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    which state features a motto that is a rough translation of its name?


    Guys, does anyone know the answer?

    get which state features a motto that is a rough translation of its name? from EN Bilgi.

    List of U.S. state mottos

    List of U.S. state mottos

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    This is a list of mottos for the different states of the United States. To help tourism, states can also make state slogans.

    State Motto Translation (If applicable)

    Alabama [1] (Latin, "We dare to defend our rights" or "We Dare Maintain Our Rights")


    Arizona [2] (Latin, "God enriches")

    Arkansas [3] (Latin, "The people rule")

    California [4] (Greek, "I have found it")

    Colorado (Latin, "Nothing without Providence" or "Nothing without the Deity")

    Connecticut (Latin, "He who transplanted sustains")

    Delaware Florida [5] Georgia

    Hawaii (Hawaiian, "The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness")

    Idaho (Latin, "Let it be perpetual")

    Illinois Indiana Iowa

    Kansas (Latin, "To the stars through difficulties")

    Kentucky English: United we stand, divided we fall


    (Latin, "Let us be grateful to God"; adopted in 2002)


    Maine (Latin, "I direct")

    Maryland (Italian, "Strong deeds, gentle words") / (Latin "By the shield of your good will you have crowned us") / (Latin "grow and multiply")

    Massachusetts (Latin, "By the sword we seek peace, but peace only under liberty")

    Michigan / (Latin, "If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you") / (Latin, "I will defend")

    Minnesota (French, "The star of the North") / (Latin, "I long to see what is beyond")

    Mississippi (Latin, "By valor and arms")

    Missouri (Latin, "The Welfare of the People is the Highest Law")

    Montana Oro y plata (Spanish, "Gold and silver")

    Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire

    New Jersey Liberty and Prosperity

    New Mexico (Latin, "It goes by growing")

    New York (Latin, "Ever Upward!")

    North Carolina (Latin, "To be, rather than to seem")

    North Dakota / Daniel Webster quote used on the Great Seal / motto used on the Coat of Arms

    Ohio (Latin "an empire in an empire")

    Oklahoma (Latin, "Hard work conquers all things")

    Oregon , and (Latin, "She flies with her own wings")

    Pennsylvania Rhode Island

    South Carolina (Latin, "While I breathe, I hope" / "prepared in minds and resources")

    South Dakota

    Tennessee Agriculture and Commerce

    Texas Friendship Utah

    Vermont [6] and (Latin, "May the 14th star shine bright")

    Virginia (Latin, "Thus always to tyrants")

    Washington (Chinook Jargon, "By and by")

    West Virginia (Latin, "Mountaineers are always free")


    Wyoming and (Latin, "Let weapons yield to the toga.")


    1 District of Columbia and United States Territories

    2 Related pages 3 References 4 Other websites

    District of Columbia and United States Territories[change | change source]

    Jurisdiction Motto Translation (If applicable)

    American Samoa (Samoan, "Samoa, Let God be First")

    District of Columbia (Latin, "Justice for all")

    Puerto Rico (Latin, "John is his name") In honor of San Juan, i.e. John the Baptist

    Guam Virgin Islands

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    References[change | change source]

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    Other websites[change | change source]

    http://www.cco.net/~paz/motto&songs.htm Archived 2008-08-07 at the Wayback Machine

    Kentucky's newer motto

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    How Many U.S. State Mottos Can You Identify?

    As with state flags, state flowers and state fossils, a state's motto is a serious facet of a state's existence. Establish the essences of America's territories by identifying the words their citizens live by daily!

    How Many U.S. State Mottos Can You Identify?

    By: Tasha Moore

    Image: M_a_y_a/E+/Getty Images

    About This Quiz

    Please grant the citizens of the United States some assistance by identifying these state mottos. Most mottos have been in existence since territories were catapulted to statehood status, yet many U.S. citizens don't know their state's phrases. And yes, there are assorted languages to consider, but don't let that deter you from sorting out these catchphrases.

    Group mottos are meant to sum up the missions, aspirations and/or histories of a people. This is precisely why states were prompted to select fitting maxims to promote the unifying message of their inhabitants. Alaska's phrase, "North to the Future," tells you exactly where the citizens set their sights after the United States purchased the territory from Russia in 1867 for $7.2 million. Although many Alaskans pursue higher education outside the state, many either return to the state or contribute in some way to help make their native region stronger.

    Although Hawaii has experienced a severe land shortage since the state was born in 1959, the state's aphorism, "Ua Mau ke Ea o ka Aina i ka Pono," meaning "The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness," speaks of the land's physical as well as spiritual attributes. So perhaps land scarcity is not such an alarming issue for Hawaiians, according to their hopeful phrase.

    Keep the positive vibes flowing as you guess the mottos that have been selected to summarize assorted states' purposes!

    Read More

    New York's "superior" state motto appears on an ivy league coin. Can you ID the dictum?

    Excelsior It never sleeps! Ad astra per aspera

    Deo gratiam habeamus


    Some allege that the English translation of Maryland's textually "chubby" male-female motto is sexist. Can you select the answer with this hint?

    Fatti maschii, parole femine

    Union, justice and confidence

    Wisdom, justice and moderation

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    Georgia is proud to showcase its "intelligent" motto on a state quarter. Can you pick the correct phrase?

    Liberty and prosperity

    Live free or die

    Wisdom, Justice, Moderation

    Friendship Advertisement

    Maine borrowed the name of its health care plan from the state's single-word platitude, which is ________.

    Equal rights Crescit eundo Esse quam videri Dirigo Advertisement

    Many Texans rejected the idea of including the state motto on license plates. How well do you know the "genial" phrase?

