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    what time is the asteroid passing earth tonight 2022


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    2022 GN1: A bus

    A newly-discovered semi-large asteroid will pass close to Earth this week, but it won't cause any harm to the planet or its inhabitants.



    The just-discovered asteroid will come within 79,000 miles of Earth.

    Shutterstock JOHN WENZ 4.5.2022 8:05 PM

    WE’VE ONLY just met asteroid 2022 GN1, and it's already on its way out the door — but not before coming slightly closer than comfortable to Earth.

    The asteroid, announced yesterday by the Minor Planet Center’s Minor Planet Electronic Circular, will come within 79,000 miles of Earth — or about one-third the distance between Earth and the Moon. Fortunately, though, the asteroid will pass us by without posing any harm to Earth and those living on it. Us earthlings will, however, get the chance to witness the asteroid on its journey.

    HOW BIG IS 2022 GN1?

    The asteroid is estimated to be between 23.6 and 52.5 feet. Because we simply love to compare objects in space to objects on Earth, it’s estimated to be between the length of a city bus and a single letter of the Hollywood sign. Or between 1.3 and 2.8 giraffes, if that’s your preferred unit of measurement. Or if you prefer a sports analogy, between 3.3 and 7.4 Shaquille O’Neals stacked on top of each other. That’s a lot of Shaqs.

    As the asteroid passes harmlessly by, observatories like the Virtual Observatory will still live stream the encounter starting tonight at 9 p.m.


    The asteroid previously escaped detection because of its small size. While most large near-Earth objects have been cataloged, various agencies and other observatories are working on finding increasingly smaller ones. Not the type to kill the dinosaurs, mind you, but enough to wreak local havoc if they come into our atmosphere.

    For instance, the Chelyabinsk meteor, which was a similar size to 2022 GN1, exploded above the Russian city of the same name in 2013, causing more than 1,000 people to report injuries requiring medical assistance, most often from broken glass. It released about 20 to 30 times the power of the atomic bomb used at Hiroshima, avoiding widespread damage thanks to breaking apart in the upper atmosphere.

    The asteroid, like many of its brethren in the Apollo asteroid family, has a wide Inner Solar System orbit that takes it far past the orbit of Mars before swinging back past Earth — in this case with the closest approach to the Sun slightly outside Venus’ orbit. For this encounter, it will be visible in the constellation Virgo, though only the most adept backyard astronomers may be able to catch its encounter.


    Although announced yesterday, other observatories have looked through their archives and found 2022 GN1 in observations dating back to March 5, 2022. Its close approach to Earth leads NASA to classify it as a potentially hazardous asteroid, though this is its closest approach for at least 140 years. According to NASA data, it likely last had a close encounter with Earth in 1952 and will have significantly fewer close passes in 2030 and 2033. After that, it won’t pass by Earth again until 2156, so this is the closest it will be to being hazardous, and it will miss us by quite a lot.

    Still, the loose understanding of smaller near-Earth objects is something astronomers are working on addressing. The upcoming Vera Rubin Observatory, for instance, will be able to identify objects with 10 to 100 times the current observing power, keeping a closer watch on these giraffe-to-several-Shaqs-in-a-trenchcoat-sized objects.




    Source : www.inverse.com

    What time will the asteroid pass Earth and how to watch it?

    AN asteroid is projected to pass by Earth on Thursday, March 24, 2022, eleven years after it was first discovered.The large asteroid, named 2013 BO76,

    @[email protected]#=img=# Tech ACROSS THE SKY

    What time will the asteroid pass Earth and how to watch it?

    Kevin QuinitchettNikki Main

    10:18 ET, Mar 23 2022Updated: 10:52 ET, Mar 23 2022

    AN asteroid is projected to pass by Earth on Thursday, March 24, 2022, eleven years after it was first discovered.

    The large asteroid, named 2013 BO76, will pass relatively close to our blue planet from only 3.1million kilometers away.


    An asteroid will soar across the sky close to Earth and science enthusiasts are hoping to catch a glimpse

    When will asteroid 2013 BO76 pass earth?

    Asteroid 2013 BO76 is estimated to be between 600 and 1500 feet and will pass by Earth on March 24, 2022, at 6.55pm ET.

    Nasa first discovered the asteroid on January 17, 2013, when it was 15million miles away from the Earth's atmosphere.

    The size of Asteroid 2013 BO76 classifies it as potentially hazardous and Nasa is closely monitoring its distance to Earth.



    NASA says 'Hazardous' space rock makes ‘close approach’ to Earth at 29,800mph


    Giant asteroid to make 'close approach' with Earth this week, Nasa warns

    On its approach, the asteroid will make its closest approach, passing within three million kilometers of Earth, more than 13 times farther away than the moon.

    Newsweek reported that according to orbital predictions, the asteroid won't pass by Earth again until the year 2193.

    What impact has asteroids had on Earth?

    NASA is closely monitoring Asteroid 2013 BO76 which is roughly the size of the Empire State Building and could cause mass devastation if it made contact with Earth's surface.

    The cause for concern stems from past asteroids that have decimated regions and wiped out entire populations.

