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    how old was jennifer grey in the movie dirty dancing


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    Dirty Dancing

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    This article is about the 1987 romantic drama film. For other uses, see Dirty Dancing (disambiguation).

    Dirty Dancing

    Theatrical release poster

    Directed by Emile Ardolino

    Written by Eleanor Bergstein

    Produced by Linda Gottlieb

    Starring Patrick Swayze Jennifer Grey Jerry Orbach Cynthia Rhodes

    Cinematography Jeffrey Jur

    Edited by Peter C. Frank

    Music by John Morris Erich Bulling Jon Barns Production company

    Great American Films Limited Partnership

    Distributed by Vestron Pictures

    Release dates

    May 12, 1987 (Cannes)

    August 21, 1987 (United States)

    Running time 100 minutes[1]

    Country United States

    Language English Budget $4.5 million

    Box office $214.6 million

    is a 1987 American romantic drama dance film written by Eleanor Bergstein, produced by Linda Gottlieb, and directed by Emile Ardolino. Starring Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey, it tells the story of Frances "Baby" Houseman (Grey), a young woman who falls in love with dance instructor Johnny Castle (Swayze) at a vacation resort.

    The film was based on screenwriter Bergstein's own childhood. She originally wrote a screenplay for the Michael Douglas film , but ultimately ended up conceiving a story for a film which became . She finished the script in 1985, but management changes at MGM put the film in development hell. The production company was changed to Vestron Pictures with Emile Ardolino as director and Linda Gottlieb as producer. Filming took place in Lake Lure, North Carolina, and Mountain Lake, Virginia, with the film's score composed by John Morris and dance choreography by Kenny Ortega.

    premiered at the 1987 Cannes Film Festival on May 12, 1987, and was released on August 21, 1987, in the United States, earning over $214 million worldwide, and was the first film to sell more than a million copies for home video.[2] It earned positive reviews from critics, who particularly praised the performances of Grey and Swayze, and its soundtrack, created by Jimmy Ienner, generated two multi-platinum albums and multiple singles. "(I've Had) The Time of My Life", performed by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes, won the Academy Award for Best Original Song, the Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song, and the Grammy Award for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals.[3]

    The film's popularity led to a 2004 prequel, , and a stage version which has had sellout performances in Australia, Europe, and North America. A made-for-TV remake was also released in 2017.[4]


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    In the summer of 1963, Frances "Baby" Houseman is vacationing with her parents Dr. Jake and Marjorie Houseman, and her older sister Lisa at Kellerman's, an upscale Catskills resort in the Borscht Belt owned by Jake's sarcastic best friend Max. Exploring one night, Baby secretly observes Max instructing the waiters, all Ivy League students, to romance the guests' daughters, no matter how unattractive. Max also demeans the working class entertainment staff, including Johnny Castle, one of the dance instructors. Baby is attracted to Johnny, and dances briefly with him after his kind hearted cousin, Billy, introduces them at a secret "dirty dancing" party for resort staff. Max's smart aleck grandson Neil flirts with Baby in the meantime.

    Baby learns Johnny's dance partner Penny is pregnant by Robbie, a waiter and womanizer who attends Yale School of Medicine and now has his eye on Lisa. When Robbie refuses to help Penny, Baby, without explaining why, borrows money from her father to pay for Penny's abortion. At first, Penny declines as it would cause her and Johnny to miss a performance at a nearby resort, costing them the season's salary, but Baby volunteers to stand in for Penny. During her dance sessions with Johnny, they develop a mutual attraction, and except for their failure to execute a climactic lift (Baby hesitated), Johnny and Baby's performance is successful.

    Back at Kellerman's, Penny is gravely injured by the botched abortion, and Baby enlists her father's help to stabilize Penny. Angered by Baby's deception, and assuming Johnny got Penny pregnant, Dr. Houseman orders Baby to stay away from them. Baby sneaks off to apologize to Johnny for her dad's treatment, but Johnny feels he deserves it due to his lower status; Baby reassures him of his worth, declaring her love. They begin secretly seeing each other, and her father now refuses to talk to her.

    Scene from the dancing finale[5][6]

    Source : en.wikipedia.org

    How Old Baby & Johnny Are In Dirty Dancing

    Dirty Dancing features an iconic pairing in Patrick Swayze's Johnny and Jennifer Grey's Baby, but their characters are far from the same age.

