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    when you save a presentation with a .potx file extension, which type of powerpoint file is created?


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    get when you save a presentation with a .potx file extension, which type of powerpoint file is created? from EN Bilgi.


    Learn about POTX file format and APIs that can create and open POTX files.

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    What is a POTX file?

    Files with .POTX extension represent Microsoft PowerPoint template presentations that are created with Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 and above. This format was created to replace the POT file format that is based on the binary file format and is supported with PowerPoint 97-2003. The files generated can be used to create presentations that have same layout and other settings required to be applied to new files. These settings can include styles, backgrounds, colour palette, fonts and defaults. Such files are generated in order to create ready-to-use template files for official use.

    Brief History

    It was in the early 2000 when Microsoft decided to go for the change to accommodate the standard for Office Open XML. Documents, of different types, under this new Standard were identified by appending “X” in their extensions, where “X” being for XML. By 2007, this new file format became part of Office 2007 and is carried on in the new versions of Microsoft Office as well. The new file type has added advantages of small file sizes, less changes of corruption and well formatted images representation.

    File Format Specifications

    Files generated with office Open XML file format is a collection of XML files along with other files that provide links between all the constituent files. This collection is actually a compressed archive that can be extracted to view its contents. To do so, just rename the POTX file extension with zip and extract it for observing its contents.

    Following sections shed some light on each one of these.


    This is the only file that is found at the base level when the zip is extracted. It lists the content types for parts within the package. All references to the XML files included in the package are referenced in this XML file. Following is a content type for a slide part:

    If new parts need to be added to the package, it can be done by adding the new part and update any relationships within the .rels files. It has to be kept in mind that for such a change, the Content_Types.xml must also be updated.

    _rels (Folder)

    Relationships between the other parts and resources outside of the package are maintained by the relationships part. The Relationships folder contains a single XML file that stores the package-level relationships. Links to the key parts of the PPTX files are contained in this file as URIs. These URIs identify the type of relationship of each key part to the package. This includes the relationship to primary office document located as ppt/presentation.xml and other parts within docProps as core and extended properties.


    Each part of document that is the source of one or more relationships will have its own relationships part where each such relationship part is found within a _rels sub-folder of the part and is named by appending ‘.rels’ to the name of the part. The main content part (presentation.xml) has its own relationships part (presentation.xml.rels). It contains relationships to other other parts of the content such as slideMaster1.xml, notesMaster1.xml, handoutMaster1.xml, slide1.xml, presProps.xml, tableStyles.xml, theme1.xml, as well as the URIs for external links.

    Explicit Relationship

    For an explicit relationship, a resource is referenced using the Id attribute of a  element. That is, the Id in the source maps directly to an Id of a relationship item, with an explicit reference to the target.

    For example, a slide might contain a hyperlink such as this:

    The r:id#“rId2” references the following relationship within the relationships part for the slide (slide1.xml.rels).

    Implicit Relationship

    For an implicit relationship, there is no such direct reference to a  Id. Instead, the reference is understood.

    ppt Folder

    This is the main folder that contains all the details about the contents of the Presentation. By default, it has following folders:






    and following xml files:






    [MS-PPTX] - PPTX File Format

    Open Office XML

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    POTX File Extension

    Learn about .POTX files and view a list of programs that open them.

    .POTX File Extension

    .POTX File Extension Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation Template

    Developer Microsoft Popularity 3.2  |  20 Votes Category Data Files Format Zip

    What is a POTX file?

    A POTX file is a presentation template created by PowerPoint, a program that allows users to create slide show presentations. It contains default styles, text, layout, and formatting. POTX files are used to create multiple .PPTX files with the same formatting.

    More Information

    POTX file open in Microsoft PowerPoint 365

    POTX files are saved in the Open XML standard format, which was introduced in Microsoft Office 2007. They replaced .POT files, which were saved in a binary format and used by PowerPoint 97 through 2003.

    POTX files come installed with PowerPoint allowing you to create presentations from professionally designed templates. You may also create your own custom templates to reproduce presentations specific to your needs. POTX files are commonly created by companies with a standard master slide, company logos, and company headers and footers.

    How to open a POTX file

    You can open, edit, and convert POTX files with Microsoft PowerPoint in Windows and macOS. PowerPoint is the best application for opening POTX templates because it fully supports the formatting of the template.

