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    what happens at the end of stranger things season 4


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    Stranger Things season 4 ending explained: Deaths and heroes

    Stranger Things season 4 volume 2: Find our who died, who survived and how the ending set up season 5’s final showdown with the Upside Down.

    Stranger Things season 4 ending explained: Is Vecna really dead? Is Max still alive? Is there any justice for Eddie? And is the Upside Down taking over Hawkins?

    Stranger Things season 4 ending explained: Is Vecna really dead? Is Max still alive? Is there any justice for Eddie? And is the Upside Down taking over Hawkins? Stranger Things season 4 volume 2 had heartbreaking deaths, heart-swelling heroes, and lots of questions for season 5. Here's what happened - and a few moments you might have missed.

    By Alex Fletcher Updated: 1 July 2022 - 2.22pm

    Drama Netflix Sci-fi


    The final two episodes in Stranger Thing's season 4 were the most bitchin’ in the show’s history.

    Clocking in at nearly four hours, the epic finale managed to tie together dramatic showdowns in Russia, Hawkins and a Surfer Boy Pizza parlour(!?) as all our heroes came together to battle Vecna, Demo-dogs, Demogorgons, Demo-Bats, Upside Down spooky shadows and even some irritating high school jocks.

    In the end, the good guys won… for now. But we lost some heroes along the way and others were left injured and fighting for their lives.

    The two-and-a-half-hour final episode Piggyback along had metal guitar thrashing, brutal fights and heartbreak as it left us a blubbering mess on at least three occasions.

    But if you were left confused or have questions about the ending, here's what you need to know about season 4 and how it leaves the door (three inches) open for season 5.

    *WARNING: Season 4 Spoilers ahead*Stranger Things season 4 reviewStranger Things season 4: Meet the cast

    Who died in the Stranger Things season 4 finale?

    Netflix Eddie. Not Eddie!

    Most fans had predicted Hellfire’s Eddie Munson wouldn’t make it out of season 4 alive, following on the show’s tradition of bumping off a guest star (Barb! Bob! Alexi!) every season. But after falling in love with the goofy, D&D-loving metalhead in Volume 1, we all prayed and hoped that we were wrong.

    After spending most of Volume 1 on the run and hiding out from the Hawkins jocks, Eddie decided it was time for him to play the hero.

    Steve warned Eddie and Dustin to look after themselves, but after the most awesome guitar-shredding action in the Upside Down, Eddie decided it was his time to stand up and fight.

    Eddie slayed Metallica classic Master of Puppets to attract the attention of the Demo-bats and give the others enough time to destroy Vecna. And rather than escape with Dustin back into Hawkins, Eddie continued the fight with the Demo-bats until he was ultimately killed.

    Our hearts broke for Eddie. Our hearts broke for Dustin. And in one of the final scenes, our hearts broke for Eddie’s dad, who wept for his son.

    And worst of all, in Hawkins, Eddie is still being blamed for the deaths of Chrissy and the Hawkins teenagers. Justice for Eddie!


    He wasn’t the only character to fall in Volume 2. Matthew Modine’s Dr Brenner, who has been like a cat with nine lives, finally ran out of luck when he was shot down by the military as he tried to escape with Eleven.

    Eleven couldn’t forgive ‘Papa’ for what he did to her in Hawkins Labs and said that she now realised that he was the monster, not her. The writers didn’t make Brenner an outright villain of the piece, but the flickers in his eyes as he rewatched her take down 001 and his unwillingness to let Eleven go, showed that he was a man who had become obsessed with the power and potential of the people he experimented on.

    And Jason the basketball jock also got killed by the Upside Down ripping into Hawkins. But we don’t care about him after that epic brawl with Lucas.

    How did Eleven save Max?


    There wasn’t any way for Eleven and the California gang to get to Hawkins in time to stop Max offering herself up as bait to Vecna. So instead she used her powers to move into the mind of Max and fight Vecna within her friend’s memories.

    All she needed to do that was a pizza freezer and a ton of salt. Time to stand up, Argyle! And if the Duffer brothers even dare to try killing off our favourite West Coast stoner in season 5, we’ll be having serious words.

    When she ‘piggybacked’ into Max’s mind, Eleven was able to take on Vecna and initially had the upper hand over her nemesis. But 001 appeared more than happy to be reunited with his old enemy and pinned Eleven up to watch as he killed off all her friends.

