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    when is playstation now merging with playstation plus


    Guys, does anyone know the answer?

    get when is playstation now merging with playstation plus from EN Bilgi.

    Save on a PlayStation Plus Premium subscription with this PS Now workaround

    PlayStation users can save £50 on a new PS Plus Premium subscription by buying a 12 month PS Now subscription ahead of the merger in June.

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    1 DEALS

    Save on a PlayStation Plus Premium subscription with this PS Now workaround

    Get a new PlayStation Plus subscription by purchasing an old PlayStation Now sub.

    Deals by Mark Harrison

    Commerce Writer

    Published on April 4, 2022

    Last month PlayStation announced they are changing PlayStation Plus to a tier-three system as an answer to Xbox's Game Pass.

    When the new PlayStation Plus subscriptions arrive, the PlayStation Now service will be removed and anyone with remaining PS Now time will be transferred over to the PS Plus Premium plan with no increase to their current subscription fees at launch. The annual PS Plus premium plan is going to cost double the amount of the current PS Now service - so if you want to get 12 months of PS Plus Premium for half the price by signing up to the old PlayStation Now service, now's the time to do it.

    Sony has already started to remove the ability to purchase the annual 12-month membership via console, app and retailers, but luckily you can still purchase 12 months of PS Now through the PlayStation Store on your web browser via this loophole spotted by Wario64.

    To do this, you'll need £50 in your Playstation Wallet. You can buy £50 worth of wallet top-ups for a discounted price at ShopTo (The £50 voucher is currently out of stock). Once you've topped-up your balance, you can purchase a PlayStation Now 12 month subscription by using this direct link.

    This will only work when you've signed in to your PlayStation account on a browser, and not in the console store or in the app. Remember to turn off auto-renewal in the subcription management of your account after you've made the purchase.

    The merge from PS Now to the new PS Plus will happen in June, so you'll be getting 10 months of PS Plus Premium for half the price! It's best to get this done as quickly as possible rather than wait until closer to the merger, as Sony are likely to stop people doing this work-around eventually and appear to have already done so in the US.

    What are the new PlayStation Plus tiers and how much will they cost?

    The base tier of PlayStation Plus is the same as the current version, costing $9.99/€8.99/£6.99 a month. The new PS Extra tier costs $14.99/€13.99/£10.99 a month and includes 400 PS4 and PS5 games, and the PS Plus Premium tier adds PS3/PS4 game streaming, games from the PS1, PS2 and PSP, and time-limited game trials.

    PS Plus Premium will set you back 17.99/€16.99/£13.49 a month, $49.99/€49.99/£39.99 for three months, or $119.99/€119.99/£99.99 a year.

    We hope that's saved you some money on the new PS Plus Premium which will let you play hundreds of games come June time. If you want more ways to save money on your games and consoles, give our Twitter account a follow where we let you know when there are sales and discounts happening for PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC gaming.



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    Join PlayStation Plus and enhance your PlayStation experience with access to online multiplayer, monthly games, exclusive discounts and more.

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    Enhance your PlayStation  experience with access to online multiplayer, monthly games, exclusive discounts and more.

    Introducing the all-new PlayStation Plus

    Launching 22 June

    PlayStation Plus will be changing on 22 June and merging with PlayStation Now. The new PlayStation Plus will offer three membership plans to choose from, with a variety of benefits and game libraries featuring hundreds of recent and classic games to discover. Pay monthly as you go, quarterly for added savings, or get an annual membership for the best bang for your buck.

    PlayStation Plus Essential

    Enhance your PlayStation experience with core features, including online multiplayer access, two PS4 and one PS5 game to download every month, exclusive discounts, and more.


    1 month 40,00 TL/ 3 months 100,00 TL/ 12 months 240,00 TL

    PlayStation Plus Extra

    Enjoy all PlayStation Plus Essential benefits, and explore a world of incredible gaming experiences with the Game Catalog, featuring hundreds of downloadable PS4 and PS5 games.


