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    Buzz Lightyear

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    Buzz Lightyear

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    This article is about the character. For the film, see Lightyear (film).


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    Buzz Lightyear character

    First appearance (1995)

    Created by John Lasseter Andrew Stanton Pete Docter Joe Ranft Voiced by

    Tim Allen (films, , , )

    Patrick Warburton ()

    Javier Fernández-Peña (Spanish Buzz in and )

    Teddy Newton (mini counterpart in )

    Pat Fraley (, few video games)[1][2]

    Mike MacRae (video games)[3]

    Chris Evans ()

    In-universe information

    Species Action figure ( and its sequels)

    Human () Gender Male Title Space ranger

    Occupation Toy (in the films)

    Space ranger (in the TV series and 2022 film)

    Family Emperor Zurg (father; in-universe backstory)

    Significant other Jessie

    Buzz Lightyear is a fictional character in the franchise created by Disney and Pixar voiced by Tim Allen. He is a sentient toy action figure based on the in-universe film and television franchise Buzz Lightyear of Star Command , a "Space Ranger" superhero. Along with his friend, Sheriff Woody, he is one of the two main characters in all four of the animated films. In (1995), unlike most other toys, Buzz initially believes himself to be the "real" Buzz Lightyear, and comes to terms with actually being a toy; in (1999), Buzz encounters other Buzz Lightyear action figures from the toyline who similarly believe themselves to be real, including one of the fictional character's in-universe archenemy and father: Emperor Zurg; in (2010), set ten years later, Buzz explores a romance with cowgirl figure Jessie, while his Spanish mode is also uncovered; while in (2019), Buzz finds his inner voice/his voice box and bids farewell to Woody as he leaves to be with Bo Peep.

    The in-universe Buzz Lightyear, Space Ranger fictional character whom the toy Buzz is based on also appears in the 2000 direct-to-video film , and subsequent spin-off television series , voiced respectively by Allen and Patrick Warburton. Chris Evans voiced this version of the character in the 2022 spin-off film , presented as an in-universe film the characters in would watch (as previously depicted in the opening scene of ) exploring their origin story.


    1 Conception and creation

    2 Appearances

    2.1 Buzz Lightyear, Toy

    2.1.1 (1995) 2.1.2 2.1.3 2.1.4

    2.2 Buzz Lightyear, Space Ranger

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    3 Merchandise

    4 Reception and legacy

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    Conception and creation[edit]

    Buzz Lightyear's name was in honor of Apollo 11 astronaut Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin, the second person to walk on the Moon. According to Pixar producers, the character was provisionally named Lunar Larry, but it sounded "too wacky", so while trying to rechristen him "we went through some space terms and the word came up, and the coolest astronaut name was Buzz Aldrin."[4] Aldrin acknowledged the tribute when he pulled a Buzz Lightyear toy out during a speech at NASA, to rapturous cheers.[] A clip of this can be found on the 10th Anniversary DVD. Aldrin did not, however, receive any endorsement fees for the use of his nickname.[5]

    Regarding the design of Lightyear, director John Lasseter said he wanted to create an action figure in the line of G.I. Joe for the film and decided upon a spaceman figure.[6] Lasseter attributes his design to the influence of Apollo astronauts, in particular, their clear helmets, skullcaps, communication devices, and white suits.[7]

    The purple and fluorescent green color scheme were the favorite colors of Lasseter and his wife's respectively. The looks of television actor Ed Kemmer are also believed to be a prototype for Lightyear. Kemmer played Commander Buzz Corry in , one of the first science-fiction series on American television.[8]

    Originally, when a screen test was being made, producers wanted Buzz to be voiced by Billy Crystal. He turned the role down, and after seeing the first film, he said that turning it down was “the biggest mistake of his career”.


    Source : en.wikipedia.org

    Buzz Lightyear

    For the alternate universe counterpart, please see Buzz Lightyear (alternate universe). For his child-clone counterpart, please see Zzub. For his elder future counterpart, please see Buzz Lightyear (future). Buzz Lightyear is Star Command's most prolific Space Ranger, having the reputation of...

    in: Characters, Humans, Space Rangers

    Buzz Lightyear

    11 VIEW SOURCE Buzz Lightyear

    Biographical Information

    Full name Buzz LightyearSpecies HumanBirthplace Morph[1]Residence Capital PlanetOccupation Space Ranger (captain)

    Physical Description

    Gender MaleHair color Blue[2]Eye color BlackSkin color Light-skinned


    Relatives Nana Lightyear (grandmother)Affiliation Star Command

    Production Details

    First appearance The Adventure BeginsLast appearance 42Voiced by Patrick Warburton

    Tim Allen ()

    “To infinity and beyond!” — Buzz's catchphrase.

