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    the fantastic flying books of mr. morris lessmore


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    The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore

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    The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore


    Directed by William Joyce

    Brandon Oldenburg

    Written by William Joyce

    Produced by Lampton Enochs

    Alissa Kantrow

    Trish Farnsworth-Smith

    Music by John Hunter,[1] BREED

    Production company Moonbot Studios Release date

    January 30, 2011 (Santa Barbara)

    Running time 15 minutes

    Country United States

    is a 2011 animated short film directed by William Joyce and Brandon Oldenburg,[2] and produced by Moonbot Studios in Shreveport, Louisiana.[3] Described as an "allegory about the curative powers of story," the film centers on bibliophile Lessmore and his custodianship of a magical library of flying books. It was created using computer animation, miniatures and traditional hand-drawn techniques.[4]

    After winning over a dozen film festivals, the film was awarded the Best Animated Short Film at the 84th Academy Awards.[5][6] An official iPad app based on the film was also released in the Apple App Store. This however requires updating as it does not work with the current iOS. A book adaptation was released in late 2012.[7]


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    Morris Lessmore starts off on a balcony in the French Quarter of New Orleans writing a memoir. Suddenly a storm strikes, blowing Morris's writing out of his book and blowing him off the balcony. While Morris frantically grabs for his book, the storm blows away the buildings.

    After the storm, Morris finds the city and its residents devastated. He walks through the streets strewn with book pages and into the countryside. There he sees a woman fly past, magically suspended by flying books which she is holding with ribbons. She sends one of the books down to Morris. The book's pages flip back and forth to animate an illustration of Humpty Dumpty, who urges Morris to follow him. The flying book takes Morris to a library where other flying books live. Morris finds no humans there, but notices several portraits on a wall, one of which is the woman he had seen.

    Morris then becomes the proprietor of the library. He takes care of the books, even saving the life of an early French edition of Jules Verne's after it suffers a catastrophic injury falling from a shelf.[Note 1] He also gives out books to those who visit the library from the city still suffering from the effects of the storm. Eventually Morris begins to rewrite his memoir, sharing passages with the flying books who gather around him on the grassy hill opposite the library.

    Years later Morris, now an old man, finally completes the book. Satisfied with his life's work, he closes the book and heads for the door. The flying books swirl about him and Morris becomes young again. He then flies away, carried by flying books like the woman earlier. As he departs, his book, which had earlier been an ordinary book, becomes a flying book like the others, and returns to the library. Just then, a young girl arrives. She sits down on the steps of the library and begins to read Morris's book as the flying books gather around. The final scene shows Morris's portrait added to the picture wall in the library.


    Buster Keaton wearing a pork pie hat

    The book was inspired by William Morris, children's books publisher at HarperCollins and Joyce's mentor. Joyce wrote a story about a man who gives his life to books when he was on an airplane flight to visit Morris. Joyce read the story to Morris, who died a few days after that.[4]

    Morris Lessmore was visually modeled after the silent film actor Buster Keaton. The film drew particular inspiration from the storm scene in Keaton's 1928 film and the tornado from (1939). Also an inspiration was the real-life Hurricane Katrina which devastated New Orleans in 2005.[8]

    Like , the film utilizes the contrast of color and black-and-white as a narrative device. In this case, the black-and-white represents the sadness and despair brought about by the storm.


    Writer and co-director William Joyce holding the Academy Award won by the film in 2012

    The film has received 14 awards, including the Audience Award at the Austin Film Festival, "Best Animated Short" at the Cinequest Film Festival and the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film.[9]

    Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal congratulated Shreveport-based animation studio Moonbot Studios for winning an Oscar at the 84th Annual Academy Awards in Hollywood. "Louisiana celebrates this Oscar win with the exceptionally talented and creative staff of Moonbot Studios in Shreveport," Jindal said. "We're proud that Louisiana residents and a Louisiana-based company created this groundbreaking work that pays homage to a love of books and perseverance through a love of learning.[10]

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    The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore : Joyce, William: Amazon.com.tr: Kitap


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    The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore Ciltli Kapak – Resimli Kitap, 19 Haziran 2012

    İngilizce Baskı William Joyce (Eser Sahibi)

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    6 aya varan taksit seçenekleri Taksitler

    The book that inspired the Academy Award–winning short film, from bestselling author and beloved visionary William Joyce.

