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    when was season 3 of stranger things released


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    Stranger Things (season 3)

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    (season 3)

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    Promotional poster Starring Winona Ryder David Harbour Finn Wolfhard Millie Bobby Brown Gaten Matarazzo Caleb McLaughlin Noah Schnapp Sadie Sink Natalia Dyer Charlie Heaton Joe Keery Dacre Montgomery Maya Hawke Priah Ferguson Cara Buono

    Country of origin United States

    No. of episodes 8 Release

    Original network Netflix

    Original release July 4, 2019

    Season chronology ← Previous Season 2

    Next →

    Season 4 List of episodes

    The third season of the American science fiction horror drama television series , titled , was released worldwide exclusively via Netflix's streaming service on July 4, 2019. The series was created by the Duffer Brothers, who are also executive producers along with Shawn Levy, Dan Cohen, and Iain Paterson.

    The third season stars Winona Ryder, David Harbour, Finn Wolfhard, Millie Bobby Brown, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, Noah Schnapp, Sadie Sink, Natalia Dyer, Charlie Heaton, Joe Keery, Dacre Montgomery, Maya Hawke, Priah Ferguson, and Cara Buono. Brett Gelman, Cary Elwes, Jake Busey, Michael Park, and Francesca Reale appear in recurring roles.[1][2][3] received positive reviews from critics, who praised the visuals, humor, performances (particularly that of Harbour, Brown, Keery, Montgomery, and Hawke), and emotional weight.


    1 Premise

    2 Cast and characters

    2.1 Main 2.2 Also starring 2.3 Recurring 2.4 Notable guests 3 Episodes 4 Production 4.1 Development 4.2 Writing 4.3 Casting 4.4 Filming 4.5 Visual effects 4.6 Music 5 Marketing 5.1 Tie-ins 6 Video game 7 Reception

    7.1 Audience viewership

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    In the summer of 1985 in Hawkins, the newly opened Starcourt Mall has become the focal point of the town, driving other stores out of business. Hawkins chief of police Jim Hopper disapproves of Eleven and Mike's budding relationship, while Joyce considers moving out of Hawkins for a better life for her children and herself, leaving the state of the children's friendships and her own relationship with Hopper in the air. Joyce notices something strange going on with her magnets and decides to investigate. However, strange power fluctuations trigger Will's awareness of something otherworldly, and Eleven and Max sense something is off about the town's residents. Despite having closed the portal to the Upside Down, they fear that they are all still in danger from it. The friends work together to help Max's brother Billy while Hopper and Joyce have their own adventure.

    Cast and characters[edit]

    Main article: List of characters


    Winona Ryder as Joyce Byers[4]

    David Harbour as Jim Hopper[4]

    Finn Wolfhard as Mike Wheeler[4]

    Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven / Jane Hopper[4]

    Gaten Matarazzo as Dustin Henderson[4]

    Caleb McLaughlin as Lucas Sinclair[4]

    Noah Schnapp as Will Byers[4]

    Sadie Sink as Max Mayfield[4]

    Natalia Dyer as Nancy Wheeler[4]

    Charlie Heaton as Jonathan Byers[4]

    Joe Keery as Steve Harrington[4]

    Dacre Montgomery as Billy Hargrove[4]

    Maya Hawke as Robin Buckley[4]

    Priah Ferguson as Erica Sinclair[4]

    Cara Buono as Karen Wheeler[4]

    Also starring[edit]

    Jake Busey as Bruce Lowe[2]

    Joe Chrest as Ted Wheeler[5]

    Catherine Curtin as Claudia Henderson[6]

    Andrey Ivchenko as Grigori[7]

    Michael Park as Tom Holloway[8]

    Yasen Peyankov as Russian scientist[9]

    Francesca Reale as Heather Holloway[3]

    Alec Utgoff as Alexei[10]


    Brett Gelman as Murray Bauman[11]

    Cary Elwes as Larry Kline[2]

    Peggy Miley as Doris Driscoll[12]

    Holly Morris as Janet Holloway[3]

    Notable guests[edit]

    Sean Astin as Bob Newby[13]

    Rob Morgan as Officer Powell[12]

    John Reynolds as Officer Callahan[12]

    Randy Havens as Scott Clarke[14]

    Will Chase as Neil Hargrove[15]

    Christopher Convery as young Billy[16]

    Jacey Sink as young Max[17]

    Beth Riesgraf as Billy's mother[18]

    Arthur Darbinyan as Dr. Zharkov

    Misha Kuznetsov as Commander Ozerov[12]

    Gabriella Pizzolo as Suzie[19]

    Paul Reiser as Sam Owens[20]

    Matty Cardarople as Keith[21]

    Michael Silvio Fortino as Ricky the Gas Station Cashier [22]


