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    medical assistant with phlebotomy certificate program


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    get medical assistant with phlebotomy certificate program from EN Bilgi.

    Medical Assistant

    The Phlebotomy Technician program prepares students to work in medical offices, clinics, labs and other health care settings.

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    Medical Assistant - Phlebotomy

    Phlebotomists are the specialists who draw blood from patients for testing, transfusions, and other medical or research procedures. The Phlebotomy Technician program prepares students to work in medical offices, clinics, labs, and other health care settings. Students will study the history of the field, legal and ethical issues, and the clinical settings where they will work. They will cover areas such as basic anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, and infection control and prevention. Students will also study and practice skills such as blood drawing techniques, special collections, how to prepare or process specimens, and how to follow OSHA safety standards. The program includes participation in a national certification exam.

    Enrollment Point: Fall, Winter, Spring; limited Summer

    Program Length Career Information Tuition & Aid Day & Time Faculty

    Certificate of Completion

    1 Quarter 16 Credits

    Associate of Applied Science

    N/A N/A AAS - Transfer N/A N/A

    Bachelor of Applied Science

    N/A N/A

    All program lengths are estimates and are not guarantees. For the most current program information, check with an adviser by calling (425) 235-5840.

    Entry Requirements Course Information Program Outcomes Accreditation Forms

    Entry Requirements

    Admission Requirements

    To be admitted to the Medical Assistant-Phlebotomy Program, a prospective student must meet the following requirements:

    High School Diploma/GED (or equivalent) at time of enrollment

    English Fluency (verbal and written)

    Proof of successful completion of Hepatitis B vaccine (series of three vaccines and/or immunity titer) prior to registration

    Initial vaccine series requires a minimum of seven months to complete

    Upon invitation and acceptance to the Medical Assistant-Phlebotomy Program, students must provide confirmation of an account established with 8CastleBranch.com and pass a nationwide criminal background check (Crimes Against Persons list).

    Castlebranch website

    Package Code: RR71

    Cost: $99 (do not create an account prior to invitation and registration to the program)

    Screening and Tracking Requirements

    After receiving an invitation to the program, students must meet vaccination and program-specific health requirements in compliance with the Center for Disease Control Healthcare Provider immunization guidelines, including the submission of original lab results, x-ray reports and immunization records, which must be dated and signed by their healthcare provider.

    Immunization Timeline Table

    *Vaccinations must be current while on externships

    Annual Tuberculosis skin test (Must not expire during clinicals.)

    Annual seasonal Influenza vaccine

    Tetanus, Diphtheria, and Pertussis (Tdap) vaccine within last 10 years  (Must not expire during clinicals.)

    Hepatitis B vaccine (series of three vaccines and immunity titer)

    Measles, Mumps and Rubella vaccine (two vaccines or proof of immunity titer)

    Varicella vaccine (two vaccines or proof of immunity titer)

    Annual background-check through CastleBranch.com

    Personal health insurance upon entry and for the duration of the program

    Current (within one year) physical evaluation by a physician or nurse practitioner to ensure student and patient safety

    Admission Recommendations

    Medical Terminology course

    Ability to stand or walk for long periods

    Full Castlebranch compliance.

    UPDATE: All healthcare students who have clinical rotations, externships and internships must follow the vaccination requirements of the healthcare institution where they will be working-i.e., must be fully vaccinated or have an exemption prior to their clinical rotation, externship or internship experience. Read the latest COVID-19 Allied Health Policy.

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    Source : rtc.edu

    Medical Assistant w/ Phlebotomy Program

    Our Medical Assistant w/ Phlebotomy is a certificate training program. Become a Certified Phlebotomy Tech in as little as 10 months. Learn more: 1-877-GURNICK.

    Home » Programs and Courses » Medical Assistant With Phlebotomy Program


    MEDICAL ASSISTANT WITH PHLEBOTOMY PROGRAM Medical Assistant with Phlebotomy Program

    Get Started: Apply at the Following Locations!

    San Mateo, CA Mar 28 2022

    Start DateProgram Length & Schedule

    11 Months* 1,048.5 Hours

    49 Quarter Credit Hours


    225 Hours

    Sessions Schedule

    Five (5) days, varying Monday through Friday for up to eight (8) hours.

