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    what does it mean when it says user not found on instagram


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    Why Does It Say “User Not Found” on Instagram?

    There are many reasons why you may get the "user not found" error on Instagram. Here are a few...

    Why Does It Say “User Not Found” on Instagram?


    PUBLISHED JUL 23, 2021

    There are many reasons why you may get the "user not found" error on Instagram. Here are a few...

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    If you’re active on Instagram, you’ve probably come across the “user not found” error. Perhaps, you even came across it while trying to access a friend’s profile.

    In this article, we’ll explain the various reasons why you may come across a “user not found” message on Instagram.

    Reasons Why You May Get the “User Not Found” Error on Instagram

    Reasons why you encounter this message range from account deactivations to typos to potential blocks.

    Here are some probable reasons why you're seeing the "user not found" error...

    1. The Account is Temporarily Disabled

    Instagram is a fun tool to use but it's also common to find people who sometimes just want to take a break from it for a while. And while some people are fine with just logging off or uninstalling the Instagram app on their device, some prefer to disable their accounts too.

    For those people, deactivating their accounts temporarily helps get their minds off the platform completely until whenever they feel they’re ready to return to the platform.

    You’ll get the “user not found” notice when you try to visit these profiles because Instagram deems temporarily deactivated accounts as non-existent until they’re reactivated.

    2. The Account Has Been Deleted

    Another reason why you may be getting the “user not found” message is that the user has deleted their account. This could be because the user has had enough of Instagram, found another app to use instead, or they just don’t need it anymore.


    How To Restore Instagram Posts You Accidentally Deleted

    Instagram displays the “user not found” notice when you try to access the profiles pages of deleted accounts.

    3. The User Has Been Banned

    Not everyone decides to leave Instagram by themselves, some get booted off. If a user violates Instagram’s terms of service: spreads hate speech, abuses other users, or engages in illegal behavior, then their account can be banned.

    In that case, the reason you are seeing the error might be because of Instagram’s ban on the account. Instagram also restricts the accounts of users who have been reported by others. Trying to visit these profiles while they’re restricted will similarly result in the “user not found” error.

    4. User Not Found? You May Have Mistyped the Username

    There are over a billion registered accounts on Instagram. This makes getting a unique, easy-to-read, and easy-to-spell username harder than most users would like.

    In order to find unique usernames, some users resort to weird character combinations that aren’t spelled as pronounced, can easily be misspelled, or can easily be forgotten.

    This might also cause you to get the “user not found” feedback when trying to access the profile of such a user because you’ve missed a letter or character in their username.

    You can fix this by asking the user to type and send their username or profile link to you. Or you could also search for other accounts that interact with them and search for the username in their follower or following list.

    5. The User Changed Their Username

    People change usernames for various reasons. Some do it to reflect a change in their self-identity.


    How To See Someone’s Instagram Username History

    Whatever the reason for the change was, trying to access the profile of a user that has changed their username could also be the reason you’re getting the “user not found” response.

    You can sort this out by getting the updated username.

    6. You’ve Been Blocked

    If none of the options above explains why you’re getting the “user not found” notice when trying to access a user’s profile, then chances are you’ve been blocked.

    Usually, people block people who they don’t want to see their content. Lots of celebrities also block followers to prevent negative comments. There are ways to check if someone blocked you on Instagram if this is the case.

    Now You Know What “User Not Found” Means on Instagram

    Instagram does not provide a detailed explanation when it displays the “user not found” notice, but these are the most common reasons why you may encounter this error.

    If it happens that it’s a block that’s making you get the “user not found” error, it's important to respect the person’s decision—whether you agree with it or not.

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    What 'User Not Found' Means on Instagram

    If you see a "user not found" message on Instagram, it could be one of several issues with an account.


    What 'user not found' means on Instagram

    Dave Johnson Jan 29, 2022, 12:58 AM

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    Thomas Trutschel/Getty Images

    If you see a "user not found" message on Instagram, it could be one of several issues with an account.

    The account in question may be disabled or deleted, or it may have been banned.

    It's also possible you have been blocked by that user.

    Visit Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories.

    If you've ever tried to reach a user's profile on Instagram and instead gotten an error message that says the user's page couldn't be found, it's frustrating — made worse by the fact that there's no shortage of reasons why this might have happened.

    What 'user not found' means on Instagram

    The "user not found" error in Instagram's mobile app means that the user whose profile you're attempting to visit is unavailable to you or others for one of several reasons, which we've outlined in the sections below.

    The "user not found" error in the Instagram mobile app. Instagram; Insider

    In Instagram's desktop version, the same error can appear with the message "Sorry, this page isn't available."

    You might see a "page isn't available" error if you try finding a user in a web browser. Dave Johnson/Insider

    If you want to get to the bottom of a "user not found" or "page isn't available" error, here are six reasons that these errors might appear. Unfortunately, not all of these potential problems are solvable, but you can check each one and see if there's a solution to getting to the account you're looking for.

    You made a typo

    Are you trying to get to the account for the first time, or typing the username in manually? Double-check the spelling; the most likely solution is you simply mistyped the username.

    The user has changed their username

    Unlike most social media services, Instagram lets you easily change your username at any time, and you can do it from the mobile app or the website. The username forms the basis of the URL for your Instagram profile, so if it's changed, your location on Instagram changes — and while Instagram usually forwards users to the new destination, this might not always happen. That means if someone changes their username, the old page might not be found. The solution? Find the new username.

    The user's account has been disabled

    Instagram allows you to temporarily disable your account. This is convenient if you want to step away from social media for a short time, and  you plan to come back later without deleting the account. Disabling the account means that other users won't be able to find you; they will receive a message that your account could not be found. So if you can't find a user, it's possible they are on a break from Instagram but will return at some point in the future. Instagram never provides details that an account is disabled, though.