    Several other presentation programs can open POTX files but they may not fully support the formatting of the template. Some options include Kingsoft Presentation (multiplatform), Apple Keynote (Mac), and Apache OpenOffice Impress (multiplatform). If you are a Mac user simply looking to view a POTX file, you can use Apple Preview, which comes bundled with macOS.

    You can also upload POTX files to Google Slides, which is a free web (and mobile) application that allows you to view, edit, save, and convert the presentations.

    Open and view .POTX files with File Viewer Plus.

    Free Download

    Programs that open or reference POTX files

    Windows File Viewer Plus Free Trial

    Microsoft PowerPoint 365

    Free Trial

    Kingsoft Presentation


    Corel Presentations 2021

    Free Trial SoftMaker Office Free Trial OpenOffice Impress Free Mac

    Microsoft PowerPoint 365

    Free Trial Apple Keynote Included with OS Apple Preview Included with OS Planamesa NeoOffice Paid

    Kingsoft Presentation

    Free+ OpenOffice Impress Free Linux

    Kingsoft Presentation

    Free+ OpenOffice Impress Free Web

    Microsoft PowerPoint 365

    Free Trial Google Slides Free Google Drive Free+ iOS

    Microsoft PowerPoint

    Free+ Google Slides Free Android Google Slides Free Chrome OS Google Slides Free

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    POTX File (What It Is & How to Open One)

    A POTX file is a Microsoft PowerPoint Template file. Here's how to open or convert one to PPTX or some other file format.


    What Is a POTX File?

    What Is a POTX File? How to open, edit, and convert POTX files

    By Tim Fisher Updated on April 18, 2022

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    What to Know

    A POTX file is a Microsoft PowerPoint Open XML Template file.

    Open one with PowerPoint or Impress.

    Convert to PDF, PPT, and other formats with FileZigZag.

    This article describes what a POTX file is, including how to open or convert one on your computer.

    What Is a POTX File?

    A file with the POTX file extension is a Microsoft PowerPoint Open XML Template file used to maintain the same layout, text, styles, and formatting across multiple PPTX files.

    Like Microsoft's other Open XML files (e.g., PPTM, DOCX, XLSX), the POTX format uses a combination of XML and ZIP to structure and compress its data.

    Prior to Microsoft Office 2007, PowerPoint used the POT file format to create similar PPT files.

    How to Open a POTX File

    POTX files can be opened and edited with Microsoft PowerPoint, Planamesa NeoOffice for macOS, and with the free OpenOffice Impress and SoftMaker FreeOffice.

    If you're using a version of PowerPoint older than 2007, you can still open this file format but you need to have Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack installed.

    Another way to use the file without PowerPoint is with Microsoft's free online version of PowerPoint. If you're interested in just viewing a POTX file, you can do so with Microsoft's free PowerPoint Viewer.

    If you find that an application on your PC does try to open the file but it's the wrong application or you'd rather have another installed program open it, learn how to change which program opens POTX files by default in Windows.

    How to Convert a POTX File

    There are two main ways to convert a POTX file to a different file format like PPTX, PPT, OPT, PDF, ODP, SXI, or SDA.

    Assuming one of the above programs that support the format is already installed, or you're using the online version of PowerPoint, the easiest solution is to open it there and then save it to a new format.

    Another way is with a free file converter. Our favorite way to do this is with FileZigZag because you don't have to download anything; just upload the POTX file to the website and choose a format to convert it to. That website supports lots of export formats, including HTML, ODP, OTP, PDF, PPT, SDA, SXI, VOR, and others.

    Still Can't Open It?

    If your file doesn't open with the presentation software mentioned above, then there's a good chance you're misreading the file extension. This can happen rather easily since so many file extensions look similar.

    For example, OTX looks almost identical to POTX and could even appear at first glance to be related to PowerPoint in some way. In reality, OTX files are used with a program called theWord. OXT is another one that isn't related to PowerPoint.

    PTX files are similar. If you follow that link you can see that there are several formats that use that file extension, and none of them are even remotely related to PowerPoint.

    If your file has an extension that isn't explained on this page, search for it on Google or at the top of this page (we might have a page on it) to learn more about the format and what program you need to have on your computer or other device to open/edit/convert it.

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