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    how old is chrissy from stranger things in the show


    Guys, does anyone know the answer?

    get how old is chrissy from stranger things in the show from EN Bilgi.

    How Old Is Chrissy From Stranger Things?

    Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 has just been released on July 1, and among the most loved characters of the show was Chrissy Elizabeth Cunningham, known

    How Old Is Chrissy From Stranger Things?

    July 5, 2022 by Admin

    How Old Is Chrissy From Stranger Things

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    has just been released on July 1, and among the most loved characters of the show was Chrissy Elizabeth Cunningham, known more commonly as Chrissy.

    The sweet smiling young cheerleader is known for being the most popular girl at the Hawkins High School and was introduced into the show in Season 4 of .

    Many people wonder about the age of the character as well as the age of Chrissy in the show itself.

    So here in this article, we will answer your question: how old is Chrissy from

    How Old Is Chrissy From Stranger Things In The Show?

    As Eddie Munson says it, Chrissy is the “Queen Of Hawkins High” for being the most popular girl in the school. However, despite being so popular, she was one of the most cheery and sweet characters in the show.

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    But behind her very cheerful image, Chrissy also was struggling a lot with the condition of her home and her abusive mother. Chrissy has had a number of adoring interactions with Eddie Munson, another beloved character of the show.

    So, How Old Is Chrissy From Stranger Things Season 4? 

    As you can probably tell from her character definition, Chrissy was a classmate and is a high school student, possibly in 11th grade.

    And if you’re looking for an answer to the question: how old is Chrissy from Stranger Things exactly, Chrissy’s age in the show is 16 (almost 17) years old, making her almost the same age as Eddie Munson (played by Joseph Quinn) who is almost 18 years old in Stranger Things Season 4.

    How Old Is Chrissy From Stranger Things In Real Life?

    If you know Netflix then you know that an actor’s reel age and real age oftentimes has a pretty stark difference – which is also kind of the case with the actor of Chrissy Elizabeth Cunningham.

    Actress Grace Van Dien portrays the role of the high school popular character Chrissy in the Netflix show Stranger Things. Her character was only introduced into the show as a recurring character in season 4.

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    Image Credit:- decider.com

    Grace Van Dien is twenty five years old in real life, being almost eight years older than her reel age in the Stranger Things Season 4.

    Grace has appeared in the episodes “The Hellfire Club”, “Dear Billy” , “The Massacre At Hawkins Lab” and “Vecna’s curse” in the Stranger Things Season 4 series.

    Some other shows where you may have seen the actress Grace Van Dien will include “Greenhouse Academy”, “The Village” and “I Married A Princess”.

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    In this article, we have talked about how old is Chrissy from Stranger Things? We hope you enjoyed knowing about the character and the actress who portrays the much-loved character of Stranger Things Season 4.

    Did Chrissy’s real-life age surprise you? Make sure to let us know about your thoughts in the comment section below!

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    Who plays Chrissy in Stranger Things Season 4?

    The character of Chrissy is portrayed by Grace Van Dien in Stranger Things Season 4.

    Is Chrissy in Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2?

    No, Chrissy sadly didn’t make it to volume 2 of Stranger Things Season 4.

    Who is the cheerleader in Stranger Things Season 4?

    Chrissy, played by Grace Van Dien, is the cheerleader in Stranger Things Season 4.

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    Discrepancy with Chrissy's Age

    I think I may have found a slight discrepancy…

    ALL POSTS Fisher Fan·6/8/2022 in Wiki Editing

    Discrepancy with Chrissy's Age

    I think I may have found a slight discrepancy with Chrissy's age. I'm interested in hearing what you all think about it.

    So in "The Monster and the Superhero," when Max is looking through Chrissy's file, you briefly catch a glimpse of Chrissy's birthday, which is June 13, 1969. This would make her 16 (almost 17) in Season 4.

    However, we also know that Eddie has been held back several years, making him 20-21. If we go by this evidence, Chrissy and Eddie are 4-5 years apart.

    The problem with this? They were presumably in Middle School together, which usually only covers grades 7-8, or maybe 6-8 in special cases. So there is no way they could have been in Middle School together if they were 4+ years apart.

