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    raised by wolves season 2 how many episodes


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    Raised by Wolves (American TV series)

    (American TV series)

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    For the Caitlin Moran sitcom, see Raised by Wolves (British TV series).

    The opening titles Genre Science fiction Drama

    Created by Aaron Guzikowski

    Starring Amanda Collin Abubakar Salim Winta McGrath Niamh Algar Travis Fimmel Jordan Loughran Felix Jamieson Ethan Hazzard Aasiya Shah Ivy Wong Matias Varela Music by Ben Frost Marc Streitenfeld

    Country of origin United States

    Original language English

    No. of seasons 2 No. of episodes 18 Production Executive producers Aaron Guzikowski Mark Huffam David W. Zucker Ridley Scott Adam Kolbrenner Jordan Sheehan Producer Jon Kuyper Cinematography Dariusz Wolski Ross Emery Erik Messerschmidt Editors Claire Simpson Michael Ruscio Jennifer Barbot

    Running time 42–55 minutes

    Production companies

    Film Afrika Lit Entertainment

    Shadycat Productions

    Scott Free Productions

    Distributor WarnerMedia Direct Release

    Original network HBO Max

    Original release September 3, 2020 –

    present External links HBO Max

    is an American science fiction drama television series created by Aaron Guzikowski that premiered on HBO Max on September 3, 2020.[1] The first two episodes were directed by Ridley Scott, who also serves as an executive producer for the show.[2] The series was renewed for a second season shortly after its debut,[3] and the second season premiered on February 3, 2022.[4][5][6] The first season was met with generally positive reviews from critics, while the second season has received critical acclaim.


    1 Premise

    2 Cast and characters

    2.1 Main 2.2 Recurring 2.3 Guest 3 Episodes 3.1 Series overview 3.2 Season 1 (2020) 3.3 Season 2 (2022) 4 Production 4.1 Casting 5 Podcast

    6 Broadcast and streaming

    7 Reception 8 References 9 External links


    centers on two androids, Father and Mother, tasked with raising human children on Kepler-22b after the Earth was destroyed by a great war. As the burgeoning colony of humans threatens to be torn apart by religious differences, the androids learn that controlling the beliefs of humans is a treacherous and difficult task."[7]

    Cast and characters[edit]


    Amanda Collin as Mother/Lamia, a powerful war android known as a necromancer, reprogrammed to raise human children on virgin planet Kepler-22b to establish an atheist colony.

    Abubakar Salim as Father, a generic service model android reprogrammed to protect and support the colony's children.

    Winta McGrath as Campion, the youngest and only survivor of six children born from embryos brought to Kepler-22b by Mother and Father.

    Niamh Algar as Sue/Mary, an atheist soldier/medic and Caleb's partner. On Earth, she (Mary) and Caleb had killed a Mithraic couple, Sue and Marcus. Mary and Caleb altered their appearances to resemble the couple to get onto the Ark. Sienna Guillory portrays Mary with her true face.

    Travis Fimmel as Marcus/Caleb, an atheist soldier and Mary's partner. Jack Hawkins portrays Caleb with his true face.

    Jordan Loughran as Tempest, a survivor of the Mithraic mission with reasons to hate them.

    Felix Jamieson as Paul, the biological son of Marcus and Sue, raised by Caleb and Mary as their own child.

    Ethan Hazzard as Hunter, one of the surviving Ark young adults.

    Aasiya Shah as Holly, one of the surviving Ark children.

    Ivy Wong as Vita, one of the surviving Ark children.

    Matias Varela as Lucius, a loyal Mithraic soldier and survivor of the Ark crash.

    Peter Christoffersen as Cleaver (season 2)[8]

    Selina Jones as Grandmother (season 2)[8]

    Morgan Santo as Vrille (season 2)[8]

    James Harkness as Tamerlane (season 2)[8]

    Kim Engelbrecht as Decima (season 2)[8]

    Jennifer Saayeng as Nerva (season 2)[8]

    Michael Pennington as the Trust, a computer, it was administrator of atheist collective domain[9]


    Cosmo Jarvis as Campion Sturges, a former Mithraic scientist who changed his faith, fought for the atheist cause, and created Mother. He is the namesake of one of the colony children.


