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    why does my phone say no internet connection when i have wifi


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    Fix internet connection problems on Android devices

    If you can't access the Internet on your Android device, either through an app or a website, try these troubleshooting steps. Signs of a ba

    Fix internet connection problems on Android devices

    If you can't access the Internet on your Android device, either through an app or a website, try these troubleshooting steps.

    Signs of a bad connection

    Downloads don't start, time out, or remain at 0%.

    Google Play is stuck on "Loading..."

    You can't load web pages in a browser.

    General troubleshooting tips for Android devices

    Restart your device. It might sound simple, but sometimes that's all it takes to fix a bad connection.

    If restarting doesn't work, switch between Wi-Fi and mobile data:

    Open your Settings app and tap Network & internet or Connections. Depending on your device, these options may be different.

    Turn Wi-Fi off and mobile data on, and check if there's a difference.

    If not, turn mobile data off and Wi-Fi on and check again.

    Try the troubleshooting steps below.

    Fix mobile data problems

    Fix Wi-Fi problems

    Source : support.google.com

    Are You Connected to WiFi, But Have No Internet Connection? Here's What To Do.

    We feel your pain. If there is no internet connection to all your devices, but it says "wifi's connected," here's what to do.

    Are You Connected to WiFi, But Have No Internet Connection? Here’s What To Do.

    If you’re working from home, chances are, you’ve experienced the pain of having having no internet connection. You’ve gone from device to device determining that there is no internet connection, but it still says you have WiFi. It’s baffling, but there are a few reasons this can be happening. Let’s walk through how to fix “no internet connection” problems with your network.

    Step One: Confirm Whether Your Internet Provider Is Down

    If all your devices get no internet connection, yet your WiFi indicator is still on, the most obvious answer is that your internet provider has an outage. Before you start rebooting and shuffling wires around, it’s always a good idea to check this first. Turn on the cellular data to your phone, look up your internet provider’s customer facing website or social media pages to see if an outage is listed in your area. If you’re not finding the answer you need here, independent websites like Down Detector aggregate outage data. Of course, you can always call your internet provider, to confirm whether there is no internet connection in your area due to a problem with their service.

    Step Two: Do a Reboot on Your Modem and/or Router

    “Have you tried turning it off, and turning it on again?” It’s a solution so stupidly simple, it’s become a cliche. But it’s a simple fix when you have no internet connection, and you should always start with the simple solutions first. If you only have a router and no modem, turn it off, and unplug it from the wall. Give it a minute to rest, then plug it back in and turn in on again.

    If you have both a router and a modem in your house, power them both off, unplug them, and wait a minute or two. Then plug in the the modem first, and after a minute, plug in the router. It generally takes about five to 10 minutes for these devices to reboot and power back up again. Then it’s time to go back and check whether your devices are connected again.

    If you’re looking for how to fix “no internet connection” problems at your house, this is one of the best, and most effective fixes. Yet, sometimes, even this doesn’t work. What to do then? It’s time to try step three.

    Step Three: Check Your Router Settings To Ensure Your Permissions are Correct

    When there is no internet connection, yet your internet service or router isn’t the problem, then there may be a problem with your network permissions. Every home WiFi network has “Media Access Control” (MAC) identifiers that allow certain machines access to your network. If these permissions are not set correctly, it can automatically boot off your devices. So, you need to check whether this system is in “approve” or “deny” mode.

    Here’s how to fix “no internet connection” issues, if this is indeed your problem:

    Locate your Windows key and press it. When you get a search field to come up, type in “cmd”

    Right click the Command Prompt app and click the option that says “run as administrator”

    Right click again, and you’ll get a command prompt window. Now type in the command “ipconfig” and press Enter.

    Your Default gateway IP address should come up now. This will give you a number that looks something like this: 192.168.X.X. Copy this number.

    Open up your web browser, and type or paste the number into your browser, and press enter. This should open your router’s management console.

    To access this console, however, you’ll need to type in your credentials. It’s important to note that these credentials are not the same as your WiFi username and password. How do you find this information? Look on the back of your router, where the username is usually printed. If you haven’t changed your router password, chances are the password is “admin.”

    This should get you in to your settings panel. Look for the MAC address filtering feature. Make sure that’s disabled, or that you’re not denying service through a filtering rule that you’ve never set.

    Step Four: It’s Time for a Network Reset

    So, by now you’ve unplugged, reset and double checked your connections. If you’ve done all this, and you’re still stuck in “no internet connection” land, then we generally recommend starting over from scratch with a network reset. Here’s how to fix no internet connection problems, by rebooting your network settings.

    Go to your search bar, and type in “settings.”

    2. Look for the “network and internet” option, and click it open.

    3. You should have a left hand menu. Look for the “status” option, and click it open.

    4. Look for the “network troubleshooter” option, and click it open.

    5. “Network Reset” should appear in your options.

