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    novaform 12 advanced back support memory foam mattress


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    get novaform 12 advanced back support memory foam mattress from EN Bilgi.

    12” Advanced Back Support™ Responsive Foam Mattress – Novaform

    The mattress that’s got your back. Our Novaform® 12” Advanced Back Support™ Specialized Foam Mattress is made for anyone whose bad back gets in the way of their dreams. Our triple-layer design gives you firm support to align your back and body. And the comfortable coolness lets you enjoy uninterrupted sleep. So you can

    12” Advanced Back Support™ Responsive Foam Mattress

    FIRM $479.99 - $729.99 Online Only

    Shipping & Handling Included*

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    Proudly Made in the USA

    20 Year Warranty

    Source : novaformcomfort.com

    Novaform Mattress: 2022 Reviews & Guide (Buy or Avoid?)

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    Novaform Mattress Reviews


    +1.2x better comfort +/- temperature +/- firmness

    Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress


    Top 200 OverallTop 150 Foam Mattress

    Novaform mattresses are well known for being sold in Costco warehouse locations. Owned by memory foam developer and manufacturer Innocor, nearly all of the mattresses sold by Novaform are memory foam mattresses. The exception is with their latest Nue by Novaform collection, which includes their first and only hybrid mattress offering. With a variety of mattresses in different thickness options, Novaform gets some good initial feedback from customers overall. Still, there are some reported issues with heat retention, firmness, and initial comfort in some cases. Read on below to see if one of these mattresses might work for you!

    Mattress Scores

    Overall Score: 7.8/10Customer Satisfaction: 7.7/10Price Value: 8.2/10No Back Pain: 8.4/10Price: $399-$999Trial Period: Depends on Retailer

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    Novaform's Specifics

    Novaform crafts a variety of all-foam mattresses that they sell primarily through major retailers, like Costco. When it comes to comfort, most customers give them good scores on initial comfort, and they receive about an average number of 5-star ratings* in comparison to similar mattresses. Still, there have been some complaints about heat retention and durability by some sleepers.

    If you are concerned about long term comfort, take a look at our list of top rated mattresses and our list of best rated memory foam mattresses for competitively priced alternatives.

    Quality of Materials

    The Novaform mattresses are made with affordable memory foam, sold at a discount. Overall, these mattresses have multiple softness and firm options, which fit the needs of most shoppers. That said, if you have chemical sensitivities to synthetic foams or prefer something with springs, these mattresses may not provide what you are looking for.

    The pros: The pros are medium grade memory foams for a discount. When compared to the average mattress, reviewers are +1.26x more likely to mention comfort positively in their review.The cons: Some reports of issues with durability, firmness, and initial comfort. Customers are also 2.0x more likely to mention issues with heat retention versus the average comparable mattress, so those who sleep warm might want to consider other options.

    Mattress Types

    Read on to learn about each of their mattress collections...


    The Serafina mattresses offers multiple firmness options with gel memory foam. These mattresses feature three foam layers with gel memory foam as the top layer. Overall, customers have good things to say about the comfort of these mattresses and like the firmness options. However, there are some complaints about durability and initial comfort for some sleepers.

    The pros: High profile all-foam mattresses with cooling features.The cons: Some disagreements about comfort and durability for some sleepers.

    Price Range: $829-$999

    Final Score: 7.9 / 10


    The Novaform SoFresh mattresses offers an all-foam build with the addition of LURAcor™ copper foam on the top layer, which offers greater temperature regulation and muscle rejuvenation in the top layer. These mattresses come at medium firmness profiles and will do best for average sized back and side sleepers. Customers have good things to say overall, but there were some complaints about smell and softness.

    The pros: Pressure relieving and heat regulating memory foam mattress.The cons: Some complaints about smell and being softer than expected for some sleepers.

    Price Range: $429-$629+

    Final Score: 7.7 / 10

    Comfort Grande Plus

    Comfort Grande Plus is one of Novaform's newest additions with a 14'' total mattress profile. It offers an EVENcor GelPlus® layer in the surface for extra cooling capabilities and comes at a medium firmness profile. Most customers have good things to say about these mattresses initially, but there were some complaints about firmness.

    The pros: High profile mattress for the price with thick layers of foam.The cons: Some complaints about firmness and edge support in some cases.

    Price Range: $419-$699

    Final Score: 8.0 / 10

    Advanced Back Support

    The Advanced Back Support mattresses offer firm and supportive mattress feel with supportive and responsive LURAcor™ foam in the top layer. These mattresses offer three layers with an all-foam design with more of a responsive, subtle bounce than memory foam. While most customers describe liking these mattresses initially, there are some complaints about heat, durability, and issues with expanding in some cases.

