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    when will injured spouse form be released 2022?


    Guys, does anyone know the answer?

    get when will injured spouse form be released 2022? from EN Bilgi.

    About Form 8379, Injured Spouse Allocation

    Information about Form 8379, Injured Spouse Allocation, including recent updates, related forms, and instructions on how to file. Form 8379 is used by injured spouses to compute their share of a joint tax refund.

    About Form 8379, Injured Spouse Allocation

    More In Forms and Instructions

    The injured spouse on a jointly filed tax return files Form 8379 to get back their share of the joint refund when the joint overpayment is applied to a past-due obligation of the other spouse.

    Current Revision

    Form 8379  PDF

    Instructions for Form 8379  (Print Version) PDF

    Recent Developments

    None at this time.

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    Source : www.irs.gov

    Injured Spouse Tax Refund Allocation Request or Claim.

    Form 8379 Is Required To Claim or Request Your Injured Spouse Tax Refund Allocation. Detailed Instructions On How To Claim Your Refund.

    Source : www.efile.com

    Why cant I file injured spouse form electronically...

    Wont allow me to move forward, states cant be filed till March 17th

    vfd2641 New Member posted a month ago

    last updated ‎February 17, 2022 2:56 PM

    Why cant I file injured spouse form electronically with my tax forms until march 17th of 2022

    Wont allow me to move forward, states cant be filed till March 17th

    TurboTax Deluxe Online

    0 12 2,645 Reply 12 Replies bluedeb Level 15 a month ago

    The reason is, the Injured Spouse form ( Form 8379) will not be available to e-file or print until March 17, 2022.  Once the form has been approved by the IRS, you can then file.

    IRS forms availability table for TurboTax individual (personal) tax products


    1 2 1,518 Reply ACE28 Level 1 3 weeks ago

    Why is it different this year as opposed to the last several years? I've never had to wait this long to file my taxes. I always file early because I know it will be a long, excruciating wait. Now, its going to be even longer. Great!

    1 1 1,454 Reply RobertB4444 Employee Tax Expert 3 weeks ago

    The IRS started this filing season further behind than they have ever been in history.  Dealing with the IRS this year is not the same as the IRS of past years.

    This is the national taxpayer advocate's report to Congress for this year.  It's got a lot of information in it but its biggest takeaways are that the IRS started 2021's filing season with 6 million 2020 returns, 2.3 million amended returns, 5 million quarterly returns and 5 million pieces of correspondence unprocessed.  That was how they started the year.

    It's just getting more interesting from there.

    0 1,433 Reply Ivyleigh099 New Member yesterday

    Hmm, I'm a bit confused. I filed back at the beginning of February with injured spouse & it was accepted as soon as the eic was allowed. Where's my refund shows that mine has been accepted & is being processed. Now my state has only recently been accepted because the state put out they were behind & wouldn't start til last week, but I was able to send it along with my federal last month. I wonder why you can't file & received a date, but I could a month ago?

    0 1,029 Reply sm020241261 New Member yesterday

    I did not receive anything for my youngest son of the stimulus and the child tax

    0 1 1,027 Reply JamesG1 Employee Tax Expert yesterday

    IRS Form 8379, Injured Spouse Claim and Allocation is available.

    Has your tax return has been transmitted and accepted by the IRS?  Or are you still preparing your tax return?  Please clarify.

    In TurboTax Online, you are prompted to input the third stimulus check information under Review down the left hand side of the screen.  You can also access your stimulus check choices by following these steps:

    Down the left side of the screen, click on Federal.

    Across the top of the screen, click on Other Tax Situations.

    At the screen We're almost there… or the screen That's all we need…,  click on Let’s keep going.

    At the screen Let’s double-check the amount you received, answer the questions and click Continue.

    In TurboTax Desktop, follow these steps:

    Go to Federal Taxes / Other Tax Situations.

    Scroll down to Done with Other.

    At the screen Let’s double-check the amount you received, answer the questions and click Continue.

    If you have not received the third stimulus check, you will receive your payment in the form of a Recovery Rebate Credit on line 30 of your 2021 Federal tax return when you file.

    TurboTax will compare your stimulus payment amount to the computations within TurboTax.  The computations within TurboTax are based upon the information that you have entered into the tax software.  If you are due an additional amount, it will be issued as a Recovery Rebate Credit (RRC) on line 30 of the 2021 1040 tax return.

    If you have e-filed your 2021 Federal tax return and the tax return is accepted by the IRS, you will have to amend your 2021 Federal tax return and correct the entries and calculations to receive the Recovery Rebate Credit.

    See this TurboTax Help.

    View the computation of the Child Tax Credit on line 12 of Federal Schedule 8812.  You are able to view the entire 2021 1040 Federal tax return at Tax Tools / Print Center.

    If the software did not compute the correct credit amount, review the dependents at My Info.  Dependents need to be qualifying dependents to qualify for the Child Tax Credit.

    Tests to be a Qualifying Child

    The child must be your son, daughter, stepchild, foster child, brother, sister, half- brother, half- sister, stepbrother, stepsister, or a descendant of any of them.

    The child must be (a) under age 19 at the end of the year and younger than you (or your spouse if filing jointly), (b) under age 24 at the end of the year, a student, and younger than you (or your spouse if filing jointly), or (c) any age if permanently and totally disabled.

    Source : ttlc.intuit.com

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    Guys, does anyone know the answer?

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