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    what happens in stranger things season 4 volume 2


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    'Stranger Things' Season 4 Part 2 Ending, Explained

    After a finale with major character twists and deaths, here's a breakdown of what happened and what it means for Max, Vecna, Hawkins, and Season 5.

    The Ultimate Stranger Things Season 4, Volume 2 Finale Breakdown

    Let's talk about who lives, who dies—and the fate of Hawkins as we know it.

    By Brady Langmann Jul 1, 2022

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    This story contains spoilers for Season Four, Volume Two of Stranger Things.

    Can I make a deal with God to go to sleep for the next 48 hours? Holy hell. Raise your hand if you thought Volume Two of Stranger Things would look like it had the production budget of Godzilla vs. Kong, have the guts to have Vecna mutilate one of our favorite characters, and force a friend of mine—definitely not me—to restock on tissues the morning after. Sure, Volume One bottled up and injected new life into the series (it needed to after Season Three didn't quite meet fans' hopes). Volume Two? It not only managed to thrillingly reframe Stranger Things as we knew it, but the final moments of Episode Nine set up a fifth and final season that will surely generate wild hype until the very second we're able to press play. Maybe we're all getting ahead of ourselves. We have a finale to recap, don't we?


    RIP Eddie—and Max, For a Terrifying Minute

    First of all, let's give it up for Joseph Quinn, who imbued Eddie Munson with an astounding level of heart, one that few new characters entering an established show like Stranger Things are able to pull off. In Volume Two, he becomes the rocking 'n rolling embodiment of Stranger Things's motivating question: What does it actually mean to be a nerd? An other? In Eddie, at least, we learn that nerdom means living a life that is true to you and only you—and sticking by that even when staring into the face of literal hell. We see a similar lesson play out with Lucas this season, who learns that he's most himself when he's alongside his loveably loser-y friends. With a metal as hell rendition of Metallica's "Master of Puppets," Eddie gets his hero moment. We'll miss you, dude.

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    Now, what to do about Max? Eleven managed to save her midway through Vecna's horrifying death ritual, and bring her back to life after her heart stopped. Before Max (temporarily) dies, she says she can't see or feel anything. Eleven isn't able to find Max through mind-travel, either. You have to wonder if she'll end up like Robert Englund's Victor Creel, who lost his eyesight permanently after facing his son. But there might be something more to surviving a scuffle with Vecna. Scroll down to the very bottom of this breakdown if you want a couple theories about Max.

    Metal, dude. NETFLIX


    Upside Down, B.C.

    You thought the Henry-is-One-But-Also-Vecna twist was the ace up Stranger Things's sleeve this season? Well, how did you feel during the reveal that Vecna created the Upside Down? (But he also has godlike powers to create evil, sentient life?!) In a flashback sequence during Episode Nine's final battle, Vecna says that the Upside Down was a sort of formless, directionless wasteland when he showed up. But Vecna also quips that he saw a ton of curiosities while journeying this place, a la the Demodogs. Eventually, we're led to believe that he formed the Upside Down as we know it, right down to the Mind Flayer. In short? It's been Vecna the whole time.

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    While the twist firmly locks the show's past, present, and future into thrilling coherence⁠—we're left with a few questions. What exactly is the place Henry first found? Simply an alternate dimension? How and why were Demodogs already there? Do the abilities of the Hawkins Lab students have any limits? This is all fodder for Season Five. But Stranger Things is much, much better off for firmly setting up and positioning Vecna as its endgame villain.

    The Russia of It All

    The corner of this Stranger Things season reserved for Hopper's prison escape had its moments, sure. The bromance between Hopper and Dmitri. Brett Gelman's Murray cracking us up. Picking up where Joyce and Hopper's actual romance left off. But the stakes in Russia never felt nearly as high as the drama in Hawkins, where the fate of, you know, the entire planet is at stake. Of course, all of the adults make it back home safely. But the mystery of why Russia is so juiced about harnessing the power of the Upside Down isn't quite yet clear. Are we just supposed to understand that interdimensional (it's a word, at least for today) doors are scattered around the world, so chaos could reign at any point? After seeing where Henry/One/Vecna's story ended up—but how long it actually took to reach the payoff—I have little doubt that this plot thread is leading somewhere important.


    Stranger Things: Endgame

    Let's talk about the final shot. A large contingent of the Stranger Things gang looks over a hill of flowers, decaying from the intrusion of Upside Down, and sees something that scares them shitless. Hawkins is an absolute disaster site: the ground is cracking and breaking, grey clouds are swirling overhead, the plebes in the town are questioning whether or not they actually know what an earthquake is. Suddenly, we finally know the endgame of Stranger Things. Season Five will see our friends do everything they can to track down and kill Vecna, before he's able to recover and lead a full-on takeover of Earth.

