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    why is doctor strange not the sorcerer supreme


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    How Spider

    Spider-Man: No Way Home finally answers the question of why Doctor Strange didn’t get involved in the events of WandaVision.

    How Spider-Man: No Way Home Explains Doctor Strange's Absence From WandaVision

    By John Ross Bradford

    January 30, 2022

    established that Wong assumed the role of Sorcerer Supreme in Doctor Strange's absence during the five-year Blip. And although Doctor Strange returned in Avengers: Endgame, it seems there hadn’t been any need for a “take-back” rule regarding the rights to leadership over Masters of the Mystic Arts when someone returns from the dead.

    According to Doctor Strange, Wong got the title of Sorcerer Supreme thanks to “a technicality.” Even so, this meant that Stephen Strange could only resume his role as the Master of the New York Sanctum when he came home; he would no longer have the power, or “higher duties,” of the Sorcerer Supreme and would be strictly devoted to the Sanctum.

    Because of this, Doctor Strange is going to be much more limited in terms of assisting the Avengers. This could explain why Strange hasn’t been around for some of the MCU’s biggest problems lately, including a mishap in Westview that left a whole town traumatized just over state lines.

    Stephen Strange: Doctor or Defender? 


    Doctor Strange and the Sanctum Sanctorum seem somewhat synonymous at this point, and now they really will be.

    As it turns out, the capacity in which Doctor Strange appeared in Spider-Man: No Way Home may be the extent of his ability in his new MCU role right now.

    For reference, when Doctor Strange was appointed to Master of the New York Sanctum in his 2016 origin film, it was because Master Daniel Drumm had died defending it mere minutes prior. Following the developments of No Way Home, Doctor Strange’s number-one job is to defend his mystical mansion at any cost, just as Master Drumm did.

    When Doctor Strange appeared in No Way Home, it wasn’t until after Peter Parker stole something from him and created a bigger threat that Strange was shown stepping outside of the Sanctum Sanctorum. It quite literally took danger being within his own walls for Doctor Strange to step outside of the New York Sanctum in the wall-crawler’s third MCU outing — much like the Sanctum’s previous MCU appearances.

    Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum Has Seen Better Days 


    It takes a lot to convince a wizard to get some fresh air.

    Similar to how Doctor Strange doesn’t take action beyond the Sanctum walls in No Way Home until he deems it absolutely necessary, the same is seen in Avengers: Infinity War when neither Doctor Strange nor Wong left the compound until after Hulk crashed through their ceiling and aliens were descending onto the streets.

    When Doctor Strange was abducted and taken to space in Infinity War, Wong stayed behind to secure the New York Sanctum. Rather than going after Strange, Wong told Bruce Banner that he had to stay behind because “the Sanctum (remained) unguarded.” 

    In fact, this same rule may even be the reason why Wong couldn’t tag along with Strange to snag a sandwich at the start of Infinity War. Wong at least deserves a thirty-minute lunch break from defending the New York Sanctum so he can say yes to that New York deli tuna melt.

    Wong knew the stakes that came with Thanos collecting the Infinity Stones, yet he still chose to defend the Sanctum rather than stop the Mad Titan. As soon as there wasn’t an immediate threat at his doorstep, Wong returned to the Sanctum and wasn’t seen for the rest of the film.

    Some called it cowardly, but Wong was showing that there’s no one more faithful than he is to the ways of the Mystic Arts. And unfortunately, it looks like Doctor Strange will be subject to the same rules moving forward.

    Doctor Strange’s Absence in WandaVision: A Technicality 


    If Wong wasn’t able to leave the New York Sanctum unguarded to stop Thanos from wiping out half of all life in the universe, then Doctor Strange’s new job is going to seriously impair his ability to lend a hand when an Avenger needs one.

    In fact, the way that fans saw Peter consult Doctor Strange in is pretty much exactly how the magician is currently of use in the MCU. Much like his appearance in 2017’s , Doctor Strange is essentially a mystical consultant that can help another hero on their quest but can’t accompany him unless the fate of the world is at stake.

