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    what happened to grant stinchfield on newsmax


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    What Happened to Grant Stinchfield on Newsmax? His Show Moved

    Grant Stinchfield's Newsmax show has been given a new time, and many fans are worried that he has left the right-wing network completely.

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    Grant Stinchfield's Newsmax Show Has Moved to a New Time, and Fans Are Confused


    JUN. 14 2022, PUBLISHED 10:55 A.M. ET

    Few news fans are more devoted to the personalities that they watch every day than those who regularly consume Newsmax. Just recently, though, the network announced that it was making some changes to its schedule. The most concerning change for some fans was the disappearance of Grant Stinchfield's show, which used to be on at 8 pm every weeknight.

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    What happened to Grant Stinchfield on Newsmax?

    After Grant's show vanished from the nightly broadcast schedule, some were understandably worried that the host had left the network altogether or even been fired. Instead, Newsmax has simply shifted the schedule, and Grant's show has been moved to the weekend.

    Reactions to that news were mixed, with some fans of Grant's upset at what seems to be a signal that his show is getting demoted out of a primetime slot.


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    Who is replacing Grant at 8 p.m. on weekdays?

    Even as they announced that Grant would be moving to weekends, Newsmax also announced that Eric Bolling would be replacing him for the 8 p.m. hour on weekdays. Eric is six years older than Grant at 59, and he's known for being a staunch conservative and financial commentator.

    Following the shakeup in Newsmax's lineup, Eric tweeted out a promotion for the new lineup, which included an image for his show, The Balance.

    The full lineup for weekday programming also includes Sean Spicer, Jenn Pellegrino, and Greg Kelly. It's unclear exactly what prompted Newsmax's decision to change up its weekday schedule, but it likely has something to do with the ratings the network has been getting. Clearly, Newsmax is hoping that Eric and the rest of the new figures in the lineup will be able to help Newsmax compete with other right-wing networks like Fox and OANN.

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    Grant is still doing plenty of work on social media.

    Those who are hungry for more Grant can find him posting regularly on platforms like Twitter and Instagram, where he advocates for the second amendment, falsely claims that Joe Biden is not the legitimate president, and otherwise feeds a right-wing base that is eager to hear the kinds of messaging that he regularly posts.


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    Given that Grant was effectively given a demotion by the higher-ups at Newsmax, it remains unclear exactly what his plans are moving forward. He still has a regular show on Newsmax, and it seems like the network doesn't want him to disappear entirely.

    Often, though, these kinds of announcements presage a more permanent shift, either because the news personality doesn't like the demotion or because the network ultimately decides that the host doesn't work at all.

    Of course, Newsmax is just one small part of a broader ecosystem of right-wing TV and radio, and Grant even hosts a radio show in addition to his show on Newsmax. If he does decide to leave the network altogether, there are other networks that would likely be thrilled to have him. In the world of right-wing media, you don't have to stay at the same company to advance your career.

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    Grant Stinchfield Leaving Newsmax

    Grant Stinchfield Leaving Newsmax

    Grant Stinchfield Leaving Newsmax

    June 14, 2022 by Suman Sharma

    Grant Stinchfield’s departure from news portal Newsmax has been rumored for some time, although no official comment has been issued. Learn more about his work and background.

    Following calling Israel the “home nation” of Jewish Americans, Newsmax host Grant Stinchfield was taken from his assigned week schedule and suspended after the Tuesday show in May 2021. He was fired from the late-night shows, and Eric Bolling, a notorious reporter, was brought in to take his place.

    Stinchfield is a well-known American reporter, journalist, and businessman who hosts the NewsMax news program.

    Is Grant Stinchfield Leaving Newsmax for Good?

    Grant Stinchfield was suspended from his typical duty-assigned job at Newsmax a year ago. His ban came after a Tuesday broadcast in which he made a remark on the ongoing war and referred to Israel as the “home country” of “Jewish Americans.”

    Within the media profession, Grant Stinchfield is well-known for his critical analysis, contentious assertions, and coverage of national events. He has previously worked for a number of prestigious news organizations, including NBC, KECI TV, NRA TV, and others.

    Grant Stinchfield graduated from high school in 1982 and enrolled at Denison University in the fall of that year. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication. In addition, he got a Master’s degree in Journalism from Quinnipiac University in 2001. His educational credentials speak volumes about the strong presentation skills and technical abilities he possesses.

    “How can you help a management that turns its back on your home country if you’re Jewish and a Democrat and you’re living in America today?” Grant Stinchfield asked. This question sparked a flurry of angry responses, rebuttals, and disgust for the presenter’s flawed reasoning.

    Grant Stinchfield’s current whereabouts

    Away from the pursuing and flashing media gaze, Grant is living a relaxed and orderly existence. Grant Stinchfield married Amy Vanderhoef, whom he had been dating for a long time. Amy is a well-known radio and television host. The couple married in a small but elegant ceremony attended by a handful of their closest friends and family members. Wyatt, the couple’s only child, is their current blessing.

    Grant Stinchfield’s recent whereabouts

    Stinchfield made his statements on Tuesday night, criticizing President Joe Biden for being unsupportive of Israel in the midst of rising conflict between Israel’s army and Hamas militants. In Gaza, Israel Defense Forces have also blasted civilian homes and attacked Palestinian demonstrators. Grant expressed his discontent with the existing system due to the chaotic state and lack of military backing.

