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    international fellowship of christians and jews rating


    Guys, does anyone know the answer?

    get international fellowship of christians and jews rating from EN Bilgi.

    Charity Navigator

    International Fellowship of Christians and Jews has earned a 3/4 Star rating on Charity Navigator. This Charitable Organization is headquartered in Chicago, IL.

    International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

    International Peace, Security, and Affairs | EIN: 36-3256096 | Chicago IL

    Mission: The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews is the leading global charity building bridges between Christians and Jews, by answering the Bible's call to meet the needs of Israel and the Jewish people around the world with humanitarian blessings and life-saving aid.

    The Fellowship funds humanitarian assistance in Israel and around the world, provides aid to victims of war and terror, helps Jews escape poverty and anti-Semitism and return to their biblical homeland. In 2019, we helped over 1.6 million people worldwide.

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    30 North LaSalle Street

    Suite 4300 Chicago IL 60602 800-486-8844

     Important note on the timeliness of ratings

    The IRS is significantly delayed in processing nonprofits' annual tax filings (Forms 990). As a result, the Financial and Accountability & Transparency score for International Fellowship of Christians and Jews is outdated and the overall rating may not be representative of its current operations. Please check with the charity directly for any questions you may have.

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    Star Rating System by Charity Navigator

    Charity Navigator evaluates a nonprofit organization’s financial health including measures of stability, efficiency and sustainability. We also track accountability and transparency policies to ensure the good governance and integrity of the organization.


    This charity's score is 82.49, earning it a 3-Star rating. Donors can "Give with Confidence" to this charity.

    This score is calculated from two sub-scores:

    Finance: 75.43 View details

    Accountability & Transparency: 97.00 View details

    This score represents Form 990 data from 2019, the latest year published by the IRS.

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    0.25 years

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    Program Expense Ratio

    Program Expense Ratio 74.1%

    Expenses: Three-Year Average

    Adminis… Fundrai… Program 14% 74.2% Element Percentage

    Administrative 11.70%

    Fundraising 14.00% Program 74.10%

    The Program Expense Ratio is determined by Program Expenses divided by Total Expense (average of most recent three 990s).

    This measure reflects the percent of its total expenses a charity spends on the programs and services it exists to deliver. Dividing a charity's average program expenses by its average total functional expenses yields this percentage. We calculate the charity's average expenses over its three most recent fiscal years.

    Source: IRS Form 990

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    Total Revenue and Expenses

    This chart displays the trend of revenue and expenses over the past several years for this organization, as reported on their IRS Form 990.

    Revenue Expenses FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 0 50M 100M 150M FY Revenue Expenses

    FY2017 $121,344,142.00 $134,425,717.00

    FY2018 $119,972,709.00 $116,658,401.00

    FY2019 $118,135,872.00 $114,888,541.00

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      Impact & Results

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    Impact & Results Score

    Not Currently Scored

    International Fellowship of Christians and Jews cannot currently be evaluated by our Encompass Rating Impact & Results methodology because either (A) it is eligible, but we have not yet received data; (B) we have not yet developed an algorithm to estimate its programmatic impact; (C) its programs are not direct services; or (D) it is not heavily reliant on contributions from individual donors.

    Note: The absence of a score does not indicate a positive or negative assessment, it only indicates that we have not yet evaluated the organization.

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    Largest Programs

    International Fellowship of Christians and Jews reported its three largest programs on its FY 2019 Form 990 as:


    Spent in most recent FY

    Source : www.charitynavigator.org

    Ratings and Reviews

    Learn more about the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews' ratings and reviews from BBB, GuideStar, Charity Navigator, and more.

    Ratings and Reviews

    BBB Wise Giving Alliance

    The Fellowship is fully accredited by the BBB Wise Giving Alliance, which is affiliated with the Council of Better Business Bureaus, indicating that we meet all the BBB’s 20 Standards for Charity Accountability. BBB evaluates charities based on their governance, results reporting, finances, and truthful and transparent communication.

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    The Fellowship has earned the GuideStar Platinum Transparency. GuideStar is the world’s largest source of up-to-date information on nonprofit organizations, providing important context to the financial information available from the IRS to help you better evaluate how we’re using your donations.

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    Charity Navigator

    Overall Score & Rating: 78.48/100

    Financial: 69.72/100

    Transparency: 97/100

    Charity Navigator is the nation's largest and most-utilized evaluator of charities, whose rating system examines an organization’s financial health, accountability, and transparency.

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    NonProfit Times

    The Fellowship was recently selected as one of the 2021 Best Nonprofits To Work For by the NonProfit Times, the leading national business publication for nonprofit managers.

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    ANA Nonprofit Federation

    The Fellowship was selected by the ANA Nonprofit Federation, as the Nonprofit Organization of the Year! This honor recognizes a nonprofit for organizational excellence. The ANA Nonprofit Federation is one of the most prominent associations in the U.S. for fundraising professionals. It is an honor to be recognized by our professional fundraising peers for our leadership and fundraising excellence.

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    Top 100 Largest U.S. Charities

    For the first time in history, The Fellowship has been named in the Forbes Top 100 Largest Charities list.