    Ironically, both times Doctor Strange has been shown helping another hero on his quest, he’s indirectly helped unleash the Goddess of Death in Ragnarok and effectively broken open the Multiverse in No Way Home.

    Nevertheless, Doctor Strange has resumed his duties as Master of the New York Sanctum, so he probably hasn’t left Manhattan for much of anything. This means he wouldn’t have been able to make the trip out to New Jersey to stop Wanda Maximoff from forcing four thousand people in Westview to play dress-up with her because he can't leave the Sanctum unguarded.

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    What makes Doctor Strange more eligible to be Sorcerer Supreme than Wanda?

    Answer (1 of 14): The Sorcerer Supreme is the mystical being tasked with protecting the Earth from all sorts of magical threats. That title is often associated to Doctor Stephen Strange, otherwise known as Doctor Strange. However, there were times when the being known as Agamotto (the same one wh...

    What makes Doctor Strange more eligible to be Sorcerer Supreme than Wanda?

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    His vast knowledge in magic and sorcery.

    Wanda has a great power potential but she lacks the training and versatility of Stephen.

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    What does Sorcerer Supreme even mean, and why does it matter to Doctor Strange?

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    Ezra Batten

    MCU Time!!Author has 263 answers and 2.6M answer viewsMay 19


    Can Dr. Strange’s mom, Wanda, defeat Arishem from Eternals?


    WTF?? Since when is Wanda Strange’s mom??!!??

    But what I think you’re asking is whether Wanda can beat Arishem. No, no she cannot. Yes, she’s powerful - even without the Darkhold - but even then she’s nowhere near Arishem, a celestial and creator of galaxies and planets.

    Arishem godstomps!!

    (Still tho, what was the wording of the question lolll??!!!???)

    Seeya! EDIT:

    I realize that a lot of people are saying mom means multiverse of madness and that makes more sense. Thank you. I guess it was just the wording of the question: “Dr. Strange’s mom”

    … (more)

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    “What makes Doctor Strange more eligible to be Sorcerer Supreme than Wanda?”

    Well, for starters, Stephen Strange has had mastery over the Mystic Arts since a few years before Infinity War. (It is presumable that Wong temporarily carried the title during the Blip, but once Strange returned, he would have resumed the role.) Wanda, by contrast, only just now has unlocked her full potential. She simply wasn’t a potential candidate for the role until the end of WandaVision.

    Second, Wanda’s magic is fundamentally different from Strange’s. Strange is a practitioner of the Mystic Arts, a very specific a

    Dr. Chiller, Supreme

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    Does any version of Dr. Strange stand a chance of beating Wanda in the comics?

    First of all Doctor Strange is the ultimate Sorcerer/magic-user in the entire Marvel universe and is more skilled with magic.

    Scarlet Witch is powerful she is no match for Dr. Strange.

    Any versions of Doctor Strange will do

    Black Priest Strange

    god of magic Strange

    Classic Strange

    This Scarlet witch version is her most powerful version, she absorbed chton, Darkhold, and countless mystical entities across the multiverse. She can put up a good fight against Doctor Strange but Strange wins in the end

    Thank you for reading

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    In the Wanda Vision finale, Agatha said that Wanda's power exceeds that of the Sorcerer Supreme. Is Marvel clarifying that in the MCU Wanda is more powerful than Dr. Strange?

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    Who's more wrong and guilty in your opinion, Wanda, Scarlet Witch or Doctor Strange?

    Novak Winchester

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    Nothing, to be honest. Many characters are being considered to be Sorcerer Supreme and mostly of them are much more powerful than Strange or even Wanda. To be Sorcerer Supreme doesn’t mean that you should have the most powerful magic ever, if it does, Strange shouldn’t be one. There are much more eligible characters out there. Doctor Strange is the Sorcerer Supreme until these days because he became popular and possibly it would be complicated turn another character in one — I’m not talking about the hate.

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