    Only when Mike began to communicate with Eleven about his true feelings was Eleven strong enough to break free and battle Vecna. At the same moment, Hopper and Murray were frying up the Demo-dogs, shadows and demogorgons in Russia, which weakened Vecna and allowed Robin, Steve and Nancy to get a shot at Vecna in the Upside Down.

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    Stranger Things Season 4 Ending Explained

    Here's what happened at the end of the very long season.

    Stranger Things Season 4 Ending Explained

    Here's what happened at the end of the very long season.

    By Mat Elfring on July 1, 2022 at 10:53AM PDT


    On July 1, Volume 2 of Stranger Things Season 4 was released. While it was only two episodes long, it clocked in at four hours, with the finale coming in at nearly two and a half hours. A lot happened towards the end, and it may be a bit tough to piece together everything that happened. Don't worry, we're here to explain it all.

    Warning: Spoilers for the end of Season 4 of Stranger Things below.

    While Volume 1 wrapped up with an expositional drop about who Vecna is and was, the season finale explains a little bit more about the character and the creation of the Upside Down to what we know it as today.

    Vecna in the Upside Down

    When Eleven sent Vecna to the Upside Down, it wasn't the place we know it is now. It was a parallel world, with floating islands, and yes, the Demogorgons were there, but no one was controlling them. Vecna explained he became an explorer of this realm, and what changed everything for him was finding a way to become the "predator [he] was always meant to be." This meant learning to control the Mind Flayer. He explains that it was always him behind the monsters.

    However, while these monsters always existed in the Upside Down, Vecna knew they were there--as he drew pictures of them as a child. He just needed someone to open up the door to let him in--and that person was Eleven. Vecna found a way to open his own doors though.

    Vecna explains this all to Eleven, also telling her that there's no way to stop it. Vecna plans on burning Hawkins and the world to the ground, and reshaping the world to something "beautiful" as he puts it.

    Eleven fights back with her powers inside Vecna's mind, where all of this exposition has been happening. Inside the Upside Down, Nancy, Steve, and Robin light Vecna on fire with a couple of molotov cocktails, and Robin blasts him with a shotgun. However, he's already killed Max, and Eddie dies due to rocking out to Metallica too hard and being killed by Upside Down bats.

    They've seemingly won. Vecna is dead, but he had already taken Max, so four people have died, completing his mission. After this happened, Hawkins experienced an "earthquake" all across the town, with the four portals to the Upside Down extending into town, at a crossroads, destroying much of the town.

    The Aftermath

    The media is calling the event an earthquake and people are leaving the town in droves. As for Max, she isn't dead. She's in a coma in the hospital. Apparently, her heart stopped for over a minute and clinically died, but she came back to life. Again, still in a coma. Eleven attempts to use her powers to find her, but can't find Max.

    Eleven, Mike, Jonathan, and company arrive in the pizza truck back in Hawkins and everyone is reunited. They head out to Hopper's old cabin, just outside of town, to hide Eleven. Hopper and Joyce eventually make their way to the cabin as well.

    And the episode ends with Will being the first to notice something is very, very wrong. Across Hawkins, there is a colliding of two universes, and the bizarre dust from the Upside Down is now appearing in Hawkins. Smoke and lightning is appearing above the portals downtown. And the season ends with everyone staring at the town.

    What happens next?

    Vecna's plan to reshape the world in his image has already begun. Hawkins is very quickly becoming the Upside Down. It's obvious that Will still has some sort of connection to it--more than anyone else with him. It feels like the right direction to have him be some sort of key to helping undo this merger between the two worlds considering he's been connected to the Upside Down--one way or another--from the start of the series.

    As for everyone else that's still in Hawkins, what are they doing there? Haven't they seen the orange glowing light emanating from the middle of town and the red lighting and plumes of black smoke? Because there are a lot of people left.

    Obviously, it's going to take the Stranger Things ensemble to stop this once and for all--and they may need Max along for the ride. But what about Vecna? He seems dead, but what if he transferred his consciousness into Max in order to return to our world, and that's why Eleven couldn't find her? Vecna said during his final moments that he's already won, and what if that didn't mean the merging or worlds as much as it meant that he's now Max?

    Season 5 will end the series, but we're obviously still a long way off from that. So for now, all we can do is theorize.

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    Stranger Things season 4, Volume 2 ending explained: Is Max dead? How did Eddie die?

