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    scientists are trying to open a portal to another dimension


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    Tennessee lab isn't trying to open parallel universe portal

    CLAIM: Scientists at a laboratory in Tennessee are trying to figure out whether parallel universes exist by attempting to open a portal into another dimension. AP’S ASSESSMENT: False.

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    Tennessee lab isn’t trying to open parallel universe portal

    By SOPHIA TULP June 29, 2022

    CLAIM: Scientists at a laboratory in Tennessee are trying to figure out whether parallel universes exist by attempting to open a portal into another dimension.

    AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. Scientists at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in eastern Tennessee conducted an experiment in 2019 to study a type of “exotic” neutron behavior, which some news outlets referred to as searching for “portals” to “parallel” realities. But a spokesperson for the lab and the lead researcher told The Associated Press that such descriptions mischaracterize the experiment. The spokesperson said the use of the word “portal” was figurative, and the team “was not exploring a literal portal to a parallel universe.”

    THE FACTS: Widely shared social media posts this month mischaracterized the past work of researchers at a lab in Tennessee, claiming they were conducting an experiment straight out of a science fiction movie — attempting to open a portal to an alternate dimension.

    “Scientists in Tennessee working at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in eastern Tennessee, have announced that they’re trying to figure out whether or not parallel universes exist,” claimed one Facebook post that received more than 130,000 shares. “They revealed that they’re trying to open a portal into another dimension.”

    But the researchers say that claim really is fiction.

    “My reaction to reading a headline like that is to say, ‘well, that sounds really cool. I wonder what they’re doing because it really doesn’t sound like my research,’” joked Leah Broussard, the scientist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory who led the project.

    Sara Shoemaker, a spokesperson for the lab, added that, while an entertaining idea, the research doesn’t have anything to do with portals or parallel universes the way they are described in the popular online posts.

    “A ‘portal’ in this case is a figurative concept used in the physics community,” explained Shoemaker. “The team’s experiments were not exploring a literal portal to a parallel universe.”

    The research actually involved searching for exotic behaviors of neutrons, including potential interactions between the subatomic particles and a type of theorized dark matter called “mirror matter.”

    Broussard explained that if you take a neutron out of an atom, it becomes unstable, and decays into a proton. Scientists have measured the total rate of decay, and compared it to the rate at which it turns into a proton, finding the two figures disagree. The question posed by this discrepancy is called the neutron lifetime puzzle.

    Broussard said she and her team sought to test a potential hypothesis that could explain it: that the neutrons could be transforming into something else, something called dark matter.

    Broussard said that while dark matter has yet to be observed and researchers still don’t fully understand it, it is thought to make up the majority of matter in the universe. While referred to as “dark,” she clarified that it doesn’t imply anything sinister. It’s called dark because it can’t be seen, the AP has reported.

    Meanwhile, the theorized mirror sector, sometimes called a mirror universe, is thought to be “just another copy of the particles and the interactions we have in our universe,” Broussard explained. She said that it is not the same thing as a parallel universe because it would exist in the same spacetime as, and “very much part of,” our universe.

    Because of this, claims suggesting her research aimed to access a parallel universe — or determine whether or not such a realm exists — miss the mark.

    Instead, the team designed an experiment that would test the theory that sometimes neutrons might be transforming into mirror neutrons, the dark-matter twin, by seeing if they could “watch neutrons going through a wall” that would normally stop them, Broussard said.

    The process of the neutrons being sent through the wall has been figuratively described as moving through a “portal,” but that doesn’t mean that the neutrons are being sent to a mysterious other dimension, separate from our own, both she and Shoemaker said. Shoemaker added that past reporting by news outlets “had fun taking liberties with the concept,” comparing the so-called portal to a doorway accessing alternate realities and other Hollywood tropes.

    Ultimately, the team did not observe any neutrons on the other side of the wall, meaning this particular experiment did not find evidence of such “mirror neutrons,” nor could it answer the neutron lifetime puzzle. Those results were outlined in the peer-reviewed, scientific journal Physical Review Letters in May.

    “We were able to prove that that interaction could not be strong enough to explain the neutron lifetime puzzle,” Broussard said. “It could still be there. It could just be weaker than we were sensitive to. We’re still interested in continuing to search and take what we’ve learned and build even better experiments and more powerful or better optimized instruments.”


    This is part of AP’s effort to address widely shared misinformation, including work with outside companies and organizations to add factual context to misleading content that is circulating online. Learn more about fact-checking at AP.

    Source : apnews.com

    Scientists Want To Open A Portal To Another Universe

    Scientists are looking to prove the existence of a mirror universe! Here's what we know so far about the amazing experiments!


