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    List of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory characters

    List of characters

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    The following is a list of characters in the 1964 Roald Dahl book , his 1972 sequel , and the former's film adaptations, (1971) and (2005). Listings include actors who have played the characters in various media.


    1 Willy Wonka 2 Bucket family 2.1 Charlie Bucket

    2.2 Grandpa Joe Bucket

    3 Golden ticket winners

    3.1 Augustus Gloop 3.2 Veruca Salt

    3.3 Violet Beauregarde

    3.4 Mike Teavee 4 Other characters

    4.1 Arthur Slugworth

    4.2 Prince Pondicherry

    4.3 The Oompa-Loompas

    4.4 The Vermicious Knids

    5 Introduced in the 1971 film adaptation

    5.1 Mr. Turkentine

    6 Introduced in the 2005 film adaptation

    6.1 Dr. Wilbur Wonka

    7 References

    Willy Wonka

    Main article: Willy Wonka

    Willy Wonka character

    First appearance (1964)

    Created by Roald Dahl

    Portrayed by Gene Wilder (1971)

    Johnny Depp (2005)

    Blair Dunlop (2005; flashback sequences)

    Voiced by James Arnold Taylor (2005 video game)

    J.P. Karliak ()

    In-universe information

    Gender Male

    In the novels and films, Willy Wonka is the eccentric owner of the world's largest candy factory, making candy and chocolate. Wonka holds a contest, hiding 5 Golden Tickets within the wrappers of his chocolate bars, promising their finders a tour of his factory and a lifelong supply of his creations.

    Wonka has a black goatee and "marvelously" bright eyes, a high and "flutey" voice, a face "alight of fun and laughter", and quick little jerky movements "like a squirrel". He is enthusiastic, talkative, friendly and charming, but is sometimes insensitive and has been given to glossing self-criticism.

    In the 1971 film , he is portrayed by Gene Wilder. While his personality remains generally the same as in the original, he is more melancholy here, and frequently quotes books and poems, including William Shakespeare's ("Is it my soul that calls upon my name?") or John Masefield's "Sea-Fever" ("All I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by"), and the famous "Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker" from "Reflections on Ice-Breaking" by Ogden Nash, among many others. Toward the end of the film, he tests Charlie's conscience by reprimanding him and pretending to deny him any reward but assumes an almost paternal role when Charlie proves to be honest after all.

    In the 2005 film , he is portrayed by Johnny Depp. In this version, a backstory was added which reveals his troubled upbringing: Willy Wonka's father (being a dentist) would not let him eat sweets because of the potential risk to his teeth, and the young Wonka left home to become a chocolatier.

    Bucket family

    Charlie Bucket

    Charlie Bucket character

    First appearance (1964)

    Created by Roald Dahl

    Portrayed by Peter Ostrum (1971)

    Freddie Highmore (2005)

    Voiced by Freddie Highmore (2005 video game)

    Lincoln Melcher ()

    In-universe information

    Gender Male

    Family Mr. Bucket (father)

    Mrs. Bucket (mother)

    Relatives Joe Bucket (grandfather)

    Josephine Bucket (grandmother)

    George [surname unknown] (grandfather)

    Georgina [surname unknown] (grandmother)

    Charlie Bucket is the second main character of , its sequel , and the film adaptations of these books. Dahl's widow said that Charlie was originally intended to be black.[1] He is depicted as a kind-hearted and selfless boy who lives with his mother, father and his four grandparents. In the original film, he has a newspaper route after school. He and his family follow the progress of the hunt for the Golden Tickets in newspapers and television. Unlike the first four finalists, Charlie is honest and generous; he is actually worried if the other nasty children such as Augustus and Veruca will actually be alive after their ordeals. In the 1971 film, Charlie was portrayed by Peter Ostrum, in his only film appearance. His nationality is never explicitly stated, but in the 1971 film, he speaks with an American accent, and in the 2005 film, he speaks with an English accent. The filmmakers have stated that it was their intention that Charlie's hometown be kept ambiguous. In this version, when Grandpa Joe decides to accompany Charlie to the factory, Charlie explains that the family needs the money now, instead of the ticket; then Grandpa George explains why Charlie still has to go to the factory, and indeed he and Grandpa Joe do go.

    In the novel, at the end of the tour, Wonka declares Charlie the heir to the factory for his refusal of vice, and Charlie's family are permitted to move into the factory. In the 1971 film, Charlie wins the factory when he returns an Everlasting Gobstopper given to him by Wonka, thereby passing Wonka's moral test. In the 2005 film, Wonka initially refuses to allow Charlie's family to join them in the factory, whereupon Charlie rejects Wonka's offer. When Charlie helps Wonka reconcile with his father, the family move into the factory, and Charlie and Wonka become partners.

