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    the management team at imagine advertising is trying to land a new client. carla, the ceo, has set targets for how much the contract needs to be and has delegated out the tasks. dominic and stella are sent out to meet with the client. in the past, they have been successful at helping clients see the big picture and how their advertising team can help the client realize their goals. what principal function do dominic and stella possess?


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    get the management team at imagine advertising is trying to land a new client. carla, the ceo, has set targets for how much the contract needs to be and has delegated out the tasks. dominic and stella are sent out to meet with the client. in the past, they have been successful at helping clients see the big picture and how their advertising team can help the client realize their goals. what principal function do dominic and stella possess? from EN Bilgi.

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    Mintzberg proposed that managers utilize written communication more more than verbal communication. T or F?False-relies more on verbal
    When Juanita meets regularly with her workers to provide encouraging words so that they work hard to achieve the company's goals, she is engaged in the management function of controlling. T or F?False- she is leading
    One of the reasons Omega Distributors, a local manufacturing company, is considered a good place to work is that the managers encourage and reward their employees for developing new products and ways of improving existing products or services. In this example, Omega distributors managers are carrying out the _________ role.entrepreneur
    Because upper management must deal with problems that are ambiguous but that could have far-reaching consequences,________ skills are particularly important for top managers.conceptual
    At Flat Rock Real Estate, employees work together to achieve the company goals and purposes. This group of employees...is an organization
    Controlling is the arranging of jobs, people, and other resources to accomplish tasks and responsibilities. T or F?False- its organizing
    In the management process, the organizing stage includes setting goals and deciding how to achieve them. T or F?False- its the planning stage
    Mintzberg concluded that managers play three broad types of roles: interpersonal, analytical, and critical.False- 3 roles are: interpersonal, informational, and decisional.
    The management team at Imagine Advertising is trying to land a new client. Carla, the CEO, has set targets for how much the contract needs to be and has delegated out the tasks. Dominic and Stella are sent out to meet with the client. In the past, they have been successful at helping clients see the big picture and how their advertising team can help the client realize their goals. What principal function do dominic and stella possess?leading
    Ricardo is a district manager who oversees several store managers in a national chain of department stores. Ricardo reports directly to the vice president of stores and marketing, a member of top management. Ricardo is a middle manager. T or F?True
    Natasha, the general manager of a putting range, believes that her workers are responsible and capable, and they can be trusted when given responsibility. Natasha is an example of a ________ manager.Theory Y
    The management approach that emphasized ways to manage work more efficiently is the ______ approach.classical
    The thompson decided to beautify their home by investing in landscaping. In the process, they dealt with employees from various departments of the landscaping company, including a sales representative, a designers, the individuals who oversaw and did the work, the office and billing personnel, and the maintenance personnel. From the systems perspective, the people required to provide the landscaping services are considered...inputs
    Behavioral science includes the fields of psychology, marketing, accounting and geology. T or F?False- includes: psychology, sociology, anthropology, and economics
    Abraham Maslow proposed thehierarchy of human needs.
    The systems viewpoint regards the various parts making up the whole system assubsystems
    The American economy consists of a complex combination of organizations and variables such as countless companies differing in size, what they sell, current events and markets. According to ________, all of these independent factors interact with one another according to certain simple rules.complexity theory
    __________ was the father of scientific management.Frederick Taylor
    The ides that two or more forces combined create an effect that is greater than the sum of their individual effects is called syncretism. T or F?False- is called synergy
    When the sales of a certain brand of diet soda slowed, a national grocery retailer decided to drop the price of that product, which resulted in a large increase in sales of the soda. This sales increase is a type of...feedback
    "Good" boards have a balanced gender representation. T or F?True
    Olympia marketing has instituted new policies around misappropriation of assets, conflicts of interests, and kickbacks. Also with the local elections just around the corner, management sent out reminders about political contributions and confidentiality of company information. All of these policies can be found in Olympia Marketing's...code of ethics
    When a pharmaceutical company wants to sell a newly tested drug to the public, it must first meet the ground rules established by...government regulators
    A social audit is a systematic assessment of employee happiness within a company. T or F?False- a social audit assesses a company performance in implementing socially responsible programs, often based on predefined goals.
