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    Do Belly and Conrad End Up Together in The Summer I Turned Pretty?

    Belly's journey isn't all about romance in The Summer I Turned Pretty, but c'mon, we all want to know: Will she choose Conrad or Jeremiah?!


    Do Belly and Conrad End Up Together in The Summer I Turned Pretty?

    by HEATHER WATERS June 19, 2021 1 Comment

    on Do Belly and Conrad End Up Together in The Summer I Turned Pretty?

    Before she wrote the now-iconic To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before series, Jenny Han was best known for another romantic YA trilogy, The Summer I Turned Pretty.* Isabel “Belly” Conklin has spent every summer of her life at a beach house owned by her mom’s best friend from childhood, Susannah, who in turn has two teenage sons, Conrad and Jeremiah. Over the course of the three books—The Summer I Turned Pretty, It’s Not Summer Without You, and We’ll Always Have Summer—Belly comes of age, learns some tough life lessons, and realizes she has decidedly non-platonic feelings for both boys. Her journey isn’t all about romance, but there’s no denying that the question of which boy she’ll end up with is a compelling one.

    Curious about the books or the upcoming Summer I Turned Pretty television series that Jenny Han is developing for Amazon Prime? Well, if you’re absolutely, positively sure you want to know how the Conrad/Belly/Jeremiah love triangle turns out, read on…

    Do Belly and Conrad Get a Happily Ever After in The Summer I Turned Pretty Books?

    The short answer: As an unabashed Belly/Conrad shipper, I am blissfully happy to report that yes, they sure do! Not without a lot of angst along the way, of course. Fair warning: Their relationship is on thin ice for a while there, what with Belly and Conrad each Going Through Some Things. It doesn’t help that Conrad’s younger brother, Jere, develops a monster crush on Belly that sends her into an emotional tailspin. She cares about them both so much that it takes a lot of soul-searching for her to choose between them. Which one of these amazing guys is her one true love, and which one’s meant to be her BFF? Figuring that out is the challenge of her life. She gets there eventually, though, and all three of them seem pretty happy in the final chapter of We’ll Always Have Summer.

    The longer, spoiler-filled answer: Belly has been in love with Conrad for as long as anyone can remember, but the guy is moody and impossible to read. Does he still see her as a sister, like he did when they were kids? Or is he as attracted to her as she is to him? Just when Belly’s sure she knows what’s in his heart, he says something dumb, sending them back to square one. Teenagers!

    In Conrad’s defense, he’s a couple years older than Belly and carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. Learning that his mom had cancer and that his parents’ marriage was breaking up ended his childhood abruptly. Plus, his deeply ingrained sense of responsibility, especially toward his little brother, leads Conrad to prioritize everyone else first. That means denying his feelings for Belly over and over again. It also means stepping aside so that Jere can woo her, despite how desperately he wants to be the one by her side. Self-sacrifice is a hard habit for Conrad to break. The good news is, he manages to pull his head out of his ass before it’s too late and he loses Belly to Jere for good. When he puts his mind to it, the man can make a damn fine confession of undying love.

    So in the end, not only does Belly choose Conrad, but she promises to love him until death do they part. That’s right: Belly and Conrad get married at the end of the trilogy!!!! (Don’t worry, this happens a few years into the future, after Belly graduates college.) It’s a perfectly satisfying conclusion to a wonderful YA romance series. I can’t wait to see how the whole story plays out on screen.

    *Full disclosure: In my day job, I work for the publisher of Jenny Han’s books. I am writing this article purely as a fan, however. My love for these YA romances predates the job by several years.

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    The Summer I Turned Pretty (trilogy)

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    A set of trilogy (2009) (2010) (2011) Author Jenny Han

    Country United States

    Language English

    Genre Young adult, romance

    Publisher Simon & Schuster

    Published 2009–2011

    Media type Print (hardback, paperback)

    No. of books 3

    is a trilogy of young adult romance novels written by American author Jenny Han, and published by Simon & Schuster. The series includes (2009), (2010), and (2011).[1]

    The novels follow Isabel "Belly" Conklin in the summers she spends at Cousin's Beach with her mother and older brother, along with her mother's lifelong best friend and her sons. The book series has been a national best seller, with , the final installment of the series, having been on Best Seller list for over a month.

    A series based on the first novel in the trilogy is scheduled to premiere on Amazon Prime Video on June 17, 2022.[2]


    1 Books in the series

    2 Themes 3 Characters

    4 Television adaptation

    5 References

    Books in the series[edit]

    (2009) (2010) (2011)


    Coming of Age: trilogy shows the transition from childhood into young adulthood into adulthood. In the first book, Belly is more cognizant of what her elders, especially Susannah, want from her. However, as the trilogy progresses, she deals with bigger and more life-altering situations, such as breaking up with Conrad, Susannah's death due to cancer, Jeremiah's betrayal, and ultimately marrying Conrad. The novels illustrate the progression from child to adult through the experiences that both Belly and the Fisher boys encounter as they grow.

