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    the equipment inside of a space vehicle must be attached by cords to accommodate for which factor?


    Guys, does anyone know the answer?

    get the equipment inside of a space vehicle must be attached by cords to accommodate for which factor? from EN Bilgi.

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    Q.Animals need oxygen and plants need carbon dioxide. What do all living things on Earth also need?

    1 30 sec

    Q.On humid days, you may think the air in our atmosphere is primarily made of water vapor, however which gas makes up 78% of our air?

    2 30 sec

    Q.The average temperature of Mars is -81⁰ F. Venus has an average temperature of 864⁰F, but Earth has an average temperature of 57⁰F. What characteristic, besides the distance of each planet from the Sun, could cause the differences in temperature?

    3 30 sec

    Q.Why would a space scientist study diagrams of Earth systems like the river pattern shown in this diagram?

    4 30 sec

    Q.A student’s younger sibling was watching a news story about the possibility of water on Mars. The sibling asked the student, “Why is finding water so important?” What should the student explain to the sibling?

    5 30 sec

    Q.Several 7th grade students are measuring their height to determine how much they have grown over the school year. Identify the step being utilized in the scientific process:

    6 30 sec

    Q.Why is an oxygen system part of an astronaut’s spacesuits?

    7 30 sec

    Q.Astronauts need to keep in constant contact with mission control on Earth. Computers are used for communication between Earth and Space. Which of the above methods are used to communicate with Earth?

    8 30 sec

    Q.The outermost layer of the spacesuit has a different purpose. Why is this layer designed to work as protective shell during spacewalks?

    9 30 sec

    Q.When going to sleep, an astronaut does not need to worry about having room to lie down, but they do need to worry about floating about the cabin. What could be used to design a safe sleeping area?

    10 30 sec

    Q.A student made a model of a spacesuit. The model included a helmet, gloves, shoes, a total body covering and a radio. What vital part of the spacesuit does the student still need to add?

    11 30 sec

    Q.A group of 7th grade science students are exploring a dried up river bed. As they are walking along collecting rock samples they notice that one rock is smooth and round while another rock is rough and irregular. The students examine the rocks and ask themselves what type of erosion caused the rock to remain smooth and the other to be rough and full of holes. What step of the scientific method is being used?

    12 30 sec

    Q.A group of Zamora 7th grade scientist return with rocks to the science lab. They believe that one of rocks could have formed through physical weathering while the other might have formed through chemical weathering. What step of the scientific method is being utilized?

    13 30 sec

    Q.The presences of water on Earth is maintained through the Earth’s water cycle. What is the primary reason the water cycle can exist on Earth?

    14 30 sec

    Q.What is the main source of energy for life on Earth?

    15 30 sec

    Q.A student making a model of characteristics that allow the existence of life on Earth suspended a ball inside a clear balloon. The student then smeared sunblock on the outside of the balloon. What does the sunblock represent?

    16 30 sec

    Q.On a space mission, the gravitational environment can negatively affect the bone density of astronauts. Which accommodations will most likely protect the bone health of the crew on a space mission?

    17 30 sec

    Q.An astronaut’s space suit for basic needs of the astronaut. Which of the following is NOT an accommodation provided by the astronaut’s suit?

    18 30 sec

    Q.The insulated feature of space suit layers are designed to _____________.

    19 30 sec

    Q.How does the space suit backpack help astronauts breathe in a space environment?

    20 30 sec

    Q.All of the following are reasons why scientists use full scale mock ups of space vehicles and the ISS before undertaking actual space missions EXCEPT ________.

    21 30 sec

    Q.All of the following are ways that the atmosphere makes the existence of life on Earth possible EXCEPT ________.

    22 30 sec

    Q.The equipment inside of a space vehicle must be attached by cord to accommodate for which factor?

    23 30 sec Back to top

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    Unit 9 Space

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    Unit 9 Space

    Unit 9 Space 77%

    634 7th 7th Science Deleted User 3 years

    24 Qs

    1. Multiple-choice 1 minute Q.

    The equipment inside of a space vehicle must be attached by cords to accommodate for which factor?

    answer choices Pressure Friction Radiation Micro gravity 2. Multiple-choice 1 minute Q.

    Which of the following accommodations would be used to combat the loss of muscle mass in space?

    answer choices

    Spacesuit providing oxygen

    Large compartments on spacecraft

    Specialized exercise equipment

    Straps to keep astronauts upright

    3. Multiple-choice 1 minute Q.

    The insulated feature of space suit layers are designed to-

    answer choices

    regulate temperature

    protect from radiation

    trap excessive CO2 provide pure O2 4. Multiple-choice 1 minute Q.

    What characteristics of the shuttle allowed for more frequent space exploration compared to previous manned space missions?

    answer choices More spacious cabin

    Ability to land at an airport

    Ability to reuse the shuttle

    Attachment to a separate rocket

    5. Multiple-choice 1 minute Q.

    When outside a spacecraft in space, which accommodation would most likely be used to overcome drifting off into space due to a lack of gravity?

    answer choices Food bags

    Space suit providing oxygen

    Weights added to the space suit

    Spacesuit tethered to spacecraft

    6. Multiple-choice 1 minute

    Q. What is the only planet known to contain life?

    answer choices Mars Earth Neptune Uranus 7. Multiple-choice 1 minute

    Q. What is one factor that makes life on Earth possible?

    answer choices Water High gravity Elliptical Orbit Hydrogen 8. Multiple-choice 1 minute Q.

    What characteristic of the Sun keep the planets in orbit?

    answer choices Attraction Heat Gravity Light 9. Multiple-choice 1 minute Q.