    1 month 60,00 TL/ 3 months 165,00 TL / 12 months 400,00 TL

    PlayStation Plus Deluxe

    Get all PlayStation Plus benefits from the other plans, plus game trials, and access to definitive games from years gone by in the Classics Catalogue.


    1 month 70,00 TL/ 3 months 190,00 TL/ 12 months 460,00 TL

    If you purchase PlayStation Plus and are subscribed when the service changes, you will continue to have access to the PlayStation Plus benefits available today as featured above.

    *High speed (at least 5 Mbps) internet connection required. Accessible content varies by subscriber age (18+ required when streaming via PC app).

    Subscribe to PlayStation Plus 

    Choose a one, three or 12-month recurring payment plan1 and take your PlayStation experience to the next level.

    Choose to pay annually and you'll save 50% compared to paying monthly, and 40% compared to the three-month membership plan2.

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    Subscription continues until cancelled. See PS Plus Terms for details of how to cancel.

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    PlayStation Plus features

    Discover great games, connect with friends, and enjoy new ways to play.

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    PlayStation Plus monthly games

    Expand your game collection with new PS4 games each month, as well as regularly added PS5 titles. All PlayStation Plus monthly games are playable on PS5 and yours to keep as long as you're a member.

    Build your collection with blockbuster hits, indie gems and multiplayer party games to play online or at home with family and friends.

    Get the games @[email protected]#=img=#

    Online multiplayer 

    Lead your team to glory, ride into battle with your squad or go on breath-taking adventures with trusted allies.

    PS Plus online multiplayer opens new worlds in your favourite games, lets you play online with friends and compete in online tournaments and is your invitation to join a global community of online gamers.

    Find out more @[email protected]#=img=#

    Exclusive member discounts 

    Join PS Plus to get exclusive access to the best deals on select games, add-ons, pre-orders and more from PlayStation Store.

    Members can enjoy extra savings on top of regular PS Store promotional prices, early access to demos, beta trials, pre-orders and other exclusive rewards and offers reserved for the PS Plus family.

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    More for members 

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    Exclusive game content 

    Stand out from the crowd with members-only skins, cosmetics, weapons and more for free-to-play games like Fortnite and Apex Legends.

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    100 GB cloud storage

    Save your game progress to the cloud and pick up your adventures on any other console with that game installed.

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    Share Play

    Play multiplayer and co-op games with a friend or hand control of single-player adventures over to them, even if they don't own the game.

    PlayStation Plus features for PS5

    PlayStation Plus members playing on PS5 can enjoy a range of exclusive benefits, including:

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    Game Help

    Get expert help in a range of supported games on your PS5 console. Hit the PS button and look for Game Help inside your activity cards to see the tactics you need to get yourself out of a tight spot, how to find that hidden artifact or finally beat the boss that's been holding you up.

    Press the PS Button to see your activity cards Press the [CROSS] button to open an activity card Press [DOWN] on the controller to select an objective Press the [CROSS] button on an objective to see hints on how to complete it

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    PS5 titles with Game Help

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    The PlayStation Plus Collection

    Redeem and play a curated library of PS4 games that defined the generation. Access the entire collection on your PS5.

    Take a closer look at the PlayStation Plus Collection:

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    God of War

    Combining the brutal combat, epic boss fights and breathtaking scale expected from the series, this reimagining of God of War features a powerful and moving narrative that re-establishes Kratos' world.

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    Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

    Source : www.playstation.com

    PS Plus vs. PS Now: Big Changes Coming in June to These PlayStation Services

    Sony is combining both subscription services into a single one with three tiers.


    PS Plus vs. PS Now: Big Changes Coming in June to These PlayStation Services

    Sony is combining both subscription services into a single one with three tiers.

    Oscar Gonzalez

    April 29, 2022 2:34 p.m. PT

    4 min read

    CNET editors pick the products and services we write about. When you buy through our links, we may get a commission.

