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    pioneer woman mushroom cheesesteak lettuce wraps


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    get pioneer woman mushroom cheesesteak lettuce wraps from EN Bilgi.

    Mushroom 'Cheesesteak' Lettuce Wraps

    Sep 8, 2021 - Get Mushroom 'Cheesesteak' Lettuce Wraps Recipe from Food Network

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    Recipe from foodnetwork.com

    Mushroom 'Cheesesteak' Lettuce Wraps

    15 ratings · Vegetarian, Gluten free · Serves 4

    Food Network 3M followers

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    Ingredients Produce

    1 head Butter lettuce, leaves

    1 tsp Garlic powder

    1 tsp Oregano, dried

    4 Portobello mushrooms, large

    1 Red bell pepper

    1 Yellow onion, small


    2 tbsp Balsamic vinegar

    2 tbsp Soy sauce Baking & Spices

    1 Black pepper, Freshly ground

    Oils & Vinegars 1 tsp Olive oil Dairy

    4 slices Provolone cheese

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    'The Pioneer Woman': Ree Drummond's Mushroom 'Cheesesteak' Lettuce Wraps Take 'Meatless' to a New Level of Delicious

    Looking for a light and meaty recipe without the meat? Try 'The Pioneer Woman' star Ree Drummond's easy and delicious Mushroom 'Cheesesteak' Lettuce Wraps.


    ‘The Pioneer Woman’: Ree Drummond’s Mushroom ‘Cheesesteak’ Lettuce Wraps Take ‘Meatless’ to a New Level of Delicious

    Lou Haviland Published on October 24, 2021

    Leave it to The Pioneer Woman star Ree Drummond to dream up a meatless recipe that’s not only satisfying but tastes as good as the original, too. Find out how to make her Mushroom “Cheesesteak” Lettuce Wraps for a fast and light weeknight meal.

    ‘The Pioneer Woman’ star Ree Drummond | Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

    Drummond’s recipe is on the light side

    The Food Network personality still loves meat (she is married to a cattle rancher, after all) but lately has been offering fans lighter fare in her recipes. From her Tomato Tacos which use a hollowed-out tomato as the vehicle for what’s essentially a taco salad to her Grilled Cauliflower Steaks with a divine and tart yogurt sauce, Drummond isn’t defined simply by meat.

    The mother of five confessed on her Pioneer Woman blog that, in her college days in California, she was a dyed-in-the-wool vegetarian. “And I stuck with it, too, convincing myself that if I ever did have a weak moment and eat meat, I’d probably get wickedly ill and be unable to accomplish any productive shopping on Melrose Avenue or hang with the celebs at Spago that night,” she wrote. “So I subsisted on vegetables, pasta, cheese, tofu, and coffee Haagen Dazs. More than that, I always had the VEGETARIAN card to whip out at parties and get-togethers, just in case I ever felt like I needed some added identity. It worked just fine. And I kept it up through all my years at U.S.C.”

    How to make her Mushroom ‘Cheesesteak’ Lettuce Wraps

    These lettuce wraps come together quickly (find quantities and recipe video on the Food Network site); Drummond calls for soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, garlic powder, dried oregano, black pepper, large portobello mushrooms, olive oil, red bell pepper, yellow onion, provolone cheese, and butter lettuce.

    “I love lettuce wraps,” Drummond admitted in the recipe’s video, “because they eliminate the bread from any situation. But also, just using mushrooms instead of the beef for the cheesesteak part of it is kind of a triumph. I think mushrooms are downright meaty when you cook them a certain way. Don’t tell any cattle rancher in Osage County that I said that!”

    The mushrooms are cleaned up, sliced, and marinaded briefly in a mixture of the soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, garlic powder, and oregano (“It kind of helps mushrooms get that meaty, steaky quality”). Sautee the mushrooms, onions, and bell pepper until tender “and the moisture from the mushrooms has all given off.” Once fully cooked and caramelized, the mushroom slices may convince even meat-eaters that it’s steak.

    Noting that “these are cheesesteaks,” Drummond next places several slices of provolone cheese on the vegetables (“I’m not going to lighten up in that regard!”) and returns the lid to the skillet to allow the cheese to melt. Once melted, the cheese is stirred in with the vegetables, which are then placed in the lettuce leaves.

    Drummond’s plant-based cheesesteaks were a hit with many reviewers

    Quite a few reviewers tried the cook’s lighter take on the classic sandwich and were surprised at how much they liked it.

    “I loved this so much! Honestly, I did without the lettuce, because it doesn’t add anything to the experience. Super quick, easy, nutritious, and delicious dinner!,” said one home cook.

    Another reviewer added, “I thought this was great. Hey, it’s NOT a cheesesteak, but it is very satisfying. Not always a fan of Ree’s recipes, but this was quick, easy, and super tasty. I’ll be making it again.”

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    Mushroom 'Cheesesteak' Lettuce Wraps Recipe

    Get Mushroom 'Cheesesteak' Lettuce Wraps Recipe from Food Network


    Mushroom 'Cheesesteak' Lettuce Wraps

    16 Reviews Level: Easy Total: 20 min Active: 20 min Yield: 4 servings Share This Recipe


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    Watch how to make this recipe.

    Combine the soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, garlic powder and oregano in a small bowl. Season with pepper. Pour the mixture over the prepared mushrooms and toss to combine.

    Heat the olive oil in a large nonstick sauté pan over medium-high heat. When the oil is hot, add the mushrooms (with any liquid), peppers and onions. Cook until the mushrooms have released their liquid and the mushrooms and onions begin to brown, about 10 minutes.

    Lay the cheese over the mushroom mixture, cover and cook just until the cheese melts, 1 to 2 minutes. Then give everything a mix. Remove from the heat, spoon into the butter lettuce leaves and serve.

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    Tried this recipe and my husband loved it!

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    I would give this 10 stars if I could! SO delicious

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    Delicious! Love finding new vegetarian recipes. Will definitely make again!

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    I thought this was great. Hey, it's NOT a cheesesteak, but it is very satisfying. Not always a fan of Ree's recipes, but this was quick, easy, and super tasty. I'll be making it again.

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