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    how to remove yourself from a group text android


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    You Can't Leave a Group Text on Android — Here's How to Mute It

    You can't leave a group text on your Android phone, but you can still mute or delete the thread in your Messages app.


    You can't leave a group text on Android, but you can mute or delete it — here's how

    Chrissy Montelli Dec 13, 2019, 9:03 PM

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    You can mute or delete a group text on Android, since you can't leave it. Google

    You can't leave a group text on an Android phone like iPhone users can. However, you can still mute group text notifications on an Android, or delete the message thread.Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.

    Group texts can be useful for coordinating between multiple people at once, like if you're choosing where to go for dinner with your friends.

    But they can also become quite annoying if they're used excessively. If you're getting swamped with notifications, you might want to leave the group text.

    Unfortunately, Android phones don't allow you to leave a group text in the same way that iPhones do.

    However, you can still mute notifications from specific group chats, even if you can't remove yourself from them entirely. This will stop any notifications, but still allow you to use the group text.

    Read on for more info about how to mute an Android group text.

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    How to mute a group text on Android, or delete it

    1. Open your messaging app by tapping on it. For the purposes of this guide, we're using the Messages app that comes included with Android phones.2. Tap and hold the conversation you want to mute.3. Tap the "Notifications" button in the bottom-left of the screen.

    Although it might not look like it, tapping this "Notifications" icon will toggle alerts on and off. Chrissy Montelli/Business Insider

    A small mute icon will appear next to the conversation, and you'll no longer receive notifications about it.

    The mute icon is small, but it's there, right next to your group chat. Chrissy Montelli/Business Insider

    If you want to remove the group text from your messaging app entirely, you'll need to take one more step.

    4. After muting the group text, tap and hold the conversation again, then tap the "Delete" button in the bottom-right of the screen.5. When a pop-up window appears, tap "Delete." This will remove the group text from your messages, but any time another person texts that original group chat, the group text will reappear in your messages. You'll still receive those texts until the group text creator removes you.

    You can temporarily remove the group chat from your inbox by pressing "Delete." Chrissy Montelli/Business Insider

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    How to Leave a Group Text on Android or iOS

    Escape the madness by muting or leaving a group text on your phone. Follow these steps for Android and iOS to cut down on unwanted distractions.


    How to Leave a Group Text on Android or iOS

    How to Leave a Group Text on Android or iOS Quick! Get out of annoying message threads on iOS and Android

    By Sarah Silbert Updated on January 26, 2022

    Reviewed by Christine Baker

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    What to Know

    Android users must request to leave a group. To mute a group text instead, tap the 3 vertical dots > tap Bell to deselect it.

    iOS users must be in an iMessage conversation to leave. Tap Group > Information > Leave This Conversation.

    To mute in iOS, open group text > tap the group of contacts > Information > Hide Alerts.

    This article explains how to leave or mute group texts in Android and iOS. Instructions apply to standard iOS 12/Android 8 and above unless otherwise noted.

    How to Escape a Group Text on Android

    On an Android device, you can't leave a group text without asking to be removed, but you can choose to mute notifications.

    The following instructions apply to the stock messages app on Android. If your Android phone uses a different texting app, for example, Messages on the Samsung phone or Google Messages, the process for leaving a group text may be different.

    Navigate to the group text.

    Tap the three vertical dots.

    Tap the bell to mute the conversation.

    You will not see any more messages in the group text unless you go back and tap the bell again to accept them. At that point, the messages you missed will populate the conversation.

    Leave a Group Text on an iPhone

    If you have an iPhone, you have a few options for muting unwanted group texts.

    Option 1: Mute Notifications

    The first option on iOS is to mute group text notifications:

    Open the group text you want to mute.

    Go to the top of the screen and tap the group of contacts.

    Tap the Information button (it's located under the group).

    Scroll to the bottom and tap the Hide Alerts toggle to turn it On.

    When you select Hide Alerts (or Do Not Disturb in iOS 11 or earlier), you won't get a notification (and the accompanying text sound) each time someone in the group text sends a new message. To view all new messages in the thread, open the group text. This method cuts down on distractions.

    Option 2: Leave a Group Text on iOS

    The way to really leave the conversation is easy but this isn't always an option even if you're using the Messages app on your iPhone.

    To leave a group text on iOS, you'll need the following circumstances:

    You must be in an iMessage conversation rather than a standard group text message. If some of the people in the group chat use Android phones or other apps rather than Messages on iOS, you'll be in a standard group message and the option to leave a group text through Messages isn't available.