    No. overall No. in

    season Title Directed by Written by Original release date

    18 1 "Chapter One: Suzie, Do You Copy?" The Duffer Brothers The Duffer Brothers July 4, 2019

    In June 1984, Soviet scientists attempt to force open a new gate to the Upside Down. One year later in Hawkins, the popularity of the new Starcourt Mall has forced many local businesses to close, angering townspeople. Mike and Eleven have begun a romantic relationship, much to Hopper's chagrin; he later threatens Mike into agreeing not to see her. Dustin returns from summer camp and sets up a radio tower to contact his new girlfriend, Suzie, where he is ditched by his friends, but instead intercepts a Russian transmission. Will privately senses that the Mind Flayer may still be alive. Rats congregate in a mill and explode into an organic mass. On his way to a sexual encounter with Mrs. Wheeler, Billy is run off the road by an unseen creature and dragged inside the mill.

    Source : en.wikipedia.org

    Stranger Things Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot, Episodes, and News

    Stranger Things Season 3 arrives on the 4th of July! Here's everything we know so far about Netflix's nostalgia juggernaut.


    Stranger Things Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot, Episodes, and News

    Stranger Things Season 3 arrives on the 4th of July! Here's everything we know so far about Netflix's nostalgia juggernaut.

    By Michael Ahr, Joseph Baxter

    June 27, 2019 |

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     Season 3 is coming to Netflix. The show has become a certified pop culture phenomenon that has elevated itself and the aggregate of the streaming giant’s original content lineup into the stratosphere. Plenty of cast announcements have been made, and the new season will be here soon.

    For the latest, scroll down to the poster section to check out spectacular stuff revealed in the latest teaser poster.

    Stranger Things Season 3 Release Date

    It’s official! We finally have a Stranger Things season 3 premiere date and it’s July 4, giving us another holiday-themed opening as with season 2’s Halloween setting.

    Stranger Things Season 3 Cast

    Obviously, the show’s regulars will be back, but Netflix also named some newcomers.

    Priah Ferguson, who played Lucas’ little sister Erica, is now a series regular, so she’ll show up in all eight episodes this year. Considering how much fun she was in the few minutes of screentime we got with her in season two, this can only be a good thing.


    Stranger Things season 3 will present another important archetype of ’80s filmdom: the popular teenage lifeguard. Francesca Reale (best known for starring in Netflix’s Haters Back Off) is joining the cast in a recurring role as Hawkins Community Pool lifeguard Heather. Heather will become a centerpiece of season three’s mystery, according to a Deadline report.

    Cary Elwes (Saw) will play Mayor Kline. The character is described as “handsome, slick, and sleazy, your classic ’80s politician — more concerned with his own image than with the people of the small town he governs.” However, it was not specified if Kline presides over the show’s town setting of Hawkins, Indiana.

    further reading: Stranger Things: What We Learned from the Suspicious Minds Prequel Novel

    Jake Busey (The Frighteners) has been cast for the role of Bruce. The character seems to be right up the actor’s alley, described as “a journalist for The Hawkins Post with questionable morals and a sick sense of humor.”

    Maya Thurman-Hawke will play “an ‘alternative girl’ named Robin bored with her mundane day job. She seeks excitement in her life and gets more than she bargained for when she uncovers a dark secret in Hawkins” (description via Variety).

    Stranger Things Season 3 Trailer

    The first full length trailer for Stranger Things Season 3 is here! Stranger Things trailers rarely disappoint and this one is no exception. There’s a lot crammed into these three minutes. Looks like Eleven didn’t close the gate as carefully as she thought.

    Here’s an earlier trailer for Stranger Things season 3 entitled “Summer in Hawkins” in which the ladies of Hawkins eagerly await Billy’s turn as lifeguard.

    And here was the first full-length trailer. Watch it below:

    And here are the other teasers released so far:

    Stranger Things Season 3 Story

    “We’re thinking it will be a four-season thing and then out,” Ross Duffer told New York Magazine a while back. “We just have to keep adjusting the story,” said Matt. “Though I don’t know if we can justify something bad happening to them once a year.”

    It’s true, after three straight years of monsters invading the town of Hawkins, Indiana, it might be time for the characters to pitch their tents elsewhere. “They’re going to have to get the fuck out of this town!” said Ross. “It’s ridiculous!”


    further reading: 35 Things You Didn’t Know About Stranger Things

    Expect a time jump, though. Instead of moving from season 2’s 1983 to 1984, Stranger Things season 3 will take place in 1985. “We can only write and produce the show so fast,” Matt Duffer told THR. “They’re going to be almost a year older by the time we start shooting season three. It provides certain challenges. You can’t start right after season two ended. It forces you to do a time jump. But what I like is that it makes you evolve the show. It forces the show to evolve and change, because the kids are changing.”