    The user's account has been banned or suspended

    Not all reasons for being unable to find an account are entirely pleasant. If a user has violated Instagram's terms of service, such as abusing other accounts or engaging in inappropriate behavior, that account can be automatically suspended. Most of the time, bans are for a limited time, such as 48 hours, but they may also be permanent, depending on the nature of the infraction or an accruement of violations.

    The user's account has been deleted

    A user can choose to temporarily disable his or her account, but it's also possible to choose to permanently delete the account as well. If you delete your account, it's removed from Instagram and the account's username becomes available to be claimed by someone else. That means if you can't reach a particular user, that account might have been deleted and the username is currently not in use by anyone.

    Your account has been blocked

    There's one other common reason you might not be able to reach an account on Instagram: You might be blocked by that user. If you're blocked, you won't be able to see that account, and the experience will be no different than if the account has been disabled, deleted, or suspended.

    Dave Johnson Freelance Writer

    Dave Johnson is a technology journalist who writes about consumer tech and how the industry is transforming the speculative world of science fiction into modern-day real life. Dave grew up in New Jersey before entering the Air Force to operate satellites, teach space operations, and do space launch planning. He then spent eight years as a content lead on the Windows team at Microsoft. As a photographer, Dave has photographed wolves in their natural environment; he's also a scuba instructor and co-host of several podcasts. Dave is the author of more than two dozen books and has contributed to many sites and publications including CNET, Forbes, PC World, How To Geek, and Insider.

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    What Does “User not found" Mean on Instagram? (Mar 2022)

    Here's why you see Instagram “User not found" error when you visit IG profile. If you see user not found Instagram or you suspect you are blocked, read this!

    What Does “User not found" Mean on Instagram?

    Published on: Jul 5, 2021 • 8 min read

    Search 1000s of TikTok & IG influencers at Hypetrace

    Are you looking up someone’s profile and seeing the “User not found” error on Instagram?

    Or perhaps you tried to search their username and you can’t find the user?

    You may see this message when you try to visit their profile from the direct messages feature if you send the messages in the past and have them in your Instagram chat history.

    There are few reasons why this might be happening and it doesn’t always mean that you have been blocked.

    If you wonder what does it mean when it says “User not found” on Instagram, I will explain all possible reasons why this error occurs and also suggest possible solutions.

    What Does “User not found” mean on Instagram?

    The “User not found” error on Instagram means that the user either changed their username, the user blocked you, the user deleted or disabled their account or the account has been suspended.

    You will see this error appearing when you visit someone’s Instagram profile page on the Instagram app or when you try to look up their Instagram posts.

    @[email protected]#=img=#

    So does a user not found mean blocked?

    Here is worth clarifying that “User not found” doesn’t necessarily mean that you have been blocked, in total there are 5 reasons:

    The user changed their username

    You have been blocked

    User deleted permanently their account

    User temporarily disabled their account

    Their account is suspended

    There are few ways to verify the exact cause of this error and now I want to go through each case and explain in more detail.

    1. User changed their username

    The most common reason why you are seeing a “User not found” message is when a user changed their username (aka Instagram handle) to something else.

    Instagram allows changing the username at any given time, and when that happens, you won’t be able to search for the user with their old username - it will appear to you like this profile no longer exists.

    This scenario will be likely less common for popular social media accounts since they don’t tend to often change their Instagram handles.

    So how can you verify that they indeed changed their username and it’s not something else?

    You could look them up on their other social media platforms and see whether they updated their info there.

    If you have mutual followers or it happens you follow the same profile, another way would be to search for them on your friend’s “followers” or “following” list.

    You won’t see their old username anymore but you should be able to recognize their profile photo or name.

    If you have a chat history with their profile, you could visit their profile from there - this way Instagram will show you their updated profile and new username.

    However, if you access their profile from the chat history and you still see this message, that means you have been blocked, which I will discuss in the next point.

    2. You have been blocked

    The second most common reason for the “Username not found” error is when someone blocked you on Instagram.

    When someone blocks you on Instagram, their profile won’t appear in Instagram’s search results, however, you might see still their profile in your recent searches but when you click it, you get this error message.

    Similarly, if you have a chat history with the profile you suspecting of blocking you, you will still be able to continue to send them messages.

    However, their Instagram profile picture will change to default, and the moment you click their profile, you will get the “User not found” error.

    But before you jump to any conclusions, it’s best to always double-check whether this is the case by doing one more check.

    Even if the user blocked your profile, it still should be visible to others.

    For that reason, the best way to verify you have been really blocked is to visit the person’s profile from another Instagram account you have access to.

    If you can see their profile normally from your other account then you can be sure you have been blocked.

    Pro tip: Trying to recover deleted old Instagram messages you exchanged with someone in the past? You can learn how to recover deleted Instagram messages with our guide.

    3. User deleted permanently their account

    Although less common, one possible reason we can’t exclude is the user simply deleted their account on Instagram.

    When a user deletes their Instagram account, all the content, including Instagram posts and comments that belongs to that account is removed too.

    The deleted Insaccount won’t appear in the Instagram search results or among other Instagram accounts in “follower” and “following” lists.

    The best way to verify whether user indeed deleted their account on Instagram is to look it up from another account.

    If the other user on Instagram also gets the error “User not found”, then there is a chance user deleted their account or temporarily disabled it, which I will cover in the next point below.

    4. User temporarily disabled their account

    Users on Instagram can take a break from Instagram and put their profiles on hold.

    When that happens, their account will stop showing up both in search results and to other users in their follow/following lists.

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