    Read More

    You can be confident that your donations to The Fellowship are being used conscientiously to do the most good for Israel and Jewish people in need around the world. Explore this page to find out how we’re evaluated by trusted charity watchdog groups, read endorsements from key Jewish and Christian leaders, find out what donors and Fellowship aid recipients are saying about the impact of our work, and more.

    The Fellowship regularly submits our financial information to the nation’s most established and respected charity watchdog organizations, and we work hard to receive the highest grades possible for accountability and transparency, and to constantly be improving. These organizations use varying rating and ranking criteria, so you can get a comprehensive look at how The Fellowship uses your donations. It’s only through the generosity of our supporters that we’re able to do the work that we do. It’s important to us that you know your gifts to The Fellowship are being used effectively and efficiently – and we know it’s important to you too!

    Source : www.ifcj.org

    International Fellowship of Christians and Jews Reviews

    41 International Fellowship of Christians and Jews reviews. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees.

    International Fellowship of Christians and Jews Reviews

    Updated Apr 21, 2022

    Found 41 of over 43 reviews

    Popular Popular COVID-19 Related Highest Rating Lowest Rating Most Recent Oldest First 2.8 ★★★★★ 44%

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    100% Approve of CEO Yael Eckstein 1 Rating

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    "Benefits are great." (in 7 reviews)

    "The only downside is the current leadership." (in 5 reviews)

    "Pay is competitive." (in 5 reviews)

    "The work hours are good, the benefits package is top" (in 4 reviews)

    "The people who work here are amazing and care about the impact they make." (in 3 reviews)


    "For some the physical office centric culture could be a con but it is where the tightly knit friendships are formed." (in 4 reviews)

    "Rude upper management." (in 2 reviews)

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    Current Employee, more than 5 years

    Great place to work

    Nov 26, 2021 - Anonymous Employee

    Recommend CEO Approval Business Outlook Pros

    Great culture, and great people


    I don’t really have any cons

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    International Fellowship of Christians and Jews Response

    Thank you so much for the great review and for being a dedicated team member. We recognize that each person has a choice in where they choose to share their talents. Thank you for choosing us.

    1.0★★★★★ Former Employee

    They are running a scam.

    Apr 21, 2022 - Donor Support in Chicago, IL

    Recommend CEO Approval Business Outlook Pros

    None. If you have any morals whatsoever you will not help these people line their own pockets with money they take from trusting but naive and dirt-poor Americans


    I made a huge mistake taking this job. I was fooled by their supposed humanitarian mission and I quit when I found out where the money was really going. Don't make the same mistake: Before deciding to work here or donating to this reprehensible organization, please watch the documentary "Til Kingdom Come" on PBS to see how they scam poor rural Christians. Watching the CEO smirk as she smugly asserts that "Christians and Jews share the same beliefs -- until end times..." is truly sickening. And keep in mind that she makes more than $600,000 a year. Shame on you and everyone who works for you. Oh, and before you even think about donating, go take a look at their ridiculously expensive new offices, taking up an entire floor of a swanky high-rise overlooking Lake Michigan and downtown Chicago. While most companies have embraced working from home for productivity and cost savings, the IFCJ has doubled-down on living high on the hog on donor's money.

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    Join the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews team

    See Our Latest Jobs 1.0★★★★★ Current Employee

    test 124

    Apr 11, 2022 - Marketing

    Recommend CEO Approval Business Outlook Pros test 124 for he is Cons

    this was amazing place to be

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    Former Employee, more than 1 year

    Marketing with a mission

    Feb 8, 2022 - Marketing Manager in Chicago, IL

    Recommend CEO Approval Business Outlook Pros

    The CEO is amazing and was able to totally shift the previous working environment


    Compensation could be more competitive

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    International Fellowship of Christians and Jews Response

    HR Generalist

    Thank you for taking the time to provide a review. We appreciate your recognition of the positive shift in our culture. Our Senior Leadership Team strives to ensure that we foster a culture that upholds our global Core values. Thank you again for sharing your experience and we hope that the next steps in your journey have afforded you a positive experience.

    1.0★★★★★ Former Employee

    Needs better leadership

    Mar 4, 2022 - Anonymous Employee

    Recommend CEO Approval Business Outlook Pros

    - Great people (excluding leadership) - Competitive salary and benefits for a non-profit (though not as good as they'll tell you, you can find better) - Occasionally meaningful mission (Ukrainian Holocaust survivors definitely need help, but most of the immigration program is giving free airplane tickets to educated professionals who make more than the donors, not to mention all the money given to soldiers for "therapeutic" ping pong tables and Xboxes)


    - CEO makes $600,000 a year but asks the ministry to pay to renovate her attic and paint her house. - COO says cost-to-raise-a-dollar limits spending on needed headcount but spends who knows how much on a new office design with textured 3D wall treatments including a faux Western Wall. - Too many others to count including a "manage through meetings" mentality, popularity politics (favoring people who previously worked with the COO at Save the Children), a "yes" culture (only the CEO and COO are allowed to say no), remote work options for new hires (current staff are regularly discouraged from requesting this, though some of the "favorites" still got it), "restructuring" mass layoffs, even dismissing staff on disability.

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