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    what is the likelihood of drowning for paddlers in small boats


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    Paddlers Are at Risk

    Paddlers Are at Risk

    Traveling down a river or across a lake in a small boat can be an enjoyable and safe activity. But, according to statistics, people in small boats, such as canoes, kayaks, and rafts, are more than twice as likely to drown as individuals operating larger vessels. This higher rate of fatalities can be attributed to two factors.

    Paddlers and others in small boats don’t consider themselves “boaters” and fail to follow the same safe practices as other vessel operators.

    Many who use small boats don’t have the skills or knowledge they need to operate their small, unstable craft safely. They may be unaware of hazards unique to small boats or don’t follow proper safety procedures when encountering them.

    Boater’s Tip

    Increase Your Safety and Fun With Paddling Instruction

    Paddling a small craft is a skill best learned through hands-on training. Formal paddling instruction teaches you how to:

    Balance and stabilize your craft.

    Paddle efficiently.

    Exit and enter your craft on the water.

    Perform rescue and recovery.

    Source : www.boat-ed.com

    What Is the Likelihood of Drowning for Paddlers in Small Boats?

    Stay safe while you enjoy paddling on kayaks by reading “what is the likelihood of drowning for paddlers in small boats?”

    What Is the Likelihood of Drowning for Paddlers in Small Boats?

    June 2, 2022 by Anthony Roberts

    Enjoying boating experiences using small boats like canoes or kayaking is such a joyful yet exciting activity for those in love with watersports. Paddling across lakes and rivers will help you to savor the beauty of nature and relax after hours of work.

    Even though this hobby is extremely popular among tourists, there are still many risks and threats while paddling. Hence, understanding the answer for “what is the likelihood of drowning for paddlers in small boats?” is important as it may increase the possibility of paddlers being alive in the case of boating accidents.

    If you are looking for an article that explains this question thoroughly with real statistics, this is perfect for you. In this post, we will compile potential causes of drowning for paddlers who travel on small vessels, as well as provide numbers of related accidents under these categories:

    Real statistics and cases of drowning among paddlers on small boats

    Causes of drowning among paddlers

    How to reduce the risk of encountering accidents while paddling

    Also, other safety tips for paddlers will also be highlighted throughout the article to help paddlers memorize this knowledge easier and stay safe. Continue reading to learn more!

    Table of Contents [hide]

    Real Statistics and Cases of Drowning Among Paddlers on Small Boats

    Causes of Drowning Among Paddlers

    How to Reduce the Risk of Encountering Accidents While Paddling


    Real Statistics and Cases of Drowning Among Paddlers on Small Boats

    When paddling with small boats, you are twice as likely to drown, compared to those who travel by larger outboard motor vessels. In fact, according to the US Coast Guard statistics published in 2020, 45% of total boating accidents are reported to involve small paddle boats.

    Surprisingly, 75% of deaths caused by small-boat incidents are the result of drowning. These numbers unexpectedly turn to paddle into such a dangerous activity. To be more specific, it is calculated that 20% of total deaths involve paddlers. Meanwhile, personal watercraft, kayaks, canoes and rowboats account for 31% of all boating-related fatalities.

    With these shocking statistics, some boaters may immediately conclude that paddling on small-boats isn’t worth trying. Still, there are potential causes that significantly raise the probability of being in accidents and drowning. Let’s have a look at them in the next part!

    Causes of Drowning Among Paddlers

    According to USCG research, the leading causes of boating-related mishaps include lack of attention, alcohol usage, and infractions of boating rules. Nevertheless, there is a difference when it comes to boating fatalities.

    Regarding fatal boating accidents, the most important factor is boat size; the majority feature small boats. This happens because smaller boats have more difficulties in maintaining stability when going on the sea. This is exacerbated whenever the water is turbulent.

    The other primary cause of death is paddling. One in every five boating fatalities relates to paddling at the time of the collision. This is because paddling causes extra instability and irregularity, which magnifies the already significant potential of small-boat incidents.

    Paddling is susceptible to human mistakes since it relies on a person’s understanding and expertise. Unfortunately, a minor error can lead to a major accident with a tiny boat, which typically leads to death.

    How to Reduce the Risk of Encountering Accidents While Paddling

    Even though paddling with small boats is likely to be more dangerous than traveling on big vessels, it doesn’t mean that you should completely stay away from this interesting activity. Don’t let their threats prevent you from enjoying the waves and the beauty of nature.

    Hence, having crucial knowledge and skills on how to minimize the risks of drowning while paddling is very important. These tips below will provide you with some of the ways to stay safe in the case of drowning, therefore please follow them thoroughly:

    Always wear a PFD or keep enough floating gear nearby. The use of a life vest is required by law in several places.

    Never go paddling by yourself. In case of difficulties, it is advisable to paddle with a companion or small group. To begin with, practice using your boat in shallow water with guidance to strengthen your skills.

    Make sure your boat is appropriate for your size, and don’t overweight it, since this might cause it to become unstable and capsize.

    Before venturing out on the lake, check the weather forecast. Make certain that you are adequately prepared for a shift in weather.

    For more information, check out this video:


    Paddling in small vessels may still be a pleasurable and risk-free hobby. It’s simply that while people participate in these activities on their own, they tend to be risky. Just consider safety as your priority at all times so we can maintain sailing enjoyable and safe.

    We hope the information provided will help paddlers to stay safe and have fun with their small boats. Did you enjoy the article on what is the likelihood of drowning for paddlers in small boats? Do you want to add anything else? Please let me know and leave a comment below.

    Source : www.ridetheducksofseattle.com

    What is the likelihood of drowning for paddlers in small boats (such as canoes, kayaks, and rafts?

    Answer:Paddlers are more than twice as likely to drownExplanation:

    05/16/2017 Business High School

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    What is the likelihood of drowning for paddlers in small boats (such as canoes, kayaks, and rafts? (compare paddlers to other boaters?

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