    Source : en.wikipedia.org

    Veruca Salt

    Veruca Salt is a character from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. She is the second Golden Ticket winner (also she does not actually find it herself), and the third child to meet her endgame in the factory. Veruca is depicted as is an immature, over-indulged and manipulative young girl. She has...

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    Veruca Salt

    VIEW SOURCE Veruca Salt

    First appearance

    Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

    Created by

    Roald Dahl

    Portrayed by

    Julie Dawn Cole (1971)

    Julia Winter (2005)

    Polly Allen, Tia Noakes, Ellie Simmons, Scarlet Roche, Matilda Belton (2013)

    Emma Pfaeffle (2017)

    Jessica Cohen (2018)


    Unknown (book)

    1959, England (1971 film)


    Buckinghamshire, England (2005 film) Novosibirsk, Russia (broadway retool, US and Australia tour)

    Paris, France (2020)

    Veruca Salt is a character from She is the second Golden Ticket winner (also she does not actually find it herself), and the third child to meet her endgame in the factory.

    Veruca is depicted as is an immature, over-indulged and manipulative young girl. She has very rich parents and lives in a mansion. Veruca's affluent parents treat her like a princess and give her anything she wants, no matter how ridiculous the price. She is also shown to express no gratitude at all for what she is given.

    In the book, she is described as "the daughter of rich parents" and the "heiress to the Salt fortune." Her father is the CEO of a large legume conglomerate, while her mother is said to be a geography teacher. ; all four people ask about the existence of Loompaland).She is the 2nd Golden Ticket Finder

    Both the 1971 and 2005 films do not mention what her mother's job is, although it is implied that the mother is a socialite, or taking advantage of her wealth to aid others in need. In the 1971 film, Mrs. Salt is shown doing needlepoint, which was a pastime for many women at the time the film was in production. However, in the 2005 film, she is shown markedly more as a playgirl. She makes no remark to either Veruca's outbursts or how her husband obliges their daughter. Instead, she was found quietly sipping martinis.

    The age of Veruca Salt is never explicitly given in the book nor the two films, but the theatrical adaptations can allow some creative leeway into the girl's age; similarly, her nationality is British in the films but is not stated in the book, again leading to creative leeway (see "theatrical adaptations" section below). The only mention of Veruca's residence in the book is that she and her parents lived "in a great city" far away from the Bucket residence.

    Each version implies that Veruca's parents have spoiled her and raised her in full luxury since the day she was born. When Veruca doesn't get what she wants immediately, she screams, shouts, kicks, stomps, jumps up and down, and takes extreme measures until she finally has her way. In other words, she has absolutely no regard, nor consideration for her family's countless emotional and financial needs. Also, she constantly bullies them without any remorse.

    Before the tour with her parents to Wonka's chocolate factory, Veruca's parents (especially her father in the films and theatrical adaptations) seem to view her as a sweet, innocent "precious little princess."

    Charlie's view of Veruca in the films seems jaded in that the employees of the Salt Corporation did the work thus the lady who actually found the ticket deserves the tour, not Veruca (as well as shown to be a tad more naive in the novel). In the 2005 version, Charlie expresses his concerns, saying he didn't think it was really fair as Veruca didn't find the ticket herself. Grandpa Joe tells Charlie not to worry about, saying that Mr. Salt spoils her and no good ever comes from spoiling a child like that. However, after Veruca was ambushed and dirtied in the Nut Sorting Room by Wonka's squirrels (one of which she demanded her parents buy for her), her parents' opinions of her shift more toward reality, and they act in a manner that's far less lenient and more strict. They both learned their lesson about over-indulging children. Charlie is grateful for the rare occasions when his parents or grandparents can pamper him with small gifts because he realizes they do it out of their love for him. As such, Charlie believes that Mr. Salt must really love his daughter in suspending business to have all of his employee's shell wrappers on Wonka bars to get her a Golden Ticket. While that may actually be true in some respects (as shown by the thoughts of the grandparents on Charlie's birthday that they scrimped and saved for that present and no matter how small a chance, they hope Charlie finds a Golden Ticket),

    Veruca was usually the third child to leave the factory tour, by getting attacked by the squirrels. All versions of the story, except some theatrical adaptations, depict her wearing a mink fur coat over her clothes. Mink coats were almost never made for girls and women at the time that the book was written, no matter how wealthy the family was (as these coats were actually made of rabbit fur). In some theatrical shows, Veruca may have siblings that are either just as spoiled as she is, or are more sensible, as well as disgusted by her immature behavior.

    In the films and theatrical versions, Mr. Salt is the only parent to suffer the same fate as his child. In the book, both Mr. and Mrs. Salt fall down the chute.

