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    why is my xbox one controller flashing and not connecting


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    Xbox One Controller Not Working? Tips on How to Fix It

    Is your Xbox controller not working? Learn what to do if your Xbox One or Series X|S controller won't connect, doesn't turn on, or keeps blinking.

    Xbox One Controller Not Working? Tips on How to Fix It


    UPDATED FEB 01, 2022

    Is your Xbox controller not working? Learn what to do if your Xbox One or Series X|S controller won't connect, doesn't turn on, or keeps blinking.

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    Is your Xbox One controller not working, or maybe you're having problems with an Xbox Series X|S controller? This is an annoying problem that a lot of Xbox owners face. While today's wireless controllers are more convenient than the wired ones of previous systems, they come with their own set of issues.

    In this troubleshooting guide, we'll show you how to fix your Xbox One controller when it won't connect, sync, or even turn on properly. By the end, you'll be back to gaming. And while we focus on the Xbox One here, most of these tips also apply to the Xbox Series X and Series S, since the controllers are near-identical.

    1. If Your Xbox Controller Is Not Connecting

    If you can't get your Xbox One controller to connect to your console, you should first check for a few common issues.

    Do you have eight controllers already connected to your console? While you likely don't use this many, the maximum amount of controllers an Xbox One supports is eight. After this point, you can't connect any more controllers.

    Hold the Xbox button on a controller and choose Turn controller off on the resulting menu to disconnect one or more of them. Then try connecting the new controller again.

    Also, remember that you can only pair a controller with one Xbox system at a time. If you go to a friend's house and pair your controller with his Xbox, you'll have to pair it with yours again. This also applies when you connect your Xbox controller to a PC and then try to use it on your console again.

    See the "If Your Xbox One Controller Is Blinking" section below for more on this.

    2. If Your Xbox One Controller Keeps Disconnecting

    What if your Xbox controller pairs but then keeps disconnecting? This can ruin a great gaming session and is extremely frustrating to deal with.

    Do remember that it's a normal battery-saving feature of the Xbox One and Series X|S controller to disconnect if you don't use it for 15 minutes. This won't usually happen when playing games, but can come into play if you primarily use your Xbox One as a media center.

    You'll need to move a stick or press a button every so often. Otherwise, you'll have to reconnect the controller later by pressing the Xbox button.

    However, if you're having a problem with your Xbox controller disconnecting, it probably happens much more frequently than every 15 minutes. If that's the case, you can try a few troubleshooting steps.

    It's important to confirm that your batteries are charged when you have this issue. Tap the Xbox button to go back to the Home menu, then look for the battery icon in the top-right corner. If they're low, you should replace or charge the batteries as necessary.

    Frequent disconnects can also happen because of interference. The Xbox One controller has a wireless range of about 19-28 feet, according to Xbox Support. Try moving closer to your console if your controller won't stay connected.

    You should also remove obstructions between the controller and console, like laptops, metal shelving, and similar. If your Xbox is inside an entertainment center, try moving it outside the unit to get a better connection.

    3. If Your Xbox One Controller Is Blinking

    If you press the Xbox button on your controller and it blinks or flashes, this usually indicates that your controller isn't paired to a console. As mentioned above, this can happen when you pair the controller to another system. But it can also occur due to various glitches.

    Follow our guide showing how to sync an Xbox One controller to your console to get yours connected again.

    If your controller doesn't pair using the buttons, try using a USB cable to pair it. Simply plug the cable into a USB port on your console and connect the other end to your controller, then hold the Xbox button on your controller for a few seconds.

    If this fails to solve the problem, you should restart your console. Press and hold the Xbox button (which is the power button) on the front of your system for 10 seconds to fully power it off. Then press it again to turn it back on. After a power cycle of both your console and controller, you should be able to pair them without it flashing.

    If your controller keeps blinking and turning off after this, your controller may have a hardware issue. Try another controller with your console and see if you have the same problem, or test your controller with a friend's Xbox or another device like a PC.