    Buzz Lightyear is Star Command's most prolific Space Ranger, having the reputation of always triumphing over evil. He is the leader of Team Lightyear, alongside rookies Mira, Booster, and XR.


    1 Physical Appearance

    2 History 2.1 Early Life

    2.2 Academy Years and Quitting Star Command

    2.3 Being a Space Ranger

    2.4 Present 3 Personality 4 Abilities 5 Quotes

    5.1 The Plasma Monster

    5.2 Lone Wolf 6 Trivia 7 Appearances 7.1 Episodes 7.2 Books 7.3 Comics 7.4 Video Games 8 References

    Physical Appearance

    Buzz in His Regular-Half-Armor Appearance

    Buzz is a well-built, muscular human somewhere in his early or mid-forties.[3][4] He sports a broad chest and large feet, but also possesses a larger-than-average chin topped off with a characteristic swirl.[5] He has large, round eyes that appear black in the series as opposed to the blue eyes of his counterpart.[6] Even when out of uniform, Buzz is never seen without his trademark purple head cowl, leaving one to question as to whether or not he has any hair.


    Early Life


    Buzz Lightyear describing his childhood. from Stress Test

    Little is known about Buzz's childhood besides the fact that he was born on the planet Morph, located in the Gamma Quadrant of Sector 4.[1] He grew up hearing all about Star Command and always wanted to be a Space Ranger. He was most likely raised by his grandmother, Nana Lightyear, seeing as she is the only relative he has ever mentioned, never hearing of his mother or father.

    Buzz also had an obsession with weapon-based toys as a child. For his sixth birthday, he asked Nana Lightyear for a Ranger-X Big Blue Rocket that shot real flames, but received socks instead, which he never really got over.[7] When he was nine, he wanted a Retro Rocket Racer with real flashing lights (and a working laser), and when he didn't get it for The Holiday, he stopped believing in Santa Claus. The reason he never received the gift from Santa was because he had somehow gotten hold of a blaster and injured his cat Fluffy, proving that he was irresponsible with such toys.[8]

    It is unknown when he became a Junior Space Ranger signed up for the Space Ranger Academy, but at one point when he was twelve years old, he skipped out on a meeting.[9]

    Academy Years and Quitting Star Command

    However, Buzz eventually matured and learned to be responsible about such things. During his training at the academy, alongside Warp Darkmatter and Ty Parsec, he studied long hours and underwent rigorous training, slowly becoming the Space Ranger he would come to be known as today.[3] He managed to finish first in his class and was eager to set off and get a taste of how Space Rangers operated. However, his enthusiasm in pursuing criminals proved to be too overzealous, forgetting how the court system could be used against him for his "over-the-line" conduct in arrests. Without the proper evidence, the criminal he had bagged in "Lone Wolf" was allowed to walk free and Buzz was faced with disciplinary charges over blowing up half of Alliance Plaza.

    This led Buzz to become embittered by the justice system and he decided to quit Star Command and the life of a Space Ranger. He let the road take him wherever it would and ended up traveling all the way to the edge of the Galactic Fringe. On a lone planet, he crash-landed on an arcadium gas farmstead and met Myka and his mother Zoey, who sheltered him during his stay. He also encountered Vartkes, an overbearing gas baron who was causing trouble for the gas harvesters through deceptive means and violence. He helped Myka and Zoey handle Vartkes and rediscovered what it meant to be a Space Ranger, learning that a Space Ranger never gives up on what he or she believes in. Now, more than ever, was he determined to do the right thing, even if that meant adhering to the justice system. After arresting Vartkes and his punk-goons, he returned to Star Command.

    Being a Space Ranger

    Over the years, Buzz became famous for his daring tactics and good results, becoming a household name and the hero of young children everywhere. He was so good at being a Space Ranger that he even wrote half of the Space Ranger Mission Manual, though at what point in his career he did so is never revealed. Nevertheless, he had a lot of adventures throughout the years. When exactly he acquired Warp Darkmatter as a partner is also unclear, but judging by the lack of Warp's presence in "Lone Wolf" it is safe to say that it was after Buzz's encounter with Vartkes and perhaps even after most of Buzz's adventures with Ty Parsec seeing as he is never mentioned in them.