    *40 Approved Instructional Weeks

    Medical Assistant with Phlebotomy Program Mission

    Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts’ mission is to offer quality allied-health and nursing programs that integrate professional skills, career-focused education, and hands-on practical experience by empowering students to develop and achieve their personal and career goals.

    Medical Assistant with Phlebotomy Program Description

    Gurnick Academy Medical Assistant graduates join one of the most in-demand careers in the growing healthcare field. Medical Assistants are a vital part of the healthcare team, and they complete administrative and clinical tasks in physicians’ offices, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities. Students will practice and become adept at various clinical skills, including patient education, phlebotomy, and performing first aid.

    The program’s phlebotomy portion begins with 40 hours of classroom instruction in PHL 100. Before moving on to PHL 110L Clinical Externship, students must pass a national phlebotomy certification exam. PHL 110L is forty (40) hours of off-site externship. Students who complete PHL 100 and PHL 110L can apply for the Phlebotomy Technician Certification Exam (CPT 1) and work as a State Certified Phlebotomy Technician.

    Medical Assistant with Phlebotomy Program Goals and Objectives

    Administer quality education and training that develops the potential of each student to become a productive, responsible, and professional member of society, as well as a skilled member of the medical assisting workforce.

    Train competent entry-level medical assistants in the cognitive (knowledge), psychomotor (skills), and affective (behavior) learning domains.

    Foster open access and a supportive environment that encourages student success in the classroom, laboratory, and externship sites.

    Encourage professionalism, integrity, and high standards in students.

    Adhere to professional standards incorporating legal and ethical responsibilities of a Medical Assistant.

    Equip students to organize, prioritize, and delegate care by communicating effectively with members of the medical team.

    Develop and apply knowledge of specific disease conditions in the prevention, treatment, and wellbeing of the patients.

    Prepare students to take the national exam for Clinical Certified Medical Assistant (CCMA).

    Ready students to take the national exam for Certified EKG Technician (CET).

    Cultivate competent Phlebotomy Technicians for the medical community.

    To stimulate a life-long pursuit of education in the medical field.

    Advance interpersonal skills in communicating with the patient, medical and administrative individuals.

    Furnish educational opportunities in phlebotomy to members of the community.

    Medical Assistant with Phlebotomy Program Information, Length, and Schedule

    The program information, length, and schedule may change. Ensure to read the accompanying Addendum for change and updates and a check-in with the Admission Advisor for details. Learn more about how to make the most of your medical education.

    Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts Medical Assistant program provides a library and classrooms equipped with audiovisual teaching aids, textbooks, and simulators. Instructor to Student ratio is 1:15 in the laboratory, 1:30 in the residential lecture, and 1:25 in the online lecture. The program consists of 15 courses contained in four (4) modules.

    Students must be available four (4) hours a day Monday through Friday for didactic and laboratory coursework.

    While on Externship, students must be available forty (40) hours a week Monday through Friday, and they may be required to accommodate alternative schedules based on facility placement business hours. Students must be able to complete those particular rotations at the schedule provided.

    Students receive two hundred seventy-one (271) hours of didactic and three hundred sixty-five (365) hours of laboratory instruction time and two hundred twenty (220) hours of clinical externship allowing them to apply the lecture topics and lab hands-on skills in practical use when placed in a healthcare facility. Two hundred twelve and a half (212.5) hours will be student outside work time.

    The curriculum provides students with the technical, clinical, and interpersonal skills necessary to succeed in the medical assisting field. Upon program completion, a certificate is awarded. The expected program completion time is 40 weeks, excluding holidays and vacation times.

    Class times can and may be rescheduled to ensure on-time program completion and fulfillment of required program hours.

    Lab Hours

    Lab hours are done with daily theory delivery and conducted under instructor guidance and supervision.

    Outside Work

    Source : www.gurnick.edu

    Medical Assistant & Phlebotomy Tech. Combined Program

    Start your healthcare career as a Medical Assistant and a Phlebotomist today! Our accredited program & great practical experience will give you the edge. Visit our website for more information.