    Can anyone think of an explanation for this? Or is it a genuine mistake the Duffers made?

    Stranger Things/Season 4

    Eddie Munson Chrissy Cunningham 2 DamasterW · 6/8/2022

    Good question, but yes, it might have been a slip up on the Duffers' part.

    Reminds me of the same age discrepancy of another show.

    0 Averhoes · 6/8/2022

    I know of school districts that classify middle school as grades 5-8, so conceivably they could have been in 5th and 8th grade, respectively.

    Also, maybe Chrissy skipped a grade?

    0 Fisher Fan · 6/9/2022

    Hang on, maybe we can figure this out, using Erica as a reference. She's 10 in Season 3, starting Middle School in the fall. Most 10 year olds are in 5th grade, so unless she's ahead for her grade, it looks like 5th grade is indeed included in Hawkins Middle School.

    Which means that if Hawkins Middle School runs from grades 5-8 and if Chrissy skipped a grade, she could be 9 in 5th grade while Eddie was 13 in 8th grade. Still, this is assuming that 1) HMS runs from 5th-8th grade, 2) that Chrissy skipped a grade, and 3) that Eddie is only four years older than she instead of five (which is not confirmed). A lot of ifs, but it's possible.

    0 Fisher Fan · 6/9/2022

    Actually, it looks like he was supposed to have graduated in 1983, making him three years behind. Most seniors are 18 at the time of graduation (with the exception of summer babies), so he was more likely to be 21 than 20, thus making the above scenario even less likely.

    (edited by Fisher Fan)

    0 Smalldodobird · 6/10/2022

    I'm not sure if the Duffers ever specified which grade Eddie was held back in (whether he was held back 3+ years of senior year or earlier) so it might be possible that he was held back a few years of middle school, and then this would be possible because they do end up around the same grade levels by Season 4. Chrissy, being 16 (almost 17) presumably in 10-11 grade and Eddie in 12- making that age difference possible.

    I am not sure though, maybe I am missing something! :) At any rate, the Duffer Brothers could have missed some fractional details, considering that they forgot Will's birthday this season. (poor Will)

    Edit: some are also suggesting that Chrissy skipped a grade, which is definitely possible given the fact that Jason is also in senior year, and Eddie implying that he knew her in school but not very well (the Chrissy Cunningham) which would all be better supported (but not unlikely) if she was in grade 12.

    (edited by Smalldodobird)

    1 MaggotGum · 6/18/2022

    Yeah, this whole thread is the exact reason why I do not like Chrissy x Eddie, there’s like a 4-5 year age gap, and yeah, it may be the 80s, but that’s still pretty far apart, especially considering their mental perspective of the world, she’s only 16/17 and Eddie is 20/21 which is pretty far apart, and their platonic relationship really appealed to me, if only she didn’t die, then maybe we could’ve had more soft Chrissy and Eddie being Besties moments, lol.



    · 4h

    They were in middle school together, which means they can only be, in the max, 3 years apart.

    When Eddie said in episode 1 that he was going to graduate, one of his friends said “that’s what you said last year” and another continued by saying “and the other year”. So we can assume he was held back twice during senior year (not middle school, like some of you are saying).

    If season 4 takes place in 1986, and Eddie was supposed to graduate 2 years before that, it means he was supposed to graduate in 1984. If people normally graduate at 17/18, it means Eddie was either born in 1966 or 1967, making him either 19 or 20.

    Chrissy is cheer captain and wears a “86” necklace, so I’m pretty sure she was a senior too. If Eddie got held back twice and now Chrissy is a senior, it means they have a 2 a year age difference (she was a sophomore when he was a senior, but now two years passed and they’re both seniors). She‘s 17 and he’s 19, or she’s 18 and he’s 20.

    If look at the file that appears in “The Monster and The Superhero”, her date of birth can be read as either 1968 or 1969 (terrible quality). Well, it can be both. If she was born in 69, Eddie would’ve been born in 67, and if she was born in 68, Eddie was born in 66. It works perfectly.


    i need somebody to talk to about Eddie and stranger things anybody here

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    Who plays Chrissy from Stranger Things?