    After making that divisive statement, he was suspended for the rest of the week. When one of his colleagues Newsmax representatives was asked to provide an update on Stinchfield’s departure, he replied that he was off the air due to an event he had to attend, possibly a mid-week vacation. Eric Bolling, a former Fox News personality, said on Twitter that he will be standing in for Stinchfield. Eric is a divisive figure, as he has previously been charged with violence.

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    What happened to Grant Stinchfield's show on Newsmax? New line

    To fans' chagrin, Newsmax TV's new weekday evening line-up doesn’t include talk show host Grant Stinchfield – what happened to his show?


    TV What happened to Grant Stinchfield's show on Newsmax? New line-up in town

    Bruno Cooke



    Greta Van Susteren joined Newsmax TV’s early-evening line-up in late May 2022 and now has the 6pm weekday slot. To the chagrin of his fans, the outlet’s latest weekday evening line-up doesn’t include talk show host Grant Stinchfield – what happened to his show on Newsmax, and is he leaving?

    What happened to Grant Stinchfield’s 8pm show on Newsmax TV?

    According to a CNN newsletter published today, Newsmax has a new schedule.

    Several of the channel’s top shows are moving time slots, and Grant’s is among them.

    He will no longer have an 8pm daily show. He will instead be moving to the weekends, CNN cites Newsmax as saying. In other words, fear not: Grant Stinchfield is not leaving Newsmax – he still has a show – he just has a new slot, and it is at the weekend.

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    Source: YouTube [The Dallas Morning News]

    The news has been met with a variety of responses from across the political spectrum. Loyalists are understandably upset – and “disappointed” – about what happened to Grant Stinchfield’s evening show; others are less reverent towards the conservative outlet’s pundits, and therefore less affected by the scheduling change.

    Who is taking his place?

    Taking Grant Stinchfield’s place in Newsmax’s 8pm slot will be Eric Bolling. Like Stinchfield, Bolling is a conservative political and financial commentator.

    He’s 59 years old – the age difference between him and Grant Stinchfield is ten years, Stinchfield being the younger.

    Bolling tweeted this afternoon requesting audiences to join him (and the rest of Newsmax’s fresh line-up) “for the launch of the new Primetime show tonight”:

    Please join us for the launch of the new Primetime show tonight 8pET pic.twitter.com/ppXZ70ENJo

    — 🇺🇸ERIC BOLLING🇺🇸 (@ericbolling) June 14, 2022

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    One particularly ardent supporter of Grant Stinchfield – who calls themselves a member of “Stinchfield’s Army” – has been in contact with the Newsmax host and has since called on other fans to contact the outlet regarding the new line-up.

    Grant apparently told the fan, whose username on Twitter references the unfounded conspiracy theory that Joe Biden was fraudulently elected as president of the United States, that Newsmax and him are “still in talks”.

    Who has which slots on the new Newsmax TV daily line-up?

    Newsmax TV’s evening line-up comprises seven hour-long slots. Starting today, the individuals hosting each slot will be as follows.

    The Chris Salcedo Show will run from 4pm; catch Sean Spicer, Lyndsay Keith and co from 5pm; Greta Van Susteren will present The Record from 6pm; Rob Schmitt Tonight will run from 7pm; tune in to Eric Bolling’s The Balance from 8pm; Prime News with Jenn Pellegrino starts at 9pm; and Greg Kelly Reports begins at 10pm.

    All times are in ET.

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    Meanwhile, for those upset by what has happened to Grant Stinchfield’s 8pm Newsmax slot, find the host on Instagram here and on Twitter here.

    Recently, he has been posting about the 6 January committee’s prime-time hearing and how, in his view, “today’s AR-15 is yesterday’s musket”.

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    3 HRS AGO

    We know why Grant was removed on this slot, it was to make room for Greta Van Susteren. Who personally I cannot stand. I couldn't stand her on Fox News and when I found out she left for MSNBC, I figured wow perfect place for her. I saw the first five minutes of her show and who did she have on it some democrat named Warner, who told lie to the American people. Greta Van Susteren is a sheep in wolves clothing and I hope Newsmax doesn't regret putting her to work.


    I am very disappointed with the new schedule at Newsmax, the only news channel I watch. Grant Stinchfield, Greg Kelly, Rob Schmidt, and Eric Bolling are your best anchors.

    6 HRS AGO

    I'm upset about About the Stenchfield move. They should have canceled or moved Jenn Palagrino to the weekend instead or took her out completely

    7 HRS AGO

    I am also very disappointed that Grant is not at the 8:00 slot. I enjoy seeing him every night. Not looking forward to weekends only.

    Also disappointed about Kelly at 10:00. Ready for bed at that time.

    The lineup before was perfect. Don't fix what ain't broke!

    6 HRS AGO 👍👍 8 HRS AGO

    I’m very disappointed that Grant Stinchfield was taken off the 8pm time slot I’m not happy with Eric Boling at that time put him at another time and bring back Grant !

    9 HRS AGO

    Don't care for Gretas show. We need Gregg Kelley back for evening and put Greta at night. You really need stinchfield to come back at 8. Please don't mess up News Max by taking off the good ones and putting second best. Stinchfield,

    Source : www.thefocus.news

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