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    how to do the anonymous questions on instagram


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    NGL Instagram: how to add your link for anonymous questions on Instagram

    NGL: anonymous q&a appears to be the latest application to capture Gen- Z's attention. You can use the app to ask friends questions while remaining anonymous. NGL, which stan


    NGL Instagram: how to add your link for anonymous questions on Instagram

    Not really big on social media but want to join in on the fun? We got you, check this article out!


    22/06/2022 - 19:49 CDT

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    NGL: anonymous q&a appears to be the latest application to capture Gen- Z's attention. You can use the app to ask friends questions while remaining anonymous.NGL, which stands for "not gonna lie," allows you to express your thoughts freely and anonymously. NGL serves as a safe place for teens to express themselves and is primarily targeted at them.

    On November 7th, 2021, a small group of designers in Venice Beach, California, released the application.

    With a new update in 50 languages now available, the application is accessible from anywhere in the world. The free app currently has over 7,000 reviews with an average rating of 4.9/5 stars.

    In-app purchases are now possible thanks to DeepMoji, the developer. This means that for $9.99, $6.99, or $1.99, the user can access unlimited hints.

    Here's how to use the app and share the link on your Instagram story to get more questions!

    How to add NGL to your Instagram

    You will see text that reads "get anonymous messages" on the NGL application. You'll see step 1 is listed beneath this. a copy of your link When you click the button below, the link will automatically be copied so you can paste it into your Instagram.

    Next, open Instagram, swipe left as though you were about to post a story, and then click the sticker icon in the top right corner. This will add a sticker to your photo. Then, after pasting the information into the "add link" box, click the link-designated sticker.


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    The icon can then be moved around your screen and text can be added. The post can then be shared with your friends or on your story.

    How does it work?

    Submit a ngl.link

    Following that, friends can comment on your Instagram story or send you an anonymous message.

    You can view all of these responses in the inbox section of the NGL app, and you can then post your response to your Instagram story. However, you can add your ngl.link to your Instagram bio if you want to receive more messages.

    Copy the link and go to your Instagram account as described above to add the NGL app to your Instagram bio. The word "edit profile" is written on a button to the far left of your bio on the profile page. You can change your bio here by pasting the ngl.link and then clicking "done" to save the changes.

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    How to do anonymous questions on Instagram

    Answer: Many people have been extremely happy as they thought that Instagram had finally introduced anonymous stories. But unfortunately, I hate to break it to you but this isn’t true. The trend started on TikTok where people began to insert text inside the usual questions box that says somethin...

    How do I do anonymous questions on Instagram?

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    Sort Iceli Salas

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    Are Instagram questions anonymous?

    Originally Answered: Is ask me a question on Instagram anonymous?

    No it is not.. if you answer it the person can see who wrote it.. but if they want to post your answer on their story then yes it is anonymous and no one knows who wrote it. Hope this helps!!! :))

    Hasan Chop

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    Can you ask yourself anonymous questions on Instagram?

    Like with its polls and emoji sliders, Instagram's being a total snake about who's interacting with your stories. Even though its ask sticker doesn't display someone's name when your reply to their question, your notifications will show exactly who asked it. ... The instagram ask thing is NOT anonymous

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    Abrar Ershad

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    I remove my Instagram link on my girlfriend bio by accident, how can I redeem my Instagram link my girlfriend can’t tag me in her bio again?

    You should block her then unblock her and then see if it works.idk if it'll work I also did same shit like u so I'mma try it.good luc👊🏽

    Edwardo Milano

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    Many people have been extremely happy as they thought that Instagram had finally introduced anonymous stories. But unfortunately, I hate to break it to you but this isn’t true.

    The trend started on TikTok

    where people began to insert text inside the usual questions box that says something along the lines of “your responses will be anonymous”.

    This makes it look very real, and it’s not surprising that a lot of people fell for it as a new feature. But unfortunately, it was just a TikTok joke which led to many people being tricked and answering questions which they thought would be anonymous.


    But all hope is not lost, here is a way to do anonymous questions on Instagram despite the story feature not actually being real.

    If you do want to ask anonymous questions then you could try using an external app.

    Tellonym is available on iOS and Android App Stories and allows you to ask questions to your friends. The App can also be synced with Instagram

    , so it acts like an anonymous story feature.

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    How do I re-add linked profile on my Instagram bio? I accidentally tapped unlink button and now it’s not clickable anymore.

    go to settings tap on link account,follow instructions then copy and paste the link from that platform you want to link to your Instagram then paste it in your Bio

    Kartik Sharma

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    Can I answer my own question on Instagram?

