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    the disappearance at clifton hill explained


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    Disappearance At Clifton Hill Ending Explained

    IFC Midnight's Disappearance At Clifton Hills is a tightly paced thriller with an unexpectedly clever twist in the final act.

    Disappearance At Clifton Hill Ending Explained-The True Story

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    An unexpected delight dropped on Netflix recently. IFC Midnight’s Disappearance At Clifton Hill is a tightly paced thriller with an unexpectedly clever twist in the final act. It stars Sense 8’s Tuppence Middleton as Abby, a girl with a complicated relationship with the truth who has returned to her family’s motel in Canada after her mother’s death. The motel lies in a Canadian border town near Niagara Falls. Hannah Gross plays her sister Laure who struggles to believe her sister when she insists she isn’t lying about what she saw as a child or what she believes now. Abby is haunted by seeing a boy get beaten and kidnapped while on a family fishing trip and has now become convinced that boy was Alex Moulin, a boy who supposedly committed suicide but was never found.

    She didn’t tell her parents as a young girl about the one-eyed boy but told her sister, who didn’t believe her. After Abby is caught in an elaborate lie as a young adult, she loses all credibility. It’s an intriguing Boy Who Cried Wolf theme that is explored by exposing how and why someone could become a habitual liar. Abby might be a compulsive liar, but that doesn’t mean she lies about what she saw as a kid. That single event has affected her entire life. It may be what led to her alleged amnesia as an adult. Mixing noir and psychological horror aspects, Director Albert Shin’s movie is a taut thriller currently streaming on Netflix.

    The ending of Disappearance At Clifton Hill

    Shortly after moving back to her mother’s motel Abby gets obsessed with the memory of seeing a boy with one eye being beaten and abducted by two strangers. In the course of her investigation, she learns the boy was Alex Moulin. He was the son of the Magnificent Moulins, who were famous performers along Niagara Falls. The husband and wife magic act claimed their son committed suicide after throwing himself over the Falls, although his body was never found.

    Local eccentric podcaster Walter Bell(David Cronenberg), with a legendary family of his own, has other theories. He believes a wealthy real estate tycoon Charles Lake II who owned most of the town, is responsible. Bell thinks the crime was necessary to cover up sexual abuse perpetrated on Alex by Lake’s son Charles Lake III(Eric Johnson, American Gods). Simultaneously, Lake III wants to buy Abby’s motel and does a good job acting shady and menacing.

    In Disappearance at Clifton Hill, Abby eventually learns that the kidnappers were Bev and Gerry Mole, animal trainers for the Moulins. She believes Lake II hired them to kidnap Alex and feed him to the Moulin’s tigers. Gerry admitted to Alex’s eye injury by one of the tigers in the Moulin’s act and the kidnapping. A police raid uncovered proof of their crimes, but Alex’s body still hasn’t been found. When Abby confronted the Moulins, they acted extremely odd. Neither parent acted as if they loved their son and considered him a commodity in the act and nothing more. It seems poor Alex had parents who abused him, a young man who sexually assaulted him, and a couple hired by a wealthy businessman who killed him. All of that is put into question, though, when a mysterious man with an eye patch checks into the hotel Abby is now working at.

    The man asks Abby if he knows her because some part of him may have recognized her as the same little girl he saw by the road the day he was kidnapped. He may also have been following the investigation from a safe distance and knows the role Abby played. He sees the picture of Charlie in the paper detailing the arrests of Charlie Lake III, the Moulins, and the Moles for the torture and death of Alex. The one-eyed man looks at Abby and tells her Charlie wasn’t a bad person. He further says Charlie never hurt Alex; he saved him. The appearance of this man could mean Charlie did, in fact, save Alex and help him escape. The mysterious man does not confirm his identity, but his eye patch and knowledge of Lake III indicate that he knows more than he should unless he is Alex.

    In likelihood, Lake III tried to help Alex when his parents abused him, and Charlie’s father wanted to kill him. We don’t know for sure, though, if Charlie’s dad was ever involved. If the sexual abuse never happened, there would be no reason for the Lakes to be involved. On the other hand, Lake II may have thought his son was involved with the kid inappropriately because his son’s desire to help Alex or the Moulins and the Moles concocted the entire thing. In any case, this unknown man leads us to believe Alex survived and was saved by Charlie Lake III. Where he has been living, we will never know.

