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    stranger things season 4 volume 2 explained


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    ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Volume 2 Ending Explained: What’s Next for Hawkins?

    Netflix's Stranger Things 4 is finally done and we are breaking down everything in the twist-filled, super-sized final episodes.

    ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Volume 2 Ending Explained: What’s Next for Hawkins?

    All bets are off for ”Stranger Things 5“

    Drew Taylor | July 1, 2022 @ 6:00 PM


    “Stranger Things” Season 4 has finally come to an end.

    After debuting in late May with seven jumbo-sized episodes, the series returned on July 1 to close out with two more huge installments (the season finale runs a whopping 2-hours-and-30-minutes). After waiting nearly three years for new episodes, it was perfect. Once again, “Stranger Things” captured the zeitgeist, rocketing an old Kate Bush song to the top of the charts and giving social media something to talk about (mainly about who they didn’t want to die in the finale). But all good things must come to an end, including “Stranger Things.”

    Perhaps what makes these last two episodes even more important/seismic is the fact that this really is the beginning of the end. Next season, “Stranger Things 5,” will be its last. There have already been discussions about spin-off series (this is Netflix’s most popular and arguably most important franchise), but the mainline series’ days are numbered.

    But what happened in the finale and what does it mean for the show as it enters the homestretch? Read on to find out! (We’ve broken up the action by geographic location.)

    HUGE SPOILERS for the “Stranger Things 4” finale follow; only read once you’ve seen the final two episodes!


    Yes, we are (somehow) still in Russia during the final two episodes of this season. Hopper (David Harbour), Joyce (Winona Ryder), Murray (Brett Gelman) and Dimitri (Tom Wlaschiha), along with a captive Yuri (Nikola Đuričko) escape the secret Russian prison where Hopper had been held. On the way out, they discover that the prison has been doing some weird stuff with creatures from the Upside Down – there are Demogorgons in glass jars and, most provocatively, a swirl of sentient particles that are later identified as The Shadow. (More on that in a minute.)

    They escape the prison in the most “Shawshank Redemption” style possible, tunneling through an underground sewer line to reach freedom, only to hear machinegun fire back at the prison. The Demogorgon that Hopper and Dimitri were supposed to fight has gotten loose and is now eating many, many people. Once they return to Yuri’s compound, which includes the forgotten church now filled with counterfeit Levi’s and jars of American peanut butter, Yuri shows them their way out of Russia – a rickety homemade helicopter. Of course, while fixing “her” up, he takes a key component away from the machine and stalls for time. Typical Yuri.

    Feeling desperate, Hopper instructs Dimitri to stay with Yuri and get him to finish the helicopter. He and Joyce and Murray are going to return to the prison to destroy the Upside Down ephemera that they walked past earlier. The Upside Down operates as a hive mind, Hopper reasons, so destroying that stuff in Russia can actually help the gang back in Hawkins. They trudge back into the prison compound, only to see that pretty much everybody has been eaten.

    A half-eaten guard tells them that those particles, The Shadow, went into the Demogogon specimens and were resuscitated. That means instead of one monster, Hopper and the motley duo are contending with many monsters.

    Hopper tells Joyce (yes, they are very much an official thing now, complete with passionate smooch) that he’s going to die. But he’s not going to die. He instructs Joyce to electrify the cells and for Murray to burn them with the flamethrower. Hopper will act as bait. Of course, when he gets into the pit, Murray roasts most of them but there’s one that just won’t stop. How does Hopper kill this monster? With a giant sword that wouldn’t look out of place in He-Man’s hands; Hopper ultimately decapitates the Demogorgon. The evil of the prison is quieted, and it hopefully helped those more directly with the conflict. (Still: what were the Russians doing with all of this Upside Down stuff? We demand answers! Our guess that there was actually a portal in Russia that would whisk them back to Hawkins. We were wrong.)