    Scientists Want To Open A Portal To Another Universe

    By Carolyn Jenkins | 7 months ago

    The existence of a mirror universe may be revealed sooner than we think. While science fiction has proposed the idea of quantum realms and alternate universes for quite some time, such places that exist beyond fiction may be within our grasp. In a laboratory in eastern Tennessee, according to NBC News, physicist Leah Broussard is conducting an experiment, the intention of which is to essentially open a portal to another universe, one that may be quite like our own.

    Broussard intends to shoot a beam of subatomic particles down a long tunnel. If all goes to plan, this may prove the existence of a mirror universe. If the beam can go through an impenetrable wall, some of the particles will turn into mirror images of themselves. Since all neutrons should be exactly the same, this mirror image of the particles would mean that Broussard’s theory is correct. There may be a mirror universe in our midst. This video explains the process in greater detail.

    While this an exciting development, a mirror universe may not be exactly what comes to mind when we think of it. Shows like Star Trek explored this idea, even going as far to suggest there are evil counterparts of human beings, floating around in another universe. J.J. Abrams’s follow-up to Lost also theorized about this reality. His television show Fringe revolved around the idea that there are two opposite dimensions. Each person has their own counterpart but the worlds have slight differences. Science insists that this is not the case in reality. Should the experiments go according to plan, we may see mirror versions of planets and stars, but not people. We will not see a Multiverse with multiple Spider-Man villains trying to penetrate our world.

    Broussard’s mirror universe experiment has many more interesting implications, other than evil alternate counterparts. The experiment could also be where the answer to dark matter lies. Dark matter has been a mystery in science for quite some time. According to INSH, this mirror universe could help explain what the essence of dark matter is. This matter makes up most the universe, but scientists still have not been able to determine what it is made of. The biggest piece of information that scientists know about dark matter is that it is what causes the universe’s expansion. It is so mysterious that it is difficult if not impossible to measure. Known matter such as what humans are made up of makes up less than 5% of measurable matter according to NASA.

    Humans have long tried to explain what dark matter is. Fictional worlds have tried to explain this, such as HBO Max’s His Dark Materials. In His Dark Materials, what is referred to as ‘Dust’ is actually just dark matter. The religious fanatics of The Magisterium believe that Dust is tangible sin and is what causes human being’s worst impulses. But the reality may be more interesting.

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    Creating a portal to a mirror universe is only the beginning. Broussard’s experiment is just one step in discovering the door to this new world. If they are successful in their mission, the next step would be to see if scientists can penetrate that universe and step inside.

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    Lab denies opening portals into parallel universes despite everyone thinking so

     A lab in Tennesee that does research in neutron, nuclear and clean energy had to debunk the myth that they were somehow attempting to open portals to other dimensions. Though if I ever learned a

    Lab denies opening portals into parallel universes despite everyone thinking so

    By Jorge Jimenez published 5 days ago

    When they say portal, they mean it figuratively.

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    A lab in Tennesee that does research in neutron, nuclear and clean energy had to debunk the myth that they were somehow attempting to open portals to other dimensions. Though if I ever learned anything from popular science fiction, if a research lab says they aren't opening portals to parallel universes, my instinct tells me that they are totally opening portals to other dimensions. So you can imagine why folks would be skeptical.

    Research scientist Leah Broussard explains in the video above that the experiments they are doing at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (which is managed by the US Department of Energy) aren't exactly about building portals to other dimensions. Instead, they involved "looking for new ways that matter we know and understand, that makes up our universe, might interact with the dark matter that makes up the majority of our universe, which we don't understand."

    Broussard also explains when a particle physicist says portal, they mean it in a figurative sense. All this talk of parallel universes came when her research was released and people started making connections to the Netflix show, Stranger Things. A show that, coincidentally, features kids stumbling across a shady government agency opening portals to other dimensions full of monsters, in the '80s.

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    Despite the show proving that going into parallel universes is a terrible, terrible idea, it still didn't stop folks from asking the lab to become volunteers to explore the strange new worlds they imagined would be uncovered.


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    So, what exactly are they doing at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory? Essentially, they are looking at the possibility that a neutron can go through a wall. They set up a tube with a blocked end and tried to pull the neutron through it with a magnet. The expectation is that the neutron stops at the wall. If it somehow goes through, they theorize it must have found a way to "portal" through the wall.

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    How'd it go, you ask? Turns out the neutron didn't phase, portal, or teleport through the wall. They didn't find any "evidence of parallel universes or new interactions with the neutron and the dark sector."

    Not all hope is lost, though. Broussard did muse that "of course, it's possible that the neutrons are turning into dark matter in a way our experiment wasn't sensitive to." The team is planning more "sensitive searches" in the future, in a high flux isotope reactor—which I'm sure won't open a portal to Hell at all.

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