    Contact Xbox Support if you can't get the controller to connect under any circumstance. In the meantime, be aware that you can press and hold the Xbox button on your controller for several seconds to turn it off. This can help conserve battery life if it just keeps flashing during your troubleshooting.

    4. If Your Xbox One Controller Won't Turn On

    If your Xbox controller is not turning on, don't worry. This is another common problem, with similar solutions to the above.

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    Why Is My Xbox One Controller Blinking? 5 Tips to Fix It

    If your Xbox One controller is blinking, it could indicate that it's not paired to your console, which is usually a quick and easy fix.


    5 ways to fix an Xbox One controller that is blinking or flashing

    Steven John Updated Apr 7, 2021, 3:11 PM

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    There are three ways you could troubleshoot your Xbox One controller if it's blinking. Shutterstock

    If your Xbox One controller is blinking, your controller may not be paired to your Xbox One.

    To stop your Xbox One controller from blinking, check that the controller isn't paired to another system and that it has enough battery.

    You may need to pair your Xbox One controller by holding down the pair button or by connecting the Xbox controller with a micro USB cable to the console.

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    There are a number of reasons why your Xbox One controller may be blinking or flashing. But if you see the controller blinking, the Xbox One controller most likely has a pairing issue.

    Here's how to troubleshoot issues with your Xbox One controller if it's blinking or flashing.

    Make sure your Xbox One controller is paired and in range

    Your Xbox One controller needs to be in range to use. Shutterstock

    You might find that your Xbox One controller is blinking or flashing due to pairing issues. It may be paired to another console, be out of range of the console, or is attempting to be paired on a console that already has eight other paired controllers.

    Xbox says the range for wireless controllers is 19 to 28 feet, but if your gaming set up is around walls, facing away from you, in a cabinet, or might experience interference from other nearby wireless devices, consider decreasing your range.

    If the controller doesn't seem to be reacting to your console at all, it may be connected to another


    'What is Bluetooth?': A beginner's guide to the wireless technologyBluetooth is a wireless technology that enables the exchange of data between devices using wavelength.

    Read more

    device or console. To pair your controller back to your Xbox console if it was the last device you paired it to, double-press the pair button to have it switch the connection back.

    You can also check how many paired controllers you have in the console's settings in the Accessories menu under Devices & connections. Xbox One allows up to eight paired controllers, so if none are the one you're currently using, you'll need to sync one of the paired controllers to another device in order to free up a pairing slot.

    Pair your Xbox One controller to your console again

    The Xbox One's pair buttons are often referred to as bind buttons. Xbox

    To stop your Xbox One controller from blinking and pair it to your console, just press down on the pair button on your Xbox One console and then release it, and within 20 seconds, hold down the corresponding pair button on your controller.

    The controller should flash more rapidly for a moment, then display a continuous light. When that happens, it's paired.

    Connect your Xbox One controller to your console with a micro USB cable

    Use the compatible micro USB cable that came with your console. Amazon

    To get rid of the blinking light on your Xbox One controller, you can also pair it with your console by connecting it via a physical micro USB cable.

    This is also a way to charge your Xbox One controller, which may also be a remedy for your Xbox One controller blinking.

    Check the batteries on your Xbox One controller

    You can plug your Xbox One controller in to charge. Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

    The flashing light on your Xbox controller may be an indication that it has a low battery.

    There are a couple ways to charge your Xbox One controller's batteries. That includes using a Play & Charge Kit, a micro USB cable, or rechargeable battery pack. But you can also use standard AA batteries if those are what you have on hand.

    If you know your batteries are fully charged and the light is still blinking, pop the batteries out, wait 15 seconds, and then put them back in to see if that fixes the issue.

    Restart your Xbox One console or update your controller

    You may need to restart your console or update your controller's firmware. Shutterstock

    If pairing your controller and checking the batteries doesn't work, restart your Xbox One console by holding the power button for 10 seconds. Turn it back on, then try again.

    You should also consider updating the firmware on your controller. While controllers made after June 2015 can update wirelessly, all Xbox One controllers can be updated using the USB cord that came with your console.

    Source : www.businessinsider.com

    Why is my Xbox One controller blinking?