    Star Noah Schnapp told Variety that viewers can expect Stranger Things season 3 to blend some of the more successful elements of the previous two seasons. “Season one, I feel like, was more playful,” Schnapp said. “Season two was a lot darker. And then season three does really well blending them together, and that’s what I love about it.”

    Source : www.denofgeek.com

    'Stranger Things' Season 3: release date, trailer, plot, theories and more

    Watch the explosive new trailer for 'Stranger Things' season 3, featuring a new release date and brand new characters

    Elevenses: The full Stranger Things season 2 breakdown

    Elevenses is NME’s Stranger Things 2 discussion show. Join us for cast interviews, fan theories and analysis of the happenings in Hawkins.

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    ‘Stranger Things’ Season 3: release date, trailer, cast, plot, episode titles, theories and more

    Everything we know so far

    By Thomas Smith 21st June 2019

    Stranger Things Season 3 is here and boy has it been a long time coming. Read our episode recaps as we delve into season three

    Episode recaps

    Chapter One: ‘The First Day’


    Chapter Two: ‘The Mall Rats’

    Chapter Three: ‘The Case of the Missing Lifeguard’

    Chapter Four: ‘The Sauna Test’

    Chapter Five: ‘The Flayed’

    See below for everything we knew about the series before its release.

    Is there a release date for Stranger Things Season 3?


    Wondering when Season 3 of Stranger Things is coming out? Netflix have now confirmed that Stranger Things 3 will debut on July 4. Just after midnight on January 1, the streaming service unveiled a brand new poster announcing the premiere date.

    The poster itself sees Eleven and Mike holding hands while the entire gang watch a 4th of July firework display. Eleven and Will are the only ones looking back, while Dustin, Lucas and Max seem to be looking up at fireworks. You can see the poster below.

    Following the unveiling of the poster, fans soon spotted a number of rats scurrying about in the foreground, leading to speculation that the new season could introduce a new menace of “demo-rats” (rat-like demogorgons) entering the town. Given that one of the upcoming episodes has been revealed to be titled ‘The Mall Rats’, the theory could hold weight.

    More posters have then followed. Check out the latest offerings, which show Eleven using her telekenetic powers once more. Is a big role in the cards?

    give a further look at the kids – who have grown up in front of our eyes.

    Why the long wait for Season 3?

    The waiting time between Seasons 2 and 3 is bigger than that of Seasons 1 and 2, leading some fans to wonder if the show had been cancelled altogether. But no, it has not – Stranger Things is definitely returning for Season 3.

    Speaking during the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour in Beverly Hills last July, Cindy Holland, VP of Netflix’s original content, explained: “It’s a handcrafted show. The Duffer brothers and Shawn Levy have worked really hard, and they understand the stakes are high. They want to deliver something bigger and better than what they did last year. And so they really want to take the time to get it right.”

    Do we know episode titles for Stranger Things 3?

    Yes, there will be eight episodes in Season 3 and below are the titles…

    Suzie, Do You Copy? The Mall Rats

    The Case of the Missing Lifeguard

    The Sauna Test The Source The Birthday The Bite

    The Battle of Starcourt

    Has a trailer for Season 3 been released yet?

    The first full trailer was released on March 20. The trailer opens with the gang surprising Dustin to welcome him home from summer camp (which doesn’t end well…) It’s summer in Hawkins and the gang are growing up but, from the looks of it, there will be plenty of action, and some whole new baddies. Watch below.

    one summer can change everything. #StrangerThings3 pic.twitter.com/ssGf3sOep8

    — Stranger Things (@Stranger_Things) March 20, 2019

    So what does that tell us about the upcoming episodes?

    The trailers later scenes confirm that new locations will prove to be central to the gang’s woes. First, you’ve got the Starcourt Mall, where Steve and Dustin appear to have acquired jobs, being inhabited by another gory-looking creature.

    Meanwhile, a horde of rats race through the July 4 fun fair put on by the town’s Mayor Kline – with Hopper looking concerned and what appears to be an assassin in a hall of mirrors.

    Trouble appears to be brewing for Natalie and Jonathan, who look glum together in an undisclosed building.

    As promised, it looks like the group – and specifically Will – have some issues to address. As Will reminisces, a voiceover from Mike says, “did you think, we were just going to sit in my basement? playing games for the rest of our lives?”

    A short teaser was also released a day prior on March 19. It featured a horde of rats scurrying through what looked like an abandoned warehouse, all heading towards the same shadowy spot. “It’s almost feeding time,” the caption read. Watch it below now.

    A teaser clip shared on May 20 shows Hawkins’ lifeguard, Billy Hargrove (Dacre Montgomery), being oggled at as he begins his shift at the local swimming pool.

    Source : www.nme.com

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