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    san diego divorce mediation & family law san diego, ca


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    San Diego Divorce Mediation & Family Law Mediation Specialist

    San Diego Divorce Mediation & Family Law exclusively provides mediation services for family law matters. Divorce, Domestic Partnerships, & more.

    What We Do – Divorce Without Court – Divorce & Family Law Mediations

    Family Law

    Child Custody & Visitation

    Same-Sex Divorce

    Property Division

    Premarital & Postnuptial Agreements

    Spousal Support

    Child Support

    Parenting and Decision Making




    We are a trusted San Diego Divorce Mediation & Family Law firm.

    Many people who go through separation or divorce feel that the only way to handle the conflict between parties is through all-out legal warfare. This is simply not true. In fact, with the aid of our trained and experienced family law mediators and attorneys, divorcing parties successfully negotiate agreements through mediation and in doing so overcome very tough problems ranging from complex property and support issues to delicate matters involving parenting of children. Even if your relationship with your spouse is irreparable, we can guide you through the entire divorce process and help resolve virtually any family law matter without needless emotional and financial stress imposed on parties by the litigation process. We concentrate our practice exclusively in the area of divorce and family law mediation and we serve clients through this alternative to litigation in San Diego, Orange County and throughout Southern California.

    About Us

    Scott Levin is an Attorney/Mediator and the principal of San Diego Divorce Mediation & Family Law. Scott exclusively provides mediation services for family law matters and does not ever represent a single divorcing spouse against the other in a traditional litigation setting. During his career as a litigation attorney, in-house corporate counsel, business owner and alternative resolution professional, Scott gained a passion for helping individuals and groups define and realize their preferred outcomes and in doing so focused his efforts on negotiating agreements that benefit all parties. Scott knows that mediation offers families – especially children – a more positive outcome than litigation. After years of experiencing the destructive “win-lose” litigation structure facing divorcing couples, Scott made the choice to put clients first and has developed a successful practice that fosters innovative solutions and mutually agreeable resolutions through collaboration, communication and cooperation.

    What Our Clients Say About Us

    He possesses a compassion that is rare
    Scott had all of the qualities that we needed and he did a great job of helping to resolve a very difficult situation. He possesses a compassion that is rare and both parties felt like he truly listened to our positions until he understood what we were trying to say. His demeanor and objectivity was invaluable to us and exactly what we needed in order to successfully mediate a difficult separation.

    You made all the difference
    Thank you so much for helping to navigate us through a very difficult time. Your generosity and guidance ultimately made it possible for me to put aside my concerns and move forward with my divorce …You made all the difference.

    He kept us focused on the end goal
    Mediating a divorce is very difficult when both parties can’t stand each other and kids and a sizable estate is at issue. I decided to give it a shot after Scott explained that mediation is really a smart business decision due to all the time and money savings that are possible. I didn’t care about the emotional benefits and the other hippy-ish things he mentioned. I was very skeptical and still am so surprised that we actually completed the entire process with his help. He kept us focused on the end goal and no matter how many times we tried to derail the process, his common-sense approach and creative solutions for custody and asset division made all the difference in the world. Thank you.

    We worked as a team
    We went to Scott before we got married for a prenuptial agreement. We worked as a team, my now husband and I along with Scott, to come up with a fair agreement. Having to be in the same room with him to negotiate this was scary but with Scott’s laid back style, we were able to do this and the experience brought us closer. It was a win-win.

    We can’t wait for our upcoming wedding
    My Fiance and I went through 2 other lawyers and then thank goodness found Scott to help us with our prenuptial agreement. For anyone going through a prenup, it’s not fun- i highly encourage mediation and Scott was effective, reasonably priced and most importantly got us to the finish line! We are now excited that this is past us and we can’t wait for our upcoming wedding

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    Why Choose Us

    • Our firm is a specialist mediation practice. We don’t do anything else. Our mediators have extensively trained in mediation and family matters.
    • We can offer mediation that is custom tailored to suit any type of matter or situation due to our extensive training and experiences.
    • Access to mediators that are deeply skilled and experienced professionals from a variety of professions, including legal, financial, mental health and coaching.
    • Creative solutions to all financial and family-related issues in divorce.
    • A free consultation to decide if mediation is right for you.
    • A private and comfortable setting.
    • Flexible meeting times including: mornings, afternoons, evenings and weekends.
    • Fair pricing
    • Mediation in English or Spanish.

    What We Mediate: Divorce, Same-Sex Divorce, Child Custody, Property Division, Spousal Support, Child Support, Premarital Agreements, Marital Agreements, Domestic Partnerships.

    The Advantages of Mediation: More Affordable, Quicker & More Efficient, Protects Children, Confidential & Private Setting, You Speak & Listen for Yourself, Your Schedule & Your Decisions.

    Same-Sex Couples: Divorce, Domestic Partnerships, Prenups, Cohabitation Agreements. Click to learn more about the unique family law considerations facing same-sex couples.

    How it Works – The Process: We help you through the entire process: file the papers to initiate the divorce, exchange information, mediate a settlement, send the final agreement to Court.

    Are you having problems and need to consult?

    Talk to us! We promise we can help you! Call Now! (858) 255-1321

    Don't hesitate to ask us.

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    San Diego Divorce Mediation & Family Law Mediation Specialist

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    San Diego Divorce Mediation

    The mediation attorneys at San Diego, CA - Sachdev Legal Group, APC have over a decade of experience helping the people of San Diego. We offer a free consultation.

    Home / San Diego Divorce Mediation – Flat Fee Packages

    San Diego Divorce Mediation – Flat Fee Packages

    San Diego Divorce Mediation - Flat Fee Packages

    When families are seeking a different path than court litigation, mediation may be an option.

    At Sachdev Legal Group, APC, we offer a flat rate mediation services as an affordable alternative to a traditional route with a divorce attorney.

    The costs associated with mediation depend on the complexity and the individual issues of each case which, in turn, will determine the amount of time needed to complete the mediation. 

    For some of the benefits of mediation, read our blog post “Why choose mediation for your divorce?”

    Table of Contents

    Option 1: Basic Divorce Mediation For $5,000*

    This flat rate option is specifically designed for a simpler divorce in which there are no major disagreements about child custody, support and the division of assets and debts and will typically be a short-term marriage (a marriage of less than 10 years duration).

    The parties will likely have minimal assets, are W-2 employees and have no business interests. The services included in this flat-rate package are:

    Option 2: Enhanced Divorce Mediation For $6,500*

    This flat rate option is for parties who will likely need a little more guidance on issues, including child custody and visitationchild support and spousal support, debt and property division and possible separate property claims and business interests. Most families select this option. The services included in this flat rate package are:

    *This figure does not include the court filing fee of $435, per party, paid directly to the San Diego Superior Court.

    Add-On Mediation Time To Option 1 Or Option 2

    Sometimes unforeseen issues arise during mediation that need to be resolved so the parties can avoid going to court. If your issues become more complicated and cannot be concluded during the three or six hours of mediation included in the flat-rate options or require additional expertise, we offer the following add-on options:

    Post-Judgment Modifications Starting At $1,500

    After your divorce is finalized and some time has passed, it may be necessary to address your Judgment regarding enforcement issues, modifications of child custody and visitation or support issues. These issues can also be addressed in mediation as an alternative to filing a motion to modify the prior court orders. Mediations for post-judgment issues will include:

    The Post-Judgment Modification Mediation Packages we offer are:

    San Diego Divorce Mediation

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    Divorce Mediation

    We offer families an affordable divorce mediation and court filing program. Join us at our next FREE Workshop to learn more!

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    Divorce Mediation

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