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    As they look over the burnt, mutilated corpses of man and monster alike, Yuri and Dimitri are spotted overhead with that rickety ass helicopter. Hey, they got it together. (Dimitri actually gave Yuri a rousing speech about how his cowardice makes him look bad in the eyes of Mother Russia.) They are off to America, with several pitstops undoubtedly along the way.

    On the Road

    Meanwhile, on the road, Eleven has been reunited with Will (Noah Schnapp), Mike (Finn Wolfhard), Jonathan (Charlie Heaton) and her new BFF, we’re assuming, Argyle (Eduardo Franco). The boys had been on a cross-country road trip and finally discovered her in the middle of the desert, at a top secret research facility. (Long story short: some evil government guys showed up, Eleven used her powers to destroy a helicopter, Dr. Brenner was shot and killed.) Together, they made a bid to quickly return to Hawkins.

    But, finding no suitable source of transportation, Eleven has an idea – she can “piggyback” into Max’s (Sadie Sink) consciousness, helping her defend herself from Vecna when he comes to attack her. (The volume of imaginary realms in these last two episodes is something else.) Of course, to do this, she must approximate the tank that allowed her remote viewing in Hawkins Lab (and, later, the secret underground bunker where Brenner imprisoned her this season). As we’ve seen on previous season she needs a bathtub (or something very much like it) and a whole lot of salt.

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    Stranger Things Season 4 Ending Explained (In Detail)

    Stranger Things season 4, volume 2 came to an epic conclusion with major reveals that will change Hawkins forever. Here's the ending explained.

    Stranger Things Season 4 Ending Explained (In Detail)

    Stranger Things season 4, volume 2 came to an epic conclusion with major reveals that will change Hawkins forever. Here's the ending explained.



    @[email protected]#=img=#

    Warning: Contains SPOILERS for the Stranger Things season 4 finale.

    The Stranger Things season 4, volume 2 ending is an explosive one that has major setup for season 5. The stakes have been higher than ever in Stranger Things season 4, with the introduction of Vecna - a terrifying monster eventually revealed to be Dr. Brenner's Number One. Vecna possesses all Eleven's powers, and he's been using them to commit murders from the Upside Down; each death tore open a small Gate.

    Netflix divided Stranger Things season 4 into two sections. Although volume 2 contains only two episodes, they're the longest yet, with the final episode running for a mammoth 2 hours and 19 minutes. This sees all the heroes of Hawkins play their part, with Max putting herself in grave danger to draw Vecna into a trap. It would have backfired badly if not for unexpected, long-range psychic backup from Eleven, who engaged Vecna in a psychic duel. Meanwhile, in Russia, Hopper and Joyce did their best to run interference for their families by causing yet more damage to the hive mind.



    Of Course Eddie's Upside Down Song Was Perfect!

    Stranger Things season 4 has the darkest edge yet, but - in spite of warnings from the Duffer brothers - there actually aren't that many fatalities. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean the various heroes of Hawkins emerge triumphant. Stranger Things season 4, volume 2 ends with the revelation they won a Pyrrhic victory - and Hawkins is paying the price for it. Here are all the reveals.

    Vecna Created The Mind-Flayer: Upside Down Reveal Explained

    @[email protected]#=img=#

    The Stranger Things season 4, volume 2 ending reveals Vecna has been the show's villain all along. Vecna presents another flashback, revealing he swiftly came to realize the Upside Down was no purgatory; rather, it was a dimension untouched by human beings. At first he became an explorer, wandering the Upside Down, reveling in a realm that had been untouched by humanity. Finally, Henry stumbled upon a mysterious cloud of particles, from which Vecna formed the Mind-Flayer. These particles appear to be the basis of the hive mind, because anything that ingests them becomes caught up in it. This is clearly a retcon, but it actually fits rather well with Stranger Things season 2. There, Will - who'd fallen under the influence of the hive mind - was freed from the Mind-Flayer's influence using extreme heat. The supposed "virus" ultimately manifested as a stream of particles blasting out of Will's body into the night sky.

