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    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (film)


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    For the 1971 film adaptation, see Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.

    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

    Theatrical release poster

    Directed by Tim Burton

    Screenplay by John August

    Based on by Roald Dahl Produced by Brad Grey Richard D. Zanuck Starring Johnny Depp Freddie Highmore David Kelly

    Helena Bonham Carter

    Noah Taylor Missi Pyle James Fox Deep Roy Christopher Lee

    Cinematography Philippe Rousselot

    Edited by Chris Lebenzon

    Music by Danny Elfman

    Production companies The Zanuck Company

    Plan B Entertainment

    Village Roadshow Pictures

    Theobald Film Productions

    Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures

    Release dates

    July 10, 2005 (Grauman's Chinese Theatre)

    July 15, 2005 (United States)

    July 29, 2005 (United Kingdom)

    Running time 115 minutes[1]

    Countries United States United Kingdom[2] Australia[3] Language English

    Budget $150 million[4]

    Box office $475 million[5]

    is a 2005 musical fantasy film directed by Tim Burton and written by John August, based on the 1964 British novel of the same name by Roald Dahl. The film stars Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka and Freddie Highmore as Charlie Bucket, alongside David Kelly, Helena Bonham Carter, Noah Taylor, Missi Pyle, James Fox, Deep Roy, and Christopher Lee. The storyline follows Charlie as he wins a contest along with four other children and is led by Wonka on a tour of his chocolate factory.

    Development for a second adaptation of began in 1991, which resulted in Warner Bros. providing the Dahl estate with total artistic control. Prior to Burton's involvement, directors such as Gary Ross, Rob Minkoff, Martin Scorsese, and Tom Shadyac had been involved, while actors Bill Murray, Nicolas Cage, Jim Carrey, Michael Keaton, Brad Pitt, Will Smith, Adam Sandler, and many others, were either in discussion with or considered by the studio to play Wonka. Burton immediately brought regular collaborators Depp and Danny Elfman aboard. represents the first musical film directed by Burton and the first time since that Elfman contributed to a film score using written songs and his vocals.

    Filming took place from June to December 2004 at Pinewood Studios in the United Kingdom. Rather than using computer-generated environments, Burton primarily used built sets and practical effects, which he claimed was inspired by the book's emphasis on texture. Wonka's Chocolate Room was constructed on the 007 Stage at Pinewood, complete with a faux chocolate waterfall and river. Squirrels were trained from birth for Veruca Salt's demise. Actor Deep Roy performed each Oompa-Loompa individually rather than one performance duplicated digitally.

    was released to positive critical reviews, with praise directed towards the visual style, set design, soundtrack, child stars, and Burton's direction. Depp's performance as Willy Wonka received a more polarized response, and the film has been graded more critically in the years since its release, now considered divisive. The film was a box office success, grossing US$475 million and becoming the eighth-highest-grossing film worldwide in 2005. The film received a nomination for Best Costume Design at the 78th Academy Awards.


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    Charlie Bucket is a kind and loving boy who lives with his family in poverty near the Wonka Factory. The company's owner, Willy Wonka, has long closed his factory to the public due to problems concerning industrial espionage, which also caused all his employees, including Charlie's Grandpa Joe, to lose their jobs. Charlie's father, meanwhile, has more recently lost his own job at a toothpaste factory, although he does not admit this to Charlie.

    One day, Wonka announces a contest in which Golden Tickets have been placed in five random Wonka Bars worldwide, and the winners will receive a full tour of the factory as well as a lifetime supply of chocolate, while one will receive an additional prize at the end of the tour. Wonka's sales subsequently skyrocket, and the first four tickets are found by the gluttonous Augustus Gloop, the spoiled Veruca Salt, the arrogant Violet Beauregarde, and the ill-tempered Mike Teavee. Charlie tries twice to find a ticket, but both bars come up empty. After overhearing that the final ticket was found in Russia, Charlie finds a $10 bill and purchases a third Wonka Bar. The Russian ticket is revealed to be a forgery just as Charlie discovers the real ticket inside the wrapper. He receives monetary offers for the ticket, but the cashier warns him not to trade it regardless, and Charlie runs back home. At home, Charlie says that he wants to trade it for money for his family's betterment. After a pep talk from Grandpa George, however, he decides to keep it and brings Grandpa Joe to accompany him on the tour.

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    How Many Times Has Johnny Depp Been Engaged?

    Johnny Depp's role as Willy Wonka in 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' was a challenge for the actor due to a food allergy

    How Many Times Has Johnny Depp Been Engaged?

    Produced by Digital Editors



    Published on June 15, 2021

    Johnny Depp‘s love life has certainly been full of ups and downs, and the actor — who has enjoyed heartthrob status through much of his long career — has seen it all documented in headlines. While the celebrated actor has racked up accolades for his quirky and memorable roles, he’s also drawn attention for his string of serious romances that have often ended in a flurry of media attention.