    How Old Baby & Johnny Are In Dirty Dancing

    Dirty Dancing features an iconic pairing in Patrick Swayze's Johnny and Jennifer Grey's Baby, but their characters are far from the same age.


    UPDATED APR 28, 2022

    @[email protected]#=img=#

    Dirty Dancing features an iconic pairing in Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey, but how big is their age gap, and does it make the movie problematic? Dirty Dancing is somewhat autobiographical for screenwriter Eleanor Bergstein, as it's based on her own teenage experiences. This fact only brings the question of Baby and Johnny's age difference further into the light. While the movie doesn't explicitly state the two protagonists' ages, there's enough evidence to suggest that the years between them borders on creepy.

    Now streaming on HBO and HBO Max, the 1987 film explores the romance between a teenage girl and her much older dance partner, who meet at a New York resort. Dirty Dancing became a pop culture phenomenon due to its soundtrack and central performances, and was Directed by Emile Ardolino. Set in the early '60s, Dirty Dancing stars Grey as Frances “Baby” Houseman and Swayze as Johnny Castle. The storyline takes place at a Catskills resort called Kellerman's (actually the Mountain Lake Lodge in Mountain, Lake Virginia), where Jake Houseman (Jerry Orbach) and wife Marjorie (Kelly Bishop) spend time with their daughters, Baby and Lisa (Jane Brucker). Meanwhile, Patrick Swayze's Johnny teaches classes and performs with his long-time friend Penny Johnson (Cynthia Rhodes). When Penny becomes pregnant and contemplates an abortion, Baby accepts an offer to train and perform with Johnny so that he can keep his job. In the process, the partners bond through the power of dance.


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    Johnny and Baby's ages in Dirty Dancing come into question simply by looking at Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Gray. The two don't even look like they're in the same age group, and the movie takes no strides to explain any part of it. While this could be a product of the time it was made, Dirty Dancing might not hold up well under today's magnifying glass in terms of its more problematic areas. Here's exactly how old Baby and Johnny are in Dirty Dancing, and whether or not their age is far too wide.

    How Old Are Baby And Johnny

    @[email protected]#=img=#

    Clues in Dirty Dancing place Johnny's age at 25 years old and Baby’s age at 17. At the beginning of Dirty Dancing on HBO, Baby's narration references the "summer of '63." Early dialogue reveals that she's planning to attend Mount Holyoke (an all-female private college in Massachusetts) to study the economics of underdeveloped countries. In Dirty Dancing, Baby also states that she plans to join the Peace Corps shortly before laying eyes on Johnny for the first time. Some reports have suggested that Baby is supposed to be 18 or even 19 years old. However, based on iMDB's trivia notes and a 2017 interview with Grey (via Closer Weekly), it seems that Baby was presumably born in 1946 and is supposed to be 17 years old. The character doesn't actually reveal her age in Dirty Dancing, nor does Johnny ask on-camera. If Baby is indeed a minor, that would explain her father's confrontational attitude with Mr. Castle throughout most of the film.

    In Dirty Dancing, Johnny's 1938 birth date makes him 25 years old. The character initially questions why Baby gained access to a private dancing area, but then invites her to boogie and subsequently teaches her some moves. Johnny and Baby slowly become friends while dealing with Penny's medical procedures (Jake Houseman provides the appropriate assistance), and they eventually become romantic partners. Dirty Dancing on HBO never addresses the eight-year age difference between the two characters, which makes the film somewhat controversial – both then and now – because Baby is indeed a minor. In 1963 America, though, it wasn't uncommon for men and women to commit at a young age. The focal Dirty Dancing relationship may not be appropriate, but the age gap isn't enough to make Baby's father concerned during the climactic performance. In fact, Jake Houseman essentially apologizes to Johnny.

    How Old Were Patrick Swayze And Jennifer Grey During Dirty Dancing?

    @[email protected]#=img=#

    The late Swayze was approximately seven years older than Grey in real life. When Dirty Dancing premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in May 1987, Patrick Swayze was 34 years old and was best known for portraying Darrel "Darry" Curtis in The Outsiders and Jed Eckert in Red Dawn. As for Grey, she had just turned 27 and had previously portrayed Jeanie Bueller in Ferris Bueller's Day Off. She also appeared alongside Swayze in Red Dawn as Toni Mason. In 2010, Grey won Dancing with the Stars season 11, just over a year after her Dirty Dancing co-star, Swayze, passed away at age 57 from pancreatic cancer.


