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    recreational vehicles should be treated most like what other form of vehicle?


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    Exploring the attitudes and behaviours of recreational vehicle users

    Request PDF | Exploring the attitudes and behaviours of recreational vehicle users | Little is known of the attitudes and behaviours of the growing number of recreational vehicle users (RVers), yet debate over the sector is... | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate


    Exploring the attitudes and behaviours of recreational vehicle users

    June 2017


    Authors: Anne Hardy

    University of Tasmania

    Jamie B. Kirkpatrick

    To read the full-text of this research, you can request a copy directly from the authors.


    Little is known of the attitudes and behaviours of the growing number of recreational vehicle users (RVers), yet debate over the sector is commonplace. This research utilised a survey at different RV campsites in Victoria, Australia, to determine RVers’ attitudes and behaviours towards the environment, including their perception of the outdoors as a place that elicits a sense of spirituality. The respondents could largely be described as ‘spiritual environmentalists’. An increased sense of spirituality and environmentalism did not relate to environmental impact or expenditure, but rather to a propensity to camp in undisturbed areas. Those who showed a propensity to free camp were less ecocentric and tended to spend less money than others. Environmental impact was independent of attitudes and behaviours. The diversity amongst RVers illustrates the need for different types of overnight parking facilities to attract and satisfy all. Management impliacations ● Caravan and Recreation Vehicle (RV) Parks that offer only one style of overnight camping will not be attractive to all Recreational Vehicle (RV) Users. ● Regions should offer a spectrum of camping opportunities to the diverse RV market. ● This study challenges opponents of free camping by illustrating that free camping RVers do spend money in local communities and consequently may enhance economic development in remote and regional communities. ● Those who own RVs with black water storage tend to seek out overnight camp sites with no fees, yet despite this, they still spend more money than other types of RVs.

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    To read the full-text of this research,

    you can request a copy directly from the authors.

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    Drivers ed day 5 Flashcards

    Start studying Drivers ed day 5. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

    Drivers ed day 5

    The color red is used to prohibit and command a drivers actions

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    a slow moving vehicle sign must be placed on vehicles traveling at speeds of 40 mph or less on the highway

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    F 30mph or less

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    Terms in this set (125)

    The color red is used to prohibit and command a drivers actions


    a slow moving vehicle sign must be placed on vehicles traveling at speeds of 40 mph or less on the highway

    F 30mph or less

    orange signs signify a construction zone


    a flashing red light should be treated exactly like a stop sign


    center lines are always yellow


    signs signals and pavement marking are different from state to state


    warning signs are usually diamond shaped and yellow in color


    the shoulder of the road (edge stripping) is a solid yellow line


    a red x tells a driver to NOT drive in this lane


    you always come to a complete stop at a yield sign

    F slow down and only stop if you have to

    sometimes it is legal to turn at a red light as long as the driver stops signals and checks for a clear path


    white lines are used to separate lanes of traffic moving in opposite directions


    a flashing yellow light means to come to a complete stop


    a dashed yellow line means you may pass a slower moving vehicle


    a red arrow left tells the driver that he cannot make a left turn even if the path is clear


    give a definition and example of a regulatory sign

    stop sign- tells you what you should/shouldn't do

    give a definition and example of a warning sign

    deer sign - warns of potential hazards ahead

    give a definition and example of an informational guide sign

    street sign

    which way do you turn your wheels in a skid

    in the direction you want to go

    how should you react to a yield sign

    slow down and prepare to stop

    what is the speeding fine in a construction zone


    what sign is always found on the left hand side of the street and explain why

    no passing zone on a 2 way road

    what is the color blue used for on signs

    motor services

    what is the color green used for on signs

    guidance/ in form

    when can you make a left turn on a red light

    from a one way to a one way

    what colors are interstate signs

    Red, white, and blue

    where should you sop at a red light

    behind the crosswalk

    what do you do if the traffic light changes from green to yellow

    stop if you can do so safely

    explain what a left green arrow means

    you can safely turn left oncoming traffic has a red light

    pedestrian walk signals help a driver determine when the light will change from green to red. explain the process

    a walk sign is displayed right as the light turns green a walk sign counting down also counts down to red light

    when turning left or right, yield to pedestrians crossing in front of your vehicle


    there should be no on coming or crossing traffic while the left arrow is green


    a steady downward green arrow means you should prepare to move into another lane


    a solid white line indicates when movement between lanes of traffic traveling in the same direction is discouraged


    when present a traffic officers hand signals should be obeyed instead of the normal traffic signals and signs


    SIPDE is a defensive driving technique that stands for scan identify predict decide and execute


    as a driver you should always be looking straight forward

    F look in all ways

    what should be included in a winter survival kit

    shovel, sand/salt, blanket, clothes, food, water, jumper cables, candle etc

    name some visual habits that will help you prevent crashes

    mirrors, SIPDE, visual lead- look as far forward as you can

    name two possible mistakes new drivers make when checking their blind spots

    moving steering wheel while looking at the mirrors/blind spots, lowering speed. Car swerves and speed decreases

    red signs

    prohibits and commands

    white signs regulates yellow signs warning yellow-green signs

    warns and controls in pedestrian and bicycle crossing and school areas

    orange signs

    warns and controls in construction zones

    green signs Guides and informs blue signs

    describe services for motorists

    brown signs

    indicate historic, cultural or recreation sites

    common sign shapes octagon

    stop sign

    common sign shapes triangle


    common sign shapes diamond

    turn etc

    Source : quizlet.com

    13 Types of RVs (Recreational Vehicles) for All Kinds of Vacation Fun

    I love RV'ing. Here's our list of all the different types of RVs - motorhomes, trailers, speciatly trailers, specialty motorhomes and more.