    It's amusing to note that Vecna appears ignorant of his own nature. His complaint against humanity is that people have imposed structure on the physical world; and yet, for all that's the case, when Vecna entered the Upside Down he decided to impose his own, even stricter, order by creating an all-consuming hive mind. All the best villains have a degree of hypocrisy to them, a flaw to their philosophy that they are personally unaware of, and Vecna is no exception.

    How Is Vecna Still Alive? How Can He Be Killed?

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    Vecna takes a phenomenal amount of damage in Stranger Things season 4, volume 2's ending. Eleven successfully beats him back in yet another psychic duel, while Nancy, Steve, and Robin attack his body with Molotov cocktails and a sawn-off shotgun. Vecna's badly-injured body falls through the window to the ground, a fall that should have been fatal - but, incredibly, his body had disappeared by the time the trio rushed down the stairs. Vecna's body and mind are clearly resilient, but it's reasonable to assume his escape was assisted by creatures from the Upside Down he controls.


    Vecna's Powers May Explain Stranger Things' Two Kali Plot Holes

    What Happens To Hawkins At The End Of Stranger Things 4

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    Unfortunately the victory was too late, because Vecna succeeded in killing Max. The earthquakes in the Upside Down were clearly a result of dimensional instability, with the Upside Down - which appears to be some sort of naturally-occurring pocket dimension - drawn every closer to the real world by the creation of successive gates. An earthquake of over 7 on the Richter scale strikes Hawkins at the moment of Max's death, signifying the final shift, with fissures opening across the town. The Upside Down invasion of Hawkins seems to have been postponed by Vecna's injuries, or perhaps by Eleven's interference in Max's death, but it finally takes place two days later. Plumes of Upside Down ash rise from the ground, settling across the area around Hawkins. Eleven looks out at an apocalyptic vision, as Hell really does seem to have come to town.

    Curiously enough, all this is in keeping with the original series Bible for the hit Netflix show, back when Stranger Things was called Montauk. That hinted at events consuming an entire town:

    "Over the course of the series, the 'tear' or 'rip' that separates their world from ours will begin to spread across Montauk like a supernatural cancer. This cancer will manifest itself in increasingly bizarre paranormal ways. Electrical fields will be disrupted. Strange fungi will grow on structures and people. A heavy fog will drift in from the Atlantic. The temperature will plummet. Food will rot. Gravity will fluctuate. People will glimpse bizarre entities in their homes and businesses. There will be an escalating number of 'vanishings.' The entire town will become 'haunted' -- and in grave danger. If people can disappear... can an entire town?"

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    'Stranger Things 4' Ending Explained: Who Died in Vol 2 Finale?

    The final two episodes of 'Stranger Things' Season 4 featured a full-on war with Vecna.

    Jul 1, 2022 10:44am PT

    ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Finale: Everything That Happened — and Who Survived

    By Emily Longeretta, Jennifer Maas

    Courtesy of Netflix

    SPOILER ALERT: This story contains spoilers through the end of Season 4, Volume 2 of “Stranger Things,” currently streaming on Netflix.

    The fourth and penultimate season of “Stranger Things” is filled with multiple worlds, numerous deaths and a pineapple pizza. Picking up directly after the events of Episode 7, the final two episodes — four hours in total — that make up “Stranger Things” Season 4, Vol. 2 answer many burning questions while presenting even more ahead of the final season.

    Here, Variety breaks down just a few of the highlights.

    Will’s Sexuality + Painting

    At the start of Episode 8, Will’s (Noah Schnapp) painting is finally revealed. When Mike (Finn Wolfhard) tells Will he’s worried Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) will no longer need him, Will explains that she always will and reminds Mike he’s “the heart” of the group by showing him his painting. The canvas reveals the gang defeating a monster, with Mike leading the pack. He claims Eleven told him what to draw, but, as Eleven told Mike in a letter during the first episode of “Stranger Things” Season 4, she doesn’t know what the painting is.