    Why Road House Is Patrick Swayze's Most Misunderstood Movie

    Johnny And Baby’s Age Gap In Dirty Dancing Is Questionable At Best

    @[email protected]#=img=#

    Johnny and Baby's ages in Dirty Dancing are certainly problematic. And worse still, if she was 17 years old and he was 25, then New York state law would deem nothing wrong with their relationship. This is a problem, as the age gap is discomforting to think about, technically legal, and would definitely raise concerned discussions were a movie to feature it today. Despite this, age gaps like in Dirty Dancing are unfortunately too common. Movies like Licorice Pizza can get away with extensive lovers' age differences, and people seem to be forgiving of its inclusion. After all, Dirty Dancing is still a beloved and critically acclaimed movie when it comes down to it. The film is so prolific that it got a (pretty terrible) TV remake in 2017. Dirty Dancing remains popular, but when put up to today's standards, the age gap between Johnny and Baby wouldn't fly unquestioned were a script to include it today.

    Source : screenrant.com

    How old was Jennifer Grey when they filmed Dirty Dancing?

    Answer (1 of 2): She was born in 1960 (who would have thought) and the movie Dirty Dancing was in 1987 = 27 years old. What killed her career was taking some very bad advice to rework her totally iconic nose and suddenly nobody could recognize her in a movie anymore & I was one of those people w...

    How old was Jennifer Grey when they filmed Dirty Dancing?

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    2 Answers Kevin Thompson

    , Founder (2010-present)

    Answered 1 year ago · Author has 2.8K answers and 5.2M answer views

    Originally Answered: How old was Jennifer Gray in Dirty Dancing?

    She was born in 1960 (who would have thought) and the movie Dirty Dancing was in 1987 = 27 years old.

    What killed her career was taking some very bad advice to rework her totally iconic nose and suddenly nobody could recognize her in a movie anymore & I was one of those people who made myself watch this bad film 4–5 times because the credits had her listed as a main character and suddenly I concluded which she was and was devastated.

    FYI she was so much cuter in 1985 with Kevin Costner in AMERICAN FLYERS.

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    Sophia Starling

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    Jennifer Grey was 27 years old while filming Dirty Dancing. [1]

    But, her performance was still pretty convincing considering that the character she was portraying was supposed to be seventeen.

    Image courtesy of Google

    … (more) Footnotes [1] Jennifer Grey

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    Did Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey get along during the filming of "Dirty Dancing"?

    Originally Answered: Did Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey get along Dirty Dancing?

    Reportedly no. He was a very serious actor and often got frustrated because she was silly. In fact a lot of the dance scenes where he kept saying stay focused stay focused were pretty much real.I live very near with this movie was shot. I can tell you it is so humid during the day and the mosquitoes are horrible. And at night it can become very cold. I guess under those conditions working with someone hour upon hour you would be frustrated anyway. I actually went to high school with a guy who was an extra dancer in the film. He said Patrick was a good guy and would talk to the crew. He and Jen

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    , MSN Psychiatric-mental Health Nurse Practitioner

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    What made the movie 'Dirty Dancing ' a hit?

    Originally Answered: What made the movie 'Dirty Dancing ' a hit ?

    The music was excellent. It was almost the only thing you heard on the radio for a year.

    It was a coming of age story that everyone can identify with. A young girl has had an upper class lifestyle. She has been sheltered from a lot of life’s realities. She is very idealistic and wants to change the world.

    One summer, she discovers things are not always as they seem, and she falls in lust. And she learns to dance.

    She walks out of that Catskill resort a month later as a different person.

    Related Answer Deborah Engelhardt

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    Which former dancing actress named Jennifer do you prefer, Jennifer Beals of "Flashdance" or Jennifer Grey of "Dirty Dancing"?

    Jennifer Beals from Flashdance. She went to Yale and is super smart.

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    What really happened on the set of Dirty Dancing?

    During the beginning of filming for Dirty Dancing, cast members were beginning to believe they were cursed, after a series of unfortunate events. This included the set being broken into, crew members injured, and cast members food poisoning. All happening within 24 hours apart from each other

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    Which is better out of the three: Dirty Dancing, Flashdance, or Footloose?

    I had all three sound tracks. I watched all three countless times.

    Let me take you through my thought processes.

    Which film had the best music, which film had the best story, which film had the most lasting impact on my life today?

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