phillipe to help him get inside Aquila. Phillipe refuses, and Navarre ties him up to a tree. That night, Phillippe meets the woman and tricks her into untying him. He is soon captured by the Bishop's guards, who set up an ambush for Navarre the next day. In the ambush, Navarre and his hawk are each hit by a crossbow bolt, but Navarre manages to defeat the Bishop's guards and save Phillipe.

    Navarre makes Phillipe take the hawk, who is the worse injured of the two of them, and ride to the ruined castle of a monk named Imperius for help. The hawk is sequestered in a room, but a curious Phillipe picks the lock and finds the mysterious woman inside, her chest also struck with a bolt. After tending to her wound, Imperius explains that she is Isabeau of Anjou, who had once refused the Bishop's unwelcome advances. After a drunken Imperius leaked the fact that Navarre and Isabeau had secretly wed, the enraged Bishop put the couple under a Satanic curse. Isabeau becomes a hawk by day and Navarre a wolf by night; therefore, despite being always together, they are eternally apart. The ruined castle is invaded just before dawn by the Bishop's soldiers searching for Isabeau. She and Phillippe take refuge atop a high tower pursued by the soldiers. On the verge of being captured, she slips from the tower, but is saved when the morning sun rises, transforming her into a hawk.

    When Navarre catches up in the morning, Imperius tells him that the curse can be broken if the couple face the Bishop together as humans on "a day without a night and a night without a day". Navarre dismisses Imperius as an old drunk, and continues his way to Aquila intent on simply killing the Bishop. Phillipe volunteers to accompany Navarre and "Ladyhawke". After the group's perilous encounters with a wolf-trapper and a frozen river, Phillipe successfully manages to convince the pair to try to break the curse before trying to kill the Bishop.

    At night, Imperius and Isabeau smuggle the Navarre-wolf into Aquila, while Phillipe dives into the sewers to get inside the cathedral. Unable to see any divine sign on the day that he and Isabeau are to appear in the flesh together, Navarre reverts to his original plan to kill the Bishop. He convinces Imperius to euthanize the hawk should the cathedral bells ring, which would mean he had failed.

    Phillipe infiltrates the cathedral and unlocks its doors. Navarre rides in and duels with Marquet. Amid the bout, Navarre sees a solar eclipse through a high window and realizes the curse really can be broken. He tries to get back to Imperius, but fails to keep the guards from ringing the bell. Believing that Imperius has killed Isabeau, Navarre continues his fight and eventually kills Marquet.

    Source : en.wikipedia.org

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