    Medical Assisting with Phlebotomy Technician

    Phlebotomy is related to drawing blood out of the patients for testing or donation. A medical assistant with a phlebotomy technician helps in managing the clinical and administrative duties. Students who enroll in this program are given the basic knowledge and skills that are related to the field of phlebotomy.

    Medical Assisting with Phlebotomy Technician

    The “Medical Assisting with Phlebotomy Technician Program” is designed to prepare students to assist medical providers by performing basic clinical and administrative duties in hospitals, clinics and medical centers. They are part of a medical team working with registered nurses and physicians. The program curriculum consists of medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, fundamentals of pharmacology, microbiology and immunology. Students are taught law and ethics as well as good communication skills. Students are familiarized with basic knowledge of medical equipment and devices as well as patient care management. The course also covers medical records, insurance, patient preparation and basic laboratory procedures. Students are also trained with knowledge & skills in the field of Phlebotomy. The program also offers clinical externship which is required for the certification.

    After successfully completing the program, students will be awarded Certificate of Completion from our College approved by the State. Also students will be eligible to take National Certification Exams for Certified Medical Assistant and Certified Phlebotomy Technician.

    Program Objectives

    The objectives of our program are to prepare students to assist physicians by meeting the clinical and administrative demands of a hospital, office or medical center.

    The training in clinical and administrative activities includes but not limited to:

    Assisting with physical examinations

    Assisting with surgical procedures

    Taking patient histories and vital signs

    Phlebotomy training, blood draw and injections

    Laboratory procedures

    EKG (Electrocardiography) placement techniques and recording

    Scheduling appointments

    Completing insurance forms

    Record management Office management

    Basic billing and coding tasks

    Basic word processing and spreadsheets tasks (basic computer knowledge)

    Performing such tasks within legal and ethical boundaries

    More Information

    Occupational Outlook and Wage Statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics:

    Phlebotomists (Click Here)

    Medical Assistants (Click Here)

    Learn about the benefits of becoming a Medical Assistant by reading the linked article (Click Here)

    Learn more about Medical Assistants and Phlebotomy Technicians by watching the video below:

    Program Completion:

    A Certificate of Completion will be awarded to those students who will successfully complete all required courses as per college’s Satisfactory Academic Requirements and fulfill their financial obligation towards the college.

    Graduates will be eligible to take National Certification Exams for Certified Medical Assistant and Certified Phlebotomy Technician through NCCT.

    Admission Requirements:

    Applicants may enroll on any school day. At the time of enrollment the applicant will be informed of the next start date. Applicants are accepted on the basis of personal interview, testing, and suitability for the required training program. A high school diploma, General Education Diploma, or High School Proficiency are not required for entrance into a program; however, obtaining one is strongly encouraged. Title IV recipients must have a high school diploma or GED. An applicant must be beyond the age of compulsory school attendance in California.


    Applicants must complete an application for admission

    Applicants should schedule an appointment for an application interview

    Applicants must complete a nationally recognized basic skills assessment or have a High School diploma.

    Applicants must complete and sign an enrollment agreement

    Entrance Assessment:

    Applicants who do not have a high school diploma or GED must take a nationally recognized entrance assessment, which may include the following: ‘Wonderlic Quantitative Skills’, ‘Wonderlic Basic Skills’, and ‘Wonderlic Personnel’. A minimum score of 200 Verbal and 210 Quantitative must be achieved to enroll in any program. An applicant should consult with a school advisor to be appropriately placed in a program. Title IV recipients must have a high school diploma or GED.


    Stellar Career College is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC), 2101 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 302, Arlington, VA 22201, telephone 703-247-4212. ACCSC is a US Department of Education approved accrediting Agency.

    IBHE Approval:

    Stellar Career College, Chicago, Illinois location is approved by the “Division of Private Business and Vocational Schools of the Illinois Board of Higher Education”. For more information on IBHE approval, you may contact the Illinois Board of Higher Education, Private Business and Vocational Schools at 1 N. Old State Capital Plaza Suite 333 Springfield, IL 62701-1404 phone number (217) 782-2551 or www.ibhe.org.

    Program Highlights: Course Duration 10 months Clock Hours

    Source : stellarcollege.edu

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