    We break down everything that happened during the Stranger Things season 4, Volume 2 ending

    Stranger Things season 4, Volume 2 ending explained: your biggest questions answered

    By Fay Watson published about 21 hours ago

    We break down all the biggest questions from the final two episodes of Stranger Things

    (Image credit: Netflix)

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    Stranger Things season 4, Volume 2 picks up right where we left off with the residents of Hawkins, Indiana. The gang's reeling from the revelation that Vecna is actually One/Henry Creel as Eleven tries to regain her powers, Will, Mike, and Jonathan attempt to find her, and Hopper, Joyce, and Murray flee a monster – for more, check out our breakdown of the Stranger Things season 4, part 1 ending.

    Over the final two supersized episodes, we see the characters prepare for the biggest fight of their lives... But saying anything more would be a spoiler. If you've watched the Stranger Things season 4, Volume 2 ending, then read on as we answer some of your biggest questions and look towards Stranger Things season 5. For everyone else turn back now, there are major Stranger Things season 4 spoilers ahead! You have been warned...

     Stranger Things season 4 ending: a recap *spoilers!* 

    Stranger Things 4 - Volume 2 Trailer - Netflix

    Netflix unveils the new trailer for Stranger Things 4 - Volume 2

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    The final two episodes of Stranger Things season 4 are all focused on taking down Vecna. The result is a huge final battle, the characters working together from all over the globe to destroy the villain. Let’s break down how we got there.

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    Hero Wars

    Hopper, Joyce, and Murray are back in Russia as they try to escape from the prison after the Demogorgon has gotten free. This takes them into the depths of the camp as they find out the guards have been experimenting on these creatures, with one on a dissection table, others in glass tubes, and Upside Down particles floating around. Our gang – along with Enzo and Uri – manage to find their way out through the toilet tunnel, hiding out in Uri’s hideaway as they come up with a way to get out of the country.

    Their salvation seems to be a rusty helicopter, but it’s mysteriously not working. After Hopper gets a call across to Hawkins, he finds out how much danger their children are in and they decide to come up with another plan. Their idea? Getting back into the prison camp that they just escaped. Joyce explains that if they kill the Demogorgans and the particles, then this should weaken the monster preying on Hawkins as it’s all linked to the hive mind. The idea is that this might give the children just enough time to go through with their plan.

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    Meanwhile, in Nevada, Eleven has learned the truth about Henry’s origins and how she was responsible for sending him into the Upside Down – and thus creating Vecna. Reeling from this new knowledge, she regains her powers and she picks up NINA with her mind. El is back in business. And her first concern is making sure her friends are okay.

    She’s desperate to get back to Hawkins to help them fight Vecna but Papa/Brenner (Matthew Modine) is convinced she is not ready yet. While Dr. Owens tries to tell him that it’s up to her if she's ready to face this fight, a power struggle ensues as Owens starts to make the necessary plans to get El home, while Papa dampens her powers as he tries to stop her leaving. All the while, Sullivan and his government agency are on the way to take her down. They collide at the base in Nevada as Papa has a change of heart and tries to escape with Eleven only to be gunned down by a helicopter. Before they can take the shot on El, a pizza truck appears and distracts them, and Eleven uses her powers to bring down the soldiers. Papa dies as Eleven refuses to forgive him in his final moments.

    Mike, Will, Jonathan, and Argyle have finally found Eleven after they’ve been searching for her based on the coordinates given to them by Susie. Now that the gang's all back together, they try to work out how they’ll return to Hawkins to save their friends. When all feels lost, Eleven comes up with a plan to help them from Nevada by using a sensory deprivation tank to "piggyback" off Max’s mind and fight Vecna. Argyle has just the place as they head to the nearest Surfer Boy Pizza to convert a dough freezer and a lot of salt into what El needs.

    (Image credit: Netflix)

    While this is all happening, there are some pretty huge moments going on in the background. Hopper and Joyce finally admit their feelings for each other as they share their first kiss. Steve tells Nancy how he feels about her as he shares his hopes for their future together. Will tells Mike to trust in himself and his feelings for Eleven as he tearfully speaks about "feeling different" from other people. He later has a heart-to-heart with his brother Jonathan, who reassures him that he’ll love him no matter what. Max and Lucas also finally speak through their feelings as they share an adorable plan to go to the movies together when this is all over.

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    Back in Hawkins, the gang have a plan. They’re going to use Max as bait to distract Vecna while Nancy, Steve, and Robin head to Henry’s house in the Upside Down to attack his body. Here it all gets very Inception as everyone takes on their part of the plan in a different dimension. At first, it seems to be working, as Eleven helps Max fight Vecna in one of her memories. While this is happening, Dustin and Eddie distract the Demobats in the trailer park in the Upside Down to try and buy the others more time.

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