    6. When you click “network reset,” it will walk you through a sequence that will allow you to reset all your devices and network preferences. When you’ve completed this sequence, click your wifi icon, make sure your network is showing, and connect to it.

    No Internet Connection? Where to Go for More Resources.

    So, when there is no internet connection, you do have options. The strategies listed above are your best bet for how to fix no internet connection, when all your devices are not connecting to your WiFi. However, if you’ve done all these things and it doesn’t work, a call to your Internet provider may be your best course of action. You could have a faulty piece of equipment that needs to be replaced, or there could be a problem with the internet connection from your provider to your individual home.

    Source : iconicit.com

    How to Fix Android WiFi is Connected But No Internet?

    If your Android phone connected to WiFi but no internet access. You can read this article to find the reasons and solutions for Android phone connected to WiFi but no internet problem.

    Fix Android WiFi is Connected but No Internet Access

    Sometimes you will find that WiFi is connected but there is no Internet access on your Android device. If this happens to you, there are a few ways to deal with this issue and get access to the Internet. Here we show some of the effective ways to fix the issue.

    Joy Taylor Last Updated: Jul. 21, 2021

    Sometimes it happens that your Android device connects to your WiFi network successfully, but then you quickly realize that there is no Internet access on your phone. This usually happens when there is a problem with either your phone or the router.

    Basically, the connection between your phone and your router is working just fine. The issue lies somewhere internally and that is what the following guide is going to help you figure out. You will learn some of the common reasons why this issue occurs and how you can fix it.

    Why Android Phone Connected to WiFi But No Internet

    How to Fix WiFi is Connected But No Internet Access

    Why Android Phone Connected to WiFi But No Internet

    While there are many reasons why WiFi gets connected but no Internet on your Android device, the following are some of the common ones.

    Reason 1. Issues with the Router

    A common reason why your phone has a WiFi connection but no Internet access is that there is a technical issue with your router. If your router is experiencing any kind of bugs or problems, that affects how your devices including your Android devices connect to the Internet.

    A faulty router cannot provide your Android phone with Internet access. As a result, your phone will connect to your router just fine but it will not be able to access the web.

    Don’t Miss: How to Fix Android Phone/Tablet Won’t Stay Connected to Wi-Fi >

    Reason 2. Issues with the Internet Connection

    It is possible that your router works just fine but there is an issue with your Internet connection. If your Internet is not reliable for some reason, your phone will be able to connect to the router but it will then not be able to further connect to the web.

    This usually happens due to bad weather and broken cables of your Internet connection. Sometimes, this happens due to an error at your Internet service provider (ISP).

    Reason 3. A Conflict with the IP Address

    IP address conflicts are pretty rare but you might run into them sometimes. An IP address conflict is basically nothing but two devices on the same network acquiring the same IP address. When this happens, your router does not send the correct data to your phone and therefore your phone cannot access the Internet.

    This issue usually occurs when the DHCP is not properly working on your router and is assigning the same IP address to multiple phones or other devices on the network.

    Reason 4. DNS Problems

    If you do not already know, the DNS servers help your device translate a website URL into an IP address. If a DNS server is experiencing issues, it can cause your Android phone not to connect to the Internet. This is very rare but it does happen and it can make the world wide web inaccessible on your device.

    How to Fix WiFi is Connected But No Internet Access

    Now that you have learned the possible causes of why your Android device is connected to WiFi but has no Internet access, you might want to learn how to fix this issue.

    The following are some of the possible fixes to the issue you are facing on your phone.

    Method 1. Restart Your Router

    A major reason why you have an Internet access issue on your device is that there is a problem with your router. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is to fix your router.

    WiFi Router

    If you are not into any technical things, the easiest way to fix the most common router problems is to reboot your router. When you do this, your router re-connects to your Internet service provider and all your settings get freshen-up.

    You can do that by turning the plug for your router to the off position. Then, wait for about a minute and then turn your router back on.

    Method 2. Get Your Internet Working

    If it is not just your Android device and you have no access to the Internet on your other devices as well, the problem might be with your Internet provider. In this case, it is best that you get in touch with them and ask them to help you fix the issue.

    If there is an Internet outage or something, your ISP should be able to tell you about that. If there is another issue, they will be able to help you fix that with your router or your device.

    Method 3. Forget the WiFi Network and Reconnect to It

    Sometimes, a simple fix like reconnecting to your WiFi network can resolve the Internet access issue on your phone. When you forget your network, your phone deletes the saved preferences of that network. When you reconnect your phone to your WiFi, your phone then gets assigned a fresh new IP address which helps it connect to the Internet.

    The following shows how to do that.

    Step 1. Head to Settings > Wi-Fi & network > Wi-Fi on your device.

    Step 2. Tap your WiFi network and select Forget.

    Source : www.imobie.com

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