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    who is the current heavyweight boxing champion


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    The current world heavyweight boxing champions

    Who are the current heavyweight boxing world champions? We help you negotiate a political minefield with a detailed rundown.

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    The current world heavyweight boxing champions

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    The fight game’s complex political landscape means even some fight fans struggle to name the current world heavyweight boxing champions.

    There are four accepted major governing bodies which each has a world heavyweight champion – the World Boxing Council (WBC), the World Boxing Association (WBA), the International Boxing Federation (IBF) and the World Boxing Organization (WBO).

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    Add to that the Ring magazine championship – awarded by publication which is widely perceived to be ‘the bible of boxing’ – and the beltless but still important ‘lineal’ championship, and it’s easy to see why people might become confused.

    Here is a rundown on the situation. One which means there is seldom one answer to the question ‘Who is the current heavyweight champion?’:

    The current heavyweight boxing world champions

    WBC world heavyweight champion: Tyson Fury

    The World Boxing Council was founded in 1963 and is based in Mexico. It is probably the most famous of all the governing bodies. It is now presided over by President Mauricio Sulaiman (son of former President Jose Sulaiman). Its hallowed green belt is something all top-level fighters want to hold at some stage in their career.

    Tyson Fury became the WBC world heavyweight champion in February 2020 when he crushed the previously unbeaten Deontay Wilder at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. He then successfully retained his title with an 11th-round knockout victory over Wilder in a wildly exciting trilogy match, again in Las Vegas, on October 9, 2021.

    Fury again retained the WBC title when he stopped the mandatory contender Dillian Whyte with a peach of an uppercut late in Round 6 in front of 94,000 fans at London’s Wembley Stadium.

    Fury talked about retirement in the immediate aftermath of his win, but now he stands on the brink of a potential unification fight with the winner of Oleksandr Usyk vs Anthony Joshua 2 later this year. Will he take it? We’ll find out soon enough.

    IBF world heavyweight champion: Oleksandr Usyk

    The International Boxing Federation was founded in 1983 and is based in New Jersey. It provided Anthony Joshua with his first world heavyweight title back in 2016. AJ stopped American Charles Martin inside two rounds at London’s O2 Arena. It was only his 16th professional fight.

    Joshua lost the IBF belt in that stunning upset defeat to late stand-in opponent Andy Ruiz Jr in New York in June 2019. He gained revenge by outpointing Ruiz Jr in Saudi Arabia in December 2019 to once again reach the highest level of the heavyweight division.

    Once again standing on the brink of that showdown with Fury, Joshua defended his belts against Ukrainian former cruiserweight king Oleksandr Usyk at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on September 25, 2021.

    Despite starting favourite, Joshua was in trouble right from the start as Usyk befuddled him with terrific hand speed and elite movement and ring craft. Oleksandr built an early lead, and although AJ had some success in the middle rounds it was the Ukrainian challenger who finished the stronger to claim a unanimous decision by 117-112, 116-112 and 115-113.

    Now the stage is set for the rematch, which will take place in Saudi Arabia on Saturday August 20.

    WBA world heavyweight champion: Oleksandr Usyk

    The World Boxing Association was founded back in 1921 and is based in Panama. It is the oldest of boxing’s major governing bodies and runs under the stewardship of President Gilberto Mendoza.

    The current WBA world heavyweight champion is Oleksandr Usyk, who claimed the belt with that superb unanimous decision victory over Joshua in his own back yard in north London.

    As already stated, the belt will next be up for grabs when Usyk defends it in the rematch vs Joshua in Saudi Arabia on August 20.

    WBO world heavyweight champion: Oleksandr Usyk

    The World Boxing Organization was founded in 1988 and is based in Puerto Rico. It is now the third of the world heavyweight titles held by new champion Oleksandr Usyk.

    Usyk won the title with that terrific performance to dethrone Anthony Joshua courtesy of a unanimous decision in front of a crowd of more than 67,000 fans in London.

    Again the title will next be on the line when Usyk and Joshua rematch on Saturday August 20 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

    Lineal world heavyweight champion: Tyson Fury

    The title of lineal heavyweight champion is the one most respected by hardcore fight fans.

    The lineal champion in boxing is “the man who beat the man”. This avoids the confusion caused by fighters vacating some or all of their belts, or being stripped of them.

    The current lineal world heavyweight champion is Tyson Fury. He took that moniker in November 2015 when he defeated previous champion Wladimir Klitschko on points in Dusseldorf. Fury is still undefeated inside a ring. He confirmed his lineal status with that crushing defeat of Wilder in February 2020 and retained the title with that stoppage win in their trilogy match in October 2021.