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    Stranger Things season 4 volume 2 ending explained – Who died?

    Stranger Things season 4 volume 2 ending explained – Who died in the finale? And how does this episode set up season 5?

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    Stranger Things season 4 volume 2 ending explained – Who died?

    Anyone but that! BY DAVID OPIE 1 JUL 2022

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    Stranger Things season 4 volume 2 spoilers follow.

    It feels like we've been running up that hill forever at this point, but finally, after nine mammoth-sized episodes, not to mention that three-year wait, the fourth season of Stranger Things has come to an end.

    And lawd, have these kids been busy.

    If you're looking for a recap of what happened in volume 1, along with the three seasons that came before it, then we've got you covered with this handy timeline breakdown right here.


    But what happened in volume two? How will this set up the final season of Stranger Things? And most importantly of all, who snuffed it at the end of season four? Grab some Eggo's — and some tissues — as we explore how volume two has changed the game for Hawkins.

    Stranger Things season 4 vol 2 ending explained – Who died?


    In a bold – and rare – move for Stranger Things, the final episode of season four opened with the promise of some sexy time between Joyce and Hopper. But that was unfortunately cut short by a phone call that revealed things aren't looking too great back in Hawkins right now.

    It's a fairly pointless reveal given that we've been following the kids all this time, so all it really does is highlight how pointless the Russian storyline has been in general. And because of that, references to Hopper's arc are going to be few and far between from here on out. Sorry, Daddy Harbs.

    So anyway, the gang are all geared up ready to carry out their plan, but Eleven is afraid they're all going to die without her help. Thankfully, a random billboard reminds her that she can project her mind across the country and protect Max from Vecna's grasp by going directly into her brain from afar.

    Cue some adorable pineapple pizza shenanigans and heartfelt exchanges between both Steve/Nancy (Stancy), and Will/Jonathan (Wollathon). Yes, of course Nancy plays a big role in Steve's dreams for the future, and obviously, Jonathan knows Will is gay, and yes, this is indeed making us fear for all their lives in the coming battle.


    The Boys and Stranger Things share same problem

    Meanwhile, Max tries to lure Veccie's mind out into the open for a brain feast while the others sneak up on his actual body to try and kill him in the real world. To do this, Max opens up about Billy's death, and how she actually wanted it to happen, via a gut-wrenching monologue from Sadie Sink.

    Cue applause from all of our collective sofas and a knowing nod from Emmy voters watching back home. Because let's face it: Sadie really is the best thing about this show.

    Lucas freaks out at Max's big moment – except it's not really him, of course. That's Number One taking the boy's form inside Max's mind. Or Ms Vecna, if you're nasty.

    At this point, Eddie decides to throw a rock concert that should distract the demobats long enough for their plan to work, because lord knows how much bats hate amateur high-school metal. However, things take a turn when those Riverdale jocks show up to chase Erica and confront Lucas in the attic.



    Speaking of Riverdale, AKA the best CW show, Max retreats into happy high school memories like the prom in order to escape Vecna's darkness. But then the balloons start to explode blood all over the nice decor, and Eleven can't do anything except watch all this unfold from a distance.

    Things aren't looking too good for everyone else, either. Lucas looks down the barrel of a gun pointed at his face as Robin's group get choked out by some tentacles. Eddie's rock concert fails too, falling flatter than Will's bowl cut, so he bikes off in an attempt to draw the demobats away from Dustin.

    Oh, and there's some Russia stuff, as well.

    After toying with Max for a bit, Vecna decides to go ahead and do his limb-popping schtick, but Eleven finds the strength to push him back, just in time. Cue Millie Bobby Brown's best line in the entire franchise: "I piggybacked from a pizza dough freezer."

    Emmy voters, take note. Again.


    Where you've seen the Stranger Things cast before

    But there's no time to celebrate, because Vecna quickly gains the upper hand by throwing Eleven into his sparsely-decorated realm. "Before I kill you, I want you to watch," says Henry, because he's evil like that. But El has a trick up her sleeve.

    "Papa is dead," shouts Eleven. "I know what he did to you. You were different, like me, and he hurt you. He made you into this. He is the monster, Henry, not you. Not you."

    Cute, right? But Vecna's humanity melted away long before his skin did. "He did not make me into this," says The Man Formerly Known As Henry. "You did."

    And with that, Vecna explains how Eleven banishing him to the Upside Down actually worked out pretty well for him.

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    Stranger Things Season 4 Ending Explained (In Detail)

    Stranger Things season 4, volume 2 came to an epic conclusion with major reveals that will change Hawkins forever. Here's the ending explained.

    Stranger Things Season 4 Ending Explained (In Detail)

    Stranger Things season 4, volume 2 came to an epic conclusion with major reveals that will change Hawkins forever. Here's the ending explained.