    The marketing director of GForce Games, a video game company, has informed his employees that he feels the company needs to improve its relationship with the distributors of the company's products because the distributors of the company's products because the distributors are part of the __________ environment for GForce games.task
    Evan and Sia Steele are wealthy entrepreneurs who are very interested in helping children who have been abused. What philosophy would they chose to implement?philanthropy
    Ethics are defined as:standards of right and wrong that influence behavior
    To focus on improving company customer service this year, the CEO outlined a list of stakeholders to concentrate on: distributors, local communities, and the mass media. These three groups are ____.external stockholders
    Cherries on Top, a national ice cream shop, is struggling financially to keep up with the bigger chains. The top executives have decided to close all the stores in the Northeast and Texas, as that will give them an additional one million dollars to put into marketing. This executive is practicing the...utilitarian approach
    North West Jacket Company has a policy that each employee volunteer at the local elementary school reading or helping with math for 2 hours a month. They also donate coats for all children who need them in the winter and give a financial contirbution to the school. North West is demonstrating its social responsibility through...1/1/1 charitable giving
    _______ is the overall goal of MBO.motivating employees
    Leo is starting a company that leases shared workspaces, and he has approached SCORE, an SBA organization that assists small-business owners in setting up their companies. The SCORE counselors would probably advise Leo, as a new business owner, to...write a business plan
    ______ are plans developed for activities that are not likely to be repeated in the future, such as plans for programs or projects.single-use plans
    Samantha's goal of finishing her office work quicker is a(n)...operational goal
    Mark Zuckerberg stated that Facebook's early idea was to "move fast and break things." He set that as his strategy for the company. Was he using the concept of strategy correctly?No, because a strategy sets a long-term goal and direction for an organization.
    In the office of every general manager of Sleep Tight Motels there is a small poster that reads, "We want to become the only place our customers want to stay for the night while traveling." This is the vision statement for Sleep Tight Motels. T or F?True
    The head librarian issued a directive that "Absolutely no food or drink are allowed in the library." She issued this directive because several computers and keyboards in the computer labs, as well as several study cubes, were recently damaged by spilled drinks and food. This is a ________ issued by the librarian.rule
    Mr. Gonzalez, the sales manager, told his sales team that he wanted them to write down their work goals for the year. To help this team achieve their stated goals, the next thing that he should ask for are each team member's...action plan
    In a SWOT analysis, organizational strengths areskills and capabilities that give a company advantages in executing its strategies
    _______ focus(es) on developing a comprehensive program for long term success.strategic planning
    Strategy implementation is putting strategic plans into effect, which means dealing with roadblocks within the organizations's structure and culture and seeing if the right people and control systems available to execute the plans. T or F?True
    Strategic position emerges from 3 sources:1. few needs, many customers2. broad needs, few customers3. broad needs, many customers
    Hanson Steel sees the new trade tariffs as an organizational threat. T or F?True
    Strategic positioning involves performing the same activities as rivals in a similar way, but at a lower cost. T or F?False- strategic positioning attempts to achieve sustainable competetive advantage by preserving what is distinctive about a company. It means performing different activities from rivals, or performing similar activities in different ways.
    The platinum platform, in Dubuque, Iowa, sells high quality, unique bedding that is real value to upscale homes in the area. No other company in its local area markets bedding of such quality and value. By offering this type of product, the platinum platform is utilizing a ______ strategy.focused-differentiation
    a forecast is a(n)projection for the future
    The 3 key principles of _______ are the creation of a unique and valuable position, trade-offs in competing, and creating a "fit" among activities.strategic positioning
    Mel's Diner is a popular cafe that specializes in home-cooked meals, friendly service, and a menu that contains vegan and vegetarian dishes. Mel's Diner is engaging strategic positioning by offering the unique menu items of vegan and vegetarian dishes.True
    Sophie, a shift manager in a shoe store, has 40 employees on her shift that she directly supervises. The 40 workers who report directly to sophie to represent herunity of command
    Simply You has a president, vice president of marketing, and vice president of finance, each with their own departments under them. This is an example of which organizational structure?functional
    Bianca, the CEO of Solar Tiles, has only three people reporting to her: the vice president of marketing, vice president of HR, and vice president of accounting. Bianca has anarrow span of control
    __________ is the process of assigning managerial authority and responsibility to lower level managers and employees.delegation

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