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    Where to travel in July 2022?

    Did you know July is one of the best months to travel the world? The seventh month of the year is very favourable to travel internationally.



    Did you know that July is one of the best months to travel the world? The seventh month of the year has been known to support international travel for the longest time now. This is so because the climate in many parts of the world is favourable. The weather is mostly sunny and warmest. Therefore, it’s the best time to visit the best beaches, explore the world’s best national parks and enjoy summer celebrations.

    In this article, we will give you some of the best recommendations about the European destinations that are worth visiting in July. From wine tasting in Italy to whale watching in Iceland, these are the European hotspots travelers search for. If you’re travelling to long-haul destinations, we highly recommend getting Heymondo’s travel insurance. The insurance will ensure that you are protected before embarking on your journey until you end it.

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    1 1. Europe’s most Desired Destination

    1.1 1. Spain 2 2. Greece 2.1 3. Iceland 2.2 4. Croatia 2.3 5. Italy 2.4 6. Malta 2.5 7. France

    3 Why Travel Insurance for Europe is Recommended

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    1. Europe’s most Desired Destination

    July is the best time of the year to explore charming streets teeming with history. You also get to enjoy mouthwatering food and immerse yourself in a diverse culture that changes from country to country. The following are the best places to visit in July:

    1. Spain

    Spain is a colorful and varied country with a diverse history and culture. You can visit places like Madrid, Catalonia, Galicia, Canary Islands and Andalucia. Madrid is one of the best places well known for having iconic nightlife with its world-famous late-night drinks and dining scenes. During the day, you can enjoy different refreshing spots from Madrid Rio urban oasis to shady and tranquil Retiro Park for cooling off. The most exciting place in Catalonia to visit is Barcelona. This is due to its captivating medieval quarter, dynamic urban culture and unique modernist architecture.

    Galicia is famous for its beautiful beaches and coastal resorts that you can visit during the summer. It also offers a deep and unique history and world heritage sites. Another best place to visit in Spain is Andalucia which has great weather to visit at any time of the year. In July, you can enjoy summer nights without a jacket, Flamenco guitar and spend hours on the streets. To have the best swimming experiences, visit the Canary Islands. It’s definitely hot in July, which is the best weather to support swimming activities. Additionally, it has beautiful beaches and hiking spots and it is a place worth a visit.

    However, the truth is that there is always the other side of the coin. So, apart from Spain’s good and thrilling side, you should also be aware of the other side. Petty crimes like pickpocketing and purse snatching usually occur. Thieves engaging in these acts are especially active in crowded areas such as beaches, airports, hotel lobbies, tourist attraction sites and public transport. Also, the coastal waters can be dangerous. It would be best to keep in mind that dangerous animals, tides, and currents can pose a risk of drowning during swimming activities. Therefore, you should always obey warning flags at the beaches, rivers and lakes.

    Nevertheless, Heymondos’s travel insurance includes coverage for numerous activities and some adventure sports.

    2. Greece

    Greece is one of the most desired destinations in the summer and where to travel in July. This is because of its average daily temperatures of about 25 degrees Celsius and its experiences little rainfalls in this month. Santorini is one of the best spots in Greece, with attractive blue-domed churches. You can choose to go hiking in the 16KM Samariá Gorge, which is in the Samaria National Park. It has a white beach on its southern end with a calm coastal inlet perfect for swimming. In Greece, you’ll also find some other beaches like Fakistra, which is considered one of the best beaches in the world. Greece has various activities to offer depending on whatever you are interested in.

    Demonstrations take place regularly, particularly in Athens and Thessaloniki. Bear in mind that even the peaceful protests can turn violent sometimes. It’s therefore advisable to stay awake during your visits to the two places in Greece to avoid mishaps associated with violent demonstrations. While you’re on the beach, you should not get worried because most beaches in Greece are supervised and enforce excellent safety. However, you should be careful of the tidal changes and strong winds, which can cause hazardous currents.