    The True Story

    The film is loosely based on Albert Shin’s own childhood experiences. His family owned the Niagara Gateway Motel near Clifton Hill. He has memories of what he suspected might have been an abduction on the Niagara River. Like Abby, Albert was very young. He vividly remembers a man grabbing a boy and throwing him into the trunk of his car, where he beat him with a tire iron. Albert also remembers him yelling at the boy to be quiet. The problem is he isn’t confident it actually happened because so many years have passed. That indecision was the jumping-off point for the film as it centered around a child with potentially faulty memories and a propensity for dishonesty.

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    The Ending of ‘Disappearance at Clifton Hill’, Explained

    Is the man at the end of Disappearance at Clifton Hill really Alex Moulin?


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    The Ending of ‘Disappearance at Clifton Hill’, Explained

    By Liz Kocan @lizburrito

    Jun 1, 2022 at 11:11am



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    One of the top films on Netflix at the moment is the Canadian thriller Disappearance At Clifton Hill, about a woman named Abby (Tuppence Middleton) whose memory of witnessing a young boy named Alex Moulin being kidnapped begins to haunt her as an adult. After going to the police, who refuse to help her investigate the cold case, she investigates the boy’s disappearance herself.

    What happened to Alex Moulin in Disappearance at Clifton Hill?

    Abby, who lives on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls, begins to look into the disappearance of a young boy with one eye after recalling seeing him beaten and abducted in the woods near her childhood home. As she digs deeper into his disappearance, along with the help of a podcaster named Walter Bell (David Cronenberg) and her sister and brother-in-law (played by Hannah Gross and Schitt’s Creek‘s Noah Reid), she learns that the boy, Alex Moulin, was the son of a husband-and-wife magician act, the Magnificent Moulins, and he was reported dead, having thrown himself over the falls, not long after Abby saw him being abducted.

    Bell, a conspiracy theorist, explains to Abby that the boy’s body was never found, so he doesn’t think he committed suicide, and he actually believes a local real estate tycoon, Charles Lake II, had Alex killed because his own son, Charles Lake III, was sexually abusing him, and he wanted to cover up the crimes. Eventually, Abby pieces together that a couple named Bev and Gerry Mole, who worked as the animal trainers for the Moulin’s magic act, kidnapped Alex and tried to kill him at the behest of Charles Lake II, feeding him to the tigers in the family’s magic act. Gerry admitted this all to Abby, and as a result, the police raided the Mole’s home and found evidence to prove their involvement in Alex’s disappearance. It seems that everyone, including the police and local news, concludes that the boy is dead, though his body has still never been found.

    The Ending of ‘Disappearance at Clifton Hill’, Explained

    While the mystery of Alex’s disappearance appears to have been wrapped up, Abby takes on a new job working the front desk of a local hotel. One day, a mysterious man wearing an eye patch enters asking for a room, and as they make small talk he reveals he’s visiting the city for the first time in a long time, and then stares at Abby, asking, “Do we know each other?” Does he recognize her as the young girl who witnessed him being abducted in the woods? Seems like it.

    The one-eyed man points to a newspaper headline in which Charlie Bell III denies any involvement in the murder of Alex, and says “He’s not lying,” to which Abby asks, “He never hurt that kid?” and the one-eyed man says, “No, he saved his life.” Did Charlie Bell III send Alex away to save his life after he was maimed by the Moles? While it’s unclear, it sure appears that not everyone involved in Alex’s disappearance was out to harm him after all.


