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    Yes, Please! 40+ Erotic Movies Like ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ To Watch ASAP

    Can you recite Anastasia Steele's lines in your sleep? Let these movies like Fifty Shades of Grey diversify your erotic romance watching.


    Yes, Please! 40+ Erotic Movies Like 'Fifty Shades of Grey' To Watch ASAP

    Flirty flicks that’ll get you all hot and bothered.


    Updated: 3.21.2022Originally Published: 3.28.2021

    Universal Pictures

    We’re gonna level with you here — we don’t care what anyone says, sometimes we want to watch Jamie Dornan slip into (or out of) the suit of billionaire Christian Grey and become the dom of our dirty dreams. Yes, yes, we know the book and movies are, in some ways, problematic. But that doesn’t change the fact that we occasionally want to cue up an erotic romance and lean into our erotic desires. Ain’t no shame in our game. And that’s precisely how we came to compile the ultimate list of movies like Fifty Shades of Grey.

    Some of these films aren’t quite as erotic as the escapades of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. Some are even more so (prepare to blush). The general appeal is the same, though: As humans with sexual agency, we crave stories that serve as sexual provocateurs. The tension in some of the following movies like Fifty Shades of Grey practically feels like foreplay. So, slip on something slinky, slide into bed, and cue up an evening of sultry cinematic tête-à-tête.

    Films Like Fifty Shades of Grey to Watch Next

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    1. Secretary (2002)

    First of all, we’ll watch any and everything with Maggie Gyllenhaal because she’s a frickin’ goddess. And in this film, she’s a true tour de force as Lee Holloway, a young woman with a history of deep-seated emotional issues. While recovering at home with her overbearing parents, she begins to work as a — you guessed it — secretary for a demanding attorney. His name? E. Edward Grey, played by James Spader. That’s right! Another kinky Mr. Grey. The two fall into a sadomasochistic relationship and, well, just watch.

    2. The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover (1989)

    Let us set the scene for you: A tempestuous mobster named Albert Spica (played by Michael Gambon) acquires an upscale French restaurant in London. And while that sounds magnifique, his brash nature keeps scaring off the patrons. Even his wife Georgina (played by the always incredible Helen Mirren) can’t stand to be around him. Not surprisingly, her attention ventures elsewhere — to a restaurant guest named Michael (Alan Howard). In full disclosure, this movie has a dark undercurrent. But it’s beautiful and sexy and moody and, you know, all of the things we like about Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele.

    3. A Dangerous Method (2011)

    Critics seemed to appreciate this film more than audiences, but we can give you three compelling reasons to watch it at least once: Michael Fassbender, Viggo Mortensen, and Keira Knightley. Hell, we can give you two more: Sarah Gadon and Vincent Cassel. Basically, the entire cast is stellar in this racy drama about the early days of psychoanalysis. Fassbender plays Carl Jung, who treats a woman named Sabina Spielrein (Knightley) for hysteria. And you know how they treated hysteria back in the day, right? So, if you’re a history buff and wouldn’t mind seeing a few people in the buff, add it to your queue.

    4. Lust, Caution (2007)

    If you like your erotic romance with a side of espionage, Ang Lee’s stunning Lust, Caution is your pick. Set during World War II, the film follows a secret agent (Tang Wei) tasked with seducing and then assassinating an official in Shanghai’s Japanese puppet government. But when she finds herself falling for the official (played by Tony Leung Chiu Wai), things get… complicated.

    5. Eyes Wide Shut (1999)

    Obviously, right? This is a Stanley Kubrick film, so you know it’s going to mess with your mind. And it certainly challenges you to consider the inner workings of the human psyche as you watch Dr. Bill Hartford (Tom Cruise) and his wife Alice (Nicole Kidman) explore sexuality in their marriage through an underground sexual group. There’s an orgy and lots of tense erotic scenes, yes, but the exploration of the couple’s dynamic is equally riveting.

    6. Belle de Jour (1967)

    This movie may be in French but its steamy plot is easy to follow. A gorgeous housewife grows bored with her husband and longs for a sex life filled with bondage and sadochism. While her husband’s away, she takes breaks from her lavish life and has her fun at brothels. Eventually, she meets a sexy gangster and their sex scenes are… magnifique.

    7. Friends with Benefits (2011)

    This film is basically No Strings Attached but with Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake. It’s a tale as old as time: Two best friends of the opposite sex try to remain friends while having “meaningless” sex. Kunis and Timberlake attempt to navigate their friends with benefits relationship, but things get complicated, to say the least. Feelings are hurt, grand gestures are made, and love is ultimately discovered. Oh, and the movie is filled with a bunch of quirky sex scenes.

