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    what do you call it when a bowler makes three strikes in a row?


    Guys, does anyone know the answer?

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    Why Are Three Strikes Called a Turkey?

    With Thanksgiving in just a few days, it's fitting to talk about what's on everyone’s minds: turkey. We’re thinking more about bowling than a tasty holiday entree, because three strikes in bowling are called a turkey.

    Why Are Three Strikes Called a Turkey?

    By Zone 28 • 25 Nov, 2019 • 0 Comments

    Origins of the Turkey

    Modern bowlers of any skill level have a reasonable shot of scoring a turkey—three strikes in a row—in a game. Bowling was once significantly more challenging, however, so the achievement was a rarity. In earlier incarnations, lanes were uneven, pins were hand-set and (most importantly) pins were often weighted to make them harder to knock down. To this end, tournaments in the 18th and 19th centuries featured major prizes for outstanding accomplishments, from food baskets to hams...and yes, live turkeys.

    While no one really knows who or exactly where it started, tournament runners started giving out live turkeys to bowlers who managed to score three consecutive strikes. For a time, it was an especially common prize at holiday tournaments, namely in the U.S.

    You’d be hard-pressed to win a gobbler today, but we do carry on the tradition by way of language, terming the three-strike feat itself a “turkey.” As time has passed, we’ve added to the bowling vernacular, too, with a whole host of names for multi-strike accomplishments.

    Creative Bowling Lingo

    “Turkey” may be the most recognizable bowling achievement, but it’s far from the only one. Want to speak the language of bowling? Consecutive strikes have numerous designations depending on their total number.

    Double - A Fairly obvious one, a double is two strikes in a row.Hambone - Seemingly random, this one was dubbed by sports commentator Rob Stone, and signals four consecutive strikes.Brat - Just like there are five bratwursts in a pack, so too are there five consecutive strikes in a “brat.”Wild Turkey/6-Pack - Once you get to half a perfect game, the names get witty. Each of these designates six consecutive strikes.Ham-Turkey Dinner - Logically, this is a marriage of two accomplishments into one name: “hambone” (four) and “turkey” (three)—that’s seven in a row.Octopus - Whether it’s tentacles or bowling pins, an “octopus” means eight—strikes in a row, that is.Golden Turkey - Can’t’ even think of getting three turkeys in a row? Nine consecutive strikes is impressive.Dinosaur - So rare it’s almost equivalent to being extinct, the elusive 300-point perfect game of 12 strikes takes on the name of creatures we can only dream of.

    These don’t cover every possible scenario of course, and they can be easy to mix up. When in doubt, tack the word “bagger” onto any strike number (four-bagger, eight-bagger, ten-bagger), and you’ll still sound like a pro.

    Bowl a Turkey and Eat it Too This Thanksgiving

    What’s your consecutive strike record? Zone 28 is open Thanksgiving day, so stop in to try your luck to bowl a turkey, then eat the real thing at your family feast! We’ll see you in the Zone.

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    Bowling Lingo: Why Three Strikes in a Row = A Turkey

    Bowling has a long history and a lot of fun (and sometimes confusing) lingo. Today we share why bowling three strikes in a row is called a turkey!

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    Why Is It Called a “Turkey” When You Bowl Three Strikes in a Row?

    January 30, 2020 / Uncategorized

    Don’t worry, “bowling a turkey” no longer involves this guy.

    Did you know that the sport of bowling can be traced back all the way to 3200 BC? Archaeologists have found what seem to be bowling pins in ancient tombs, and there are even Egyptian hieroglyphics depicting a game that looks remarkably similar to modern-day bowling.

    The sport has certainly been around for a while, and in all those years some pretty unique bowling lingo has developed. From Sour Apples to Brooklyns, Greek Churches to Chicken Wings, Buckets to Boomers to Body English, you can’t say that bowlers are lacking in the vocabulary department.

    One funny bowling phrase you may have heard of is “Bowling a turkey.” Wondering what the heck that means? Don’t worry, you won’t find any feathered friends wandering across your lane. Read on for some background on this colorful expression, and who knows, maybe you’ll bowl a turkey next time you visit us at Richmond 40 Bowl!

    Why Three Strikes in a Row is Called a Turkey

    During the late 1700s and into the early years of the 1800s, bowling tournaments were a popular diversion for all, from the working class to the aristocracy. The prizes typically awarded at these tournaments were gift baskets of food, often containing coveted items like a large ham or, you guessed it, a turkey!

    Turkeys became a common prize for winning a bowling tournament, and as bowling a strike became easier over time thanks to changes in equipment and facilities, prizes were set for multiple strikes in a row. Bowling a turkey became synonymous with three strikes in a row, while other achievements got their own names, like Hambone, Wild Turkey, Golden Turkey, and Dinosaur. (4 consecutive strikes, 6 consecutive strikes, 9 consecutive strikes, and a perfect game.)