    Independence: This is more greatly emphasized throughout the trilogy as Belly gets older and learns to make decisions on her own, disregarding the opinions of authority figures in her life. For instance, in Belly explicitly disregards her mother's wishes and sneaks out of the house in order to try and convince Conrad to go back to school. Conrad goes to college in this book and thus experiences a new sense of independence. The impact on those around him, Belly and Jeremiah, is more heavily focused upon rather than Conrad's inner thoughts. Readers do see the effects that his independent decision-making has on him through the view of Jeremiah and Belly. He squanders his independence and ends up needing the help of Belly's mom in order to save the family's home at Cousin's Beach. It shows that even though someone is acting independently, that person will not succeed without the help of those around them.


    Isabel "Belly" Conklin: The narrator, and protagonist of the series. She is the daughter of Laurel and the younger sister of Steven. She is known to have had a crush on her friend Conrad since she was young, but her relationship with him falls apart at the end of after the two become a couple for a short time. She then starts a relationship with his brother, Jeremiah, after he kisses her; making his feelings known to her. In , which chronicles their two-year relationship, Belly discovers at a frat party that Jeremiah cheated on her with a sorority girl. She slaps him across the face and spends days in bed, crying. To prove his regret, Jeremiah proposes to her, which she hesitantly accepts; however, a result of ongoing fights with her mother (who is furious with her for choosing to marry so young), she stays at Cousin's Beach. Because of this arrangement, her old feelings for Conrad, who is staying there as well, begin to slowly resurface. Toward the climax of the novel, Conrad confesses his love for her. Although Belly blows up at his confession, saying he was too late, her feelings for both brothers are called into question. She and Jeremiah, in the end, call off their engagement and break up for good after realizing they are not meant to be. In the epilogue, Belly has not heard from Conrad for two years, before receiving her handwritten letters from him "each and every month" throughout the rest of her college years. Eventually, she begins to stay in contact with him. Conrad shows up at her college graduation, resulting in them getting back together as a couple. He proposes to Belly a few years later.

    Conrad "Con", “Connie” Fisher: The eldest son of Susannah and Adam Fisher, and older brother of Jeremiah. He is known to push away his loved ones and to keep all his emotions and feelings inside. In the first book, his character is something of a jerk, having spent the summer at the beach getting drunk or locked in his room. It is suspected, though, that he has developed feelings for Belly; he is shown several times as either overly protective or jealous of boys flirting with her. At the end of the novel, he and Belly become a couple. However, the relationship is short-lived when Conrad once again slips back into his emotional old ways. At the beginning of the second novel, he runs away from college to protect the beach house once he finds out his father intends to sell it. In the end, Laurel shows up and makes a deal with Mr. Fisher that Conrad and Jeremiah can personally keep the house if Conrad returns to college and passes all his exams. The adults leave and Belly and Jeremiah help prepare Conrad for his exams. Things seem to go well, but take an abrupt turn for the worse when Conrad walks in on Belly and Jeremiah kissing. Conrad, however, tells his brother he is over Belly and it is okay if the two get together. In , which takes place two years later, it is revealed that Conrad lied when saying he was over Belly and has always been in love with her. He spends time throughout the novel fighting his true feelings and pretending he does not care for her. However, once he discovers at Jeremiah's bachelor party how he cheated on Belly, Conrad becomes furious and leaves. When Belly later comes across him, Conrad confesses his long-hidden love for her before begging her not to marry his brother and to be with him, breaking down into tears. Belly turns him down, claiming he is too late, breaking his heart. The next day, Conrad apologizes to Belly because he was "too drunk" during his confession, but Belly knows he is lying. After Jeremiah finds out about his brother's feelings for Belly, he goes missing on his wedding day. Conrad finds him at their mother's garden. They fight and Jeremiah soon disowns him as his brother, saying that he is "dead" to him. Conrad bids Belly goodbye, and gives her back his infinity necklace, saying it "always" belonged to her and "always will". In the epilogue, Conrad has not contacted Belly for two years before sending her his first handwritten letter, which then come "each and every month" through the rest of her college years. He then shows up at her college graduation, and they get back together. This all leads up to his marriage proposal two years into their relationship. The series ends with Belly marrying Conrad, and the couple starting a new life together.