    From his early relationship with Winona Ryder to his most recent and very high-profile divorce, what has Johnny Depp’s love life been like, and just how many times has he been engaged?

    Johnny Depp has dated a lot of leading ladies 

    Johnny Depp | Andreas Rentz/Getty Images for ZFF

    Johnny Depp has something of a reputation as a serial monogamist, getting into quite serious relationships that burn bright before coming to an end. According to ELLE, this trend can be traced back to 1983 when Depp — then just 20 years old — married a woman named Lori Allison. The pair divorced shortly after.

    Afterwards, Depp was linked to several women, many of whom were famous co-stars and otherwise well-connected leading ladies of Hollywood. The list includes Depp’s 21 Jump Street co-star Sherilyn Fenn, Dirty Dancing lead Jennifer Grey, Winona Ryder, Juliette Lewis, Ellen Barkin, Kate Moss, Vanessa Paradis, and Amber Heard.

    Some of these relationships were short-lived (or only rumored) and others were intense, long-term partnerships that ended in kids or marriage.

    Johnny Depp has reportedly been engaged six times

    Winona Ryder filed a declaration in support of Johnny Depp https://t.co/dhCoO7gtuY

    — The Blast (@TheBlastNews) March 12, 2020

    Tracking Johnny Depp’s engagements isn’t a particularly easy task because some of his would-be walks down the aisle never materialized, and the engagements are just rumored. Rumor has it, though, that the star has been engaged six times — and that doesn’t even count his long-lasting relationship with Vanessa Paradis that resulted in two children. They were together for fourteen years but never tied the knot or got engaged.

    His first engagement was to Lori Allison, and that one actually ended up in a short-lived marriage. Next up, Depp proposed to Sherilyn Fenn, who accepted the engagement, but the two never made it down the aisle. Depp is rumored to have proposed to Jennifer Grey in what was a very short-lived romance. Whether that one actually counts as an engagement is up in the air because few details are known about the courtship.

    He was, however, promised to Winona Ryder, even getting her name tattooed on his arm. They split before making it official. Juliette Lewis and Depp dated shortly after his split from Ryder, which was one of his longer relationships at the time. Lewis and Depp reportedly got engaged, but there are few details about the short-lived romance that did not end in marriage.

    Of course, Depp also got engaged — and eventually married — Amber Heard, his co-star on The Rum Diary and source of many salacious headlines.

    Johnny Depp’s current relationship status is shrouded in controversy

    Johnny Depp's lawyer calls Amber Heard a 'compulsive liar' and 'abuser' https://t.co/507tBM3WPc

    — The Guardian (@guardian) July 28, 2020

    Those who have been following Depp’s roller coaster of relationships may be curious to know what the star is up to these days, but his relationship status seems to be kept close to the vest. This is likely because Depp’s divorce from Amber Heard has been such a controversial and high-profile event.

    After Heard accused Depp of domestic violence, Depp’s career took a hit, and he lost his role in a major project. Depp reacted with a lawsuit of his own, claiming that Heard was the abuser and that her accusations against him were unfounded and amounted to defamation. The he said-she said nature of the dispute became something of a pop culture touchstone for a larger cultural debate about domestic violence accusations.

    As more evidence came forward, it became clear that the situation was not as cut and dry as Heard had originally claimed, and much of the evidence supports Depp’s claims that he was the victim of abuse. As the situation continues to unfurl, news on Depp’s current love life has fallen mostly silent. He was romantically linked to Russian dancer Polina Glenn, but it seems the pair split. He was later rumored to be connected to Sophie Hermann, but it’s not clear what his current relationship status is.

    RELATED: Winona Ryder Calls Her Romance With Johnny Depp One of the More ‘Significant Relationships’ of Her Life

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    Johnny Depp

    Johnny Depp, born June 9, 1963, is an American actor, producer and musician. He played Willy Wonka in the 2005 film, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  Before Tim Burton was involved with the film, Warner Bros. considered many actors for the role of Willy Wonka, such as Ben Stiller, Mike Myers...

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    Johnny Depp


    Johnny Depp

    Johnny Depp Character information


    Actor, producer, musician



    Johnny Depp, born June 9, 1963, is an American actor, producer and musician. He played Willy Wonka in the 2005 film, .

    Before Tim Burton was involved with the film, Warner Bros. considered many actors for the role of Willy Wonka, such as Ben Stiller, Mike Myers, John Cleese, Patrick Stewart and Will Smith, who all expressed interest in playing the character. However, when Burton became involved, his first choice for Wonka was Johnny Depp. Depp accepted the role without having read the script. Instead, he decided to have a completely different approach to the character than what Gene Wilder did in the 1971 film.

    Depp's portrayal of Willy Wonka was derived from children's television show hosts and various other game show hosts. Depp also based Wonka's look on the magazine editor, Anna Wintour, and sported an over-exaggerated bob cut and sunglasses.


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    (2005 film poster)

    willy wonka Johnny depp

    Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka

    Johnny Depp Categories

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