    Her Vecna possession kicked off season 4, but who plays Chrissy from 'Stranger Things'?

    Who plays Chrissy from 'Stranger Things'?

    Her Vecna possession kicked off season 4, but who plays Chrissy from 'Stranger Things'?

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    (Image credit: Netflix)



    Yes, Stranger Things season 4 volume 2 is officially on Netflix as of Friday, July 1, but we're celebrating the end by taking a look back at how the fourth season—and all of that Vecna drama—began: namely, with Chrissy Cunningham, the Hawkins High School cheerleader who first fell victim to the super-villian's mind games and kicked off a whole lot of supernatural hijinks in the process.

    The character of Chrissy wasn't in Stranger Things for a long time, but her influence is felt throughout the season—especially in relation to fellow season four newcomer Eddie Munson (played by Joseph Quinn), who many viewers shipped the teen queen with despite their short amount of screen time together.

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    Here's what to know about Chrissy from Stranger Things season 4, including intel about the actress who plays the character.

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    *Warning: spoilers ahead!*


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    The character of Chrissy from Stranger Things is portrayed by actress-director Grace Van Dien. The 25-year-old Los Angeles native is the daughter of actor Casper Van Dien and Carrie Mitchum, and the granddaughter of yet another performer, Oscar-nominee Robert Mitchum.

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    Prior to her vital Stranger Things role, Van Dien played Katie Campbell in the BBC series The Village, Brooke Osmond in the Netflix original Greenhouse Academy, and Sharon Tate in the 2018 Manson Family biopic Charlie Says. She also acted in and directed the 2020 short film Monsters and Muses.


    Yes, alas, Chrissy Cunningham is one answer to the doomed question, "Who dies in Stranger Things season 4?" She is the first major casualty of the season, as her character gets possessed and eventually killed by this season's antagonist Vecna, who preys upon people's traumas and nightmares à la Freddy Kreuger.

    It is during a drug deal with Eddie—Chrissy is trying to stave off her nightmares with marijuana but doesn't realize it's actually all Vecna's doing—that the "Queen of Hawkins High" meets her tragic fate at the end of "Chapter One: The Hellfire Club," the premiere episode of season four, when the super-villain possesses her and pulls her into the Upside Down. Her death kicks off a witchhunt for Eddie's character, who is blamed for her murder, and the mystery of who is really behind Vecna and how to defeat him.

    Ironically, it was Van Dien's chemistry with fellow actor Joseph Quinn that made the Duffer Brothers regret killing her character so early on in the season. “We always have those moments [of ‘What have we done?’],” Matt Duffer told TVLine

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    . “We shot the quote-unquote drug-deal scene in the woods pretty late, actually, into shooting.” Brother Ross Duffer confirmed that they "had already killed Chrissy when we shot" the surprisingly sweet scene between the metalhead and the cheerleader.

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    "It was just one of those fortunate scenes where we were able to have two cameras rolling capturing them simultaneously," Matt said to the outlet. "Joe was doing a lot of stuff spontaneously, and we were getting these amazing reactions from Grace."

    He continued: "It's pretty impressive what Grace was able to do with very, very few scenes, to get people to care like she did." Though whether we see Chrissy Cunningham again in Stranger Things is TBD, it's likely you'll see the actress in another Duffer Brothers production. "We'll find something else to do with Grace," Matt said.

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    Though not officially confirmed on the show, Chrissy Cunningham is widely thought to be a senior at Hawkins High School, making her around 17 or 18 years old.


    Some fans took an early scene of Chrissy clutching her stomach as she leaves guidance counselor Ms. Kelly's office as a clue that the high-school student might have been pregnant. However, it's soon revealed that she actually suffers from bulimia, with a later scene showing her purging in the girls' bathroom. Chrissy's eating disorder and body-image issues—exacerbated by her emotionally abusive mother—add to the psychological trauma that Vecna feeds on.


    Unlike Max Mayfield (Sadie Sink) and Kate Bush's "Running Up That Hill," Chrissy wasn't lucky enough to figure out in time that listening to her favorite song would help her escape from Vecna's possession and bring her back to reality. (FYI: You can now find your own "savior song" via the new Stranger Things Vecna Spotify playlist.)

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