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    how to tell if a watermelon is ripe in the grocery store


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    How to Tell When a Watermelon Is Ripe: 6 Testing Methods

    Figuring out how to tell when a watermelon is ripe is a simple process that you can use whether you’re picking watermelon from the vine or the grocery store.


    How to Tell When a Watermelon Is Ripe: 6 Testing Methods

    Written by the MasterClass staff

    Last updated: Feb 24, 2022 • 3 min read

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    Figuring out how to tell when a watermelon is ripe is a simple process that you can use whether you’re picking watermelon from the vine or the grocery store.

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    How to Tell if a Whole Watermelon Is Ripe

    Watermelon is one of the most popular summer fruits. When shopping for watermelon at the supermarket, follow some steps to tell if the melon is ripe.

    Picking Ripe Whole Watermelon

    Picking Ripe Whole Watermelon From Looking at Its "Belly" to Giving It a Tap

    By Saad Fayed Updated on 07/23/21

    Dixon Hamby / EyeEm/Getty Images

    Watermelon has to be the one fruit that truly epitomizes summer in the USA. When it's ripe, it is sweet and juicy and refreshing. So realizing your watermelon is unripe—or over-ripe—is a big disappointment! You spend all that time cutting the huge melon only to find it is mealy, bland, and dry, or overly sweet and mushy.

    Watermelons are picked when ripe, but, unfortunately, many watermelons sold in commercial grocery stores are often picked too early or too late. Considering this type of melon doesn't ripen after it is off the vine, the flavor and texture of the fruit will not improve any once it is harvested. One of the best places to buy a watermelon is from your local farmer's market or fruit stand, but if you are purchasing from the supermarket, there are a few things you can look for—and do—to tell if a watermelon is at its peak.


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    How to Cube a Watermelon

    Give It a Look

    As when buying most fruit and vegetables, you want to choose a watermelon that is blemish-free. Find a melon that is nice looking, meaning void of dents, bruises, and cuts. You also want to turn it over to look at the melon's "belly." If it has a yellow or light bottom (sometimes called "buttery"), it means it should be ripe. If stripes are found all around the melon, move on to the next one; it's just not ready yet.

    Give It a Tap

    You may see people at the market tapping on watermelon and then putting their ear close to it. What exactly are they listening for? They are checking for signs of hollowness. You want to gently knock on the watermelon, like you are knocking on a door, and listen. (You can also flick the rind with your finger.) If you hear a "plunking" sound, it means it is hollow and therefore ripe. If the sound is more high pitched, then the watermelon is not ripe yet. An over-ripe melon will make a "thud" sound that is a lower pitch. The distinctions may not be simple to detect the first few times but the more you try the easier it will be.

    Give It a Lift

    Ripe watermelons are heavy. Watermelons are made up of mostly water, so an ideal melon should be heavy for its size. Lift up the melon and then test one or two more, comparing their weights. Choose the heaviest.

    Give it a Sniff

    While you are holding the chosen watermelon, take in its aroma. (Better to do this when it is away from the other melons so there's no cross odor.) You want the fruit to smell slightly sweet like you want it to taste. If the sweetness seems a bit strong it means the melon is over-ripe.

    Give It a Squeeze

    Of course, considering the size of a watermelon, squeezing it as you would squeeze a lemon is not necessarily feasible. But you should try to push in the side of the melon to see how much give it has. You don't want it to feel mushy, but you also don't want it to be rock hard. Somewhere in the middle is ideal.

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    How to Pick a Watermelon

    Follow these three steps and you'll get a sweet, juicy watermelon every single time.


    The Best Way to Pick a Watermelon

    by Emma Christensen

    updated May 29, 2020


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    (Image credit: Faith Durand)

    It won’t officially be summer until you’ve had your first watermelon of the season. Chances are, though, that it’s been about a year since you’ve bought your last watermelon. Do you remember how to pick out a good one? Did you ever really know?

    There’s a definite art to picking the very best watermelons. But don’t worry, once you know what to look for, it’s easy. Buying watermelons at a farmers market takes out much of the guesswork: Farmers know their business and will only harvest watermelons for sale when they’re truly ripe. At the grocery store, you’re more likely to be on your own. But not totally on your own, because we’ve got an easy three-step process to help you pick out the best watermelon. Here’s what you need to look for in order to spot the perfect picnic-worthy specimen.


    How To Choose The Perfect Watermelon

    How to Pick a Watermelon at the Grocery Store

    If you’ve ever walked up to a bin of watermelons and felt totally confused about which one to pick because they seem to all look the same, you’re not alone. It takes a little detective work to pick a good watermelon, but it’s quick and easy. I promise. When it’s time to pick a watermelon, you want to touch, look, and listen. Here’s how to do it.

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    Pick it up: Big or small, the watermelon should feel heavy for its size.Look for the yellow spot: Watermelons develop a splotch where they rest on the ground. When this splotch is creamy yellow, it’s ripe.Give it a thump: Tap the underbelly of the watermelon. A ripe one will have a deep hollow sound, which means it is brimming with juice and at the peak of its ripeness. Under-ripe or over-ripe melons will sound dull.

    All the Ways to Use Watermelon!

    The Cleverest Way to Cut a Watermelon into Bite-Sized Pieces

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    Watermelon S’mores

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    Chocolate-Dipped Watermelon Wedges

    Do you have any other tips for picking the ripest watermelon from the bunch?

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