    3. Iceland

    The best time to visit Iceland is between June and August during the summertime. The country experiences days of sunlight known as the midnight sun and warmer temperatures. It is well known for having stunning scenery like waterfalls, lagoons, wild horses and glaciers. You can go for a self-drive tour in Iceland to explore lagoons, geysers and glaciers.

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    12 Best Places to Travel in July 2022

    The best places to travel in July include the towns of Provence, the slopes of New Zealand's South Island and much more.

    Photograph: Shutterstock

    The best places to travel in July 2022

    From festivals to beach bliss, these are the very best places to visit in July this year. We'll see you there!

    Written by Emma SparksTuesday 8 March 2022

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    July means summer, freedom (from school, dang school), rising temperatures and more festivals than you can shake that proverbial fist at. Why you’d shake your first at a festival, we can’t be sure, but the seventh month of the year has long been at the very forefront of international travel. The best places to visit in July touch on every corner of the globe (the globe doesn’t have corners, for the record), from Montreal and Madagascar to the Netherlands, New Zealand and the rest. Of course, places really start to get busy in July, so book ahead, and we’ll see you there. Yes, that is a cocktail. No, we can neither confirm nor deny its alcoholic content.

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    Best places to travel in July

    Photograph: Shutterstock

    1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

    July in Amsterdam is all about good food, good weather and good vibes. Lazy summer days are best spent hanging out in Vondelpark, where you can often catch free open-air comedy, dance and musical performances, or at Roest urban beach, which comes complete with an adult-friendly jungle gym. And although the city’s usual festivities are likely to be muted this year, keep an eye out for street food markets and events marking the city’s normally effervescent Pride season.

    Discover the best things to do in Amsterdam

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    Photograph: Shutterstock

    2. Greenland

    Touted by some as ‘the new Iceland’, Greenland may be more popular than ever before, but it’s still a long way behind its oversaturated sibling – all the better for those wanting to get off the beaten track. July is technically high season here, and hotels do book up fast, but this is the world’s largest (and arguably wildest) island, and there are plenty of opportunities to find relative solitude. In it for the icebergs? Join a nighttime cruise of Unesco-listed Ilulissat Icefjord (the size of 66,000 football fields), where until around the 24th of the month, the midnight sun sets a cast of creaking bergs aglow in hues of pink, purple and orange.


    Photograph: Shutterstock

    3. South Island, New Zealand

    With sweet ski slopes, luxury hot springs and fantastic whale watching opportunities, New Zealand’s South Island is a no-brainer when it comes to winter escapes. The coldest months also offer the chance to witness the aurora australis (southern lights) dancing along the horizon, best spotted in Dunedin close to a new moon. There are yet more reasons to look skyward in July: the rise of the Pleiades star cluster marks the start of Matariki (Maori New Year), which is celebrated with cultural festivals and feasts. Visit Mt John Observatory in Tekapo, which sits within an international dark sky reserve, for unbeatable stargazing.

    Discover the best things to do in New Zealand

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    Photograph: Shutterstock

    4. Northwest England

    We’ll be the first to admit that the weather in the northwest of England can be, how do we say, a little less than optimum. Drizzle persists for most of the year, but July sees the sun finally break through with all the enthusiasm of an excitable child. The big cities of the northwest follow suit, with Liverpool and Manchester in particular shining brightest when the sun is out. Sure, the north is defined by its drizzle, but you can’t beat an Aigburth beer garden on a Saturday afternoon. Throw in some excellent park festivals, and you’ve got yourself a very special part of the world indeed.


    Photograph: Courtesy CC/Flickr/Loi Nguyen Doc

    5. Hoi An, Vietnam

    As the monsoon rains fall in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, savvy travellers in Vietnam head to the central coast, where the weather is dry and warm. Some of the country’s most beautiful beaches are right here, along with Unesco-listed cities and jaw-dropping national parks. Step back in time in historic port city Hoi An, where lantern-strewn streets reveal Chinese temples and ancient teahouses. Then head out of town to laze on the stretches of white sand around Da Nang, brave Hai Van Pass on a motorbike tour, and visit Hue’s Imperial citadel before heading inland to see the gargantuan Phong Na Caves.

