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    jersey shore family vacation season 5 episode 11


    Guys, does anyone know the answer?

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    Jersey Shore: Family Vacation: Season 5, Episode 11

    The original


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    Jersey Shore Family Vacation

    The crew takes off for the Florida Keys with new little meatballs in tow, and Snooki's epic return to the family makes the party pop more than ever before.

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    The crew takes off for the Florida Keys with new little meatballs in tow, and Snooki's epic return to the family makes the party pop more than ever before.

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    Can Pauly Help Vinny Find True Love?


    Pauly and Vinny Dish Out Some Payback

    Full Episodes All Videos Highlight Exclusive @[email protected]#=img=# LATEST EPISODE 41:21 SIGN IN TO WATCH S5 • E11 Little Big Town

    Deena hires a "sexpert" to guide the couples through intimacy exercises, Nicole and Deena return to their meatball origins, and Pauly and Mike plan a surprise for the final day of vacation.

    03/17/2022 @[email protected]#=img=# 41:20 SIGN IN TO WATCH S5 • E10

    The Best Party Planner Ever

    A storm puts a temporary damper on the Floridian fun, a dance party prompts a trip down memory lane, and the crew gets some specialized help from a certified sex therapist.

    03/10/2022 @[email protected]#=img=# 41:47 SIGN IN TO WATCH S5 • E9

    Happy Birthday, Vinny!

    Deena and Chris's prank lands differently with each of the roommates, Nicole arrives in the Florida Keys just in time for a floating tiki bar, and Mike plans his independence celebration.

    03/03/2022 @[email protected]#=img=# 41:23 SIGN IN TO WATCH S5 • E8 Deena's Revenge

    Mike gossips about Angelina's sex confession while she loses her cool about her lost luggage, Pauly arrives to reunite MVP, and Deena ambushes the roomies with a murder mystery prank.

    02/24/2022 @[email protected]#=img=# 41:46 SIGN IN TO WATCH S5 • E7

    The Not-So-International Vacation

    Angelina and Chris's dinner date turns into a counseling session, Mike makes a geographical error, Zack surprises Jenni and her kids, and Mike and Lauren have a seaside anniversary picnic.

    02/17/2022 @[email protected]#=img=# 40:43 SIGN IN TO WATCH S5 • E6 The Blessification

    Angelina struggles to process the pet psychic's dire warnings about Chris, Nicole has a funny idea for Jenni's engagement party, and Mike, newly baptized and off probation, plans a vacation.

    02/10/2022 @[email protected]#=img=# 41:34 SIGN IN TO WATCH S5 • E5

    Two Baptisms and a Pet Psychic

    Mike reveals who his own godparents will be ahead of Romeo's big baptism, and the girls consult a pet psychic to see how their fur babies really feel about things.

    02/03/2022 @[email protected]#=img=# 41:52 SIGN IN TO WATCH S5 • E4

    Meatballs Don't Hike

    Jenni and Deena are caught in the middle of Vinny and Angelina's fight during a whirlwind day of sightseeing in L.A., and Mike and Lauren get surprising news about Romeo's baptism.

    01/27/2022 @[email protected]#=img=# 41:42 SIGN IN TO WATCH S5 • E3 Hollywood Shore

    Angelina starts a false rumor about Vinny, Mike prepares a placenta shake for Lauren, and Deena, Angelina and Jenni's trip to Los Angeles doesn't go as planned.

    01/20/2022 @[email protected]#=img=# 41:22 SIGN IN TO WATCH S5 • E2 Snooki vs. The Rock

    Mike and Lauren bring home their baby after his stay in the NICU, Vinny makes a major real estate decision, Angelina joins in on a meatball day, and the roomies reunite for family dinner.



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    Angelina Marie Larangeira

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    Jenni "JWOWW" Farley

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    Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino

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    Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi

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    Pauly "DJ Pauly D" Delvecchio

    Cast Member @[email protected]#=img=# Vinny Guadagnino Cast Member @[email protected]#=img=# Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Cast Member

    About Jersey Shore Family Vacation

    Surprises, tears and a few drunken blackouts between New Orleans, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York and New Jersey are in store as Nicole, Jenni, Ronnie, Vinny, Pauly, Mike, Deena and Angelina start a new chapter.


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    Jersey Shore Family Vacation

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    EPISODE 511


    Genre: Television Network: MTV

    Air Date: Mar 17, 2022


    Deena Nicole Cortese

    Pauly DelVecchio

    Jenni "JWoww" Farley

    Vinny Guadagnino Ronnie Magro

    Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi

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    Guys, does anyone know the answer?

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