    Disappearance at Clifton Hill

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    Disappearance At Clifton Hill Ending, Explained

    ‘Disappearance at Clifton Hill’ is a thriller that juggles the elements of crime and psychology. At its center is the story of a woman who claims that she saw a boy being abducted when she was a child. However, she reports it twenty-five years after the event happened, and by this time, she has too […]

    Disappearance At Clifton Hill Ending, Explained

    Diksha Sundriyal June 6, 2020

    ‘Disappearance at Clifton Hill’ is a thriller that juggles the elements of crime and psychology. At its center is the story of a woman who claims that she saw a boy being abducted when she was a child. However, she reports it twenty-five years after the event happened, and by this time, she has too many stains on her reputation. The people around her are wary of whether or not to believe her, and as we get to know about her personal problems, we question her motives as well. In the end, another twist reframes the entire event. If you haven’t seen the film yet, bookmark this article for later. SPOILERS AHEAD

    Plot Summary

    As a child, Abby witnesses the abduction of a boy. Twenty-five years later, we find her on a bus back to her hometown, where she has to settle a deal made by her dead mother. There is some friction between her and her sister, Laure, who has trouble trusting her.

    While going through old photographs, Abby notices the car that she had seen all those years ago. Her memories are triggered, and she starts digging into the murders and kidnappings around that time. She enlists her sister and a local conspiracy theory podcaster, Walter, to help her make sense of the details she digs up. All this time, tensions also arise due to her own behavior. It turns out that Abby is a pathological liar.

    Did Charlie Kill Alex?

    The story of ‘Disappearance at Clifton Hill’ begins with a kidnapping. When little Abby sees Alex being taken away by strangers, she has a very narrow perspective. She knows nothing about the boy, who he is, why he is being kidnapped, and where does he end up. Twenty-five years later, when she picks up the case again, she does so with the possibility that the boy is probably dead. Her suspicions are confirmed when she identifies him as Alex, who had died around the same time she had witnessed his abduction.

    There is hardly anything more nefarious than the murder of a child. When Abby starts her investigation, she is full of several questions, all of which eventually lead her to wonder why someone would kill a boy? What did he know? What did he do? There couldn’t be any good reason why all this happened to him, and there would be no excuse for making it any less than an evil act. So, if anyone were to be involved in it in any manner, it would be something terrible.

    What good could come out of the disappearance of a child? Abby thinks so, Walter thinks so, and so does the audience. And this is precisely where the trouble begins. When we lose the objectivity to see the events logically, our judgment is hampered. Take, for instance, Walter. He had been biased about Charlie and his family since the beginning. Even when Abby tells him that Alex was kidnapped because of his parents, he doesn’t give it much thought. Instead of re-evaluating his beliefs and wondering if he did get something wrong, he blames Abby for getting in a business deal with Charlie. He has convinced himself of his version of the truth, and wouldn’t have it any other way.

    This misguided confidence of his seeps into Abby, who, despite coming very close to the truth, finds one reason or another to connect Charlie to it. She, too, convinces herself of her own version of the truth. However, the last scene proves her wrong. It turns out that Charlie didn’t kill Alex after all.

    The Ending

    Abby tries to get a confession from the Moulins, but they turn out to be more dangerous than she had imagined. It becomes clear to her that they had almost killed their son, but she was yet to find how exactly to connect it to Charlie. The only witness she had was Bev’s husband. She frees him from his imprisonment in the exchange of coming clean about everything. He tells them about the kidnapping, which brings the Moulins as well as Charlie in the line of fire. Now, the only thing that remains is the trial.

    The story makes headlines, and meanwhile, Abby tries to bring her life back on track. She starts working as a manager at a hotel. One day, a strange guest arrives at the hotel and makes Abby reconsider her perception of the case.

    Is Alex Alive?

    The focal point of Abby’s investigation was Alex. She had followed the leads on the fact that he had been murdered. In the end, however, she realizes that she had been wrong about a lot of things, simply because she had started with a false lead. Alex is not dead.

    What really happened is this. The Moulins tried to pull their son into the family business. He had to pass the test of confronting the tiger, which he was not ready for. The tiger attacked him, and Alex lost his one eye. After this incident, he tried to run away, knowing that his parents would again throw him in front of the tiger sooner or later. The Moulins sent Bev and her husband to get back Alex. What the couple didn’t know was that Bev had taken pictures of Alex’s injuries. She blackmailed them, and they paid her the sum that acted as her lottery ticket out of this life.

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