    13 Types of RVs (Recreational Vehicles) for All Kinds of Vacation Fun


    I love RVing.  We’ve done it 3 Summers in a row now.

    We rent a motorhome because we don’t own a vehicle strong enough to tow a trailer.  However, if you have a truck or SUV that can pull some serious weight, RV trailers cost a fraction of what motorhomes cost.

    Not only do I enjoy RV trips, but I enjoy picking out which RV we’re going to rent.  It’s a big decision because it’s going to be home.  I tend to think bigger is better, but my wallet prefers getting what we need rather than what I want.

    What I want to rent is a Class A motorhome.

    What my wallet permits is a Class C motorhome.

    But Class A and B motorhomes aren’t your only options, especially if buying.

    Below is a list of the various types of recreational vehicles you can choose from.  I get excited just looking at the pictures.

    Contents Types of RVs Chart

    1. Class A Motorhomes

    2. Class B Motorhomes (aka Campervans)

    3. Class C Motorhomes

    4. 5th Wheel Trailers

    5. Travel Trailers

    6. Folding (Pop-Up) Tent Trailer RV

    7. Sports Utility RV Trailer

    8. Diesel Pushers

    9. Toterhomes (aka Rockstar Motorhomes)

    10. Ice Fishing RV

    11. Teardrop Trailers

    12. Pickup Truck Campers

    13. Retro Trailer Buy vs. Rent an RV Who should buy it? Where to Rent Craigslist

    Types of RVs Chart


    1. Class A Motorhomes

    @[email protected]#=img=# Share

    Motorhomes are a staple of the RV scene. This is actually what most people would think of first when the subject of RVs is brought up. A motorhome offers people a way to travel without having to lose the normal comforts that they have come to expect. A nice motorhome can be purchased and stocked with all of the amenities of home, making traveling a lot less hectic.

    Motorhomes come in three different classifications. The first and most expensive of the classifications is class A. These types of motorhomes are very spacious and will provide those who own them with the best traveling experience possible. Some of these class A motorhomes are really large and might even reach lengths of 45-feet.

    There are some variations that you should be aware of even among class A motorhomes. For instance, some class A motorhomes will run on gasoline, whereas others will run on diesel fuel. Another important feature to note is that certain motorhomes will have sections that can slide outwards in order to give the people inside more space. This can help to make the bedroom areas a bit more spacious, but it isn’t a feature that all class A motorhomes will have.

    The size of this vehicle can make it a bit difficult to handle for some people. It is not going to be the easiest motorhome to get used to if you have no experience driving such a large vehicle. You may be better off choosing something that is a bit more modestly-sized for your first motorhome. You don’t need a special license to drive a vehicle like this, but it is a bit cumbersome and can take some getting used to.

    You should also be aware that class A motorhomes are very expensive overall. This is going to be the most expensive option among the normal motorhome classifications. If you are working on a budget, then this will not likely be the most cost-effective purchasing decision for you to make. These motorhomes are incredibly nice though, so use your judgment and determine if it is right for you.

    2. Class B Motorhomes (aka Campervans)

    @[email protected]#=img=# Share Campervan example


    Class B motorhome example

    Class B motorhomes are smaller and more affordable than the class A models mentioned above. These vehicles are usually built using vans as the overall frame. The roof of the interior area on most of these class B motorhomes is going to be fairly high. It should be tall enough for most people who are average height to walk upright in without any problems.

    Similarly to the class A motorhomes mentioned above, there are differences between the different class B models. Some of the class B models are like campervans, and others will be a bit different. Motorhomes of this classification can run on gasoline but you will find some models that run on diesel. Whatever style it is that you decide to purchase, it should wind up making your camping experience much easier overall.

    One of the advantages of purchasing a motorhome of this classification is that it is so much easier to handle. You will actually be able to drive this motorhome in a practical way. Many people actually use their class B motorhomes to go on trips to the store and to perform other tasks. It can be useful in everyday life and isn’t necessarily restricted to camping and road trips.

    It will not be as spacious or nice as the class A motorhome, though. You will be sacrificing a certain amount of space in order to make driving it more convenient. You will be able to have enough space to stay comfortable but it may wind up being a little cramped. You will need to be mindful of how many people you are bringing on a trip when you have a class B motorhome.

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