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    when does the fortnite live event start chapter 3


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    ‘Fortnite’ Chapter 3 Season 2 start time, live event status, and what to know

    ‘Fortnite’ Chapter 3 Season 2 starts soon. Here’s what you need to know about when the new battle pass starts.



    The Seven and the IO are prepared for war.

    Epic Games CHRISTOPHER GROUX 3.18.2022 1:00 PM

    FORTNITE CHAPTER 3 Season 2 starts March 20, which means fans are hungry for every morsel they can possibly learn about the upcoming battle pass for Battle Royale. Below, we detail the expected start time of Season 2 and answer any questions about the lingering possibility of a live event. Want to know when you can see what’s next for Jonesy and his friends? Then you’ve come to the right place.


    Despite the fact that the estimated start times of any Fortnite season had mostly been a lock for several years. New trends established at the start of Chapter 3 this past December have made predictions a bit messier than they’d otherwise be.

    We know that Fortnite Season 2 kicks off on March 20, but its precise starting hour remains unclear. Here are some details that may help narrow down the start time.

    Fortnite Chapter 2 is expected to start sometime between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. Eastern on March 20.Epic Games

    Prior to Chapter 3, most Fortnite seasonal updates were fully deployed by 6 a.m. Eastern on launch day. That said, watching for Season 2 developments at 6 a.m. Eastern on March 20 may be worth doing provided Fortnite’s developers at Epic Games don’t offer more specific instructions beforehand.

    Alternatively, fans may remember that Chapter 3 Season 1 kicked off at 10 a.m. Eastern on launch day. If the early-morning hour looks a bit quiet, this pattern may be repeating itself for the start of Season 2.

    We’ll do our best to update this post with a more precise start time if it becomes available, but fans are strongly encouraged to keep track of the Fortnite Status Twitter account for the latest information. It may not tell you precisely when seasonal downtime is expected to end, but the account typically offers advance notification when downtime is about to begin.


    Nope. After the cataclysmic affair that was the start of Chapter 3, Epic seems to be taking a much quieter approach with the launch of Season 2. That said, those who pay attention closely to Battle Royale will know Epic typically puts together a live event every other season. So, while there won’t be any major cinematic moments to witness for the upcoming battle pass, it’s far more likely we’ll see substantial changes in the one that follows.

    For now, the main point of focus is the ongoing feud between the Seven and the Imagined Order. After the Battle Royale map was flipped to start Chapter 3, members of the IO have been drilling through the Island’s core to reach the other side. With new bases established, how will the Foundation and his friends respond to the incoming onslaught of enemies? That question will likely be a big focus as we inch toward Season 2.


    In Season 2 the Imagined Order and the Seven are expected to enter a phase of all-out war.Epic Games

    Our Fortnite Chapter 2 codex page features plenty of in-depth explanations on the suspected features of the next battle pass, but we’ll recap a few of the bigger additions below.

    A Mythic Thermal AR, a Mythic with blades, and a Mythic Shockwave Bow.

    A Homing Rocket weapon for anti-air purposes.

    Twin pistols referred to in data-mines as the Double Deagle.

    Two new vehicles: a Zeppelin for the Seven and Tank Drills for the IO. These are believed to be the same drills we see on the map today, but you’ll actually be able to drive them.

    Map changes suggest the Agency may make a comeback as DDMachine. A location called Cattus Cave has been found in the files as well.

    Taking a cue from Chapter 2 Season 2, the prevailing belief is that the new battle pass will be themed around the war between the IO and the Seven. Just like the prior Season 2, then, it’s thought that players will be able to swear allegiance to their chosen side to unlock varied skin styles on the battle pass. As with all leaks, these concepts should be taken with a grain of salt, but you should still have a good idea of what to expect from Fortnite going forward.


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    Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 live event date, time, countdown, and Season 2 Start

    Here's everything we know about the end of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 including the details of a potential live event.


    Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 live event date, time, countdown, and Season 2 Start

    Here’s everything we know about the end of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 including the details of a potential live event.

    Published 3 weeks ago on March 1, 2022 By Zackerie Fairfax

    Thanks to a recent leak, we now have details regarding the end of Chapter 3 Season 1, including the specifics of a live event.

    Fortnite is known for its flashy and exciting live events. Whether they’re at the start of a season or the end of one, these events are a spectacle to behold.

