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    marilyn monroe measurements vs kim kardashian


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    Marilyn Monroe's True Size. Her clothing tells the truth.

    Read about Marilyn Monroe's actual size, and she wasn't "plus sized" after all. Her personal clothing items prove just how small she truly was.

    Marilyn Monroe is undeniably one of the most famous women today, even though she passed away over 55 years ago. The mystery surrounding her death is still ever present in modern society. There is another mystery that’s also a constant topic of conversation and debate, and it’s one of those questions I’m asked in nearly every interview: “What was Marilyn Monroe’s true size?”

    You can learn the truth in this article.  Please note, however, that every use of the term “plus sized” is in quotes because the term itself is derogatory and demeaning. (Have we ever heard the term “minus sized?”) #DropThePlus!  A woman’s size or weight doesn’t define her.  Be happy with who you are, and don’t look to others to set a standard for what’s beautiful and acceptable. 

    Many people believe that Marilyn was a larger “plus sized” woman.  Even celebrities have chimed in on Marilyn’s weight and clothing size.

    A quick Internet search pulls up countless articles focused on the topic of Marilyn’s size. People write about vanity sizing and claims of Marilyn’s measurements as reported by her dressmaker, (though the source of the dressmaker’s claim isn’t cited anywhere).

    I’m going to shed some light on Marilyn’s TRUE physical size using seven items of clothing from her own personal wardrobe, which will finally close the debate on just how large (or in actuality, small) she really was.

    Marilyn’s Measurements and Weight

    Available documentation verifies Marilyn’s height and weight at several different times during her life, and her first modeling contract verifies her measurements:

    August 2, 1945

    Blue Book Modeling Agency

    5’ 6”, 120lbs 36-24-34 “Size 12” February 8, 1954 DOD ID Card 5’ 5 1/2”, 118lbs August 5, 1962

    LA Coroner Medical Report

    5’ 5 1/25”, 117lbs

    Notes from the Blue Book Modeling Agency

    Marilyn Monroe’s USO ID Card

    Coroner’s Medical Report

    While these documents suggest that her weight was a constant 117-120lbs, she was actually much heavier during the late 1950s, for example, the Some Like It Hot premiere on March 29, 1959 (below).  Some have speculated she weighed close to 140 lbs at this point.

    “The Hourglass”

    Marilyn wasn’t like most women in that she had an extreme hourglass figure. Many modern size charts like the ones below don’t even reflect Marilyn’s physical dimensions.

    In 1945, Marilyn’s dimensions were 36-24-34.  The red circle on the charts below demonstrate how her body was different.  Note the “X-Small” and “Medium” sizes.

    Note that the “plus sized” chart in the second example doesn’t reflect Marilyn Monroe’s measurements for bust, waist and hips.  So much for Marilyn being “plus sized!”

    Marilyn Monroe’s Clothing Tells the Truth

    While some say Marilyn Monroe was a large “plus sized” woman, her personal clothing items tell a different story.  Below are several examples of Marilyn’s clothing worn at varying times in her life, displayed on a size 6-8 dress form, with measurements of 33.5″ (bust), 24.5″ (waist), and 34.5″ (hip).  With these images and video clips you can get an idea of her true size.  Most important, even at her heaviest weight in 1959, her waist still measured just 28.5 inches.

    1951 – Marilyn’s Personal Leather Belt

    This belt measures 27 inches (on the outside of the belt) when fastened.  Of course, this doesn’t even take into account the layers of clothing Marilyn wears under the belt.  Marilyn is pictured wearing this belt at RKO Studios.

    Source : themarilynmonroecollection.com

    Marilyn Monroe would wear size 8 today while Kim Kardashian would be an 18 in 1970s

    The guidelines show the dramatic change in women's clothing sizes over the last 40 years.

    Are we in dress size denial? Guideline claims 'curvy' Marilyn Monroe would wear a size 8 today - while Kim Kardashian would be an 18 in the 1970s

    Show the dramatic change in women's clothing sizes' over the last 40 yearsMarilyn Monroe, long regarded as size 12 (US size 8), would wear size 8 (US size 4) todayKim Kardashian, a UK size 14 (US size 10), would wear size 18 (US size 14) in the 1970s 


    Published: 12:00 BST, 8 November 2015 | Updated: 15:45 BST, 9 November 2015



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    A new clothes sizing guideline shows that curvy Marilyn Monroe - long regarded as a size 12 (US size 8) - would actually wear an 8 (US size 4) if she was getting dressed today.

    The figures from BSI (British Standards Institution) reveal that women wearing a size 10 (US size 6) back in 1974 had an 82cm (32in) bust and 87cm (34in) hips. Fast-forward to 2015 and women of the same dress size possess a 86cm bust and 94cm hips.

    So for Kim Kardashian, who says she wears a UK size 14 (US size 10), a size 18 (US size 14) would have been more appropriate in the Seventies.

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    The guideline shows that curvy Marilyn Monroe, left, would actually wear a size 8 (US size 4) today, whilst size 14 (US size 10) Kim Kardashian, right, would have been a size 18 (US size 14) back in the day

    A team of industry experts and governmental workers determine dress size criteria every five years or so, and BSI say their measurements should only be used as a guide.

    Speaking to the Sunday Times, a spokesperson said: 'Most retailers size their clothes according to their customer base, so there can be no true "standard" size no matter what we determine.'


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    Speaking to the paper's Bénédicte Earl, analyst Clare Rayner, who founded Retail Acumen, said: 'The concept means the lady purchasing the garment may feel happy to imagine she is a smaller size and thus will prefer to shop there.

    Clare claims this so-called 'vanity sizing' has been happening for decades. She added: 'The fact is people are getting larger, so clothes will have to grow with us and, if we are going to worry so much about what the label says, I would expect "size inflation" to continue.'

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    The sizing guideline shows that curvy Marilyn Monroe - long regarded as a size 12 (US size 8) - would actually wear a size 8 (US size 4) today because of the inflation or 'vanity sizing'

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    Kim Kardashian, who says she wears a UK size 14 (US size 10), would probably have worn a size 18 (US size 14) dress in the Seventies, according to the guideline

    Just a few months ago a clothing size chart was released to show the 'insanity of women's clothing sizes' over the last 50 years.

    The charts, which were created by The Washington Post using statistics released by the American Society of Testing and Materials, reveal how female dress sizes based on the exact same bust and waist measurements have changed over the last 50 years.

    Indeed, to highlight the discrepancy between then and now, the chart shows how today's UK size 12 (US size 8) is the 1958 equivalent of a size 16 (US size 12).

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    A clothing size chart that has been unearthed shows how women's clothing sizes have dramatically changed in last 50 years. According to the statistics, Marilyn Monroe, whose measurements make her a UK size 16 (US 12) in 1958, could be anything between a size 2 (US size 00) and 12 (US size 8) today

    The mind-boggling chart also unearths how based on Marilyn Monroe's waist and bust measurements, she would be a size 16 (US size 12)  in 1958, but doesn't even have a modern-day equivalent and could range anywhere between a size 2-12 (US size 00 - 8) today.

    The graphs, which have been reproduced with UK sizes by MailOnline, show the official sizing standards once maintained by the National Bureau of Standards.

    The company say its aim was to 'provide the consumer with a means of identifying her body type and size from the wide range of body types covered, and enable her to be fitted properly by the same size regardless of price, type of apparel, or manufacturer of the garment.'

    Whilst the average dress size has increased as the nation as a whole has gotten heavier, writing for Slate, Julia Felsenthal maintains that there are additional factors to be taken into consideration when it comes to analysing the charts.

    Source : www.dailymail.co.uk

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