    PS Plus will go through some significant changes soon.

    Andrew Hoyle/CNET

    PlayStation owners will have their own version of Xbox Game Pass in June, kind of.

    Sony said earlier this month that its PlayStation Plus subscription service will change on June 13 to incorporate its separate cloud gaming service, PS Now. Whether you just got a PS5 or are a long-time PS4 owner, here's what you need to know about the service change.

    Game subscriptions like PS Plus and Microsoft's Game Pass offer a sizable library of games for a monthly fee. They can also get a bit confusing due to frequent changes in features and available games.

    PS Plus is required to play many multiplayer games online, and subscribers get access to new games each month at no extra cost. The lesser-known PS Now is the originator of modern console cloud gaming, although it's not up to snuff when compared to its newer competitors. Starting in June, the two will be known as just PS Plus, with one monthly fee.

    Read more: PS5 Restock Tracker


    New PlayStation Plus

    Essential tier: $10 a month, $60 per year; Extra tier: $15 a month, $100 per year; Premium tier: $18 a month, $120 per year

    In June, Sony will overhaul PS Plus to be more competitive with Microsoft's Game Pass. The revamped subscription service will come in three tiers.

    Essential is the base tier for PS Plus at $10 a month, or $60 per year. This tier is largely the same as the old PS Plus and includes:

    Two monthly downloadable games

    Store discounts Cloud saves Online multiplayer

    Current PS Plus subscribers will transition to this tier when the change happens in June.

    Extra includes the benefits of the Essential tier while adding a catalog of up to 400 PS4 and PS5 games available for downloading. The catalog will include first- and third-party games including Death Stranding, God of War, Spider-Man, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Mortal Kombat 11 and Returnal. This tier will cost $15 a month, or $100 per year.Premium will have the features of both tiers and add an additional 340 classic games to cloud stream from the PlayStation 1, PS2, PS3 and PSP. Current subscribers to PS Now will see their subscriptions automatically convert to the Premium tier when the new PS Plus goes into effect. There will also be time-limited game trials available for players to try some games out before they buy.

    The Premium tier will cost $18 a month/$120 per year.


    PlayStation Plus (Old)

    $10 per month, or $60 per year

    To compete with Xbox Live Gold, Sony created PS Plus in 2010 for the PlayStation 3. The subscription allowed for online multiplayer, discounts in the PSN Store, cloud saves and monthly extra games. Initially, PS Plus free games included PS3 and PSP titles. Eventually, it included Sony's other devices such as the PS Vita, PS4 and most recently, the PS5. Extra games included with the subscription are only available while a PS Plus subscription is active. Stop paying, and you lose access to those games.

    In June, current PS Plus subscribers will officially change to PS Plus Essential subscribers.

    See at SEE AT AMAZON


    PS Now (Old)

    $10 per month or $60 per year

    Cloud gaming may be hot right now with major players like Google Stadia, Amazon Luna and Microsoft's Xbox Cloud Gaming beta, but it was Sony that first tried to make cloud gaming mainstream with PS Now in 2014. Earlier pioneers like OnLive and Gaikai (the latter eventually purchased by Sony) are now largely forgotten. More than 800 PS2, PS3, PS4 and PS5 games are available to stream or download on the PS4, PS5 or PC.

    But lag remains a factor, like with other cloud gaming services. Game resolution has been recently updated from 720p to 1080p for some games, but that falls behind the 4K offered by Stadia. There's also a lack of newer titles in its library. Even major titles published by Sony such as The Last of Us Part II aren't on the service, nor is there any indication that they will be added. Those games that are added sometimes don't stay in the library for that long, with some available on PS Now for as little as three months. On the plus side, many of the PS4 games on the service can be downloaded rather than streamed, and there's a PC client for cloud gaming on computers as well.

    Source : www.cnet.com

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