    What is the ultimate source of life on Earth?

    answer choices Photosynthesis Carnivores The atmosphere The Sun 10. Multiple-choice 1 minute Q.

    The outer planets could not support life because they are?

    answer choices Too hot Temperate

    Too far away from Earth

    Too cold 11. Multiple-choice 1 minute Q.

    Earth's atmosphere is held to the planet by?

    answer choices Traction Gravity Love Atmosphere 12. Multiple-choice 1 minute Q.

    Earth's atmosphere is primarily made of?

    answer choices Nitrogen/CO2 CO2/H2O Oxygen/Nitrogen Oxygen/CO2 13. Multiple-choice 1 minute Q.

    Which celestial body has an atmosphere similar to Earth?

    answer choices Makemake Titan Venus The Moon 14. Multiple-choice 1 minute Q.

    The three states of water on Earth are?

    answer choices Solid, liquid, gas Solid, soft, air

    Ice cubes, fire, clouds

    Liquid, solid, permeable

    15. Multiple-choice 1 minute Q.

    Evidence of water has been found on Earth, the Moon, and?

    answer choices Uranus Titan Pluto Mars 16. Multiple-choice 1 minute

    Q. What is the most important factor that determines Earth’s temperature?

    answer choices

    Amount of water on the planet

    Proximity to the Sun

    Gas composition of the atmosphere

    Distance to the Moon

    17. Multiple-choice 1 minute

    Q. The layer of ozone in the upper atmosphere of Earth is important to life because it shields Earth from -

    answer choices

    impacts from meteors.

    solar winds. solar winds.

    ultraviolet radiation.

    changes in temperature.

    18. Multiple-choice 1 minute

    Q. The ozone layer is degraded by certain chemicals that create holes in the ozone layer. If the presence of these chemicals significantly increases, it is reasonable to predict that organisms would -

    answer choices

    have a difficult time breathing.

    experience colder temperatures.

    be more exposed to ultraviolet radiation.

    run out of drinking water.

    19. Multiple-choice 1 minute

    Q. Keeps Earth’s temperature stable and cool

    answer choices

    Distance from the Sun

    Magnetic fields Atmosphere Water 20. Multiple-choice 1 minute

    Q. An astronaut should not remove his or her helmet while working outside the space station because the helmet provides -

    answer choices nitrogen. oxygen. water. food. 21. Multiple-choice 1 minute

    Q. The protective gear that protects astronauts from the cold, airless environment of space

    answer choices Space station Space suit Accommodations Instruments 22. Multiple-choice 1 minute

    Q. What design element of an astronaut’s spacesuit protects him or her from micrometeoroids, which are tiny bits of space debris travelling at high speeds?

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    Science Unit 5 Flashcards

    Start studying Science Unit 5. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

    Science Unit 5

    25 studiers in the last day

    One thing that is NOT a limitation of a model of our solar system is-

    Click card to see definition 👆

    The number of planets

    Click again to see term 👆

    What are three things we need to make a planet inhabitable?

    Click card to see definition 👆

    Correct distance from the Sun (proximity), liquid water, and oxygen (atmosphere).

    Click again to see term 👆

    1/21 Created by millsa80

    Terms in this set (21)

    One thing that is NOT a limitation of a model of our solar system is-

    The number of planets

    What are three things we need to make a planet inhabitable?

    Correct distance from the Sun (proximity), liquid water, and oxygen (atmosphere).

    If a planet is further away from the Sun, but has water and atmosphere, would it be inhabitable?

    No- it would be too cold because it would be too far away from the Sun.

    What accommodation can astronauts use to protect their bone health in space?

    Exercise daily with exercise equipment.

    Can the gravitational environment in space negatively affect the bone density of astronauts?


    An astronaut's suit provides an astronaut's basic needs. What is one accommodation an astronaut's space suit can NOT provide?

    Microgravity (it is found naturally in space)

    What basic needs do an astronaut's suit provide?

    Insulation, air pressure, waste management, and protection from radiation

    A space suit backpack helps astronauts breathe in space by-

    providing O2 (oxygen) to breathe (inhale) and canisters to collect CO2 (carbon dioxide)

    Scientists use full-scale mock-ups of space vehicles and other equipment before going on actual missions for many reasons EXCEPT-

    to discard out-of-date technology and equipment

    The insulated feature of space suit layers is designed (made) to do what?

    temperature regulation

    One way our atmosphere does NOT make Earth inhabitable is by-

    maintaining a constant temperature (remember it keeps our temperature moderate)

    Why does equipment inside space vehicles need to be attached by cords?

    to accommodate for microgravity

    One disadvantage of exploring Europa for life is that it is-

    farther away from the Sun and most likely has colder temperatures that will not support life.

    What information can you get from a model of the solar system that would help you plan a trip to another planet?

    -estimate distance -estimate fuel cost

    -estimate travel time

    What are three reasons Mercury cannot support life?

    -no atmosphere -no liquid surface

    -proximity to the Sun- makes temperatures very hot

    Why are Mercury and Neptune not considered to be likely to support life?

    Because of their extreme distances from the Sun (too close or too far)

    Why is there no solid evidence that life does not exist on Mars?

    Mars has very little atmosphere (minimal)

    How much Oxygen do we have in the Earth's atmosphere?

    about 21%

    When you look at a picture of the Moon, how can you tell that it would NOT support life?

    There are too many craters- this shows that there is not a protective atmosphere. (The atmosphere would make meteors burn up before they hit the surface)

    Water is essential on Earth for many reasons, EXCEPT (it does NOT)-

    it protects the Earth from radiation

    One reason scientists have wanted to explore Europa is because it may have-

    large amounts of liquid water

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