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    what are the two official languages in paraguay? spanish and french spanish and guaraní spanish and german spanish and portuguese


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    Q: In which countries of the world is Spanish the official language?

    A: Spanish is the official language in 21 countries and a significant minority language in four more territories, including the United States.

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    A: Arabic is an official language in 22 sovereign states.

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    The main languages are Mandinka, Fula, and Wolof. English is the language of education and business.


    English is the official language and lingua franca in Ghana. French is widely taught. Akan is the primary native language and most commonly spoken throughout the country. Ghana's government wants to make French the second official language of the country. [1]


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    Nigeria is a multilingual country. Nigerian English and Nigerian pidgin are spoken by one-third of the Nigerian population as a second language.


    The principal language of Rwanda is Kinyarwanda. Official languages are Kinyarwanda, English, French, and Swahili.

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    Languages of Paraguay

    Languages of Paraguay

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    Languages of Paraguay

    Official Spanish, Guaraní

    Immigrant Portuguese, German

    Signed Paraguayan Sign Language

    The Republic of Paraguay is a mostly bilingual country, as the majority of the population uses Spanish and Guaraní. The Constitution of Paraguay of 1992 declares it as a multicultural and bilingual country, establishing Spanish and Guaraní as official languages.[1] Spanish, an Indo-European language of the Romance branch, is understood by about 90% of the population as a first or second language. Guaraní, an indigenous language of the Tupian family, is understood by 77%, and its use is regulated by the Academy of the Guaraní Language.[2][3]

    According to Instituto Cervantes' 2020 report, "El Español: Una lengua viva", 68.2% of the Paraguayan population (4,946,322 inhabitants) has decent mastery of the Spanish language. The remaining 31.8% (2,306,350 inhabitants) belongs to the Group of Limited Competence, having minimal mastery of the language; the majority of them are Guaraní speakers and speak Spanish as a second language.[4] Only 7.93% are monolingual in Guaraní and do not understand Spanish, a figure that has gone down in the last thirty years.

    The most distinct characteristic of Paraguayan culture is the persistence of Spanish alongside Guaraní, these being the official languages of the nation. The pidgin form of these languages is known as Jopara (with emphasis on the final syllable). For this reason, the country is often cited as one of the few countries in the world that is officially bilingual.[5] Besides Spanish and Guaraní, there are another 19 languages of indigenous origin that are spoken by about 50,000 indigenous Paraguayans. Portuguese is also spoken by some 650,000 "Brasiguayos", the majority of whom are located near the border with Brazil. Other minority languages are German, Italian, Ukrainian, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, etc.

    According to data in the National Census of Population and Housing of the year 2012, carried out by the Dirección General de Estadísticas, Encuestas y Censos (today Instituto Nacional de Estadística), the most spoken languages in Paraguayan homes are: 46.3% Spanish and Guaraní (or Jopara), 34% only Guaraní, and 15.3% only Spanish; the rest speak other languages.[6] The departments with the highest rate of domestic Guaraní speakers, according to EPH 2017, are: San Pedro (78.87%), Caazapá (77.39%), and Concepción (71.34%), while the places that Guaraní is spoken the least include: Asunción (8.95%), Central (15.9%), and Alto Paraná (37.75%). Spanish predominates in these last few departments.

    A government sign in Asunción, bilingual in Guaraní and Spanish

    Guaraní is the only indigenous language of the Americas whose speakers include a large proportion of non-indigenous people. This is an anomaly in the Americas where language shift towards European colonial languages (in this case, the other official language of Spanish) has otherwise been a nearly universal cultural and identity marker of mestizos (people of mixed Spanish and Amerindian ancestry), and also of culturally assimilated, upwardly-mobile Amerindian people.


    1 Linguistic Situation

    2 Official Languages

    3 Indigenous languages

    4 See also 5 References

    Linguistic Situation[edit]

    Historically, Guarani was the dominant language in the region of modern day Paraguay and surrounding countries (Northern Argentina, Southwest Brazil, Southeast Bolivia, and Northern Uruguay). Upon arrival of Conquistadors in Paraguay, Castilian Spanish was introduced, but they never really created nor maintained a relevant community of speakers in the area. This was due to little flow of European migrants and especially due to geographic, political, and economic isolation of Paraguay in relation to its neighbors during that time period. In addition, mixed-race couples were encouraged by authorities in the colonial era, which was different from other countries at that time. This meant that Paraguayan families composed of a father of Spanish origin and a mother of Guarani origin were matriarchal; the kids would learn their mother’s language, which was Guarani.

    Spanish speakers in Paraguay were always the minority relative to Guarani speakers, who were the majority. The majority of Spanish Speakers were Creole or children of immigrants. They were concentrated largely in the capital or in privileged classes toward the middle of the country where they had access to education. Guarani speakers were largely mixed-race or indigenous and came from rural areas. They comprised 90% of the population.

    It was only recently toward the end of the 20th century and due to interventions that a notable and late Castellanizacion (“castillianization” - large inflow of Spanish language and thus large portion of the population becoming exposed to it) occurred in a large part of the population. This was largely due to the improvement of public education, the effects of urbanization, and access to new technology and modes of communication (like the television, the telephone, and the internet). A large portion of the population continued to speak Guarani which therefore caused the majority population to become bilingual. However, 21st century Paraguay has seen a decrease in the use of Guarani met by an increase in the use of Spanish. This phenomenon (castellanizacion) is similar to those observed by other countries in the Americas between the 19th and 20th centuries.

    Source : en.wikipedia.org

    What are the two official languages in Paraguay? o Spanish and French O Spanish and Guaraní O Spanish and German O S

    What are the two official languages in Paraguay? o Spanish and French O Spanish and Guaraní O Spanish and German O Spanish and Portuguese


    ITSOLUTIONS-CENTER What are the two official languages in Paraguay? o Spanish and French O Spanish and Guaraní O Spanish and German O S

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    What are the two official languages in Paraguay? o Spanish and French O Spanish and Guaraní O Spanish and German O S


    What are the two official languages in Paraguay?

    o Spanish and French

    O Spanish and Guaraní

    O Spanish and German

    O Spanish and Portuguese

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    O Spanish and Guarani are the official languages in Paraguay.

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