    Will tells Mike that Eleven has been “lost” without Mike. Through tears, he explains, “When you’re different, sometimes you feel like a mistake, but you make her feel like she’s not a mistake at all. Like she’s better for being different, and that gives her the courage to fight on.” He turns and begins crying, clearing expressing his own feelings for Mike, something his brother Jonathan (Charlie Heaton) can see. This results in an emotional moment later in the episode between Jonathan  and Will, during which Jonathan reminds his brother he will be there for him no matter what.

    Eleven Escapes Papa for Good

    When Eleven is ready to leave to help her friends, Dr. Owens (Paul Reiser) is willing to let her go; Dr. Brenner (Matthew Modine) is not — so much so that he lies to her and tells her she’s not ready to face Vecna/One/Henry (Jamie Campbell Bower) and handcuffs Owens to a pipe. He blames Eleven for all the damage that happened, not taking responsibility for the fact that him pushing her to explore her darkness as a young girl is what led to Eleven opening that gate in 1983.

    After he hits her with a tranquilizer, the military arrives to try and kill Eleven, causing Brenner to carry her out to safety. Upon arriving in the desert, he’s shot down by a helicopter of soldiers waiting above. After Mike and her friends arrive at the perfect time, allowing Eleven to wake up fully from whatever Brennen injected, she summons her strength and brings down the helicopter in a fiery crash. In his final breaths, Brenner frees her and asks her to tell him she understands that he did everything because he loved her — she holds his hand but refuses to give him that satisfaction.

    Max Meets Vecna Again … and Eleven Goes Into Her Mind

    The Hawkins gang hatches a four-phase plan to take out Vecna without Eleven, which involves Max (Sadie Sink) setting herself up as the bait. While listening to Nancy’s (Natalia Dyer) discovery of Vecna/One/Henry’s origins, Max realizes Vecna’s Upside Down clock always chimes four times, and he needs to claim a fourth victim to open a fourth gate in Hawkins in order to crack open a permanent rift between the two realities.

    Nancy, Steve (Joe Keery), Robin (Maya Hawke), Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) and Eddie (Joe Quinn) go back into the Upside Down to try to kill Vecna’s physical body, while Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin), Erica (Priah Ferguson) and Max go to the Creel house to lure his mind away by distracting him with another chance to claim Max.

    Once Vecna does get Max under his spell again, she tries to hide from him in the memory of her first kiss with Lucas at the Snow Ball, but Vecna finds her. Luckily, so does Eleven — who, with the help of Argyle (Eduardo Franco), Jonathan, Will and Mike has made a sensory deprivation tank in a Surfer Boy Pizza place across the country in order to “piggyback” from Max’s mind into Vecna’s conciseness and fight him there.

    Eddie Dies a Hero

    For the Hawkins gang, Dustin and Eddie are responsible for luring the Demobats away from the Creel house in the Upside Down — so Eddie performs an epic guitar solo of Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” on the roof of his trailer. While it works, eventually the bats find a way into the trailer and the pair prepare to escape through the gate into their own dimension.

    After Dustin makes it to safety, Eddie decides to stay and give the Demobats a longer distraction from Nancy, Steve and Robin’s journey to Vecna, after previously beating himself up for running when Chrissy died. Dustin tries to get him to stop, but he refuses, sacrificing himself. By the time Dustin re-enters the Upside Down, the Demobats are dead but Eddie is also gasping for air, ultimately dying in Dustin’s arms after telling him he loves him.

    Max Dies + Eleven Brings Her Back

    Eleven and Vecna finally face off in Max’s mind via the “piggyback” method and Vecna gets the upper hand, restraining Eleven long enough that he can begin his gradual-bone-cracking-eye-bleeding-death ritual on Max through her mind. He manages to snap multiple limbs, make Max bleed from the eyes and blind her real-life body while she’s in his trance. But Eleven gets her strength back (thanks to some loving encouragement from “the heart” of the team, Mike, while she’s in the makeshift sensory deprivation tank) and pushes Vecna off Max from inside their minds long enough that Max comes out of his hold in the real world.

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