    Excelsior Freedom and Unity Friendship Sic semper tyrannis Advertisement

    Louisiana's flag displays synonyms for fusion, fairness, faith, which are ________.

    Montani semper liberi

    Union, Justice, Confidence

    Agriculture, Health, Commerce

    Dum spiro spero Advertisement

    What is the "indivisible" maxim for North Dakota, which achieved statehood on Nov. 2, 1889?

    Labor omnia vincit Esse quam videri

    Liberty and union now and forever, one and inseparable

    Si quaeris peninsulam amoenam circumspice


    Idaho's motto means "Let it be perpetual." What's another way to express this phrase?

    State sovereignty, national union

    The star of the North

    Esto perpetua Labor omnia vincit Advertisement

    Which "placid" motto appears on Massachusetts' state seal?

    Ense petit placidam sub libertate quietem

    Liberty and independence

    The crossroads of America

    Ditat Deus Advertisement

    Did you know that the U.S. federal government owns most of Nevada's land? What is the state's pro-nation motto?


    Our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain

    All for our country Ad astra per aspera

    Source : play.howstuffworks.com

    What Greek word, meaning 'I have found it', is the state motto of California?

    Answer (1 of 2): "I have found it!" was the triumphant cry of the miners during the Gold Rush era, which began on January 24, 1848, when gold was found by James W. Marshall at Sutter’s Mill in Coloma, California. The Greek Εύρηκα ( heúrēka) is the first person singular perfect indicative active ...

    What Greek word, meaning "I have found it", is the state motto of California?

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    Halyna Romanivna Didycka

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    "I have found it!" was the triumphant cry of the miners during the Gold Rush era, which began on January 24, 1848, when gold was found by James W. Marshall at Sutter’s Mill in Coloma, California.

    The Greek Εύρηκα ( heúrēka) is the first person singular perfect indicative active of the verb εὑρίσκω ( heuriskō), “I find.”

    It is exclaimed to celebrate a discovery or an invention. It is attributed to the scientist and inventor Archimedes of Syracuse (c. 287BC - c. 212BC). During attempts to determine whether some silver had been substituted for pure gold by the dishonest goldsmith in the making of a

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    What is the state motto of California and what does it mean?

    Michele Gorro Gorini

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    That would be the Ancient Greek word heýrēka, I assume. Perhaps spelled without the h because someone forgot about its spiritus asper / rough breathing. And also without the diacritics, because English doesn't use those, and with a u, because the Greek y psilón looks a lot like one. So eureka. I wouldn't expect a c instead of the k, but what do I know :).

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    What is the Greek word for 'ground'?

    There are many different meanings of the word ground in English, so I will try to answer shortly but as thoroughly as I can.

    Meaning of Ground >>>>>>>>> Greek word

    Surface of the Earth ……………….. Έδαφος

    Soil ………………..………………..…………. Έδαφος

    Area ………………..………………..………… Περιοχή

    Area used for sports ……………….. Γήπεδο

    Basis, reason ………………..…………… Αιτία, λόγος

    As a verb (ground sth on sth) ….. Βασίζω

    As a verb (educate sb in sth) ……. Εκπαιδεύω

    As a verb (punish) ………………………. Τιμωρώ

    (Subjected to grinding) ………………. Τριμμένο

    Ground meat ………………..………………. Κιμάς

    Electrical ground ………………………….. Γείωση

    Ground as a verb (a ship) ……………

    Eleftherios Tserkezis

    BA Classics, MA Byzantine HistoryAuthor has 4.3K answers and 31.6M answer viewsUpdated Feb 12


    What does the Greek word "Apokalupsis" mean?


    The Greek apokalupsis comes from the verb apokalupto (“to reveal”) and the suffix -sis, which denote actions. In its own turn, apokalupto comes from apo- (“away, off”) and the verb kalupto (“to cover”). So all in all, apokalupsis is the action that lays something bare by removing the cover off it.

    Similarly, the English “revelation” comes from the Latin noun revelatio, which comes from the verb revelo (“to reveal”). Revelo is a compound too; it’s made up of re- (“backwards”) and the verb velo (“to cover”). Velo comes from the noun velum (“cloth, curtain, sail”). So to reveal means to

    Constantine Kokenes

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    What does “re” mean in Greek?

    Ah, well… where to begin? “Re” is one of those universal Greek exclamations second only to the M word in popularity, and particularly expressive when paired with the M word, as in «ρε, μαλάκα!».

    Its meaning depends heavily on context and the tone of voice ~ it can be friendly, like in «ρε, τον Γιάννη!» said with a smile, or as an insult when growled as in, “φύγε απ’ εδώ, ρε!» or «τσακίσου, ρε!» or to add emphasis as in «ρε, τι πάθαμε;!»

    It is loosely translated as “dude” or “man” ~ «έλα δω, ρε» = “come ‘ere, man”

    It is said to come from the ancient Greek μωρός meaning stupid. In the vocative, μωρ

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    Konst Pap

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    What is the motto of Greece? How was it established?

    Eleftheria i thanatos (Greek: Ελευθερία ή θάνατος, pronounced [elefθeˈria ˈi ˈθanatos], "freedom or death") is the motto of Greece. It arose during the Greek War of Independence in the 1820s, where it was a war cry for the Greeks who rebelled against Ottoman rule. It was adopted after the Greek War of Independence. It is still in use today, and is a popular theory regarding the use of 9 stripes (for the nine syllables of the motto) in the Greek flag, the five blue stripes for the syllables "Έλευθερία" and the four white stripes "ή Θάνατος". The motto symbolized and still symbolizes the resolve

    Basil Lucas

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    What's the motto of Greece?

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