    8. 365 Days (202o)

    ICYMI, 365 Days caused quite the commotion when it hit Netflix in 2020. Is it steamy? Yes. Is the acting overly dramatic and so terrible it’s entertaining? You bet. Is it based on the utterly offensive premise that a woman who has been kidnapped by a man and held captive for a year could/would/should fall in love with him? Also yes. If none of that scares you off, you may be into the movie’s core mechanism of sexual domination. Just know going into this one that it’s problematic in more ways than one. In other words, it’ll get you hot and bothered — whether that’s in a good or bad way depends on your threshold for this type of material.

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    20 Steamy Movies Like 50 Shades Of Grey

    It's been a while since the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy ended, leaving fans hungry for more. If you're one of them, here are 20 steamy movies you'll love.

    20 Steamy Movies Like 50 Shades Of Grey

    Universal Pictures

    BY BARRY LEVITT/JAN. 18, 2022 6:26 PM EDT

    "I exercise control in all things, Miss Steele," are the immortal words of Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan), in the 2015 smash hit "Fifty Shades of Grey." The film, based on the erotic novel by E.L. James, is the story of college graduate Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) and her pursuit of a sadomasochistic relationship with dominating billionaire Grey.

    Despite the film, directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson, receiving loads of negative reviews, it was a massive success, earning a massive $569 million worldwide. The film also spawned two sequels, including 2017's "Fifty Shades Darker" and 2018's "Fifty Shades Freed." Despite Dakota Johnson being rather ashamed of her role in the film, there's no denying that the project helped launch a very successful acting career for the actress.

    It's been quite a while since the "Fifty Shades of Grey" trilogy concluded, leaving fans hungry for more sexy, erotic films. If you're one of those fans, here are 20 steamy movies like "Fifty Shades of Grey" that you're going to love.

    Belle de Jour


    Starring the legendary French actress Catherine Deneuve, who became a major star three years prior with "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg," Luis Buñuel's "Belle du Jour" is a scintillating masterpiece that explores female sexuality. The 1967 film features Deneuve as Séverine, a disenchanted 23-year-old wife of a surgeon who has become unbearably bored with her day-to-day life. In order to explore her innate desires, she begins working at a brothel a couple of afternoons a week. It's not long before Séverine becomes the "Belle de Jour," or "beauty of the day."

    Though the film features one of Deneuve's best performances, the actress had a frustrating time filming, saying, "There were moments when I felt totally used. I was very unhappy." Still, Deneuve recognized the excellence of "Belle de Jour," calling it a "wonderful film." According to the late Roger Ebert, "It is possibly the best-known erotic film of modern times, perhaps the best. That's because it understands eroticism from the inside-out — understands how it exists not in sweat and skin, but in the imagination."



    Lee Holloway (Maggie Gyllenhaal) certainly didn't have it easy growing up: her deeply dysfunctional family gave her great difficulty in her life and played a big role in her recent stint in a mental hospital, which stemmed from a life-threatening incident. Holloway finds some stability in her new role as a secretary, working for an erratic attorney, E. Edward Grey (James Spader). What seems like a normal job quickly turns in an unexpected direction, as Holloway and Grey become entwined in a kinky dominant-submissive power dynamic that pushes Holloway to her limits and ultimately allows her to become a woman reborn. Gyllenhaal is no stranger to challenging roles, having starred in John Waters' crazy "Cecil B. Demented" two years prior. "Secretary" is where the actress really made a name for herself as a bold and exciting performer, which has helped establish her as a formidable talent over the last couple of decades.

    With a character name like E. Edward Grey, it is pretty clear to see that "Fifty Shades" gets its inspiration from Steven Shainberg's film, as both are linked by the idea of a woman discovering her sexuality by exploring the world of BDSM. Shainberg's film doesn't hesitate to tackle difficult conversations like sexual taboos and mental health and is a compelling portrait of a woman coming into her own as a sexual being.

    If you or anyone you know is having suicidal thoughts, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline​ at​ 1-800-273-TALK (8255)​.

    In the Realm of the Senses

    Argos Films

    A film that makes "Fifty Shades of Grey" look like "Winnie the Pooh," Nagisa Ōshima's 1976 "In the Realm of the Senses" is all about breaking sexual taboos and crossing boundaries. Sada Abe (Eiko Matsuda) is a hotel maid in 1930s Tokyo, who previously worked as a fairly successful prostitute. Kicizo Ishida (Tatsuya Fuji), the owner of the hotel, assaults her, which marks the beginning of an affair that can only be described as hardcore. The pair take every opportunity to take their sexual experiments to the next level, indulging every sexual whim, seemingly without hesitation. The film also features one of the most shocking endings in film history, which you have to see to believe.