    Everything in Morris Lessmore’s life, including his own story, is scattered to the winds.

    But the power of story will save the day.

    Stunningly brought to life by William Joyce, one of the preeminent creators in children’s literature, is a modern masterpiece, showing that in today’s world of traditional books, eBooks, and apps, it’s story that we truly celebrate—and this story, no matter you tell it, begs to be read again and again.

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    ASIN ‏ : ‎ 1442457023

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    Book chatter

    A moving story of books

    Birleşik Krallık’ta 9 Ağustos 2014 tarihinde değerlendirildi

    Doğrulanmış Alışveriş

    I first heard about this book at a conference some years ago when they were talking about interactive apps, and at that time it was a big hit - so big that it was then realeased as a book and then as a short film when it also won an Academy Award for short film.

    At last I've seen the book and it's just as wonderful as described. Morris Lessmore is a lover of books from a young man and keeps his own books of words, but one day a storm comes and scatters everything - so he starts to wander and meets a flying lady who then leads him on to a house of books - a library. He cared for the books, passed on good stories and his favourites to others to enjoy and started a new book of his own. The years pass and finally he comes to the final page of his book and realises it's time to move on and for a while the books are alone.That's until a young girl appears and so the story begins again ........ with the opening of a book.

    Source : www.amazon.com.tr

    The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore (Short 2011)

    The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore: Directed by William Joyce, Brandon Oldenburg. After a hurricane levels his city, a young man wanders into a mysterious library where books literally come to life.

    The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore

    2011 TV-G 15m

    Animation Short Adventure

    After a hurricane levels his city, a young man wanders into a mysterious library where books literally come to life.

    7.9 /10 5.6K Top credits 18 User reviews 13 Critic reviews See more at IMDbPro Won 1 Oscar

    7 wins & 1 nomination total



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    7.7 Bear Story

    7.2 Mr Hublot

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    The House of Small Cubes

    7.8 The Maker 8.2 Paperman 7.9 Boy on the Moon 7.9 The Dam Keeper 7.6 Peter and The Wolf 8.3 Presto 7.4 Head Over Heels 7.2 Oktapodi


    Inspired, in equal measures, by Hurricane Katrina, Buster Keaton, The Wizard of Oz, and a love for books, The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore is a poignant, humorous allegory about the curative powers of story. Using a variety of techniques (miniatures, computer animation, 2D animation) award winning author/ illustrator William Joyce and Co-director Brandon Oldenburg present a hybrid style of animation that harkens back to silent films and MGM Technicolor musicals. Morris Lessmore is old fashioned and cutting edge at the same time.—Anonymous

    book hurricane library reading writing 5 more

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    Certificate TV-G Parents guide

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    Did you know


    The film includes a mix of various animation and live action techniques, 3D computer characters, miniature sets and traditional 2D hand drawn animation. The miniature sets filled an entire motion picture sound stage. Production achieved a staggering number of camera set-ups in a very limited time-frame, doing 375 set-ups in just 5 days. The directors had the animation team relentlessly watch a number of classic Buster Keaton films as inspiration for the Morris Lessmore Character.


    Edited into The Oscar Nominated Short Films 2012: Animation (2012)

    User reviews

    18 Review TOP REVIEW 10 /10

    15 minutes I'll never regret.

    After it won the Academy Award for Best Animated Short, I felt compelled to give The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore a watch. Time well spent! The movie is a product of such sheer ingenuity that it could have only come from the whimsical mind of filmmaker and author William Joyce. He infuses delightful imagination into every second of the film. The whimsical animation is a great visual factor, and the story takes influence from The Wizard of Oz in more ways than one. It's a labor of love for Joyce, and one that flourishes with an unashamed love for the magic of literature. It's hard not to be charmed by all the creativity, and despite a generously short running time, the film still manages to give a strong emotional punch. I'd love to see something like this get a full length feature of its own, if it weren't for the fact that it would require way too much padding. In the end, 15 minutes is the perfect mark for this unmistakable gem.

    helpful • 8 5

    Ryan_MYeahMar 13, 2012


    Release date

    September 24, 2014 (France)

    Country of origin United States Official sites

    Official siteOfficial site

    Languages NoneEnglish Also known as

    Фантастичні летючі книжки Моріса Лессмора

    Production company Moonbot Studios

    See more company credits at IMDbPro

    Source : www.imdb.com

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