    Source : www.timeout.com

    France And Spain Reopen To Tourism In 2022

    France And Spain Reopen To Tourism In 2022. That many were already waiting for the reopening of two very touristy countries in Europe...

    Going Wheel > Travel > France And Spain Reopen To Tourism In 2022


    France And Spain Reopen To Tourism In 2022

    Posted by gwadmin June 10, 2022

    France And Spain Reopen To Tourism In 2022


    Introduction Of France And Spain Reopen To Tourism In 2022

    The Reopening Of Spain That Was Announced

    Who Had Essential Trips To Countries Like Spain

    The Confirmation And That It Reaches The Embassies

    Travel Characteristic Vaccines

    European Union and countries such as Singapore,

    Introduction Of France And Spain Reopen To Tourism In 2022

    France And Spain Reopen To Tourism In 2022. That many were already waiting for the reopening of two very touristy countries in Europe that are Spain and France and they told you from the introduction that if they already have a reopening date and it is the following week, it is in this way that.

    The Reopening Of Spain That Was Announced

    I will start with all the characteristics of the reopening of Spain that was announced a few days ago by its president Pedro sánchez who said that Spain would receive travellers from third countries as long as they verified that they had been vaccinated, however all the details of what would happen to unvaccinated minors.

    Who still cannot be vaccinated or with other types of cases and there would be a restricted country and well that began to make one doubt that the news was going to be a reality also the embassies lacked these details so it seemed that in the end it was not going to happen but It was already today when we were able to see this clarification in the official state bulletin and that is that.

    We found the changes in the ministry of interior- and well, according to the order you are seeing on the screen, it says that the criteria for the application of a temporary restriction on non-essential travel from third countries to the European Union and associated Schengen countries are modified for reasons of public order and public health Due to the health crisis that.

    Who Had Essential Trips To Countries Like Spain

    We already know, this means that well, we already knew that people who had essential trips to countries like Spain could continue travelling, however, not for tourists, and with this modification, we see that now everything is going to change. so that if we go into detail we can see that we have a new subparagraph that is the k in which it says that the entry is already beginning to be authorized for people with a vaccination certificate.

    That the Ministry of Health recognizes for this purpose after verification of the health authorities as well as the minors accompanying those that the Ministry of Health extends the effects of this it means that vaccinated people and with a certificate that will be accepted can travel and also with minors because this worries many travellers about what would happen to children. You Can Also Read Requirements To Travel To The United States.

    Who could not yet receive vaccines and as you can see here they could be companions We still have some doubts and we know that in principle Spain is going to accept all the vaccines from the WHO but well here it does not detail the list as such and this is the reason why I told you that even though on June 7 it could do the official reopening it is important that.

    The Confirmation And That It Reaches The Embassies

    They will not go ahead and buy tickets or anything like that until they have all the details and know that the traveller will effectively comply with the requirements that the country imposes and that we know are not universal, each country has, for example, its list of accepted vaccines and although many are basing themselves on this.

    WHO guide and of, it is better not to get ahead of it too, the who still has them approved for emergency use, so with these vaccines that many people have received, they still would not be able to travel, but at least we have good news so far, and that is that it will happen this reopening in June and all that remains is to wait and now the.

    The whole list of small details and above all to have the confirmation and that it reaches the embassies with the new travel requirements so I would tell them to be a little patient and of course that on my website ducós dot com and here I am going to be giving you all the important updates but above all, on my website that is written there I can add any details.

    Travel Characteristic Vaccines

    That comes out about travel characteristic vaccines and well that is very important and that yes we no longer know is that you have to have received the doses of the vaccine the last one that corresponds at least 14 days before your trip that is to say not the day On day 14 from your trip you have to be vaccinated but at least you have already been fully vaccinated for two weeks and we know that the fully varies depending on.

    Whether you receive one dose or two but the important thing is to have completed that vaccination schedule two weeks before if you were vaccinated two months ago you were covered three months ago you were covered that is to say you don’t have to be vaccinated 15 days before because many have been asking me how they should do so.

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