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    married at first sight australia season 9 episode 27


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    Married at First Sight Australia

    It's the final night of the reunion, and the couples reflect on their relationships (S9 Ep37)

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    Married at First Sight Australia: Series 9 Episode 27

    Homestay Week continues, and the couples learn about each other by spending time at home

    Series 9 Episode 37

    It's the final night of the reunion, and the couples reflect on their relationships

    First shown: Mon 25 Apr 2022 | 63 mins

    Series 9 Episode 36

    Six weeks since the end of the experiment and the couples reunite

    First shown: Thu 21 Apr 2022 | 68 mins

    Series 9 Episode 35

    As the ninth series draws to a close, the last couples come together

    First shown: Wed 20 Apr 2022 | 66 mins

    Series 9 Episode 34

    Three couples leave the experiment and prepare for their Final Vows

    First shown: Tue 19 Apr 2022 | 62 mins

    Series 9 Episode 33

    The remaining couples come together for their final dinner party

    First shown: Mon 18 Apr 2022 | 68 mins

    Series 9 Episode 32

    The couples part ways to head out on Boys and Girls Night

    First shown: Thu 14 Apr 2022 | 65 mins

    Series 9 Episode 31

    After two intense months, the couples have reached their Final Dates

    First shown: Wed 13 Apr 2022 | 59 mins

    Series 9 Episode 30

    The couples start Reflections Week, and see what elements of their relationships need work

    First shown: Tue 12 Apr 2022 | 59 mins

    Series 9 Episode 29

    The couples prepare for the last Commitment Ceremony

    First shown: Mon 11 Apr 2022 | 62 mins

    Series 9 Episode 28

    The couples return from Homestay Week and head to the penultimate Dinner Party

    First shown: Thu 7 Apr 2022 | 63 mins

    Series 9 Episode 27

    Homestay Week continues, and the couples learn about each other by spending time at home

    First shown: Wed 6 Apr 2022 | 54 mins

    Series 9 Episode 26

    The couples reset as the experiment moves into its next exciting phase - Homestay Week

    First shown: Tue 5 Apr 2022 | 60 mins

    Series 9 Episode 25

    It's time for the next Commitment Ceremony, and some couples are at breaking point

    First shown: Mon 4 Apr 2022 | 85 mins

    Source : www.channel4.com

    MAFS 2022 Episode 27 recap: A groom's prank goes horribly wrong and a worrying psychic reading

    Homestays Week continues on Married At First Sight 2022. While it's smooth sailing for some brides and groo...

    MAFS 2022 Episode 27 recap: Groom's prank goes horribly wrong and a worrying psychic reading

    By Peter Conte|4 months ago

    Homestay Week is in full swing, with the couples spending time at each other's places and seeing exactly how they live.

    But following a dramatic Commitment Ceremony — Sam and Al — have remained in Sydney with the goal of reforming a friendship.

    Stream every episode of Married At First Sight for free on 9Now.

    Al plans a trip to Balmoral beach complete with swimming, snorkelling and a picnic to wow Samantha.

    "That was fun. I loved that," Sam says as they emerge from the water.

    It's clear that they're back on good terms, but Al is hoping for more.

    Al and Sam head out snorkeling on their day out together. (Nine)

    "I do care about Sam… She's the closest girl I've ever gotten to," he says.

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    Al reveals his plan all along has been to take their friendship and reignite a romantic spark.

    READ MORE: Episode 26 Recap

    Tamara and Brent

    The couple wake early to watch the sunrise at Bondi, and looking out at the ocean they notice a splash in the water.

    "It might be a sea lion," Brent says.

    "They're not real," Tamara replies. "Sea lions aren't real."

    Brent is confused by the statement, as is everyone else listening to Tamara right now.

    Brent and Tamara wake up early to watch the sunrise. (Nine)

    Later Brent apologises for his more "angry" times in the experiment, and Tamara returns with an apology of her own.

    "It feels good to clear the air together. It was just what we needed to move forward," Tamara says.

    Olivia and Jackson

    The couple head out for a casual night with Jackson's friends, where Olivia voices her hatred of the gym and how she doesn't want him going.

    "It's a lot of time to sacrifice together," Olivia laments. "I feel like if that was to carry on into our lives together it's just a bit rough, because I didn't sign up for a husband two days a week."

    Jackson's friends see her response as a "potential red flag".

    READ MORE: Olivia tells horror bridesmaid dress story to Jackson's friends during MAFS Homestays

    But instead of stopping there, Olivia doubles down.

    "He's married," she says.

    "He's gotta grow up and stop doing that sort of s--t. He's not some 20-year-old frat boy."

    Olivia admits in their ideal world Jackson would stop, but the groom plans to keep hitting the gym.

    Ella and Mitch

    Worrying about the future of her relationship with Mitch, Ella decides the answer is to consult Yuana, who's a medium and psychic.

    They sit down at a table where Yuana invites "the guardians of the light to surround the entire premises."

    Ella smiles intently while Mitch looks incredibly bored.

    "Mitch, is it a dream of yours to swim with dolphins or do that whale connection?" she asks.

    "No. Not really," Mitch replies.

    Mitch is not loving his psychic reading. (Nine)

    Yuana isn't deterred, and tells him she's now "connecting through mechanical stuff like fixing cars... Does that make sense for you?"

    "Not really," Mitch says.

    Yuana and her psychic powers battle on. She reaches for her tarot cards because "that's what I was guided to do" before placing five of them on the table.

    She pulls a marriage card and reveals "commitment" is a central theme for the couple. But she also pulls a card that's alarming, it means "endings".

    Another interesting card suggests that Mitch needs to weigh up what he has and figure out if he wants to take the next step.

    Source : 9now.nine.com.au

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