    Is your Xbox One controller blinking? Find out the causes and solutions to try to solve the malfunction on your own

    Why is my Xbox One controller blinking?

    July 2, 2021 by e.brou

    When something unusual happens on your Xbox One controller, the first reaction is to panic. And yet, when you own a game console, you are bound to face a problem someday. However, not all problems mean your controller is dead. There are often solutions to regain normal use of the latter. Today we will focus on the flickering problem on a controller. So find out why is your Xbox One controller flashing and what to do to get rid of it?

    Why is the Xbox One controller blinking?

    The causes

    In the majority of cases, your Xbox One controller is blinking because it can't connect to your PC or console. Different factors can prevent it from connecting. They can be more or less serious and more or less easy to repair. Then, what are these factors?

    a software or microprocessor bug

    a malfunction of the Bluetooth circuit or the USB cable

    internal component or power failure

    a minor problem related to your use

    a signal that is not strong enough

    Your Xbox One controller may also blink because its batteries are low or have failed.

    For the majority of these problems there is a solution. Discover them now.

    Basic checks

    When your Xbox One controller is flashing, do a few basic checks to make sure the problem comes from the controller and that a error in your use is not the cause :

    1 / Check if the failure comes from the computer, the console or the Xbox One controller by testing another controller on your Xbox or by testing your controller on another Xbox or another PC. If you find that the problem is with your console or PC, contact Microsoft support.

    2 / Make sure that no objects are between the receivers of your PC or the console and your Xbox One controller, which could prevent your controller from connecting. Move away electronic devices that may interfere with the signal.

    3 / Make sure to keep a close connection distance between the two devices (maximum 9m). Do not hesitate to come closer so that the signal is clearer and the connection easier.

    4 / Make sure that the front of the console or the front of the computer is directed towards the controller.

    5 / Unplug the headset which can sometimes prevent the Xbox One controller from connecting. Reconnect the controller and synchronize it if necessary. Reconnect the microphone once your controller is connected.

    Read also: My controller gets out of sync all the time, what should I do?

    What to do when your Xbox One controller is flashing?

    If you've ruled out the possibility that your Xbox One controller is flashing due to a minor issue with your usage, then it turns out that the problem is due to a system bug or a hardware malfunction. Perform the various checks and operations below to try to find the origin of the problem and its solution.

    Software issues when your Xbox One controller flashes

    Turn on and reset your hardware

    When your Xbox One controller is flashing, it is possible that software or microprocessor bugs be the cause. In this case, first try to reset your controller. To do this, plug the cable into the USB port on your console and the other end into the controller, then press and hold the Xbox button on the controller for a few seconds.

    If your Xbox controller keeps flashing, restart and electrically reset your console by proceeding as follows:

    Press and hold the Xbox power button for 10 seconds, until the console turns off.

    Unplug the power cable from its AC outlet.

    Wait 20 minutes.

    Reconnect the cable, then turn the console back on.

    If your Xbox One controller blinks but won't connect to the PC, do the following:

    Press the Start key on your computer

    Select On / Off -> Restart.

    Update your Xbox One controller

    When your Xbox One controller flashing, it is also possible that his system needs updating. To check if your controller needs an update, follow these steps:

    Connect your controller to the Xbox using its USB cable.

    Go to your console guide by pressing the Xbox button.

    Select “Profile and system”> “Settings”> “Devices and connections”> “Accessories”.

    Go to "Xbox Wireless Controller". If you see the “Update” option, launch it and follow the steps provided.

    When the update is installed, disconnect the controller from the USB cable and try to reconnect it using Bluetooth.

    If it works and the Xbox One controller stops flashing, the problem was with a software malfunction. Otherwise, the problem most likely stems from a hardware failure.

    Hardware issues when your Xbox One controller flashes

    Weak or broken batteries

    When batteries are weak or faulty, the controller has trouble connecting because the signal is weak. In this case, it will flash to alert you of the problem. Then check the condition of the batteries. If you find that the battery level is low, replace or charge them if necessary.

    Source : restartatorium.com

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