    Fury once again successfully defended that lineal moniker in April 2022, when he stopped Dillian Whyte in Round 6 at London’s Wembley Stadium.

    Ring magazine world heavyweight champion: Tyson Fury

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    List of current world boxing champions

    List of current world boxing champions

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    For women's edition, see List of current female world boxing champions.

    This is a list of current world boxing champions. Since at least John L. Sullivan, in the late 19th century, there have been world champions in professional boxing. The first of the current organizations to award a world title was the World Boxing Association (WBA), then known as the National Boxing Association (NBA), when it sanctioned its first title fight in 1921 between Jack Dempsey and Georges Carpentier for the world heavyweight championship.

    There are now four major sanctioning bodies in professional boxing. The official rules and regulations of the World Boxing Association (WBA),[1] World Boxing Council (WBC),[2] International Boxing Federation (IBF),[3] and World Boxing Organization (WBO)[4] all recognize each other in their rankings and title unification rules. Each of these organizations sanction and regulate championship bouts and award world titles. American boxing magazine began awarding world titles in 1922.

    There are eighteen weight divisions. To compete in a division, a boxer's weight must not exceed the upper limit. Manny Pacquiao has won world championships in eight weight divisions, more than any other boxer, and is the only one in boxing history to achieve it. The Klitschko brothers, Vitali and Wladimir, held all four major titles in the heavyweight division from 2011 to 2013; they were the first brothers to hold versions of the heavyweight championship at the same time.[5]


    1 Championships

    1.1 World Boxing Association

    1.2 World Boxing Council

    1.3 International Boxing Federation

    1.4 World Boxing Organization

    1.5 2 Current champions

    2.1 Heavyweight (+200 lb/+90.7 kg or +224 lb/+101.6 kg)

    2.2 Bridgerweight (224 lb/101.6 kg)

    2.3 Cruiserweight/Junior heavyweight (190 lb/86.2 kg or 200 lb/90.7 kg)

    2.4 Light heavyweight (175 lb/79.4 kg)

    2.5 Super middleweight (168 lb/76.2 kg)

    2.6 Middleweight (160 lb/72.6 kg)

    2.7 Super welterweight/Junior middleweight (154 lb/69.9 kg)

    2.8 Welterweight (147 lb/66.7 kg)

    2.9 Super lightweight/Junior welterweight (140 lb/63.5 kg)

    2.10 Lightweight (135 lb/61.2 kg)

    2.11 Super featherweight/Junior lightweight (130 lb/59 kg)

    2.12 Featherweight (126 lb/57.2 kg)

    2.13 Super bantamweight/Junior featherweight (122 lb/55.3 kg)

    2.14 Bantamweight (118 lb/53.5 kg)

    2.15 Super flyweight/Junior bantamweight (115 lb/52.2 kg)

    2.16 Flyweight (112 lb/50.8 kg)

    2.17 Light flyweight/Junior flyweight (108 lb/49 kg)

    2.18 Minimumweight/Mini flyweight/Strawweight (105 lb/47.6 kg)

    3 See also 4 References 5 External links


    When a champion, for reasons beyond his control such as an illness or injury, is unable to defend his title within the normal mandatory time, the sanctioning bodies may order an interim title bout and award the winner an interim championship. The WBA and WBC have often changed the status of their inactive champions to a "Champion in Recess" or "Champion Emeritus".

    World Boxing Association[edit]

    The World Boxing Association (WBA) was founded in 1921 as the National Boxing Association (NBA), a national regulating body of the United States. On August 23, 1962, the NBA became the WBA, which today has its head office in Panama.[6] According to WBA championship rules, when a champion also holds a title of one of the other three major sanctioning bodies in an equivalent weight division, that boxer is granted a special recognition of "Unified Champion", and is given more time between mandatory title defences. The WBA Championships Committee and President may also designate a champion as a "Super Champion" or "Undisputed Champion" in exceptional circumstances;[1] the standard WBA title is then vacated and contested between WBA-ranked contenders. When a WBA "Regular Champion" makes between five and ten successful defences, he may be granted the WBA "Super" title upon discretion of a vote of the WBA's board of governors.

    World Boxing Council[edit]

    The World Boxing Council (WBC) was founded in Mexico City, Mexico on February 14, 1963 in order to establish an international regulating body.[7] The WBC established many of today's safety measures in boxing, such as the standing eight count,[8] a limit of 12 rounds instead of 15, and additional weight divisions. More information about the WBC's other titles including "Silver", "Diamond", "Emeritus", "Franchise", "Honorary", and "Supreme Champion" can be read at the WBC article.