    There must be at least four people in a group text. The logic being that if you were to leave a three-person conversation, it would no longer be a group text but rather a simple text between two people. In any case, if you're in a three-person iMessage chat, the Leave this Conversation option is grayed out.

    If you are able to leave a group text on iOS, follow these instructions:

    Open the group iMessage you want to leave.

    Tap the group at the top, then the Information button.

    Scroll down and tap Leave this Conversation.

    Tap Leave this Conversation to confirm you choice.

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    How to Remove Yourself From a Group Text [100% Working Method]

    Group texts can flood you with notifications. Here's how to remove yourself from a group text and stop that pings in a breeze.


    How to Remove Yourself From a Group Text [100% Working Method]

    Written by: Rexan | Published: August 28, 2021


    Group texts and chat rooms are some of the easiest ways to send love words to people that matter to you. On Christmas or Thanksgiving, people make use of this texting feature to send everyone their best wishes without having to compose messages individually. If you are planning a weekend potluck, it can also be the easiest way to send your invites to friends and plan the event as a group. But this feature can also get easily out of hand and when that happens, you would wonder how to remove yourself from a group text.

    Perhaps, someone in your group message is too friendly that they’ve added a friend of a friend, who also added their roommate’s best friend. Some might also be fond of sending chain messages that ruin the experience for you. While we don’t encourage burning bridges, removing yourself from a group text is the easiest way out if you feel trapped in a room with strangers or if constant notifications overwhelm you.

    How to Leave a Group Text on iMessage

    iMessage first had the group text feature in 2013, which was received well by its users. It wasn’t long enough though when they also added the ability to leave a group text on Apple devices running on iOS 8. The system is not perfect and often, people find themselves flooded with group messages. If you are one of those people, here’s how you can remove yourself from a group text on iMessage.

    Photo by Apple Support

    Launch iMessage and open the group conversation you want to leave.

    Tap on the group icon at the top of the group chat room. It’s the overlapping display photos of the group members.

    Click Info, scroll past the contacts, and select Leave this Conversation.

    However, if someone in the group is not using iMessage, the option to leave a conversation will not be available. iMessage’s group chat feature will only work for those that are also using iMessage. If someone in the group is not using the app, your messages will be sent to them as individual standard messages. You would know that someone in the group is not using iMessage if your message is sending slower than it should or when your message bubble is green instead of blue.

    A workaround here would be muting the conversation. It’s also a good alternative if you just want to get rid of notifications and don’t want to leave the conversation entirely. You can do this by toggling the “Hide alerts” switch button right before the option to leave.

    Also read: Best Ways to Use iMessage

    How to Remove Yourself From a Group Text on Google Messages

    It took a while before Google was able to give Android users an iMessage equivalent. Thankfully, Google Messages came to the rescue, which gave the possibility to send messages over the Internet and create a group text. As with any group conversation, it also gives you the ability to abandon groups. Here’s how you can remove yourself from a group text on Android.

    © Cellular News

    Launch Google Messages on your Android phone and go to the group conversation you want to abandon.

    Go to group details by clicking on the menu button on the top right corner of the screen.

    Click on the leave group option at the bottom of your screen.

    Similar to iMessage, Google Messages’ group chat feature wouldn’t work properly unless everyone in the group has the chatting ability of the app enabled. If a member has it disabled, your messages will appear as individual text and you will also receive their replies individually. In this case, you might get flooded with text messages from different people.

    In this case, you can block their text messages on your Android phone, but a better alternative is to just disable notifications from them. That way, you can still easily see their messages if you don’t want to miss possible important messages per se. To disable someone’s text notification, go to the target conversation>message details>notifications and switch off the button next to “allow notifications”.

    How About on Chat Apps?

    Other than the default mobile messaging apps, there are other chat apps where you might find yourself flooded with unsolicited group messages. Some of these commonly used chat apps are Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and Telegram. Thankfully, leaving group chats on these apps can’t be any easier, and here’s how.

    On Facebook Messenger

    © Cellular News

    Launch Facebook Messenger and go to the target group message.

    Click on the information (i) icon at the top right corner of your screen.

    Scroll down until you reach the leave group option and click on it.

    Confirm that you want to leave the group.

    Under the same page, you will see other options on how you can manage notifications from that particular Facebook Messenger group. You can disable the notification if you don’t want to get pings every time someone sends a message or ignore the group if you want to mark the messages as spam. Either way, they are better alternatives than everyone knowing you have left the group.

    Source : cellularnews.com

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