    Source : roalddahl.fandom.com

    Veruca Salt

    This article is about the 2005 film character, you might be looking for the original character. Veruca Salt is an English girl that wants everything she sees and nothing stops her from asking for things she wants. She is portrayed by Swedish-born actress Julia Winter. She lives from in...

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    Veruca Salt


    This article is about the 2005 film character, you might be looking for the original character.

    Veruca Salt

    Full Name

    Veruca Salt



    Eye Color


    Hair color



    Rupert Salt


    Angina Salt


    Getting what she wants


    Not getting she wants

    Veruca Salt is an English girl that wants everything she sees and nothing stops her from asking for things she wants. She is portrayed by Swedish-born actress Julia Winter. She lives from in Buckinghamshire County, England.

    Contents 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 Nut Sorting Room 4 Aftermath 5 Quotes 6 Veruca's Song 7 Trivia 8 Gallery


    Honest Game Trailers | WarioWare: Get It Together!


    Veruca is a beautiful young preteen girl with a dark hair color (has a similar hairstyle in the 1971 movie version), icy light blue eyes, and pale skin.

    She wears a long-sleeved gray fur coat over a sparkling pastel pink knee-length dress with a button-up top and a pastel pink leather belt around her waist, black patent leather double strap dress shoes with black soles, white tights with pink polka-dots, and she has a pastel pink leather purse with a pastel pink leather strap hang over her left shoulder.

    When receipting the GT, she wears a long-sleeved navy blue blazer over a white collared, button-up flannel top with a maroon necktie attached to the collar, beige tights, white ankle-length socks, and black patent leather casual shoes with black soles.

    In another scene, she wears a white collared blouse with short puffed sleeves, a maroon ribbon attached to the collar, a knee-high plaid jumper dress in cherry red, maroon, and festive red stripes with a maroon skirt, white tights and black patent leather dress shoes with black soles.


    Veruca is a girl begging her mother and father for everything - even if she doesn't have to work for it - and having a fit when she doesn't get it. For example, because of her desire for a golden ticket, her father Rupert Salt forces all of his workers to unwrap an wicked amount of chocolate, with Veruca throwing a tantrum when the search takes too long. When one of the workers found the ticket, Mr. Salt took it away from her and gave it to Veruca, who, instead of saying thank you, immediately asks for a pony.

    Her behavior is showcased all throughout the tour; her desire to win the factory helps create a rivalry between Violet Beauregarde, and she repeatedly asks her father to buy something from Wonka's factory, including an Oompa-Loompa (in a deleted scene) and squirrel workers. This leads to her eventual downfall, as Wonka's refusal to sell her a squirrel caused her to bypass the gate and attempt to take one, leading her to be sent down the garbage chute.

    Probably as a result of her nature, Veruca is also shown to have many other traits. She is shown to be cynical to others, which is showcased when she joyfully watches Violet swell up into a blueberry, as well as proud and bragging, showcased when Veruca asks Wonka whether Violet would be a blueberry forever, implying that she sees Violet's condition as her trophy.

    Nut Sorting Room

    In the factory, Veruca wants a squirrel and asks her father for one. When Wonka explains that they are not for sale, Veruca becomes angry and tells her father that she wants one. She then proceeds to go under the gate that guards the squirrel's workplace and tries to steal a squirrel from the nut room. At first, all of the squirrels look at her in bewilderment, however, when Veruca reaches for one, all of them start to leap at her and attack her, as well as clawing and holding her down. As she screams for her father, Mr. Salt becomes fearful when Wonka tells him that the garbage chute in the middle of the room leads to an incinerator, and Mr. Salt panics as Wonka tries to find the correct key for the gate.

    The squirrel looking at Veruca.

    Meanwhile, the squirrel that she tried to grab crawls onto her chest in front of her face and knocks onto her head, before announcing to all the squirrels that it is a "bad nut." The squirrels then proceed to drag Veruca to the garbage chute, with Veruca desperately trying to clasp to the floor, her nails scraping on the floor and leaving marks on the floor. The squirrels then let go as Veruca, screaming and crying, gets sent down the garbage chute to her fate. The squirrels then go back to their work, as if nothing had happened.


    Veruca and her father leaving the factory.

    At the end of the tour, Veruca is the third to leave the factory, with both her and her father being covered in garbage. The two were spared from being burned by the incinerator as Wonka had informed the last two families in the group that the incinerator was broken. When Veruca sees the Great Glass Elevator, she demands her father to buy one for her, in which her father, having learned a valuable parenting lesson from the Oompa Loompas, responds that she was getting nothing but a bath. Not only did he stopped giving her anything she wants; Rupert Salt realized that him and his wife had been constantly spoiling their daughter. Veruca then pouts, with her father giving her an angry glare.

    Source : charlieandthechocolatefactoryfilm.fandom.com

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