    These live events have evolved over time. They started with a live rocket launch in Chapter 1 Season 4. And now, players are taken on immersive trips in front of Ariana Grande and Travis Scott.

    However, the most exciting events are the ones focused on the game’s storyline. The events that end seasons are among the most anticipated, and usually draw in the most players.

    Will there be a Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 live event?

    Epic Games just released the final update of this season: Fortnite v19.40. According to various leakers, Fornite Chapter 3 Season 1 won’t have a live event.

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    Many expected to see event files in the last update for the Chapter 3 inaugural season. However, it seems as if Season 1 will end without a formal sendoff.

    Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 start date

    Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 is slated to end on March 22, 2022. This means Season 2 will start as early as March 23rd.

    There is still a possibility that Season 2 will have a starting event. This has been the case in the past, especially for seasons that ended without an event. Epic Games usually starts the next season with a bang.

    For more Fortnite, check out the top 5 rarest pickaxes in Fortnite and stay tuned for more news and guides.


    Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 Wild Week leaked: Primal Bows unvaulted, Bownanza challenges, and more

    Fortnite Wild Weeks are back, and the first Chapter 3 Season 1 Wild Week focuses on the use of Primal Bows from Chapter 2 Season 6.

    Published 4 weeks ago on February 21, 2022 By Zackerie Fairfax

    Epic Games is bringing back Wild Weeks at the end of Chapter 3 Season 1, and we have the details for the upcoming Fortnite event.

    Wild Weeks have become a tradition in Fortnite that spices up the end of each season. For three weeks, Epic Games gives each week a specific theme that drastically changes one aspect of the game.

    In the past, we’ve seen Wild Weeks geared toward fishing, fire, and mobility. Thanks to a few leaks, we have an idea of what to expect when it comes to the first Wild Week in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1.

    Fortnite Bownanza Wild Week

    According to iFireMonkey, the first Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 Wild Week is called Bownanza week. It will focus on the use of bows, specifically Primal Bows introduced in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6.

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    If this Wild Week is to be like the ones in the past, players will see a drastic increase in the spawn rate of bows. However, since crafting isn’t of use in Chapter 3 Season 1, it will be interesting to see if players can craft new bows.

    Fortnite Bownanza week challenges

    The Bownanza Wild Week challenges have already been leaked. The tweet below shows all six challenges.

    Each challenge will reward the player with 8,000 experience points. Like in the past, the Wild Week challenges will be a great way to reach Battle Pass level 100 and beyond.

    That’s currently everything we know about Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1’s first Wild Week. We will keep this story updated as more information becomes available.


    Is Fortnite Season 8 the end of Chapter 2?

    Fans are starting to believe that Season 8 will be the end of Fortnite Chapter 2. Let’s take a look at all of the reasons this might be true.

    Published 5 months ago on November 2, 2021 By Zackerie Fairfax

    Players are starting to believe that Fortnite Season 8 is the end of Chapter 2, but do their theories hold up?

    Source : fortniteintel.com

    Will there be a live event in Fortnite Chapter 3, season 1?

    You got used to them, didn't you?

    Mar 17, 2022 5:42 pm FORTNITE

    Will there be a live event in Fortnite Chapter 3, season 1?

    You got used to them, didn't you?

    Gökhan Çakır

    Screengrab via Epic Games

    Each Fortnite season is known to shake up the ongoing storyline. Epic Games builds up the hype throughout the season with weekly challenges, and it certainly knows how to end each one on a high note with end-of-season events.

    These live events have become a classic for the game, so players are naturally wondering what Epic has planned for the end of Fortnite Chapter Three, season one.

    But it looks like there won’t be an end-of-season even for Fortnite Chapter Three, season one since the last patch of the season is already out. Reputable data miners in the Fortnite scene couldn’t find any evidence of an end-of-season event, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be a start-of-season event.

    Epic enjoys wrapping up each season with nail-biter events. It also opens up each season with interactive scenes that set the tone for the season. Even though players might not have an end-of-season event for Chapter Three, season one, the second season can still kick off with an event.

    Fortnite’s Chapter Three, season two is likely to start on March 19, and the servers could go down momentarily to push out the new release. Players will have until March 19 to complete their current battle passes since all the unlockable content from the last season will be off the shelves when the new one starts.

    This article will be updated if new information about a potential end-of-season event is confirmed.

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