    @[email protected]#=img=#

    Warning: Contains SPOILERS for the Stranger Things season 4 finale.

    The Stranger Things season 4, volume 2 ending is an explosive one that has major setup for season 5. The stakes have been higher than ever in Stranger Things season 4, with the introduction of Vecna - a terrifying monster eventually revealed to be Dr. Brenner's Number One. Vecna possesses all Eleven's powers, and he's been using them to commit murders from the Upside Down; each death tore open a small Gate.

    Netflix divided Stranger Things season 4 into two sections. Although volume 2 contains only two episodes, they're the longest yet, with the final episode running for a mammoth 2 hours and 19 minutes. This sees all the heroes of Hawkins play their part, with Max putting herself in grave danger to draw Vecna into a trap. It would have backfired badly if not for unexpected, long-range psychic backup from Eleven, who engaged Vecna in a psychic duel. Meanwhile, in Russia, Hopper and Joyce did their best to run interference for their families by causing yet more damage to the hive mind.


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    Of Course Eddie's Upside Down Song Was Perfect!

    Stranger Things season 4 has the darkest edge yet, but - in spite of warnings from the Duffer brothers - there actually aren't that many fatalities. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean the various heroes of Hawkins emerge triumphant. Stranger Things season 4, volume 2 ends with the revelation they won a Pyrrhic victory - and Hawkins is paying the price for it. Here are all the reveals.

    Vecna Created The Mind-Flayer: Upside Down Reveal Explained

    @[email protected]#=img=#

    The Stranger Things season 4, volume 2 ending reveals Vecna has been the show's villain all along. Vecna presents another flashback, revealing he swiftly came to realize the Upside Down was no purgatory; rather, it was a dimension untouched by human beings. At first he became an explorer, wandering the Upside Down, reveling in a realm that had been untouched by humanity. Finally, Henry stumbled upon a mysterious cloud of particles, from which Vecna formed the Mind-Flayer. These particles appear to be the basis of the hive mind, because anything that ingests them becomes caught up in it. This is clearly a retcon, but it actually fits rather well with Stranger Things season 2. There, Will - who'd fallen under the influence of the hive mind - was freed from the Mind-Flayer's influence using extreme heat. The supposed "virus" ultimately manifested as a stream of particles blasting out of Will's body into the night sky.

    It's amusing to note that Vecna appears ignorant of his own nature. His complaint against humanity is that people have imposed structure on the physical world; and yet, for all that's the case, when Vecna entered the Upside Down he decided to impose his own, even stricter, order by creating an all-consuming hive mind. All the best villains have a degree of hypocrisy to them, a flaw to their philosophy that they are personally unaware of, and Vecna is no exception.

    How Is Vecna Still Alive? How Can He Be Killed?

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    Vecna takes a phenomenal amount of damage in Stranger Things season 4, volume 2's ending. Eleven successfully beats him back in yet another psychic duel, while Nancy, Steve, and Robin attack his body with Molotov cocktails and a sawn-off shotgun. Vecna's badly-injured body falls through the window to the ground, a fall that should have been fatal - but, incredibly, his body had disappeared by the time the trio rushed down the stairs. Vecna's body and mind are clearly resilient, but it's reasonable to assume his escape was assisted by creatures from the Upside Down he controls.


    Vecna's Powers May Explain Stranger Things' Two Kali Plot Holes

    What Happens To Hawkins At The End Of Stranger Things 4

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    Unfortunately the victory was too late, because Vecna succeeded in killing Max. The earthquakes in the Upside Down were clearly a result of dimensional instability, with the Upside Down - which appears to be some sort of naturally-occurring pocket dimension - drawn every closer to the real world by the creation of successive gates. An earthquake of over 7 on the Richter scale strikes Hawkins at the moment of Max's death, signifying the final shift, with fissures opening across the town. The Upside Down invasion of Hawkins seems to have been postponed by Vecna's injuries, or perhaps by Eleven's interference in Max's death, but it finally takes place two days later. Plumes of Upside Down ash rise from the ground, settling across the area around Hawkins. Eleven looks out at an apocalyptic vision, as Hell really does seem to have come to town.

    Curiously enough, all this is in keeping with the original series Bible for the hit Netflix show, back when Stranger Things was called Montauk. That hinted at events consuming an entire town:

    "Over the course of the series, the 'tear' or 'rip' that separates their world from ours will begin to spread across Montauk like a supernatural cancer. This cancer will manifest itself in increasingly bizarre paranormal ways. Electrical fields will be disrupted. Strange fungi will grow on structures and people. A heavy fog will drift in from the Atlantic. The temperature will plummet. Food will rot. Gravity will fluctuate. People will glimpse bizarre entities in their homes and businesses. There will be an escalating number of 'vanishings.' The entire town will become 'haunted' -- and in grave danger. If people can disappear... can an entire town?"

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