    Yes u can do that but ur virtual profile tag will not be available wit the questions u have answered urself while it will b available with the others answers

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    How do you get the anonymous question sticker on Instagram?

    Step 1: Open the Instagram application. To get to the camera page, swipe right.

    Step 2: Choose a photo to use as your background.

    Step 3: On the top panel, tap the sticker icon and select Question. Include it in your story.

    Step 4: Type the text into the box. The sticker comes with the tag "ask me a question" by default, but you can edit it to anything you like, such as "ask me an anonymous question."

    Step 5: To make the sticker stand out, change the color. After tapping the sticker, go to the top of the screen and tap the color palette. There are a total of nine different hues to pick from.

    Kaydence Stevenson

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    How do I ask an anonymous question?

    its no longer allowed

    David Blacky

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    How to use anonymous questions on Instagram

    You can request and receive anonymous messages on Instagram using the popular anonymous question-and-answer app NGL. Here's how to use it.


    How to use anonymous questions on Instagram

    By Anita George

    June 22, 2022 6:07PM

    You can do lots of fun things on Instagram to pass the time. One of those things is letting your IG followers send you anonymous questions and messages via an anonymous messaging app. It's an interesting way to see how people feel about you (and other topics) when they don't have to risk being embarrassed by their own opinions or questions.

    One of the most popular ways to host anonymous questions on Instagram is via an app called NGL. In this guide, we'll go over what NGL does and how to use it for anonymous questions on Instagram.

    CONTENTS What is NGL?

    How to post anonymous questions on Instagram using the NGL app

    How to respond to anonymous questions on Instagram using NGL

    How to report abusive messages on the NGL app




    10 minutes


    A mobile device (Android or iOS)

    NGL mobile app

    Instagram mobile app

    An Instagram account

    What is NGL?

    NGL is an anonymous messaging app for Instagram that allows its users to request anonymous questions and messages from their followers. The name "NGL" means "not gonna lie" (a common phrase used on social media) and it refers to the fact that the app tries to encourage honesty via anonymity.

    Here's how the app works: You post an Instagram Story that contains an NGL messaging link. Your followers view the Story and use the link to submit a question or message anonymously to you. Once your followers submit their messages, NGL sends you a push notification to alert you. You can view the messages you've received in the NGL app. You can also reply to these messages, but it's done publicly via another Instagram Story.

    It's not hard to imagine how anonymous messaging apps like NGL can go horribly wrong. People can abuse such apps to send bullying or abusive messages anonymously. However, NGL has said that their app uses "world class AI content moderation" to "filter out harmful language and bullying." And it does offer a way to report any abusive messages that still make it to your NGL inbox.

    In the following sections, we'll show you how to use NGL for anonymous questions on Instagram and how to report abusive messages in NGL.

    How to post anonymous questions on Instagram using the NGL app

    If you want to receive anonymous messages on Instagram, you can do so with the NGL app. It's a very popular option for handling anonymous questions on Instagram, and it's easy to use. Here's how to set up and use NGL:

    Step 1: Download the NGL app. It's available for both Android and iOS devices.

    Once downloaded, open NGL on your device.

    Step 2: Select the Get questions! button. Then, enter your Instagram handle when prompted. Select Done!


    Step 3: NGL will automatically generate an anonymous messages link that features your Instagram handle. This is the link your followers will use to send you anonymous questions and messages. On the Play screen, select Copy link. Then select the Share! button.


    Step 4: You'll then be taken through a quick tutorial on how to add your messages link to your Instagram Story. Review the tutorial and keep selecting the Next step button until you see the Share on Instagram button. Select this button.


    Step 5: You'll then be taken to Instagram, where NGL has pre-made a Story for you that announces your request for anonymous messages. On this screen, select the Sticker icon in the top right. Then select the blue and white Link sticker.


    Step 6: On the next screen, under URL, go ahead and paste the NGL messaging link you copied earlier. Then tap Done.

    Select Your story to post your NGL link to your Story. Your followers will then view your Story and select its NGL link to send you an anonymous message.

    How to respond to anonymous questions on Instagram using NGL

    Once your followers start sending you anonymous questions and messages via your NGL link, NGL will start sending you push notifications alerting you to your messages. Tap on these notifications to open the NGL app so you can view your messages.

    Here's how to respond to your messages:

    Step 1: In the NGL app, on the Inbox screen, if you have messages, you should see brightly colored envelope icons with hearts on them. Select one of these icons to view its message.

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