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    what will they do in the emergency room for severe back pain


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    5 signs your back pain might be an emergency

    Severe back pain might be a sign of a more serious underlying medical emergency. In this week’s MedBlog, two spine experts discuss five symptoms that should indicate seeing a doctor right away. Read more.

    3. Sudden weakness in the legs: Limb weakness can be caused by compressed nerves in the spine due to conditions like sciatica or spinal stenosis. However, sudden leg weakness could also indicate a stroke.
    4. Incontinence: Back pain paired with inability to control the bowels or bladder might be a sign of serious nerve compression or a spine infection, such as discitis or meningitis.
    5. Numbness or pins and needles in the groin or glutes: This is known as saddle anesthesia and is also a sign of a serious nerve or spine condition. 

    If you have leg weakness, incontinence, and numbness together, you might have cauda equina syndrome, a serious illness characterized by spinal cord nerve damage. This is a medical emergency, and patients usually need surgery immediately to decompress the nerves and reduce permanent damage.

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    Other conditions that cause back pain in older adults

    We often see a range of less serious but still painful spine conditions in seniors. Most patients with these conditions will not require surgery. Physical therapy, medication, injectable anesthetics, or a combination of treatments usually can control symptoms.

    5 signs your back pain might be an emergency

    Source : utswmed.org

    When is Back Pain an Emergency?

    Can back pain be a sign of something more serious? Check out the symptoms you shouldn't ignore, such as spasms, and learn what conditions can cause them.

    Back pain Emergency

    When is Back Pain an Emergency?

    Back pain is incredibly frustrating. Millions of Americans suffer from it, impacting how they go about their everyday routine. Whether sitting, sleeping or walking, back pain makes life more difficult. Many people put up with the pain thinking it is only temporary, however, these aches sometimes serve as a warning for worse things to come. Chronic symptoms, along with a patient’s medical history, will determine whether their back pain has, or will, become a medical emergency.

    Warning Signs of Serious Conditions

    Patients may be unaware that emergency back pain can be a result of conditions other than the pain itself. Therefore it is crucial to be familiar with the warning signs of something more serious.

    Back Conditions Which Can Become Emergencies  

    Severe back pain may not always be the cause of overuse or genetic history. More often than thought, it can also be a warning sign of an underlying condition.

    Come to The Emergency Center If You Have Severe Back Pain

    There is a tendency for people to tolerate their back pain because they may not understand the potential for real problems that can come from it. While back pain can be temporary and mild, it is always a good idea to pay attention to the signs of something more. Remember, if the pain is unbearable, there is a reason for it, and the best thing to do is make an emergency visit to avoid further complications.

    If you have back pain symptoms that appear to be an emergency, do not hesitate to come to The Emergency Center right away.  The Emergency Center provides up to 23 hours of Observation and offers 24/7 care with NO WAITING. Visit our freestanding emergency room in San Antonio, to get the care you need, or call us at 210-610-0854 for more information.

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    When is Back Pain an Emergency?

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