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    superintendent of public instruction california


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    California State Superintendent of Public Instruction

    California State Superintendent of Public Instruction

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    State Superintendent of Public Instruction of California

    California State Seal


    Tony Thurmond

    since January 7, 2019

    Style The Honorable

    Term length Four years, two term limit

    Website www.cde.ca.gov/eo

    The state superintendent of public instruction (SPI) of California is the nonpartisan (originally partisan) elected executive officer of the California Department of Education. The SPI directs all functions of the Department of Education, executes policies set by the California State Board of Education, and also heads and chairs the Board. The superintendent is elected to a four-year term, serves as the state’s chief spokesperson for public schools, provides education policy and direction to local school districts, and also serves as an ex officio member of governing boards of the state’s higher education system. The current superintendent of public instruction is Tony Thurmond.

    Under Section 2 of Article 9 of the California Constitution, the Superintendent must be directly "elected by the qualified electors of the State at each gubernatorial election." But the State Board of Education is not directly elected, and its members are not appointed by the superintendent. They are appointed by the governor subject to the approval of the state Senate. Therefore, if the governor's party has a majority in the Senate and the governor has different views on state education policy than the superintendent, the governor could put the superintendent in the position of chairing a board of members with whom he or she disagrees. The California Constitutional Revision Commission proposed that the superintendent should be converted from an elected official into an appointed one, but the Commission's proposal was rejected by the state electorate in 1968.[1]


    1 List of California State Superintendents of Public Instruction

    2 See also 3 References 4 External links

    List of California State Superintendents of Public Instruction[edit]

    Name Party Date Assumed Office

    John G. Marvin D January 1, 1851

    Paul K. Hubbs D January 1, 1854

    Andrew J. Moulder D January 1, 1857

    John Swett Union January 2, 1863

    Oscar Penn Fitzgerald D December 2, 1867

    Henry N. Bolander R December 4, 1871

    Ezra S. Carr R December 6, 1875

    Frederick M. Campbell R January 5, 1880

    William T. Welcker D January 8, 1883

    Ira G. Hoitt R January 3, 1887

    J.W. Anderson R January 5, 1891

    Samuel T. Black R January 7, 1895

    Charles T. Meredith D September 24, 1898

    Thomas J. Kirk R January 2, 1899

    Edward Hyatt R January 7, 1907

    Will C. Wood NP January 6, 1919

    William John Cooper R January 20, 1927

    Vierling C. Kersey NP February 11, 1929

    Walter F. Dexter NP February 1, 1937

    Roy E. Simpson NP November 13, 1945

    Max Rafferty R January 7, 1963

    Wilson Riles D January 4, 1971

    Bill Honig NP January 3, 1983

    David Dawson (acting superintendent)   February 24, 1993

    Delaine Eastin D January 2, 1995

    Jack O'Connell D January 5, 2003

    Tom Torlakson D January 3, 2011

    Tony Thurmond D January 7, 2019

    See also[edit]

    G. Vernon Bennett, Los Angeles City Council member, 1935–49, ran for state superintendent of public instruction


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    California statewide elected officials

    GovernorLieutenant GovernorAttorney GeneralSecretary of StateTreasurerControllerInsurance CommissionerSuperintendent of Public Instruction

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    California Superintendent of Public Instruction

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    California Superintendent of Public Instruction

    California Superintendent of Public Instruction

    General informationOffice Type:   NonpartisanOffice website:   Official LinkCompensation:   $182,1892022 FY Budget:   $114,138,236,000Term limits:   2 termsStructureLength of term:   4 yearsAuthority:   California Education Code, Title 2, Division 2, Part 20, Chapter 3, Article 1, Sections 33302/33303Selection Method:   ElectedCurrent Officeholder

    California Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond


    Assumed office: 2019-01-01ElectionsNext election:   November 8, 2022Last election:   November 6, 2018Other California Executive Offices

    Governor • Lieutenant Governor • Secretary of State • Attorney General • Treasurer • Auditor • Controller • Superintendent of Public Instruction • Agriculture Secretary • Insurance Commissioner • Natural Resources Secretary • Industrial Relations Director • Public Utilities Commission

    The California Superintendent of Public Instruction is an elected, constitutional, state executive position in the California state government. The superintendent oversees the California Department of Education and, by extension, all of the state of California's public schools. He or she executes the policies of the California Board of Education, which is the school system's primary governing body. The superintendent also manages the operational side of the school system; he or she licenses teachers, maintains school property, and fulfills other administrative duties.

    Current officeholder

    The current superintendent is Tony Thurmond, who was first elected to the nonpartisan office in 2018 and assumed office on December 3, 2018.[1]


    The office of superintendent is established by California statute.[2]

    California Education Code, Sections 33302 and 33303


    Like all state elected officials, the superintendent of education must be a registered voter in the state. Additionally, he or she must not have served two terms in office since November 6, 1990, when state office term limits were adopted into the state Constitution.[3]


    Superintendents are elected every four years during gubernatorial election years (e.g. 2014, 2018, 2022, etc.). Winners take office on the first Monday in January following their election.[4] The office of superintendent is technically nonpartisan, so all candidates run without any party affiliation in both primary and general elections.[5]

    California Constitution, Article 2, Section 6


    General election

    The primary will occur on June 7, 2022. The general election will occur on November 8, 2022. General election candidates will be added here following the primary.

    Nonpartisan primary election

    Nonpartisan primary for California Superintendent of Public Instruction

    The following candidates are running in the primary for California Superintendent of Public Instruction on June 7, 2022.


    Tony Thurmond (Nonpartisan)

    Marco Amaral (Nonpartisan)

    Joseph Campbell (Nonpartisan)

    Lance Christensen (Nonpartisan)

    Jim Gibson (Nonpartisan)

    Ainye Long (Nonpartisan)

    George Yang (Nonpartisan)

    Incumbents are bolded and underlined.

    = candidate completed the Ballotpedia Candidate Connection survey.

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    General election

    General election for California Superintendent of Public Instruction

    Tony Thurmond defeated Marshall Tuck in the general election for California Superintendent of Public Instruction on November 6, 2018.

    Candidate % Votes ✔

    Tony Thurmond (Nonpartisan)

    50.9 5,385,912

    Source : ballotpedia.org

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