    Back then, bowling three strikes in a row was an exceptional accomplishment. Unlike the well-oiled wooden lanes at modern bowling alleys, old school lanes were often rough and uneven, with pins placed by hand (and therefore not perfectly spaced). Even the bowling balls were less balanced, making it hard for bowlers to get the consistency in their game that is the key to nailing strikes. And to top it all off, bowling tournament officials would sometimes make it even harder to knock over the pins by weighting the bottoms!

    These days, it’s considerably easier to throw three strikes in a row with enough practice. Check out our past blogs to find bowling tips and tricks, like how to bowl strikes or how to choose the right bowling ball. You know what they say—practice makes perfect—so come practice your skills during our open bowling hours, sign up for bowling lessons, or join one of our bowling leagues. It’s all here at our Richmond, Indiana bowling alley, so come join the fun.

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    Why do they call 3 strikes in a row a turkey in bowling?

    Answer (1 of 4): Why do they call three strikes in a row 'turkey'? A turkey is bowling lingo for three strikes in a row. Probably, the most famous score for amateur and professional bowlers alike. This is partly due to the fact it has an unusual name, and partly because even a beginner can get o...

    Why do they call 3 strikes in a row a turkey in bowling?

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    4 Answers Chuck Sears

    , have bowled for over 60 years

    Answered 1 year ago · Author has 13.4K answers and 6.2M answer views

    Originally Answered: Why is 3 strikes in bowling called a turkey?

    Back in the 1950s and earlier, there wasn’t the specialized gear we have today. We weren’t all that far ahead of Fred Flintstone rolling a rock.

    Bowling alleys used to run promotions, especially around Thanksgiving, where if you got three strikes in a row, you won a turkey. They didn’t give out a lot of turkeys, but the nickname caught on.

    Three splits in a row is called a buzzard, and three spares in a row is a chicken.

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    Philip Caplan

    , Since 1960, been secretary/founder of tenpin bowling leagues

    Answered 3 years ago

    Been a bowler since 1960. Was always told that, in the early days of bowling (say 1880 to 1910) anybody who could achieve such a miraculous result, was rewarded with a prize such as a Turkey by the proprietor.

    Boy didn’t those early proprietors know how to incentivize their customers.

    Remember, back then the bowling balls were made of wood and they and the lanes that people bowled on would not be as smooth and reliable as is possible now.

    Anyway, that’s what I was always told.

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    Answered 2 years ago

    Originally Answered: Why do they call three strikes in a row 'turkey'?

    Why do they call three strikes in a row 'turkey'?

    A turkey is bowling lingo for three strikes in a row. Probably, the most famous score for amateur and professional bowlers alike. This is partly due to the fact it has an unusual name, and partly because even a beginner can get one. The term dates back to before the turn of the 20th century. In those years, scoring was much more difficult and to get three strikes in a row was quite an achievement. During Thanksgiving or Christmas week, the proprietor would present a live turkey to the first person on each team who scored three consecutive strike

    Lawrence J Reed

    , Head mechanic at a bowling center. 19 years and counting.

    Answered 2 years ago

    Originally Answered: Why is it called a "turkey" when one achieves three strikes in a row in bowling?

    Around the 18th or 19th century around thanksgiving, a tournament would give out turkeys when someone bowled 3 strikes. Back then it was hard to do. No one really knows when the term caught on as a discription for 3 strikes. Broadcaster rob stone coined the phrase hambone for 4 strikes.

    675 views Related answers Related Answer Matthew Schenker

    , Personal Trainer, App Designer, General Science Wonderer

    Answered 3 years ago · Author has 77 answers and 63.8K answer views

    Why when bowling is it more accurate when you put spin on the ball rather than bowling it straight?

    Accuracy alone is not the story! By “spin,” I assume you are referring to “hook” — a shot where the ball moves from several boards to the left/right towards the center, rather than straight down the lane. There is a reason why a hook works better. It is due to the way the pins are set, the angle at which you hit the pins, and the strength or “drive” of your ball as it moves through the pins. You can be “accurate” without a hook, but you won’t be very effective.

    The desired entry point (where the ball first meets the pins) is known as the “pocket”: it’s the zone right between the 1 and 3 pins fo

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    Related Answer Chris Glaz

    , 2019 BPAA/USBC/PBA US Open competitor at PBA Tour (2019-present)

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    What is a good bowling average for an amateur? Bowling on a lane, not bowling in cricket. :)

    I will do my best to not drag this answer out too much. I’ve come up with what I think can be a few basic milestones for bowling averages today:

    130–150: You’ve got enough speed on the ball and athletic ability to knock some pins down consistently

    150–170: Ok, you’re trying a bit and can somewhat hit a target

    170–190: Now you’re getting the hang of it. You probably are throwing a more common “hook” ball and might have some idea of lane conditions and oil patterns

    190–210: You are somewhat competitive but, could learn more, practice a bit more and probably work on picking up most, if not all of you

    Related Answer Nicole Ballard

    , I am a compulsive writer and editor and researcher

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