    Steve Wall as Ambrose


    Series overview[edit]

    Season Episodes Originally released

    First released Last released

    1 10 September 3, 2020 October 1, 2020

    2 8 February 3, 2022 March 17, 2022

    Season 1 (2020)[edit]

    No. overall No. in

    season Title Directed by Written by Original release date

    1 1 "Raised by Wolves" Ridley Scott Aaron Guzikowski September 3, 2020

    In the 22nd century, two androids, Mother and Father, escape an Earth devastated by war between militant atheists and a religious order known as the Mithraic to colonize the planet Kepler-22b. They bring twelve human embryos with them to begin a new peaceful civilization based on atheistic values. The planet has harsh conditions and is covered by large, seemingly bottomless pits. Twelve years later, only one child, Campion, has survived out of six children initially born. Mother starts malfunctioning; in her sleep she sees the war on Earth, and herself flying. As the Mithraic ship arrives in orbit, Father attempts to contact them to take care of Campion; Mother does not approve the plan, and disables Father in a confrontation; Campion sends a signal to the Mithraic. A group of the Mithraic arrive to the colony. After staying a night, they try to disable Mother and take Campion with them; they fail after Mother discovers new abilities and defeats them. Mother goes to the Mithraic ship in orbit; she takes control and sets the ship for collision with the planet; the ship crashes with a huge explosion. Mother returns to Campion with five children she stole from the ship.

    Source : en.wikipedia.org

    ‘Raised By Wolves’ Season 2 Episode Guide: How Many Episodes Will There Be on HBO Max?

    How many episodes are in HBO Max's 'Raised by Wolves' Season 2? 'Raised By Wolves' Season 2 episode guide.

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    ‘Raised By Wolves’ Season 2 Episode Guide: How Many Episodes Will There Be on HBO Max?

    By Meghan O'Keefe @megsokay

    Feb 3, 2022 at 5:00pm



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    Wolf pack, we howl, we fly, we ride! Raised By Wolves Season 2 finally premiered on HBO Max today, bringing us back into Ridley Scott‘s latest science fiction adventure. Set on an exoplanet where the survivors of humanity must work to survive alongside alien life forms, dangerous androids, and enemies from home, the series is a boldly original take on the sci-fi genre. So when can you watch more Raised By Wolves Season 2 on HBO Max?

    Raised By Wolves Season 1 introduced us to androids Mother (Amanda Collin) and Father (Abubakar Salim), designed to raise human embryos to adulthood in the clear-minded, logic-based Atheist mindset. Mother, Father, and their only surviving charge, Campion (Winta McGrath) soon discover they have some neighbors. Followers of the Mithraic Church have also landed on the planet, setting up a fierce battle for survival. Raised By Wolves Season 2 opens with Mother and Father reuniting with their children in the fabled “Tropical Zone.” Atheist-turned-Mithraic true believer Marcus (Travis Fimmel) has followed the group and is launching his own cult in a strange cave by the acid sea. Oh, and the snake monster Mother gave birth to in the Season 1 finale is slithering around, causing mayhem.

    So when does Raised By Wolves Season 2 Episode 3 premiere on HBO Max? How many new episodes of Raised By Wolves will premiere on HBO Max weekly? Here’s everything you need to know about when future episodes of Raised By Wolves Season 2 hit HBO Max…

    @[email protected]#=img=# Photo: HBO Max

    How Many Episodes Are There of Raised By Wolves Season 2?

    Already burned through the first two episodes of Raised By Wolves Season 2 on HBO Max? Worried it’s almost over? There are going to be eight episodes in Raised By Wolves Season 2. Now you’re probably wondering how many episodes will be released next week…one or two?? (After all Season 1 of Raised By Wolves had quite the fascinating episodic rollout schedule…)

    Raised By Wolves Season 2 Release Schedule: When Do New Episodes Premiere?

    The good news is there will be new episodes of Raised By Wolves premiering on HBO Max for the next six weeks. The bad news is that means HBO Max is only releasing one episode per week on Thursdays going forward. New episodes of Raised By Wolves Season 2 will premiere on HBO on Thursdays at 3:01 a.m. ET/12:01 a.m. PT. Here is the complete episode release schedule for Raised By Wolves Season 2:

    Episode 1, “The Collective” & Episode 2, “Seven”: February 3Episode 3: February 10Episode 4: February 17Episode 5: February 24Episode 6: March 3Episode 7: March 10Episode 8: March 17

    We don’t yet know what the future episodes of Raised By Wolves Season 2 will be titled because HBO Max likes to keep its secrets.

    Will There Be a Season 3 of ?

    We don’t know yet! HBO Max has not yet renewed their kooky sci-fi epic for Season 3, but Decider can confirm that Raised By Wolves creator is already thinking about Season 3. He teased that Campion Sturges (Cosmo Jarvis) isn’t in Season 2, but we may “gaze upon him” in a potential third season.

    Where Can I Watch Raised By Wolves Season 2?

    MORE ON:


    'Raised By Wolves' Creator Answers Your Biggest Season 2 Finale Questions: Is Marcus Dead? Is Grandmother Evil? Will Vrille Return?