    Source : blosc.fandom.com

    Buzz Lightyear of Star Command Was the Space Ranger’s First Solo Mission

    Buzz Lightyear's first solo adventure was an early 2000s TV series called Buzz Lightyear of Star Command

    'Buzz Lightyear of Star Command' Was the Space Ranger’s First Solo Mission



    Before Lightyear, Buzz adventured across the galaxy with another rag-tag group of Star Command misfits.

    @[email protected]#=img=#

    Out of all the characters made popular by the Toy Story films, there's none more exciting, more daring, or more full of potential than Buzz Lightyear himself. Originally played by Tim Allen, the iconic space ranger became a staple of every kid's childhood in a way that Woody never really could. Of course, Disney saw this almost immediately and capitalized on the character's popularity... and no, we're not talking about Pixar's latest sci-fi endeavor Lightyear, which follows Chris Evans' Buzz in an all-new origin story. Rather, much like how Star Wars has two different versions of The Clone Wars, Disney/Pixar have given us two different solo interpretations of the Star Command legend. While the Toy Story sequels struggled to figure out what to do with Buzz, his first solo venture - Buzz Lightyear of Star Command - made him into an action hero we could all grow to love.


    Buzz Lightyear of Star Command began with a direct-to-video 2D animated feature film called Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins (later expanded into a three-part pilot for the series) which told the never-before-seen origin of the space ranger. As it turns out, Buzz (played first by Tim Allen, then Patrick Warburton) hates the Evil Emperor Zurg (Wayne Knight) not because he's his father - sorry Toy Story 2 - but because he was responsible for the apparent death of his former partner, Warp Darkmatter (Diedrich Bader). Though, if his name didn't give it away, it would soon be revealed that Warp is actually the double agent who has been working for Zurg the entire time. After Darkmatter's betrayal, Buzz teamed up with a group of Star Command rookies, including the phasing Princess Mira Nova (Nichole Sullivan), the bumbling janitor-turned-ranger Booster (Stephen Furst), and the tricked-out robot known as XR (first Larry Miller, later Neil Flynn).

    While Lightyear promises a single Buzz Lightyear adventure, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command produced a new one every week, each of them as exciting as the last. With recurring villains, various plot threads, and an ever-expanding universe to explore, Star Command was everything you could ask for in a Buzz Lightyear spin-off, and kids in the early 2000s ate it up. Who wouldn't want to watch a sci-fi series about your favorite toy? And Disney knew it too; in fact, they counted on it. Unlike the countless cash grabs and spin-offs that hope to capitalize on our favorite films, characters, or stories, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command took the basic space ranger premise and truly made it its own. With completely original characters and stories that had no connection to the Toy Story universe, Star Command went above infinity and beyond what fans of the original Disney/Pixar film could have dreamed.

    As the series progressed, Buzz's rag-tag group of galactic misfits traveled the universe, facing off against a robotic energy vampire (called NOS-4-A2, by the way), a gravity-manipulating seductress, a multiplying bounty hunter, various evil counterparts, and the Evil Emperor Zurg himself. With 62 episodes worth of exciting stories, the series managed to make Buzz a bit more compelling and gave him more to do than ever. Although he remained an incredibly consistent character throughout Star Command, the space ranger still learned a few lessons in teamwork, humility, and responsibility along the way - all while imparting the same wisdom to both his partners and the weekly audience. If Buzz Lightyear of Star Command proved anything, it's that the titular character could easily hold his own, and was a lot more engaging than the Toy Story films might've led you to believe.

    Truthfully, without this series, a film like Lightyear might have never been considered. If the Toy Story movies introduced us to the space ranger, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command made him arguably even more popular. The 1989 Batman movie re-invented the Dark Knight for an entirely new audience; yet it was Batman: The Animated Series that propelled the vigilante as a cultural icon through the 1990s. Star Command did the same for Buzz Lightyear. Now, some of you might think this is a bit of an overstatement, that this short-lived animated series couldn't have had that kind of impact on Buzz Lightyear, that the Toy Story movies did enough to make him an iconic hero. Yet, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command was immensely popular. With a successful toy line (which included Happy Meal toys as well as action figures, accessories, and apparel), a 3D video game, and an original direct-to-video feature, the series also aired regularly on the UPN, Disney Channel, and eventually Toon Disney throughout the decade, even winning a Daytime Emmy for Sound Editing.


    'Lightyear' Cast And Character Guide: Who's Who In The Toy Story Spin-Off

    Source : collider.com

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