    The film is so shocking that in its native Japan, it has never been screened uncensored. Bizarre, slow-burning, and indelible, you'll never forget watching Ōshima's "In the Realm of the Senses."

    The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover

    Source : www.looper.com

    8 Steamy Movies Like 365 Days to Watch After the Netflix Hit

    From Fifty Shades to Love, these movies feature steamy sex scenes similar to '365 Days' to tide you over while you wait for the Netflix sequel.

    Our editors handpick the products that we feature. We may earn commission from the links on this page.

    8 Sexy Movies to Watch If You Loved on Netflix

    And 8 movies you should watch next.

    By Samantha Vincenty

    Jun 24, 2020


    In less than one month, Polish erotic drama 365 DNI—or 365 Days, as it's titled in English—has became one of the most-watched movies on Netflix. Viewers can't take their eyes off of actress Anna-Maria Sieklucka and actor and soundtrack contributor Michele Morrone, who portray lovers Laura and Massimo. No disrespect to the screenwriters nor Blanka Lipińska, who wrote the book it's based on, but 365 didn't exactly become a viral hit because of its mildly confusing plot. Even if you haven't seen it yet, you likely have seen fans' stunned reactions across social media, complete with GIFs and screen shots of the film's "are they...really doing it?!"-level sex scenes. And while we'll probably have to wait awhile for a 365 Days 2 sequel, there are plenty of other movies to watch in the meantime to give you some spicy ideas for the bedroom (and the bathroom...and the boat). Some are "guilty pleasures"—though why feel bad about what you like?—while others are critically-acclaimed arthouse picks. With their pulse-raising love scenes, absolutely none of them are appropriate for family movie night. Here are 8 movies like 365 Days to watch on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other streaming platforms.



    Fifty Shades of Grey (2015)


    We can't overlook the film that brought erotica to mainstream American movie theaters following the success of E.L. James' Twilight-inspired trio of bestselling books. Fifty Shades of Grey and its sequels follow the sexually-inexperienced Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) as she becomes involved with emotionally-repressed businessman Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) and his "red room of pain." Like 365 Days, the series has received criticism for painting Jamie's controlling behavior as romantic. But there's no denying Fifty Shades struck a chord with fans who love watching Ana explore her desires.

    WATCH NOW 2 After (2019)


    The story of innocent college freshman Tessa's (Josephine Langford) unexpected love affair with bad-boy Hardin (Hero Fiennes Tiffin) is yet another book adaptation, this time from Anna Todd's After series. While After doesn't exactly push the boundaries of the genre, if you've ever wished a CW drama like Riverdale could be dirtier, this is the movie for you.



    3 Indiscretion (2016)


    Mira Sorvino plays Veronica Simon, a married child psychiatrist who has a steamy fling with a sculptor named Victor (Christopher Backus). Unfortunately, Victor quickly develops an obsession in this Fatal Attraction-esque thriller.

    WATCH NOW 4 Love (2015) NETFLIX

    Love, directed by Gaspar Noé, is not for everybody: With darker themes, it's definitely not the breezy watch that 365 Days is. But the story of film student Murphy (Karl Glusman, Zoe Kravitz's husband) and his girlfriend Electra (Aomi Muyock) navigating past and present love is a gorgeous foray into the French underground scene, including a trip to a sex club. Love is buzzy for one thing in particular, though: In several scenes, the stars are having real intercourse—filmed in 3D—including the action in a nine-minute-long threesome.



    5 Addicted (2014) LIONSGATE

    Zoe (Sharon Leal) plays a married CEO and mother of two who's addicted—to sex, specifically, with an artist she meets played by William Levy (all I've ever gotten at an art opening was a cup of cheap white wine). Soon, her passion spills over into an affair with a second man (Tyson Beckford), and she tries to tamp down her urges and stay faithful to her husband (Boris Kodjoe).

    WATCH NOW 6 Newness


    After meeting on a dating app, Martin (Nicholas Hoult) and Gabriella (Laia Costa) have an instant attraction to each other. But in the pursuit of "newness," they ponder trying an open relationship and engage in an escalating series of jealousy-inducing games and sexcapades in this exploration of love in the age of Tinder.

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