    The pros: Firmer mattresses ideal for stomach sleepers. Competitive prices.The cons: Some issues with initial comfort and heat retention in some cases.

    Source : www.slumbersearch.com

    Novaform Mattress Review 2022

    We take a closer look at the Novaform ComfortGrande Plus Mattress and discuss construction, performance, and how it stacks up to similar models.

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    Novaform Mattress Review

    Updated May 24, 2022

    Written by

    Daniel Noyed, Certified Sleep CoachMethodology

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    Novaform is a mattress company that specializes in memory foam products. The company sells a diverse range of affordable mattresses, mattress toppers, and pillows. The current mattress lineup includes the Serafina Pearl Cool Mattress, the ComfortGrande Plus Mattress, the Overnight Recovery Gel Memory Foam Mattress, the Advanced Back Support Specialized Mattress, the SoFresh Responsive Foam Mattress, and a basic Gel Memory Foam Mattress.

    The ComfortGrande Plus is one of the company’s most competitively priced mattresses. Standing at 14 inches tall, the mattress has room for a full support core and a thicker comfort system than most other mattresses in this price range.

    The Novaform ComfortGrande Plus features a layer of gel-infused memory foam over a second layer of air channel foam, similar to convoluted polyfoam. The support core consists of 8 inches of high-density polyfoam. With a medium firm feel, the mattress is designed to appeal to the vast majority of sleeper types.

    This memory foam mattress is an appealing choice for shoppers on a budget. We’ll take a closer look at the construction of the Novaform ComfortGrande Plus, and discuss how the mattress performs for different types of sleepers.

    Mattress Type



    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Extremely Soft Very Soft Soft Medium Soft Medium Medium Firm Firm Very Firm Extremely Firm

    Ideal for:

    Couples who often awaken due to movement

    Back sleepers under 130 pounds

    Individuals prone to pressure points in their shoulders, back, or hips

    Shoppers looking for a mattress that offers good value for money


    Sleepers over 230 pounds may find that this mattress doesn’t offer enough support

    The mattress has negligible bounce and may restrict movement, particularly during sex

    Memory foam tends to trap heat

    The mattress lacks reinforced edges, which may be a problem for those who share a smaller bed


    Motion Isolation Ease of Movement Temperature Control Sex Pressure Relief Off-Gassing Edge Support

    Mattress Performance

    Motion Isolation

    As an all-foam mattress with 3 inches of contouring memory foam, the ComfortGrande Plus excels at motion isolation.

    The 6-inch comfort system absorbs excessive movement and prevents it from transferring across the surface of the mattress, reducing disturbances for sleepers who share the bed. Most people should be able to switch sleeping positions and get in and out of the bed without awakening their partner.

    Pressure Relief

    The ComfortGrande Plus has a medium firm feel that alleviates pressure points for most sleepers.

    Memory foam is a naturally contouring material that conforms closely to the shoulders and hips to relieve pressure in these sensitive areas. The convoluted polyfoam in the second layer supports the lumbar area to prevent pressure buildup in the lower back.

    Temperature Control

    Temperature regulation is not a strength of the ComfortGrande Plus.

    Memory foam is known for trapping heat. To get around this problem, the ComfortGrande Plus is constructed with cooling gel-infused memory foam and air channel foam designed to promote airflow.

    However, while the ComfortGrande Plus may stay cool enough for some people, those who tend to sleep hot may want to consider another type of mattress. Hybrid, innerspring, and all-foam mattresses with more advanced cooling technology are more suitable for those who prioritize temperature regulation.

    Edge Support

    All-foam mattresses tend to offer below-average edge support, and in line with these expectations, the ComfortGrande Plus lacks a resilient perimeter. Despite the sturdy base, the mattress has a thick comfort system that compresses considerably under pressure.

    Individuals who sleep near the edge of the bed, or who like to sit near the perimeter of the mattress, may need the stronger edge support of a hybrid or innerspring mattress.

    Ease of Movement

    Despite its medium firm feel, the ComfortGrande Plus Mattress may contour too closely for individuals who often move around during the night. The memory foam is slow to respond and may give some sleepers the feel of being trapped in the bed.

    Individuals who frequently switch sleeping positions may prefer an innerspring, hybrid, or latex mattress. The materials in these mattresses are more responsive than foam alone.

    Source : www.sleepfoundation.org

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