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    what time does costco open for executive members


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    What are Costco's hours of operation?

    Welcome to the Costco Customer Service page. Explore our many helpful self-service options and learn more about popular topics.

    Customer Service Home Page

    What are Costco's hours of operation?

    Please keep in mind that there may be slight variations in hours between each warehouse. To find the hours for a Costco warehouse near you, simply head on over to our Find a Costco Warehouse search feature and enter your ZIP code.

    The Costco app is another great way to know when we’re open. It’s free to download on the iTunes or Google Play app stores.

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    Costco Executive Membership Hours 2022 (Does It Still Exist?)

    You can choose from a variety of Costco membership tiers that will best suit your needs. So, here's the Costco executive membership hours!

    Costco Executive Membership Hours [All You Need To Know] 

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    Costco is undoubtedly a useful hub for all your shopping needs, and with its members-only status, you can choose from a variety of membership tiers that will best suit your needs and your family.

    But what about the perks that come with their highest-level Executive Membership—do customers benefit from different hours to shop? I looked further into Executive Memberships and here is what I found out.

    Costco Executive Membership Hours In 2022

    Costco does not have exclusive times for their Executive Members to shop before the public as of 2022. This used to be a perk for members of that tier, but the practice seems to have been discontinued slowly from many stores since 2015. 

    Read on for more information on Costco’s Executive Membership and hours!

    Do Executive Members Get In Early At Costco? 

    Executive Members used to be able to access the store one hour earlier than Gold Star Members, giving them more time to shop with far fewer customers in the store.

    Sadly, this is no longer the case as all Costco members, regardless of membership tier, are allowed into the store at opening time—10:00 a.m. on weekdays and Sundays, and 9:30 a.m. on Saturdays.

    Some warehouses do try to open about 15 minutes before the posted time, especially if it is the day before a big holiday.

    But this does differ between locations, and doors can be kept closed until the posted opening time.

    What is Costco’s Executive Membership? 

    The Executive Membership is the highest tier of Costco’s membership options.

    Members can upgrade to this tier for an extra $60 on top of their annual membership fee, bringing the cost to $120 for an Executive Membership.

    Additionally, you also get a complimentary spousal card!

    What Are Costco’s Executive Membership Benefits? 

    Customers who upgrade to the Executive Membership get certain perks that other members don’t.

    While the extra hour of shopping time is no longer available, these members receive the following:

    Additional Savings on Services—Auto servicing, insurance, real estate and mortgage programs, roadside assistance, and assorted business services all benefit from special discounts for Executive Members. Exclusive offers and Extra Discounts.  2% Cash Back—This applies to the majority of your purchases, with some exceptions such as alcohol and tobacco. To make this perk cover the $60 extra that you paid for this tier, you will need to spend at least $3,000 per year, which is quite normal for a family’s groceries and home supplies. 

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    Though Costco used to offer their Executive Members access to stores one hour earlier than other members, this is no longer the case.

    All member tiers are welcomed in at normal store opening times. Executive Members can still benefit from various perks that come with that tier, however—they just have to shop at the same time as everyone else!


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    Costco Executive Membership Hours

    So, if you're looking to save money when it comes to your Costco membership, this blog post will tell you about Costco executive membership hours.

    Customers who purchase a Costco Executive Membership receive several perks, including access to members-only specials and wholesale rates.

    But what about the Costco executive membership hours? Is there a difference in-store traffic (hours) for this level of membership, compared to other levels available at your local branch or online at www.costco.com?

    Find out everything you need here at Costco!

    Table of Contents

    Costco Executive Membership Hours

    Executive membership Costco hours benefit has been discontinued, so there will be no extra time for executive members to shop anymore. Costco hours executive membership was originally a unique bonus for members of that tier. Still, it appears to have been gradually taken out of many stores since 2015, and it will no longer exist in 2021 when the practice is phased out!

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    Do Executive Members Get In Early At Costco? 

    If you are an executive member, you would ask: “What time does Costco open for executive members?

    You used to get an hour of early access with a Costco executive membership. This benefit allows you to shop at a store with fewer customers and more time and space without having to wait in large lines to pay. However, all members are now treated equally.Regardless of the corporate hierarchy, every consumer will be able to enter at 10:00 a.m. every day and 9:30 a.m. on weekends – the Costco business membership hours —including Saturday mornings!

    Some warehouses prefer to open 15 minutes early on a busy day. For example, suppose the day before Christmas comes on a Saturday.

    In that case, many businesses will open earlier to let buyers conduct their last-minute shopping and return home with gifts in time for dinner reservations or putting up snowman costumes outside the house!

    However, this varies by location, and doors may close before the listed time of opening, so don’t miss out!

    What is Costco’s Executive Membership? 

    The Executive Membership is a high-tier membership at Costco that costs an additional $60 for customers who do not buy there frequently. You also enroll your spouse in the same plan!

    What Are Costco’s Executive Membership Benefits? 

    Customers that upgrade to the Executive Membership may not get an extra hour of shopping time due to changes in business policy, but there are other benefits! These members receive the following: Additional Service Savings—With these amazing discounts for Executive Members, you may save on services that will help you take care of your automobile, home, and business requirements. Discounts on services such as vehicle servicing and insurance, real estate programs to fund your buy or sale, and mortgage loans are examples of these.

    Promotions at low pricing are available just for you.

    Two percent Cash Back—One of the finest features of this card is the ability to earn Cash back on purchases. The extra $60 per year will be applied to this tier, and you must spend a minimum of $3000 each year.

    For more information about Costco, you can read our articles on What To Do When You Forgot Costco Card, How Much Is Plan B At Costco and Is Costco Gas Good.

    In Conclusion

    If you’re a Costco member and live in the area, then here are your hours to get a membership.

    Although the Costco executive membership hours are not available now, Costco does have other offers; you’ll be able to see all of the different deals that we have going on now!

    Thank you for reading, and we will see you soon!

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