    'Raised by Wolves' Season 2 Finale Recap: The State of the Beast

    'Raised by Wolves' Season 2 Episode 7 Review: The Serpent Strikes

    'Raised By Wolves' Creator Answers Your Biggest Season 2 Finale Questions: Is Marcus Dead? Is Grandmother Evil? Will Vrille Return? 'Raised by Wolves' Season 2 Finale Recap: The State of the Beast 'Raised by Wolves' Season 2 Episode 7 Review: The Serpent Strikes 'Raised By Wolves's Campion and Murder Bot Vrille are the Weirdest, Cutest Couple on HBO Max

    There’s only one place where you can stream Raised By Wolves Season 2 and it’s HBO Max. If you have HBO, guess what? You have HBO Max! If you’re subscribed to HBO through your cable provider, just enter your cable username and password into HBO Max’s site or the app to start streaming. Were you an HBO NOW user? Good news! HBO NOW is now HBO Max. Your HBO NOW login should work for HBO Max as well.

    New to HBO Max? HBO Max has two plans available at the moment: for $9.99/month you can watch the streaming service with ads, and for $14.99/ month you can get HBO Max without ads. Want a deal? You can pay upfront for a full year of HBO Max and save some cash. HBO Max with ads costs $99.99/year while an ad-free annual subscription is $149.99. Bad news for free trial nerds: HBO Max no longer offers a free trial for new users.



    Amanda Collin HBO Max

    Raised By Wolves (2020)


    Kendall Jenner Hit With Major Lawsuit As Troubling Claims AriseTMZ.com

    Source : decider.com

    Raised by Wolves Season 2 Ending Explained

    From space battles with a serpent to the arrival of Grandmother, the Raised by Wolves season 2 finale features a lot to talk about.


    Raised by Wolves Season 2 Ending Explained

    From space battles with a serpent to the arrival of Grandmother, the Raised by Wolves season 2 finale features a lot to talk about.

    By Alec Bojalad March 17, 2022 |

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    | 1

    Photo: HBO Max

    This article contains MAJOR SPOILERS for RAISED BY WOLVES season 2.

    The nice thing about tuning into a new episode of HBO Max’s gonzo sci-fi series Raised by Wolves is that you really have no reasonable expectation of what you’re about to watch.

    Through two seasons the show created by Aaron Guzikowski has been set on an intensely alien world with all sorts of unfamiliar creatures, environments, and concepts. Just about every episode is as shocking as a series finale with installments this season alone featuring a merman-like sea creature that steals a teenage mother’s baby, a murderous android child with no face, and of course: a main character turning into a tree.

    Still, season finales hold a special place in Raised by Wolves’ heart. Last season’s finale set a pretty bonkers precedent with lead android Lamia a.k.a. Mother (Amanda Collin) giving birth to her seventh child, an enormous space serpent. That would be hard to top, and yet the Raised by Wolves season 2 finale has absolutely no problem doing so.


    Obviously it’s all quite a bit confusing so we watched it twice so you don’t have to (though please still do if that sounds like fun). Here is the ending of Raised by Wolves season 2, explained.

    What Happens to Vrille?

    First, a bit of housekeeping. Vrille (Morgan Santo) was one of the most fascinating characters introduced in season 2. An android built to resemble the daughter of Decima (Kim Engelbrecht), all Vrille wanted to be was a real girl. Unfortunately, Decima and the Mithraiks she hung out with would never see her that way so Vrille killed them all.

    The android girl with no face would go on to befriend Campion (Winta McGrath), who is quickly becoming a staunch advocate for android rights. Unfortunately, Vrille was destroyed by Mother’s alien serpent baby, Number Seven, in the season’s penultimate episode. Campion finds a nice spot to bury Vrille. He also takes the time to transcribe some of the real Vrille’s diary. When Paul (Felix Jamieson) later translates it, he declares it’s just “dopey Earth stuff” but we find that hard to believe.

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    It’s also notable that Vrille is “destroyed” and not “killed.” For as Mother tells Campion later, androids can always be rebuilt. Expect exactly that to happen to Vrille in season 3.

    Mother v. Number Seven

    The main thrust of this season finale involves Mother finally deciding to take down her powerful spawn, the necro-serpent Seven. The only issue, however, is that Seven emerged from Mother’s womb and her programming therefore forbids her from harming it.

    To work around that robot logic, Mother borrows the “hood” of the newly refurbished android named Grandmother. Grandmother is the android that Father (Abubakar Salim)  has been working on fixing all season and we finally get to see her in all her striking gray-eyed glory in this finale, played by Selina Jones.

    Source : www.denofgeek.com

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