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    "If you dare try and Belly Flop me right now, you're going down with me." "I go wherever you go." – Belly and Conrad, on their wedding day, We'll Always Have Summer The relationship between Isabel Conklin and Conrad Fisher is a central, if not the main, relationship of The Summer Series. Their...

    in: Romances, Relationships, Love Triangle, and 5 more

    Belly-Conrad Relationship


    "If you dare try and Belly Flop me right now, you're going down with me."

    "I go wherever you go."

    – Belly and Conrad, on their wedding day, We'll Always Have Summer

    Conrad and Belly



    Intimacy Level

    Married, Housemates, Friends, Ex-boyfriend and girlfriend

    Started dating

    Ending of book 1 (first time), Married (epilogue of book 3)

    Relationship status


    The relationship between Isabel Conklin and Conrad Fisher is a central, if not the main, relationship of The Summer Series.

    Their relationship begins as close friends as they grew up together throughout the many summers she and her family spent at their beach house. While Belly had a childhood crush on Conrad, he never returned the feelings, and her crush was largely known in the family.

    It is only in that Conrad finally began returning her feelings after she "blossoms" into a beautiful young girl and he finally takes notice of her. By the end of the novel, the two enter into a relationship. However, it meets a crash and burned ending by the following novel, . Despite this, the two show repeated signs of still harboring feelings for each other and have a rather rocky and unclear relationship together.

    The relationship faces obstacles due to Conrad's unstable negative emotions regarding his mother's death and inability to express his general true feelings, which leaves Belly frustrated. When she realizes she also has feelings for his brother, Jeremiah, and the younger brother wants to start a relationship with her, it only serves to further complicate matters between them.

    Contents 1 Prior to series

    2 The Summer I Turned Pretty

    3 It's Not Summer Without You

    4 We'll Always Have Summer

    5 Timeline 6 Quotes 7 Trivia

    8 Conrad's letters to Belly


    Honest Game Trailers | Tales of Arise

    Prior to series

    Prior to the trilogy, as seen in flashbacks throughout the first novel, Conrad had not seen Belly as anything more than his best friend's little sister. He showed a typical brotherly protective side towards her at times, though.

    The Summer I Turned Pretty

    He has been Belly's crush since early childhood, a fact well known by everyone. While Conrad has always cared for her in a brotherly sense, he strictly saw her as "his best friend's little sister". However, it appears that Conrad now suddenly sees her as a girl, not a little sister figure as before. Despite his character being something of a jerk or "asshole" to everyone throughout the novel, getting drunk and locked in his room, it is hinted at that he has developed newfound romantic feelings for Belly.

    This is hinted at when Conrad shows several accounts of getting either overly protective or jealous of guys flirting with her throughout the novel, such as when his friend Clay flirts with her. He also, while still getting along with him, seems to express a dislike and jealousy of Belly's relationship with Cam. Cam also takes note of how protective Conrad appears to be over Belly and later comments about how Conrad "looks at her", although Belly dismisses this. However, Conrad soon begins flirting with her whenever they are alone together, leaving her shocked.

    Conrad's first example of being highly protective happens when they are at a Cousins Bonfire party. It is Belly's first party and it is there that she meets Cam for the first time. When Cam and Belly talk and get to know each other, he says he is getting ready to leave and offers to take her home. She tells him how she came with Conrad and Jeremiah and points to them. Cam says that he already figured this, telling her that Conrad had been looking at and watching them the whole time they were talking, and assumes him to be her protective older brother. Belly is surprised to hear this and tells him that he isn't and he just "acts like an older brother".

    When Belly decides to leave with Cam and lets Conrad know she was leaving, he instantly becomes fiercely protective and the two loudly argue as Conrad refuses to let her leave. Ironically, a girl that Conrad had been talking to at the party notices his defensive attitude over Belly, bringing her to ask if Belly is his girlfriend. When both Belly and Conrad instantly say no, the girl becomes confused and asks if she was his little sister then. Despite Conrad's blunt refusal to let her leave with Cam, Belly intends to do so anyway. When she walks back to Cam and tells him they should just leave, he looks behind her and at Conrad. He is quickly visibly intimidated and suggests that they stay there instead.

    The two spend the rest of the evening talking, with Cam even giving her his hoodie when noticing Belly is cold. As they leave, Conrad eyes the hoodie. For the car ride back home, he ignores her as Belly is in an emotional bliss from her time talking to Cam. She and Cam later start a summer fling, dating casually. However, Belly later admits that despite liking Cam in general, she's realized that she doesn't romantically like him. Jeremiah then confesses his feelings to Belly, hoping to start a relationship with her. When Belly admits to still liking Conrad, Jeremiah is left heartbroken that Conrad is always the one for her. Belly is left upset at this, as well.

    Source : thesummeriturnedprettytrilogy.fandom.com

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