    International Boxing Federation[edit]

    The International Boxing Federation (IBF) originated in September 1976 as the United States Boxing Association (USBA) when American members of the WBA withdrew in order to legitimize boxing in the United States with "unbiased" ratings.[9] In April 1983, the organization established an international division that was known as the United States Boxing Association-International (USBA-I).[9] In May 1984, the New Jersey-based USBA-I was renamed and became the IBF.[9]

    World Boxing Organization[edit]

    The World Boxing Organization (WBO) was founded in San Juan, Puerto Rico (which is a self-governing commonwealth of the United States) in 1988. In its early years the WBO's titles were not widely recognized. By 2012 when the Japan Boxing Commission officially recognized the governing body, it had gained similar status to the other three major sanctioning bodies. Its motto is "dignity, democracy, honesty."[10] When a WBO champion has reached "preeminent status", the WBO's Executive Committee may designate him as a "Super Champion".[11] However, this is only an honorary title and not the same as the WBA's policy of having separate "Super" and "Regular" champions. A WBO "Super Champion" cannot win or lose that recognition in the ring; it is merely awarded by the WBO.

    Source : en.wikipedia.org

    Boxing champions list

    Check all the current boxing champions for all four major organizations in each weight division.

    Boxing champions list

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    Tyson Fury is the WBC heavyweight world titlist and the lineal heavyweight champion. Al Bello/Getty Images

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    With 17 weight classes in boxing and four major sanctioning bodies that bestow world titles, keeping track of who holds each of the belts can be difficult -- especially when there are sometimes multiple titlists in each organization because of interim and secondary belts.

    To make it easier for boxing fans, below is a quick reference chart of who holds each of the titles in the four organizations

    To check the top 10 fighters in each division, visit ESPN's divisional rankings.

    For a list of the best fighters regardless of weight class, check ESPN's pound-for-pound rankings.

    Heavyweight (Unlimited)

    WBO: Oleksandr UsykIBF: Oleksandr UsykWBA: Oleksandr Usyk*WBC: Tyson Fury

    Cruiserweight (200 lbs.)

    WBO: Lawrence OkolieIBF: Jai OpetaiaWBA: Arsen Goulamirian*WBC: Ilunga Makabu

    Light heavyweight (175 lbs.)

    WBO: Artur BeterbievIBF: Artur BeterbievWBA: Dmitry BivolWBC: Artur Beterbiev

    Super middleweight (168 lbs.)

    WBO: Canelo AlvarezIBF: Canelo AlvarezWBA: Canelo Alvarez*WBC: Canelo Alvarez

    Middleweight (160 lbs.)

    WBO: Demetrius AndradeIBF: Gennadiy GolovkinWBA: Gennadiy Golovkin*WBC: Jermall Charlo**

    Junior middleweight (154 lbs.)

    WBO: Jermell CharloIBF: Jermell CharloWBA: Jermell CharloWBC: Jermell Charlo

    Welterweight (147 lbs.)

    WBO: Terence CrawfordIBF: Errol Spence Jr.WBA: Errol Spence Jr.*WBC: Errol Spence Jr.

    Junior welterweight (140 lbs.)

    WBO: Josh TaylorIBF: Josh TaylorWBA: VacantWBC: Vacant

    Lightweight (135 lbs.)

    WBO: Devin HaneyIBF: Devin HaneyWBA: Devin Haney*WBC: Devin Haney**

    Junior lightweight (130 lbs.)

    WBO: Shakur StevensonIBF: Joe CordinaWBA: Roger GutierrezWBC: Shakur Stevenson

    Featherweight (126 lbs.)

    WBO: Emanuel NavarreteIBF: Josh WarringtonWBA: Leo Santa Cruz*WBC: Mark Magsayo

    Junior featherweight (122 lbs.)

    WBO: Stephen FultonIBF: Murodjon AkhmadalievWBA: Murodjon AkhmadalievWBC: Stephen Fulton

    Bantamweight (118 lbs.)

    WBO: Paul ButlerIBF: Naoya InoueWBA: Naoya InoueWBC: Naoya Inoue

    Junior bantamweight (115 lbs.)

    WBO: Kazuto IokaIBF: Fernando MartinezWBA: Juan Francisco Estrada*WBC: Jesse Rodriguez**

    Flyweight (112 lbs.)

    WBO: Junto NakataniIBF: Sunny EdwardsWBA: Artem DalakianWBC: Julio Cesar Martinez*

    Junior flyweight (108 lbs.)

    WBO: Jonathan GonzalezIBF: Felix AlvaradoWBA: Hiroto Kyoguchi*WBC: Kenshiro Teraji

    Strawweight (105 lbs.)

    WBO: Masataka TaniguchiIBF: Rene Mark CuartoWBA: Knockout CP Freshmart*WBC: Petchmanee CP Freshmart

    Source : www.espn.com

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