    In order for an asteroid to be considered as a near-Earth object threat by Nasa, it has to come within 4.6million miles of Earth and have a diameter of 460 feet.



    'Potentially hazardous' space rock heading towards Earth within days, Nasa warns


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    Transfer of life between planets possible after interstellar hit, expert says

    The most notable of all asteroids was 6-miles in diameter and collided with what is now the Yucatán Peninsula 65 million years ago. That asteroid wiped out most of the Earth's plant and animal species, including the dinosaurs.

    More recently, a 164-foot asteroid crashed in Siberia in 1908, destroying nearly 80million trees across 830 square miles, and in 2013, an asteroid measuring 65 feet exploded over Chelyabinsk, Russia and injured more than 1,100 people, and caused $33million in damage.

    Read our Asteroid live blog for the very latest news and updates...

    What was the last major asteroid to pass Earth in 2022?

    Asteroid 7482 passed by Earth on Tuesday, January 18, 2022, and NASA reported it was discovered in 1994.

    The asteroid passed at a speed of 47,344 miles per hour and was accompanied by three other asteroids.

    According to CNN, the additional asteroids were not as large as 7482 and didn't pass as close to Earth as 7482.

    When is the next asteroid passing by Earth?

    The next near-Earth object threat will be in March 2023, when Asteroid 2005 ED224 will come closest to the planet.

    Traveling at a speed of 61,000mph, the 164-foot asteroid has a 1 in 500,000 probability of colliding with the Earth.

    NASA is prepared for potential astronomical threats and has a series of defenses against the possibility of collision.



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    What time will asteroid pass by Earth today? How can you watch it and all you need to know

    A huge rocky asteroid which is approximately 1 kilometer wide or 2½ times the Empire State Building's height will make its closest approach to Earth today.

    Last Updated: 18th January, 2022 14:04 IST

    What Time Will Asteroid Pass By Earth Today? How Can You Watch It And All You Need To Know

    What Time Will Asteroid Pass By Earth Today? How Can You Watch It And All You Need To Know A huge rocky asteroid which is approximately 1 kilometer wide or 2½ times the Empire State Building's height will make its closest approach to Earth today.

    Written By Anwesha Majumdar

    Image: shutterstock

    A huge rocky asteroid which is approximately 1 kilometer wide, is expected to pass by Earth safely on Tuesday, January 18th. The size of the asteroid is projected to be roughly 3,280 feet wide or about 2½ times the Empire State Building's height. According to the EarthSky, on January 18, 2022, at 4:51 p.m. EST, the heavenly will make its closest approach to Earth. This asteroid is named (7482) 1994 PC1 and by the label, it is pretty evident that it was discovered in the year 1994.

    Because of its size and proximity to Earth, this asteroid is classed as a 'Potentially Hazardous Asteroid'. Further, as per the EarthSky, roughly every 600,000 years, an asteroid of this size interacts with Earth. However, NASA assured that there is nothing to worry about 1994 PC1 as it approaches 2022. On August 9, 1994, Robert McNaught identified the asteroid (7482) 1994 PC1 at the Siding Spring Observatory in Australia. Its orbit has been well determined after 47 years of monitoring.

    More about the giant asteroid

    In addition to this, the asteroid will fly by Earth at a range of 1.2 million miles (1.93 million kilometres), or roughly 5.15 times the distance between Earth and the Moon, which is considered to be a safe distance. Although the distance is not that dangerous, however, it is close enough for a modest backyard telescope to view the heavenly body.

    READ | Dinosaur-killing asteroid struck Earth during northern spring, new study claims

    In relation to Earth, the massive space rock is approaching 43,754 miles per hour. Stargazers will be able to see the asteroid due to its high speed. It will resemble a star and will seem like a source of light. The brightness of the asteroid (7482) 1994 PC1 will be approximately magnitude 10. For viewers using a 6-inch or bigger backyard telescope from a dark-sky location, an object of 10th magnitude is a good target to see.

    READ | UAE announces its next mission to asteroid belt after successful 'Hope' Mars mission

    When can you see the asteroid?

    Amateur astronomers could see the asteroid by utilizing a tiny telescope oriented at the right time as well as correct position. Spectators with backyard telescopes in North America will have the best chance of seeing the massive asteroid hours after its close pass on January 18. Further, for people from India, the asteroid will pass at midnight around 3:21 am on January 19, Wednesday.

    READ | Asteroid samples fetched by JAXA may help solve mystery of solar system origins: Study

    (Image: Shutterstock)

    READ | Asteroid twice the size of Great pyramids to pass by Earth on December 29

    READ | Skyscraper sized asteroid to pass by Earth’s atmosphere this New Year: NASA

    Tags: asteroid, NASA, Earth

    First Published: 18th January, 2022 14:04 IST


    Four asteroids, one bigger than Empire state building to pass Earth on January 18

    NASA telescopes discover Jupiter-like exoplanet with two seasons in three days

    Asteroid twice the size of Great pyramids to pass by Earth on December 29

    'Super Neptune': Water vapor detected in atmosphere of planet orbiting red dwarf star

    NASA to roll out world's most powerful rocket for Artemis Moon missions in February

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